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NFL Sunday Puts the Patriots and Seahawks "On the Grill"

Oct 14, 2012|

The guys discuss the keys to a Pats W today and also Kevin address the skeptics that are wondering why he left Tom Brady's name out of his retirement speech.

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It isn't a question for me but it apparently is a question for some other -- formally put the patriots on the grill. Let's get this over -- shall -- because we've had several techsters bring it up I heard it was a topic of discussion on the radio station earlier this week. I've known him now long enough and were friendly enough but I can just ask demand face to face in man to man. When you. Had your press conference at the hall -- patriot place on Monday announcing your retirement. You mention a lot of folks and and I I've thought it was really cool -- you mentioned. In other folks who made the food in and the massage therapists and and you really you an idea waiting to give thanks to a lot of people. Some folks. Went hate women. He never said Tom Brady was not like Tom Brady is he got a problem with Tom Brady you've got a problem Tom Brady. Never in a million. Years -- -- How industry detects the -- bush talking about how classless I was for not mentioning throughout. How I wouldn't have to juries if it was. You very at least three pieces of you you know very much correct about that I cannot. Are you would Stew about it -- bomb in my speech. First and foremost I ran around and spoke about the guys there was sitting out -- its shares. At you know the ceremony. And the guys I spoke about where guys there would there when I was a rookie. And veteran guys they really helped me out. In from me not mission in town -- its lows. It loses a snippets. I never have anything written down -- straight -- the -- my eight -- talking about business and how -- talk about. Man not to talk about Tom you know it was a mistake. I admit that I'm I'm a man I'm grown I -- I can take that. -- for people to say there where. We have mutual. Disagreements -- anything is wrong to say because our relationship has always been great I want to -- grew up. He's what Mikey has grown up men and we've we've grown together as Brothers on the football team so they're hostess of misunderstanding is now and where about. -- I think to of people that had. You know. First and foremost you have to have not listening to things haven't -- the last year in a bubble really because if you view obviously there's a reverence or effort on the real so. You had to just not been listening. I'm beyond that unit on the point I was there in the ground and there's a re in the it was a way. The people have the question were physically there haven't had some family part I've points of narco pork. Yet some stuff with your organization in the coaching staff in his own personal coach and your -- volatile month. But the for the players -- just went around the guys were signatures in -- and beat Paul Wilson he talked about those isn't just. It's tough to be up -- follows poster in the story. Between the commercial break. I mean I in my situation was a collegiate one bullet during -- and there went back and was -- all of the enemy universe itself the code and be in my speech. I walked off the stage without thank -- my wife. And when I heard he's also a team this. The Kevin my first thought was that people you don't understand like world -- you -- walk up there with seven pieces of paper. And I actually had my family which is incredibly important to me and my wife is my rock I didn't touch owner and I felt sick to my stomach for weeks. But it was definitely not purposeful so trended tunes you this thing because. It meant people to have an impulse to go there just make me equally sick. So I knew when it was first said just our role was was pretty dramatic there's there's nothing to it. Should have been mentioned had to -- you know understanding and trust me. It's easy to do I know how much Tom Brady thinks of Kevin falcons football play well I tell everybody to -- a little. Well ask him he'll and that's a thing if you were -- personally they showed -- video and Tom went in the Lincoln was an athlete program thing in back and forth that haven't -- if you had to be there and. You've been known this is nothing. So glad we were able to get that out of the way 'cause I heard some people talking about it this week. Idea I've I actually you know saw some folks on on the text machine here ask the question. Which -- task and we did and I thought it was silly to begin with but I'd -- you -- -- and have me here. I just put patriots on the -- see what they have to do to win this afternoon's game for a five game in Seattle against the Seahawks. -- Andy Andy multimillion dollar sound effects. That's a growth might I feel obligated to tell you just don't sound like -- but it is as close as we have. Right now I think you know it's good sound effects and you have to tell everybody. The script that's partly what they have to do that -- Marshawn Lynch. Bottom line stuff march only -- Be tough physical fast running back who. To get a lot of yards after contact in the patriots have to gang tackle limit again and talk to Rezko earlier this week where you have to meet. Physical with physical. Be able to get after him and it's not just going to be one of them is -- -- be news report guys if they're able to. -- Marshall college goal long wait or would -- agree Matt. Might make you play that you I think things change when you go on the broad their cannot be self inflicted wounds when I look at the steam as the games have played well this year. That that negative play rule is somewhere in the three with two to 34 range maybe five if you're if you're was stretching it. Arizona game was a game of the pitchers like fuel have a a similar field will receive today. At least what -- gonna get from near the team's defense and in the Arizona game it with the teachers really have that game in hand but just had three or four breakdowns that happen happened critical situation situation losses so. Today on the road. When they're going to be an a plus plus and red zone situation and not have -- negative point -- haven't had a negative three yard run. Two minute drive it hasn't sorts the drive with a ten yard holding penalty or or false or something like that the self inflicted wounds. Minimizing that and deemed deficient. If the critical times Angola in -- on when he situation -- feel like Arizona except with the actual efficiency of the time Geneva. -- Always long on the air about the crowd. To a man and keeping the crowd out to gain. Don't let him get these teen. Going -- did their confidence level up to and of course it is game because it's so easy when you're at home. For your crowd to keep to give to a conference that -- you understand you conclude his team and keep them around so -- isn't doing the pace we just have to go out there and play football and when the game. I'm gonna playoff match point and and chris' point in this regard. To me this is a fairly simple. Formula today because I think the Seahawks gonna have a hard time scoring. I really do so as long as you don't turn the ball over I think you probably win this game as good as the Seattle the fences. If Steven Ridley if that was an aberration if it was just one of those things and put ball on the ground. Because that has been a question mark about him earlier haven't seen much of an issue with the this year until the game last Sunday. Assuming that Tom doesn't throw a bunch of picks and Stephen really does -- ball on the ground or whoever. I think the patriots when it's simply a turnover battle for me if you give. Even Russell Wilson in the Seattle Seahawks a bunch of short fields and right in a twenty yard opportunities scoring drives and they probably could find a way to win I don't think they would. I just think the patriots are better football team so that's my thing when the turn. -- battle so to speak to that point the features one of the best in Italy we have been touched and at this past week -- -- -- one of the best league exit winning their turn over about eight plus ten plus fourteen I think at this point. In they've done a really good job not only forcing those takeaways for protecting the ball over the course the first five games. Ourselves and it's always talked about in the in the meeting room doing of course of he knows of the season take a week's homecoming kiwis who have. And how many times you convert on those -- equally effective defense gives you as a full votes and so you notice it's always brought up in the mean. How did you fix that because early -- your career it was said that that ever want to while Kevin ball would put football on the ground and then it's your career went on. The hallmark of Kevin Faulk was that you never put the ball on the ground you never gave it up how did you fix never paid attention to. And on the -- pay attention to it too much. It's never. Whereas if with his alma mine as far as where I'm thinking about who. I've always played the game of football in. As of right American as a football -- office -- -- you know it they're going to have fumbles in the -- just happens you can sometimes you can. Stop from happening you just have to understand certain situations. In the game that you put Josephine it's you have to. Put two hands on -- blow. Be aware where you are on the football field different where defenders are so it's just effective doing that not thinking about OK I've got to run with. The ball here in that. Two hands and -- not that it always just affecting you -- doomed to been doing. It will BenJarvus green Ellis never fumbled the football hall until this year and all of suddenly split on the ground every week it's. Well I Kevin makes an excellent point it it's not. I think the fumbles -- seen him in again not a single Ridley no but west has on the ground at that -- on an outcry has won in the buffalo game -- And that those issues or just. Sort of comes and experience Kevin mentioned it literally doesn't need to become. You know Tom harassment with a hand on top and her little ball run through holes he just -- to get a better sense of feeling when people around him. -- situation is important to you put the ball on the on the on the ground in sort of a four minute when they're trying to eat the clock if the north up point that extra. One or two Yorkshire might get by Goldman out wide and you know little slick. Isn't as important -- ball security sort of timing thing a feeling people around you doodle four point -- pressure and all that and be knowing when there's time to be a camera and.

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