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NFL Sunday Takes You "Around the NFL" for Week #6

Oct 14, 2012|

NFL Sunday goes "Around the NFL" and addresses all of the games set to kick off for week 6 in the NFL.

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And final hour of NFL Sunday has presented by cam natural casing pranks the official Franken sauce into the New England Patriots look for the -- blue box at your favorite grocer. AM celebrate something this is the part of the program where we take you around the National Football League in a chip to date on all the games this. Have been played at a couple would have been one has been played and will they play. I will also say this going back to Thursday's game. Thursday Tennessee beat Pittsburgh Steelers point six to 23. I say that because it's important to note that Pittsburgh while they were in action this week not a bye week they are not playing today. The reason -- bring it up is that. Rookie nose tackle Alameda -- -- was arrested early this morning. He was arrested apparently at about 156. Or 2:56 this morning. Among the charges. That have been filed against. -- so -- Driving under the influence. Leaving the scene of an accident -- both attended an unattended vehicles. Fleeing or attempting to flee from police officers. Aggravated assault with a vehicle while under the influence resisting arrest escape. Driving the wrong way down -- one way street. There are reports the TV station in Pittsburgh is reporting that police officers had their guns holes. On today on the and didn't pull the trigger because of the neighborhood that they were and they were afraid of you know I guess it was a fairly congested south side Pittsburgh neighborhood. I've actually on dad's been dot com I've actually seen the the arrest report it takes a couple of pages to get all of the charges in there. It is that voluminous. I'm yes and that a guy who by the way blew a point 196. When they arrested him this morning. It probably got some issues he's got to answer for. His head coaching minds or how does one give an aggravated assault against the vehicle and I don't know -- that you don't feel as a -- assault with a V signals -- I'm guessing there may be some issues that he's -- champions aren't let's get to the games here 1 o'clock games today in the National Football League. The Oakland Raiders at one and three traveled to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta and take on the five you know Atlanta Falcons Carson Palmer says their focus. It's still on developing their rushing attack despite being ranked last in running the ball. And a lot of people outside of this facility to skirt around it we're going to you were that it will not forget about rockets out from amicable. If anything. Were on the -- on the football more. Than that puts the ball and our best players and we're we're not history. No reason -- think -- winning the women's game. Yeah hope when it was a team that I thought was gonna make them move -- you just seem to be. There does need to keep those in the team's youth he Sweden. About a bubble -- Heil would Cleveland Browns Stadium -- three into Cincinnati Bengals face the oh and five Cleveland Browns Marvin Lewis says that this is a huge road game for the ankle against a hungry Brownstein. -- per week for both football teams. Good for us going on the road. Getting back back to winning. We really need to have a great week of preparation I think the the diligence of our jobs and in basically getting our our our function in our job done. Is very very important. You've got an ownership change that's taking place with the Cleveland Browns you've got to football franchise that quite frankly doesn't look like to elect. Wonder Mike Holmgren and trouble. As the guy heading -- football abilities. You walk -- you -- for over half or so. It's interesting that you know we're at that point we don't and I was right rhythm and have a more recently. That's like one of those -- dangerously October music by that point -- played themselves but if that's generated already at their -- dangerous and they gave the -- a -- or five years ago finally we got nothing to lose it's like who you don't want -- the only October as -- probably don't -- them but they always clear -- literally close the -- to get -- -- back. But it after four. Different. The one and three Detroit Lions travel to Lincoln Financial Field take on the three into Philadelphia Eagles Andy Reid says he's not concerned with the all the close games. The Eagles have been involved yet. We're just underwent announcer -- -- you know that's that's -- you that's what you want so. This one point I mean that's all you want it. But Cleveland's on five we knew they were minister. Detroit won it. -- -- that hacksaw that -- that things can get turnaround best community able to tell the world but it just seems to be something missing there when it comes to their. If -- -- community you know immunity to the -- needs of veterans in that locker room to grab some of those younger guys but this group of Americans look that's you know it's not one theory. I -- some discussion about this earlier today it was there was some talk. On ESPN radio. And they were talking about the question of whether Ndamukong Suh is now the most overrated player in the national football. And and I am not even talking about the off the field issues which he seems to never be able to stay away from. Imagine the recent ardently that the guys -- -- a block from where it was. I couldn't you more. Is going through or drive that's -- our redemption after reporting morning by the way -- analyst Michael Vick leads the Eagles to the -- -- weeks -- believe that this will be the quarterbacks last season. He's got some big contract guarantees which kicked in like three days after the Super Bowl big money guarantees and you just don't walk away from this deal. Unless you see that you know he's going to be able to take you to that next level and based on injury history and inability to hold onto the football. I don't think that's ever gonna be doing via the program things recovered a reversal where they carry the football under an -- Bora on the facility and Gazprom which as you walked or wherever Michael Vick went. He had the football and is on I appreciate your talking about that because every time we talk about it. Being on his -- stroke. What happens. If he goes all fires that are under them. So hopefully that have received the one and -- Kansas City Chiefs travel to tamp -- take on the one in three. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium Romeo Crennel supports the chiefs fans. After some cheered when Cassel went down last week and understands that the fans are discouraged with the outcome so far. There were some that expressed an opinion that -- first Croatian sorry dad. I have that everybody. Ills have had about this season -- -- they express that probably not in the way that you would want -- expressed. But. You can't paint. Then broad brush of 7000 people because that wasn't the case you know historically. The chiefs fans are some of the best fans in NFL I mean in. You can go back and you can look at dead and you know that's the case. I mean I've played here of commentary here about plea here on him in opposing team and the American verify that you know. They are supportive of the team. I got Matt's opinion about this Monday night on -- we talked about this I haven't talked to you about it yet. And I look I Romeo is right it wasn't 70000 people cheering when Matt Cassel got her do what I understand that. If it's seven it's too bad I mean really it's the juice know who did. You know -- -- there but what you don't cheer for an opposing player gets her right and you don't they'll sure as hell don't cheer if -- -- guy gets there. You've got guys that did this move was never good each and every -- who there and and try to win for booking through those positioning your teammates throughout their -- once -- -- I don't think that's right into their own thing you have. The owner and coach on over for the fans. Think Romeo took incredible path in the past two in the situation room right now it. He's out to right -- -- -- right of course that's not the right thing to do with separation from the greater -- fan base confused frustrated their frustrations out at this organization I think Romeo is a great coach from your novels in my class on full display for him to get turned around. I think they've got its work things that just didn't cut. -- development situation. Still into Dallas Cowboys visit Kevin T bank stadium to take on the -- one Baltimore Ravens quality not a explains how Tony Romo. Creates problems with his mobility. If it is horrible actually. It can. Really well in the pocket than when he escapes from makes a lot of players was -- Ben Roethlisberger. When we just extend plays and then the telephone and -- it. You just have no idea what Dallas to review to. Are you we joked about consistency before I just you have no idea. Which I mean this Dallas team could be and I -- to UB to B twelve and four. -- -- twelve and I just I wouldn't be surprised by the way that was with the in my focused on this week trying to find a comparable gorgeous pictures -- the way to look to get Seattle it was this was a lot of tiered teams so he writes from week to week just don't know these guys. Three into St. Louis Rams visit Sun Life Stadium in Miami to take on the to a pre dolphins Reggie Bush says dolphins rookie quarterback -- Tenet health. Is ahead of the curve makes decisions that an older more established quarterback would make. He's doing a great job again just making reason you see when sometimes and he. Breaks outside -- pocket sized still downfield that was something that. You get with young quarterbacks is their first instance to run and he still has us on the field and still make the throws downfield and that's something it. From veteran quarterback has been one of those sneaky under reading games and -- No immunity is not gonna be a high level like you know I go to Jerry 49ers team but this has the potential to. Pretty good book and seeing blistering two or 500% since I don't know when they all felt the same and I think we're seeing some separation of seeds at this Miami they're sneaky good team they're not explosive an -- headlines what. It could very easily be 74%. In the fog from. Regulating the season extra. Final 1 o'clock games at MetLife stadium in New Jersey these two and three New York Jets take on the -- into Indianapolis Colts. Dustin Keller says with a new receivers getting more familiar with the offense in his return from injury the jets' offense will start click. Marsh doing your job again and going in us on their receivers courses. But there's guys that speed and obviously something a little time there's just no profits rose because have been training camp you know. I do think that would mean come back -- the -- -- the -- -- Could be myself. I mean I I'd. You watch it like to watch an accident on the Mass Pike is slow down even though it's on the other side he can't help yourself. I expect this is gonna blow up you have the owner of the team Woody Johnson this week making comments on CNBC where he basically just trying to. -- -- in the and the coaching staff under the bus concerning the quarterback situation. He so like I wouldn't mind seeing Tim Tebow played quarterback and by the way that would be elect better -- -- -- And now and very quiet and nobody was out what you're right it does a lot of things there were. You don't out of the -- -- -- -- you. It may build this is that the fourth and playing I think is it is humid that the Sparano packages and more effective. An awful. -- whole idea if you will be the starter just the idea that that ten to fifteen to forty plays is going to be greater sort of component what they do offensively. As much as searches had known to have ultimately been beat up you've got to. It's over 50% completion and partly is fault. Part of some of the things well but haven't doesn't -- back -- action review very very positive thing that's a security point if that's his Romo Jason -- kind of thing. So with they still have some problems with the other ones twos and threes on on the outside of your middle you got about two weeks -- It's going to be interesting to watch this week's the other colts react to last week's emotional win in our Green Bay and see if they could continue that role that they've got -- last week there before and over there. They they keep. Track McDonald's light on in his office. If you go by the facility at midnight 1 o'clock 2 o'clock in the morning the light is on in this office Bruce Syrians has left him on. Since chuck McDonald began his his treatment. I understand based on what I'm reading out of New York that a lot of the jets players warm up today for you know out walking around the field are wearing the -- -- teacher that we saw. There's some of the Green Bay Packers players wearing when they play the colts and good for them. -- -- there's nobody not rooting for trip on island in a desperate fight here for a five games today -- to win three Buffalo Bills. Who couldn't stop before a box right now. Harder at University of Phoenix Stadium to take on the for a one Arizona cardinals' surprising in my opinion for one Arizona Cardinals. Mario Williams says he can't worry about the cardinals' struggles -- The -- one Arizona Cardinals I did say that -- just a moment ago that it is Mario says he can't worry about the cardinals' struggles the bills have to focus on correcting their own. You know we're we're looking and everything. As. People are managed. You know trying to bring things on ourselves. Doing whatever is going -- Continue facing. We have to garner as -- play -- -- -- rightfully so alienated certain -- as -- as you know -- My favorites at this week coming off the 453 loss to see this for the bills become the first team in NFL history to ever allow at least 45 points or three losses. Which that's one of them. By the way Mark Anderson on yeah yeah one of the guys they spent a lot of money on to help the defensive line he's hurt now -- this. While -- to me that's just one of those this is sort of lesson. You know it jailer would be now offseason there are often. So that under renewed return of just reagents the only building -- little business to two weeks ago and heavier than that -- June. And not senate -- he's got a blogger lesser guy got another person period and ultimately you don't. Three and two New England Patriots are at century link field in Seattle the take on the rain into Seattle Seahawks. Tom Brady looking forward to playing in Seattle police and after the very first time in his career and he's not really all that worried about the problem. And I think anytime you go on the road he expects to be allowed so I that we tracks with that and I know this is a very. Can -- get some attention around the league for how loud it is and I'm actually excited to get out there and you know play a place I've ever played. Given -- talk about this during the break that every week when their on the road. Usually you hear the -- the noise of practicing to be music to practice Craig quit this week it was great ways. We came here it was it was really really really I'm curious Jeff and I might personals I've never played Seattle so for the problem I don't know. Other places that sort of have that personal immediately Pittsburgh was a place always kind of crazy right. It was always a really tough place went for that reason if you've got to go on the the pals came out please just -- knots. I don't know what would what you would be some other sort of places that beyond just Seattle means places that sort of habits in scare. Candidacies than Godzilla and density is definitely don't want you you're -- please rocking news. My kind of thankful Seattle it's one of those that twelfth man who really really big on the twelfth man crowd to video. He had it anyway you ought to go to if they got that drove me going -- debut after as a nice stadium with a great -- where. No but I believe this is true after today -- only be one city that Tom Brady has not yet played there and interestingly enough it's hometown. San Francisco the only place remaining but he hasn't played football game. Finally we moved to the port 25 games Minnesota 41 record another surprising record in my opinion. At FedEx Field in Washington take on the to a three Washington Redskins. Quick no. A week after suffering concussion. Robert Griffin the third not only has been clear what will start today quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Lorenzo Alexander Redskins linebacker says his team has played more consistent. Learn how to close out games in the fourth quarter. We just need to watch the end flick complete game and win every minute game since I've been -- you only played like three quarters in the fourth quarter let things get away from us so we need to create. Hold ourselves accountable Constantine put on to the fourth quarter and really be able. Finish teams off. I yeah I'm surprised he's playing I guess just based on the concern in the National Football League. Concussions and head injuries. I'd I'd love the game and I didn't expect that they were going to be a whole lot better than him and so. What are you surprised -- he went in the locker room. Came out. Went way back into the locker room came back. Those models are assuming that okay. He was all right he probably could come back in the game with the award the -- -- -- He demonic hold him for this week so he'd be able to -- I don't believe any of that stuff you just the fact that he made two trips to the locker room for the same head injury indicated to me. You know what he thought it was going to be able to play but I don't think -- -- -- back -- -- -- our plea that would that ally out of Baghdad it meant. The -- -- into New York football giants are in San Francisco's Candlestick Park take on the four and one 49ers Victor Cruz. The -- alert ready for a well -- San Francisco team. Potentially -- a lot of weapons over there realize that you -- -- basketball. Involved purses and things -- We've got to be ready and in the to have as far as dolphins moved out of it and accurate account. Game of the -- -- -- their rematch of last Tuesday with the team he coaches got. Fight going on I every newscast. That's fantastic sincere Cisco. I love we talked with the step towards him to have outscored its last two opponents haven't yet to three to a lot of points up on the board. It's going to be funded. The -- Sunday Night Football game tonight eight point eight is in Houston at Reliant Stadium up five and oh Houston Texans. Face the two and three did say that -- and -- Green Bay Packers although let's be honest. It did sort of one. One win pilfered from the Gary Kubiak says they have figure out a way to fill the void of losing Brian Cushing to injury. -- you lose players like that you don't replace players like that you gotta have just rest your football team together. Got to pick it up and play better so you know because nobody else do their job a little bit better and offense -- little bit better and you know we get we -- pick pick up four whole team has picked up that -- players. Now I'm curious to get Shannon's comments on this because Brian Cushing got taken out on a play that. If the situations were reversed the defensive player wouldn't be allowed to do. To be offensive player what the offensive player was allowed to do to Brian -- There is a report out this morning that the NFL is and look at further restrictions on -- blocks. Against defensive players technically within the letter of the law the the hit on Cushing was deemed legal. And yet he was fine 101000 dollars for me how does that make sense at all though it doesn't -- I've. Never understood now you can with one sided and most talked about colors if you decide your mouth he. -- -- and I actually agree from the often supported him with. Team standpoint you do become blocked keep the keep the run game viable it's it's pretty tough to not cut the backside of the play. -- you can't with a straight face keep that in there it's the same thing with a wedge you know we're gonna open on the way to a kickoff returns. Rule a concern was safety so we're reducing the way from a three -- -- -- -- to a cumulus -- still -- it's still gonna have it it's still. You know we're gonna no longer allow office -- the players can't -- -- to Wear helmets they grab a face mask because that's Dangerfield against him. But facts and I know you like -- tickets to form of a bit less. So it's like I don't know it's -- don't have. What there is no sort of synchronicity units of those made in his sense because there but we'll. The go ahead there there's no he's full of it go ahead 0909. Right there is -- since the news. You know I -- Rise and we figured mindful you turn on to give five wood on Monday -- Tuesday. It I mean look I see it if it's illegal play I understand they missed the call you get -- line you see that happen all the time. But they said afterwards we did the letter of the rule. Of play it was legal woman how do you find him. And night and probably won't. We were to appear that there's an inconsistency beard and I don't think players you guys can speak with them and I can appreciate. While it appears there's another exam and so last week in. It in the visitors green from the west right. And west has not yet turned his body is so called the pencils and you know I hate that term doesn't mean anything what. Exit catches the ball in the their screening justices were returned to and its a head to head yet. What it's on the screen pass in the background. Now have that play even -- as a seam route over the middle of the field as opposed to the screen even hit the exact same manner in the exact same place. Were talking about it the first as a receiver personal about fifteen yards. It happened at a different place and thus it changed the definition in the -- the most of those make any sense. You can't try to make his payments that you can't can't legislate from the work Monday Night Football is at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego three and two chargers host the two and three Denver Broncos Peyton Manning says. The Broncos feel like they should be a better spot in the standings but they've lost to some good teams and a developing as a unit. But we're not quite where we wannabe I was who would like to be. Six year old. Or should -- -- -- -- you know. Have a winning record you know two and three got -- pivotal. Division game before about a week so. And tequila -- that all is that we keep you know making progress and we obviously like to you'd like to win games while you or. Building -- some things and improving. We want to have lost three I know there's been great teams that we've lost -- which. Still doesn't make communities here it's to supporting its. But I think the -- is is is hoarding problem. And other building on. When we come back in just a few minutes we will -- patriots on the grill see what these guys think the patriots have to do to get a win in Seattle. At 4 o'clock this afternoon this is NFL Sunday presented by cam natural casing ranks. The official Franken sausage of the New England Patriots look for the camp blue box that your favorite grocer. -- celebrate something.

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