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NFL Sunday on the Special Teams Advantage in Today's Game

Oct 14, 2012|

The guys break down the special teams play for both the Pats and the Seahawks. The Seahawks actually have a solid special teams unit and if they can break off a big return or two today, the crowd will immediately be into it. The Pats kicking team coverage has been getting better and field position will certainly be a factor today. Both kickers are accurate and they'll of course be in a dome.

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NFL Sunday has presented by KM natural casing franks the official Franken sausage of the New England Patriots look for the camp blue box that your favorite grocer KM. Celebrate something our NFL Sunday crew is here that means Chris price from WEEI dot com former patriots linebacker Matt Chatham former patriots. Newly minted retired patriot Kevin -- is here as well. I -- I said a week or two ago I was not gonna make this mistake again I won't make it now. We talked about the offense matchup the defense of match up tell me about special teams you've touched on it briefly with a punt block thing. Tell me which team has the advantage special teams wise and today's game. Well one. Has the advantage I would just on. Pass production I guess who would be Seattle. The one thing that you've seen. The patriots. Have had some cracks in. They gave up one now leverage -- -- -- -- -- kick off last week seesawed Denver had a pretty nice third to a 36 which is actually pretty won't turn now when you were your coach and -- -- you can get to the 35. And we have an account that is a 45 -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A touchdown pass five yards in the end zone Corbett doesn't get credit for those extra five yards out there when you catch it deep they additive in return I never understood that but. They did give -- one last week and there seems to be one or two week. The punt return game has been slowly better these are super small supplies for the pitcher to part return game has gotten 112 to fifteen yarder -- some decent production there. The issues have been punt protection which is what's yelled as best and when you have all these long -- b.s especially in depth. Those of the kind of guys are little better -- you you're you're making your bureau of cut to the kicker -- third step the longer -- guys have a little better. I'm sometimes from the Oregon blocking so I'd say. In punt return the pitchers really need to shore that up especially if there's going to be removed some movement like we talked about here this -- personal today. Overall. You know I woods' -- definitely give the edge to to Seattle from past production but I think this is a week were you can get a draw or -- exports of player or two and prevent them from doing it which is really the emotional you -- you wanna hear this voice their crazy. Wash -- Washington pick one back for six years seven yards. Watch a punt blocked for points up and that's the kind of stuff that really turns a crowd and if they're going to be loud anyway you don't want to give those kind of place. I think Seattle needs -- funky. Being for them today whether it's you a fumble return for touchdown on special teams play it and I would think that if Seattle is going to get some shortage. You know in get their -- really loud I think it's going to be on special teams and you mentioned this is a pretty good this have been at an ever special teams unit in Washington very good returner. Seattle punter John -- led the league and punts downed inside the twenty. In 2011. In in when it comes to winning the battle for field position Seattle is is very well set up I will say this too. The last time and in our body dear neighbors and article -- talked about the the last on the patriots -- corporate -- forty more yards. And come back in December 2010 to sadistic and -- anymore. I have given that that is to Seattle was load just for the simple fact that Leo Losman -- Secondly and -- -- with 34 point three yards per return. When the same time he's as dangerous electrifying. Also. We haven't proved anything on it in our return game at all this year you know we've been fairly average. Where the same -- it is because his. His presence up bag there and decide to give it to Seattle. Couple coaching things are bitter interest in the fans to watch some phenomenal will be critical of they've had some shuffling back there with the -- trumping attempt to speak is as much as anyone. Where one aero and -- consistently diagnosed audio Bryant's talent is prevent coaching point overdue in my life. Catching the ball heading backwards as a returner is one of the through coral -- couple buckets to step backwards as if you were to step in the bucket. We've consistently seen balls come out that you see other team sometimes bring now -- because if you catch limit fighters deep taking a step backwards. We abide Russian coach I used to -- its fuel used amorous moment -- west's office we'll talk a lot about it. In in the time it takes -- catch a ball in pocket step backwards. And then take that step to return to where he richly began is the same amount of time it takes a coverage got to cover five -- So if the coverage unit takes five more yards on the field in the time it takes for you to catch the ball we need to see guys. Doing that old you know Tim -- thing -- -- start the back instantly he was 200 mile an hour when he caught the ball catching moving forward EC a lot of really good pitchers and -- only hours ago that doesn't catch and report the -- for five yard return in and of itself so. Sort of Corning up sorted some fundamental stuff and with the rule into orbit there but. You mean that will be helpful and we need to season needs is a product covers Chris it's incorporated token -- sounds like it doesn't have her back on the sideline.

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