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NFL Sunday's Reactions to the Brandon Spikes Tweeting Controversy

Oct 14, 2012|

The boys discuss their feelings on Spikes' controversial tweet from last week - they all agree it was not a smart idea, but it probably isn't as big of a deal as people are making it out to be. Will Belichick discipline Spikes? The guys don't think it will be playing time, but they're sure he's been talked to about it and maybe something happens behind the scenes.

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NFL Sunday as presented by cam natural casing franks the official Franken sausage of the New England Patriots. Look for the camp blue box that your favorite grocer KM. Celebrate something I forget this all the time and I'll apologize because it it could Matt I've had this discussion on a number of occasions. I forget that not everybody listening to -- is at the same point. In their football knowledge and a texture wrote in here a minute ago -- what's a Sam linebacker. A lot OK Sam linebacker it's it's the first letter -- it's it's it's important -- all sides I am yet. W is for will which means weak side -- two strong sides and votes are about that that's just a phrase that's used in. Some schools apartment but on a football field of tell this this text -- hear exactly what strong sideline back okay. -- so if you how of a tight into the game generally to Sam linebacker will go to that tight inside because strength has more measured by -- shrink not a surpassed -- not whether more. Wide receivers it's more than that the were the corps is strong cheers Sam linebacker a lot of teams who'll come from their defense of -- match to decide. Of the does the run strict side and he's calling your Sam both Sam's are bigger guys. But not necessarily pass -- coverage guys -- -- run game guys are Sam linebacker for the patriots is -- high tower usually because he matches to their tight inside but that nothing can cover rush -- That's the sand the will is more work for the soft since her defense she -- Jerod Mayo which is plays off the ball. He'll generally go to the runs weak side to will be on the open Sunday called the open side as the sun -- it doesn't have a tied into it so. You'll see the will go opposite you'll soon Sam generally -- strong. OK now we've gotten that part out of the way let me ask you about Brandon Spikes we ask this earlier about Wes Welker. Whether Wes is -- joke not my quotation fingers here and I think it was a joke. Would would make Bill Belichick mad enough that he would make him pay with playing time in today's game as we've seen -- do that with west in the past. I have got Brandon Spikes who lie uses his Twitter account. Two -- Quite frankly plagiarize a joke. And and didn't give credit for the person he was plagiarizing from a or rather homophobic joke. I didn't think it was especially funny but he evidently thought it was it was funny. I'm not sure that the actual contents. Of the tweet itself is something that would necessarily get him in trouble. In the organization although I don't think the team owner likes it very much just an opinion on my part I don't I think he's I think the team owners a little more tolerant. In the tweak would would make Brandon Spikes sound. However what this team hates more than anything else his distractions. And the day after the -- Brandon Spikes was not available on the locker room given oh I didn't in this context though he talks to us. Only -- at times during the regular understands but but my point was I hurt. You guys -- asking a lot of different guys on the football team about Brandon Spikes -- I I heard Logan Mankins say look you want talk football. I'll sit here and talk football with yeah I'm not talking about this other stuff. The distraction factor. I think Bill Belichick hates the distraction factor as Brandon Spikes get some sort of slap around here with playing time in today's game. Distraction -- though resulting in no position to -- I think bill feels like you've grown enough he's gonna tell you he feels about it how he feels about it. On to a certain extent. You can do what you want -- -- the same time. It's going to be brought up to him again. And but it is going to be a -- to. Do we have to do but we begin in. I've seen too lenient. Exactly slow down afterwards but it just one of those things you know you see lesson learned though. Lesson learned. It went away after. Referred behavior for me. Yeah and its interest in that. You know. There's a difference in the way you punished if you deem this punishable -- and often do I mean it's very it's a little bit of a gray area because it simply don't want to destruction wanna -- is what it means isn't a terrible consequence but. You know you mentioned lesson -- -- situation last year for all the sort of sound infuriated him to have been a series right. So yes we'll spend more time talking here on this than time it would take for the players who was gone so. That's -- I think this may be a symbol sectors have decided -- -- a lot of missiles handled internally mean. It makes it very publicly take much of the game is and people like us talk about a for a week and that that is a destruction and of itself. So you know maybe there was a but it conversation sure there was some you have to take care of these things can end up in the -- it's more. An issue of would rather be talking with our fear in my external microphone or Libya through questions about -- -- Natural oil about it's not a bow of the content of what is movement tweet was it's more. Those things of talk about you know bill is bill I've got to go opened to a press conference you don't answer -- the right nonsense. It's more just above -- intranet -- sort of Bibi says it's just understanding that. We've got our mind on something and I don't want you -- by -- home. If far off tweets and stress about is bill going to be mad as I want your home watching film thinking about the next opponent. If you're worried about what I'm gonna do you were -- an answer our questions of Imus -- channels kinds of things. It's as marches and inconvenience issues just might help you lose focus and focus has come with all and a and I mentioned that what negative place if you wanted to poison against no more self inflicted wounds -- some sort of over herbal self inflicted -- it's sort of the theme that runs through on the organization right. I think he gets talked into it it's that. I'd do anything he's already been talk yeah they are noted it was a -- there was an immediate session between. Bring in it and then and bill OK why not slowed on the tweets after well I think there might have been suggestions to say look this beast -- how you -- Yeah because -- and he's a he's a very. Loyal reader -- he's one of those guys that he's very -- thing you can read tweets and sometimes hilarious. A lot of these guys in the film last week but we were calling for his he need to be five or whatever did the media for -- fine. That the community -- was he was fine but he added that the ball right to hit but not a not a week not to as we so you know we brought up for a day. It did happen OK let's move on this question before voters have a great game hopefully were at a point now word you hear anything that sounds like. You know we have this sort of built the perception of what pitchers tolerance level is for certain things and -- similar -- isn't so that we have -- patriot re patriots and we had a -- we have a daylong discussion in the articles written and primacy milk on. They've -- refinery if -- mr. snaps in its. It's a lot of bluster maybe but maybe want -- --

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