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NFL Sunday Flips it Around: The Pats Defense vs the Seahawks Offense

Oct 14, 2012|

Russell Wilson vs Matt Flynn - that is the controversy slowly starting to brew in Seattle. Flynn may give Seattle a better chance to win now, but Wilson does have some raw athletic ability that they are trying to develop into an NFL QB. The Pats will look to frustrate Wilson and not let him be as mobile. Stopping Marshawn Lynch will be the real task at hand today, a guy that the Pats are very familiar with after his time in Buffalo. They have to try to make Lynch cut back in the backfield and not let him go north-south or it could be a long day. The guys talk about the emergence of Rob Ninkovich the last couple weeks with Chandler Jones getting a ton of attention from other teams.

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Yeah he's he'd he'd make a lot of please. What is legs. That storm tomorrow get the ball out quick he's very athletic as a quarterback legacy hurt you. If you don't you know ball Romo would -- would -- once you knew you 111000 defense. More to -- well -- wrestling -- he'll make you pay. Patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork Iran NFL Sunday presented by cam natural casing francs. The official Franken sausage of the New England Patriots put the became blue box that your favorite -- KM. Celebrate something there's a lot of disagreement in the Pacific northwest. I've heard people talking about it in the media and I heard Hugh Millen former patriots quarterback talking about it on the radio station this week. I heard Mike Lombardi talking about Britain reportedly wrote about it a couple of weeks ago. The question is. Is Pete Carroll playing the right at the quarterback position. There are many folks who think that Matt Flynn is a better alternative at quarterback for the near term. Russell Russell Wilson may be the long term solution although I wonder at his size of the years but let's. Play the game he may be the long term solution he may not -- the short term solution and I'm wondering if if folks in that locker room are wondering if the play in the right guys. What about you spent a lot of money to bring -- man and -- to -- in the -- has done a lot of good things over the course is relatively brief NFL career but you know you'd you'd do invest the kind of money that you invested in Flynn. I'm thinking you wanna genuinely get on the field and I just I just don't know what that's. Again I think I think it tilted to your point is -- -- I think Wilson is probably better long term developmental prospect at this stage but if you wanna win now may be injured guys. Yeah I agree. I was curious the united didn't -- the preceding -- -- wasn't in their training camps or I was you know that the sort of -- that the progress and then there. Was it was a prequel story. But as I watch him you -- it looks like a sort of simplified offensive reminds me of Tennessee from early in the season work. It's a lot of move the pocket there was a lot of them this week but anyway there was a lot of comparisons to 1 o'clock titans did exactly that was the first thing I thought I was watching from the same. And everything has -- remove the pocket which for a quarterback reduces and makes the field half read in an afternoon. Span the width of the officer should drop accuracy and half the field and hopefully -- to buy -- which -- defenders a little bit to make new holes. So there's a lot of that which you do with a young dynamic sense and Wilson's react you know very active and you know one thing I would look for this week the war couple sort of cracks in the -- last you know last week it's Denver. You sought Chandler Jones is gonna flop and play both sides now is doing a good job we have a great game. What did give up leverage wants -- -- dissipate run for twelve or thirteen and that was leverage issue on the left side which aside the Russell escapes too so. Jermaine Cunningham has had a really nice season -- well. And has lost contain north couple times as the last and so I know I imagine this the sort of he escapes to resume right westside of the defense will be ruled big emphasis point here for for -- of -- for Jermaine and prevent the group. In -- stupid drug disposal a field but. That same group that big house Jermaine Cunningham and try to make the analogy between the small nickel big nickel thing. That's the patriots version of what everyone else has seen that's what you would call read your article team -- Jermaine is inside guy by the smaller bodies. And the patriots did give up some some. Decent chunks of yards in their little nickel against run games so sort of not being able to search a rebel group will be interest and watch because they got her little house -- For the people there seems to be in a inevitably every week there seems to be is at least one series where Vince get to blow you know on the he's he's he's out there for -- for 51015 plays on the sidelines. Indeed those are those sequences where unit screwy people into -- or is -- it was his disease and heard what you whereas it would insist that's kind of his time on the silent oil they'll get a surge to. A much I also think too it's going to be interesting and we joked about this a couple of weeks ago. Going after quarterbacks -- your hands in here. Trying to bat down balls and I think this is going to be one of those situations Wilson's a little bit of an undersized guy I think we might see a situation Edward Jones gets its hands on 123. -- -- I don't think they have to manufacture anything when it comes to Marshawn Lynch they've seen enough of Marshawn Lynch over the years they know exactly what they're dealing with. I think there is a healthy well learn respect for Marshawn Lynch. While. A -- last fourteen games ago. He. Person NFC in rushing -- in a -- -- us now by the when he was at buffalo you deuce you could just -- -- defense they prepared if they knew would do is up there to guide it. With the ball and is there was running hard are to style -- -- Mercury news -- Was gonna keep pumping each and every time those two boats is one of those things once the game. Got deeper into the fourth quarter he got stronger. On an and that's his value he loves that banged around -- of the nervous first. I think little bold way you've -- scouting report -- -- roll call when we when we have to play against Marshall lynch was. He was young player than put. He's not. He's not a bounce out come -- runner he really needs to get downhill in if you make him make a backfield cup before it gets to a line he's not nearly as effective. He's a guy avenues to get rolling downhill and he's super aggressive and as you know the violence in the in the second level ember can tackles those kinds of thing. But he's a guy if you -- can make about troop cuts -- Vince can get some little penetration of someone can make the cut happened resort -- a cut is not as effective field. Chop this field -- doesn't get -- he's not a got a ruling makes -- people missy just generally runs through them. So it'll be interest deceived maybe would be a little more run pressures I think as a weekly Peter we know we're not a big -- team. But would there's not a ton of fear I imagine from the downfield stuff. Suck -- decent tight in the quarter reason Wilson doesn't go to a lot the skill positions with Sidney Rice is a good player is just kind of seen as production increased recently. What it's not a group that's terribly scary a most -- of the receivers that. Obama movements in the right Europe and industry and gold unpaid bills are more gadget guys they'll get a big play game and I think that's. This is an interest in week two because of -- one of those weeks -- stop that -- stop them Marshawn Lynch and don't give up the big play to be gadget. Because this off naturally has a feel enough enough enough and boom you know announced. You can't give up the big play and you can't you you need to not have every play be three or four yards with -- on. So -- second short in the that boot in the the play action is little more effective for Russell but what. Loves a good granola no way I mean we always talk whenever regional what what is the number one finger at the Patriots defense does the takeaways in -- one -- -- -- option and it's going to be all about Marshall and this week and -- for only half joking. When he told me that. You know you don't -- blockers. All shipments Iranian bill has talked about the bill bill talked about last week chemical was about the annual running backs. Their ability to get -- after contact Brian in his ability to get yards after contact he's just this week physical rugged guy who -- his banged -- and their on a consistent basis and just get those tough yards. Anything -- is. Absolutely the number one or -- he reminds. In accordance. Balance is the way it runs and -- bounces off for guys who he doesn't as well you know. Tell me a little bit about this offensive line from left to right across the front -- Russell local -- -- Paul McQuistan Max Unger chair swayze a breeder jock a -- -- If you think this is an offensive line that the patriots are concerned about and they're concerned about every offensive line. More concerned the norm Miller this is an offensive line but they think they can do some business again. Well. Russell must have less than a cone of local and yeah there -- you'll stimulant or really athletics who belong guy knows loves and high draft pick he looks like a guy out of it and -- and watch with him -- Chandler going to reach -- -- -- And Wall Street is here with the pitchers choices and how to match them because we've seen them bounced around last week was really the first week or such and play a lot left. And rob played a good amount right and again Donta hightower out again this weakness okay follow up and did a good to know kept. And then we actually saw some sprinkling last week Trevor Scott are starting to give you noses ten to fifteen employees and their willing to move -- around replaced inside and out. I think they've got enough pieces economists and these guys -- what's interesting is a -- when was the you know that was the plan I think. And this often happens it's not as dramatic as the Denver situation last year put this minister read a group it's the it's built to be. They're big and physical -- not necessary bill to BL running boots and you know. So I regard the lead Kei -- and set up their pass protection New -- from the ball is snapped. Denver dealt with all the time -- -- each play was recess so I think the move the pocket guy you often see him. I leverage his pocket because -- public alignments -- that's built to move with him so it'll -- I think this is a game where they're gonna rule would be able to get after. Provided the run game is there in the in the collection reuse it. Ninkovich his role has changed a little bit over the last couple weeks do you think would go -- our doctors today I think he might put a little bit more and has played when it comes responsibilities in one the other things to it I'm fascinated to watch the by play between -- and Chandler flipping back and forth from the different looks that it presents it in the difference it's such a -- different skill set that the two of them have -- -- -- was the longer leaner guy. The -- rob is the shorter kind of you know -- high motor pass rusher type. It just did different looks at the present for the office of apple magic. Last week was the first record release on -- much the -- -- two or three each game a little as the buffalo -- yet it -- benefit him and maybe a series but what was -- steam is just imagine if you you know you're you're one Seattle's -- tackles is what happens each week. You got to elect channel or you spent all week watching film a film a film on him. And openness and you're knock -- and Rob Ninkovich you know replaced on the right side you're gonna spent all your time studying him. The practice squad group or whatever that's across -- trying to put a body type it's sort of sleek and work on something like that. And you come up for snap of the game and you've got a short -- guy -- really great with his hands it does a great job of just -- removing. And I saw what you worked on weeks I think that's why they do to try to -- Different kind of match of Jermaine how to prepare now they've seen it's I imagine both tackles have worked on both -- kind of guys that probably announcement time studying both. So now it's you know it's the next test missiles to work on technically both Sam linebackers. Both Donta hightower and Tracy Weiner out. Technically on the depth chart you don't have a Sam linebacker Bobby Carpenter you can now he's gonna get more snaps this week and he -- he really. Over the course of training camp you really impressed you got a lot of steps that are especially working in pass -- it -- to bring some into the table that maybe spikes doesn't have yet. In his game but -- and we're gonna -- and -- interest into because you mentioned that -- -- if if corporate overall increases were does that affect him a special teams and Tracy -- when your best special teams linebacker bodies that he's down. It I generally don't -- supposed to government facilities at the sold out of the game as well. But this. Punt team has struggled for the patriots is Force Protection this year gotten big yes they don't want -- for the the a lot of close calls. In this point. -- group for Seattle has been very good. They blocked one last week I believe it was last week the panel -- block they've had. Several close calls I think is the Dallas games one element that's during the season but this has been a very disruptive special teams group as well. If you thinned out that way and had to move some of those younger linebackers are less experienced guys back in the lineup that might affect what's going on there I think watching that punk group. And -- Washington -- or skill position guy who's an explosive -- they got to manufacture cars in my beat by blocking or month or by getting a big return this isn't you know. On Russell's kind of -- it's abdominal thing where you know with high tower under any more carpenter in the carpenter takes common special teams are trees -- it that way and special teams are gonna get more -- could be -- I think that's what's special.

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