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NFL Sunday Breaks it Down: The Pats Offense vs the Seahawks Defense -- Something Has to Give

Oct 14, 2012|

The Seahawks have one of the highest ranked D's in the league this season and they'll be matched up against an offense that has really been clicking the last couple weeks. The guys talk about the effect of the no huddle on opposing D's and the difference between "Hurry-up offense" vs no-huddle. They also get into Welker's role today, the return of Aaron Hernanez and if the Pats will be able to run the ball vs a formidable run-stopping defense. Also, the Seahawks corners are built to take on tall, athletic receivers which may be in the favor of the Pats today.

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Number two NFL Sunday presented by cam natural casing franks the official Franken -- to two -- the New England Patriots. Look for the camp blue box at your favorite grocer KM. Celebrate something. We've got the normal NFL Sunday crew here that means former patriots running back Kevin -- to my immediate right former patriots linebacker Matt chatter across the table. Its price from WEEI dot com is here as well this is the part of the program where. We look at the Patriots offense against the Seattle defense and in this case this week's match up. We are talking strength against strength. You have the number one scoring offense in the National Football League. I against the second best scoring defense in the national football -- San Francisco's the only team that's given up fewer points per game. In the Seattle Seahawks now. Part of that admittedly is some of the opposition at the Seattle Seahawks have played they haven't played a bunch of offensive juggernaut with the exception of the Green Bay Packers. And and let's be honest remain actually won that game that they just had stolen from the bank guy wearing a structure. So let's talk about. The defense that we saw -- Aaron Rodgers eight times in the first half of that Green Bay Monday night game. Tell me how this patriots offensive line keeps that defense out of Tom great Tom Brady's -- being tired. They got a little help from Rob Gronkowski who has done great work that could work the great work as a blocker this year you keep the temple moving I wouldn't be surprised though if they don't do as much no huddle this week as they did last week. They almost traded to as he was almost a 2% last week. Yeah I looked up this note this week -- and it's really interesting I know the Green Bay and Dallas are not particularly having no huddle teams but. Opponents have only run the no huddle please in the two Seattle game did two games in Seattle this year. In now why again no -- play these no -- please told not into games and all mean just not huddling just not -- up to Korea not to hurry up as sisters and just no huddling interest it it's it's a loud place I don't know how much that figures into it but. Over the last year or two teams have run a whole lot of no huddle there and it have to think that. It's a communication problem I think that figures into it and you guys talked about that this week. I don't know what they're gonna do it as much as you know weeks in the last couple -- I'm pasta and I'm gonna disagree with. And and you guys jump in here it and that was a great piece by Greg Bedard this week at the Boston Globe talking about. The patriots no huddle and in effect being a one word offense. Where where they would say a word in and he just used as an example the word bam it's not a word that the Patriots offense uses but. If Brady says a single word Belmont. And the entire team knows snap count blocking scheme opposition play they know everything based on a one word call. I think the patriots can run that offense in Seattle make a run it in in a wind tunnel noise wise they can run and anywhere. And I think that that it is one of their strengths I don't think you're gonna see Bill Belichick -- get away from that at all. I don't agree that my life and my thinking it Bluetooth excerpt of the Saab front I think it's important maybe you'll fans picked -- up on a lot of my friends who -- music courses in my wife. Says what's the difference between the no huddle in this for Europe and in their use anonymously and I think people sometimes mix it up posters and all encompassing definitions -- they're just not huddling people faced no huddle means fast play it doesn't you can use no -- all of this means -- in the -- But you can use in -- play clock and hatred so often do make of that -- also lots of things your reference in his Maria brush can actually be done from -- welcome you know you can huddle and -- -- get -- went quick. Which the pictures to a lot actually -- on this as well this week and I thought it did. It was interest being that. That I was trying to trying to game the Libyan out -- something that would be close and style we'd seen previously and I think Arizona is probably as close you can get. I would have a census will be kind of a similar feel. In game. But. Vote the onus has always been on this team to sort of reduce mistakes and I think especially when you're on the road that's like a really big -- and always was you'll beat yourself especially a tough road trip. So should get off on a fast store. In the games that the patriots have had this season were there mistakes have been lowest they've won. Negative placements -- mistakes and Clark and they're -- place you know it's it's one thing regularly of a plea for no game it's another thing battle threw for your loss because -- drive killer -- a makeshift. In an uncle -- wall's second long situation -- third -- -- issues too much -- -- play -- that that it accomplishes that. So the highest negatives that they had for the entire season. You know there was an ugly Baltimore game with with a negative plays in the game. The -- in the game it was actually higher than that. Well last week. And seven of those nine place. Came in mystery and are only thirty wants snaps or perhaps it's of really high percentage of plays -- -- that are negative -- granted there are a lot of really positive is that they'll -- ran eighty -- exactly but the old -- stop the play it is as a percent of place it's actually -- about the -- But it would say that you your successor it was a little closer to a Baltimore which was a problem than most of to salute your organs buffalo Tennessee so. What I would bode bode -- case I'm trying to make is that. Going on the road in picking a scheme that boom -- bust which is -- it would once a lot of cause of lot of negative. Isn't always the best formula when you're going to Norbert a flawed place. And you look at some of the teams that did go there dallas' of would be an example became now -- the opening kick return. And then also got a punt -- later on in the first quarter and then had a an ounce after a negative play -- and it was just this is no place to dig yourself and what happens okay. For a itself what date. What you what happens in in this Korea on the -- Korea is your run up the line and its general just some sort of areas on blocking scheme -- you don't have time to count it out the door are ruled negative story opposed wallets not just the golden gun it's not something that beats and kills everything. There are things that converted in the regards last week Vickerson was amendment that big Chris help me here with. A number 99 had three negative place all by shooting a gap where it is on baucus and didn't pick him up because it just to get counted out quickly enough. Bob Miller had two big negative plays in the game one that caused the original on third and one a very short one the given the time to counted out is probably -- if you're a big big decision to try to go quick. And -- just -- me reaching an atomic as the wind up -- through it was a minus three -- ends up being three not seven. There are instances the game Richard -- back to -- -- Denver action -- -- -- of Brandon Lloyd right think the patriot structure of the best and the strip things a little. All over high commuted act addiction -- opponents to just not this greater percentage. The thing that was interesting is you look at the play the was there there there and Sharpton. They've got brutally in his in his -- -- says it sends them out in motion. To the outside which actually takes the safety out of box vacate the box to go out with a back. Embraer one runs -- little skinny post for the near touchdown reviewer of the at the measurement there was. And who was later brought short I think what's and what's important about that is I still think this team is at its best when it -- -- calibrate when it does the measurement. You need to understand the hurry up as a -- -- cool trick the -- but it's not something it's not you know you're not gonna play an entire round with your fiber and I think that's sort of a case that's been made. In the or certain places and times where it's not good to do it I think this week to seal will percent to -- go away but it won't be as much. Jason -- you're right there is the difference and offense in an auto and Maria. To assess the offense is running a -- The area comes went over to defense is really try to substitute whenever -- I'm an attorney -- -- you see -- on film you see when you watch the game. If you see a defense in -- trying to substitute. You know how the game. Tom arrest office that are televised game is. They made it back up your point. Von Miller was on the sidelines for much larger percentage of plays and I think the Denver Broncos would ever want exotic Brady kept them on the sidelines with that area -- -- two point given to -- -- -- twelve men on the field penalty was in the second half but it was one of those it was a negative -- and that's why I say seven as -- date because. They actually Vickers went through they got a sack on -- on a blown thing that happened. Because of the Korea but they -- couple matzo is -- boomer boss gets -- is what you get some regards -- may sit in Europe -- after the game he was like. We prepare for Lenovo. Well we wasn't prepared for the speed of in the low do in the course of the game because he really had resolve -- really couldn't get us have to -- defense. It's interesting to Beers and we we do talk also -- it appears this radio by people can't see when -- making bad faces. Solid six. I got right now Leonard Little -- -- what when I said Von Miller was on the sidelines and he was 29 plays and and you gaming that's think -- why because I don't buy the promised it would keep one dial up the field that's true. Korea were -- Korea specifically in the -- -- the juvenile it was a great percentage was still. Lesson author of Korea for the actual full -- the game. What it can do is I've been in this role was about the players in my career I was like guys substituting -- trying to get on the field for different package changes. You can't mass substitute you can't change to Bjorkman rate were to -- often that. If you have one guy who you really badly wanted to make him take your it's your base defense and bring your your dime package that's what the no huddle -- doesn't block -- that's via. Because you can actually and I've been mega -- down and you stand by the -- them with your coach and if the tackles on your slightly one off -- 141. There's no such thing as the no huddle keeping you from getting in the game that's not. -- let me ask you guys question now we know that Seattle defensively has very good rankings interestingly enough. It there's not a huge different but they're actually better against them the run than they are against the pass. Which surprised me their fifth in the NFL against the pass third in the NFL against the run. We've seen this patriots run game chew up a couple of opponents in a row in buffalo and Denver and they do -- against this defense can they run -- Even close to the same efficiency as they've been running. The big guys that are needed sound silly to say I mean yeah I mean Red Bryant brain in -- and it did give up big deep this media. I am in I'm trying to think of I don't know if they're physically bigger than Baltimore. But they don't have to be bigger yeah exactly yeah but it may -- they're as big -- on what they do that's not to say that the schemes are similar but it's just the bigger bodies are going to present a different sort of challenge this week in the running. -- point you can stay in what is a bigger and nickel and not have to substitute they may be better at that and the other thing it's big news we've mentioned this for a Chris -- to this that's the big secondary. The idea that you know our guy remember -- problem with the propeller but. Bobby Taylor was ago is remembered as a big corner a guy that looked like. A wide receivers 63200. Troy Vincent and the residents -- some of the taller thinner all of the most of the secondary looks that way. And I think that helps in the run game vision of bigger more physical guys might be a -- block for maybe ago at west who's been two and a good job in the run game -- it actually. Shout who has just last week. Lot of those big runs to -- a great point guard Maria blocking it done by the skill position guys requests by did you actually abide by Daniel fells who had a couple negative plays and got a pretty you know. Of some booing from last week for a few ugly plays he had a lot of those big Maria run brakes where is much from -- because -- through the line. The plays the broke freaking nineteen point without. -- -- -- when -- bought into fills a good job there rockets while also. Those matches -- abuse federal suite with a little bit bigger DB may be able to shed ago -- -- remarkable. I've talked to an -- he's out there it's our first story did this week for the site even who. Said that it's really important to watch these safeties electoral Thomas who watched -- chancellor because these guys -- really active in the -- in a couple of things don't bring up that. It just seems that if there is a good matchup if they run extra DBs out there. You would think that if there is a team that could correct the patriots running game by but it may be you know with the patriots spread that we know that but he you know. This might be the team that could hang with him if he tried to. Let me ask you -- about Rob Gronkowski who certainly hasn't had the same -- passing game production that we. We're used to seeing from them last year even a year before. Is that simply a schematic thing where they're using him in effect is almost an extra offensive lineman he's done a great job and run blocking for this team. Is set you know -- up. A continuation of the ankle injury issue work he's having trouble getting off the line of scrimmage perhaps with the same quickness that he did before. What are you guys seeing from gronkowski that he's not as big a factor in the passing game as we're used to seeing a -- be here. -- I don't know. NFL stats are my crease or some -- -- goes out there and those -- the -- -- -- played every -- and yes and that's amazing Arianna I'm not so certain I'm not sold without that empirical evidence that he's actually blocking more I see him stored in the -- position which -- position -- In sort of just off the ball sort of -- before with via the offensive tackle. And they do that to sort dissuade the short corner to -- defense events UC reserve owner Chris Clemons this week guys would like the Honda Accord tight. -- physically putting Robb's body -- makes you have to take one -- wider which makes you another step of the fuel mixes these your -- for the tackle. I think that should sort of physical impediment thing is what some action being -- were blocked. I don't get the sense he's not in the passing is much -- is going to a maybe it's just either taken away I don't know that exacted a Dresser with a look at him and -- looks. Keys in and out of his breaks -- haven't done all the due to go to guy who's -- -- model of throwing away 85 offensive 86 yeah number one best exact arm under -- that it's hard to make a case -- -- it's not. You it's here. Right. -- different play calling. If -- guys design the plays. When you have a running game this doing he's doing right now it's. Kind of hard to spread the bottom line is world -- Try to force the ball and somebody you know for the -- to grow as just keep keep it where it is good that -- -- -- -- -- -- as a. They're not there what how much of that is Kevin then and that's a great point how much of that is kind of riding high pain a little bit you know -- haven't success your running team you don't wanna go too far away from and I enlisting these guys are week to week team playing offense but at the same time. You have something that is clearly working you have a winning team in your getting. A certain look from a defense that's as well you know we're gonna run the ball -- they're gonna -- show us this is -- something to the fact that this team is just kind of riding the hot hand right now with Iran and. Of course every team would do it it's. This -- whenever you are heard back and they entire payment fainting yet -- sensors which. You're not gonna take come out whenever he's tyrant I've got the team rolled -- team is very -- what he's doing. On -- team -- he understood the situation so we have to understand that that was gonna happen. Yes it would -- Aaron Hernandez going down through the presumption is that would -- -- production you know that your -- -- in that -- -- also coincided with the settlement on down to Lucy had to -- primary offensive weapons so the question is natural that hey -- -- and one not but they've just -- others for production everyone -- problem if there was a -- where you did you know -- -- and the running back -- at same time they put pictures fuel more happy but. The production overall the offense been there if it's not been your -- -- and I don't think until they're losing and now being productive comport. I'm fascinated to see how this passing team changes -- in this respect because they've been able to hit on a handful yield of the the last few weeks. It's been Welker and before that they've had you know a couple of big performances from Gradkowski. How things change. Hand how rules change when Hernandez comes back in how this offense continues to fall -- your back distrust in the middle of field a little bit too in another move from him -- -- all over the place but after looking for holes in the Seattle defense places they can sort of try to go after. Wes is obviously nearly a cultural on the inside and third day of a young southern. Linebackers -- rights probe with the best I think of the group he's a really fast sideline asylum aggressive tackling guy pretty young. So putting him a situation where it's gotta match with speed with Hernandez -- match foot speed with the with that with west that that's going to be a -- I think you'll see a lot of action instead of field. All over the phone us -- routes express who is -- DB. On the fear a lot of quicker routes to the guards on the moon exactly. And keeps on that pressure -- Tom's face cars do something.

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