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NFL Sunday Recaps Pats/Broncos and Wes Welker's Sense of Humor Being the Talk of the Town Yet Again

Oct 14, 2012|

The NFL Sunday crew get going talking about the Pats hard-fought victory over Denver last week. The no huddle and turnovers were the deciding factor. They discuss Welker's huge role in the win which leads to the infamous comment he made after the game about it being "nice to shove it in Bill's face now and then." The boys say, yes Bill does have a sense of humor, but this was a public comment. Overally, Matt and Kevin think Wes was most likely toying with the media - and they ate it up!

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Welcome back to NFL Sunday presented by cam natural casing -- the official Franken sausages and England patriots look for the -- box that your favorite. You guys tell me out here about stumbled on this twice now. -- -- grocer or brochure grocer. Margaret rusher. A message of growth there groceries at a Matthew. -- serve at least not retailer. I'm just reading what they stuck it probably hear Matt you don't album retailer would be easier for me. But for the Campbell box that your favorites. -- Closer grocer -- in cadence is so thick. And patriots are coming up as you heard the highlight -- coming up may 3121. Win. Last Sunday at Gillette against the Denver Broncos. We talked about of this well oiled offensive machine it's something we talked about. On -- and on Sunday night and -- you help me break down on Monday night as well. Just in offense right now and I think Hernandez is gonna play some today and they don't take tourists they don't know -- you don't get to go. You know get a nice meal in Seattle and I watch the football game if you got a bag on under in the belly of the plane. At a uniform Jersey in your making the trip your plane and at some point or another. It's only gonna make the offense even harder to stop I don't want people against this team right now. And -- It's going to be interesting to watch because we tried that we've seen several different camps I mean we saw a dime group in buffalo we saw a of regular sized miracle last week against Denver. And this week will be sort of next step what's the next way to try to stop on a solemn running game and that's basically been the biggest thing confronted -- -- this office because if you can't stop that if you vote to 47 of 251 and back to back weeks. This is an evening over 157 news you know yards your back to a problem where you're just making -- -- reason for -- So I think the run games the first thing you're gonna have to address I think that the flip side of its interest in looking at because this is insulting it's just -- into the pitcher to -- and never were on the lead. The patriots run the same -- group. Mean it's it's not been Nichols at -- -- much different but it's what we used to call big nickel. Because often times in nickel group will soaps too much of a hole for four for more live and a group of guys that can pass rush. But the patriots day they have the same six man box the same six man box that the that of the Broncos have a tough time stopping the patriots with what is with events and with -- Love. So those Vincent Kyle low of ten years ago not vote of the sky also blue dot body type Jews -- comes out at Washington comes out some deals comes in. But now the patriots ability to have a six man nickel box and still be able to control run pretty well. Kind of the difference between the problems there not having with -- other offenses and offenses -- the defense is having trouble -- it's. Going into the Denver game we also -- aren't that well there's no way to gonna run for 200 yards again you know bring you back to back weeks but they were able to do it in I just. I wonder if there's if there's a team out there. Vick can stop the patriots -- is kind of nickel and dime and it will be extra defensive -- I wonder if it's Seattle I know I'm not saying it's going to be because they have such speaker defensive backs. In -- -- -- I -- the patriots harass Jessica got the Seattle picked -- has a lot to do I I think. The size academics and good in regular and it makes him a meat freezer substitution between nickel and regular but I think the the stopping the run. To me. Is more an issue of your interior to defense to do your three technique and your and your nose to leadership and went overseas to inside guys -- Kyle. If you go down which Denver has 285 guys -- the quick guys the -- good they shoot gaps. And then the other the other the next question is the next level -- the linebackers if you have. Pass coverage Leslie would year or whatever you like guys -- little thinner. Did don't step up -- that blocks -- you know Brandon Spikes is a great job because you know he certainly not gonna go silent silent as much. The plug hole sheds a -- tackles Mayo does a good job of that as well if you got to smaller more. Pass coverage you linebackers and you're not quite as big in front. You can bring down -- you Beasley award that's that -- -- related result irrigate here a couple of years ago in the past -- that's the same thing so it's changing now a spot is loss Wallace relevant to me than. What's going on in the inside his vision nickel personnel workers -- is a regular personnel. -- you're just going to be able to -- it was six rounds of. Kevin -- you come and add your seat last week when when you saw them run the ball and run the ball consistently I I always go back to -- idea of it. -- going to draw with I don't want war was third and seventeen. In being able to run the ball it for me it looked a lot like to 2014. With Corey Dylan in -- able to control clock. Who are able to keep the chains moving -- to keep people off the field in revolt to you know pilots and -- your. Well first and foremost after the game town stated they. These are the play in the nickel nickel and dime meant to say it is live. I don't think it matters. As far as how. Would you put on the field because would have you prune through they're going to -- That that that's just office. Investors would offices -- -- taught us how we are taught you node. Take which are given you gonna play -- there was gonna throw the ball. Whenever you see Tom thrown a ball foot three under for the ghost is because team try to put you know it'd be it be personnel group out there and -- Stop well. Through our receivers that now it's. That's -- dime and nickel now okay. A predominantly we're gonna run the book know -- scheme of some runs and run -- go in go where it's in -- for you know stopping of strategy stop and we must not thrown again. Some of -- just phenomenal numbers from last week 351 downs eleven for seventeen on third downs. It's scoring drives of 1214. To sixteen place scoring drives they rushed for 251 yards. Ridley had ended a career best 151 yards and he did at all while operating and it kind of had no huddle offense almost to 2% of the time I'd -- clinic we alluded to this so. A building at the beginning in this segment we had. They'd stayed in the nickel or with the way they did it was like -- for compensating to realize and appeared that might not be enough pistol we saw Lester buffalo they just cheated. The second level -- lower. The view of the safeties were often down almost in the box I mean they were playing a lot of super deep part of Finland and that was against -- -- -- -- -- -- the patriots to -- and set the became so popular even without her name is -- a -- -- -- -- twelfth. What I'm curious who watches are we going today -- -- -- and that includes -- especially -- -- considered -- -- Run grouping or is it back to elect you know we got to -- regular person out there trying to stop it. In the new -- due to a counselor -- is going to be Nixon massacres you don't wanna charge to. Listen in this out -- to Perez I don't wanna try to re injured the ankle I don't think he'll play a lot. But he's definitely not apply our president as far as I'm just curious other -- -- because if if if twelve. Twelve has mean meant pastor everyone in the field it's patriots -- -- they put their path they defend the pass that the twelve to bring before the run the twelve to bring. That's two weeks and -- just remember doing that way. Now when twelve comes out whether Hernandez's and there are not -- match regular personal because you can stop that was great personal but then you open up all the windows Kevin just talked about going back to ask him and you torched. This is gonna sound more convoluted than I intended to be but I wanna I wanna set this up. When I look at the at the Seattle Seahawks in the way Pete Carroll has built his defense they play in the Western Conference. There's some big strong wide receiver Michael Crabtree Larry FitzGerald types. His quarterbacks -- really built to try to battle that type of wide receiver the six foot 36 foot four inch cornerbacks. What that means if -- the patriots you have a dramatic. In my in my opinion a dramatic advantage with a guy like Welker smaller -- year quicker. Off the break those corners are gonna have a hard time covering a guy like Welker another reason I bring it up. You guys know what happened with Wes Welker. And the little comment he made in the little half joke and wasn't a joke and was -- at a joke and did bill like it to be not like it. We have seen Wes Welker get sat down for an offensive series in a playoff game against the New York Jets for. -- a cute funny little press conference thing he did about feat in and then build it like it. The question here is simple did bill not like what Wes said and will bill punish west because of what he said this week. Because they've got a competitive advantage with Welker is ballot Czechs say. I don't care about that right now what I do care about is you give back in Lima. Everybody else here I would make a distinction between -- in the playoffs thing although I don't I can't tell you the bill will make mistakes and I don't know that. Blog the other common ones although -- it was director of the other teams. And coach's wife and it was personal he had a bit of which had nothing to do with what we're all which is a little different than this because I think the way this was sort of packaged in used to have to -- airtime this week throughout the yeah. People who ran it was. That the -- his comment was. Directed disorganized that bill. United Rio a -- news it was done with a smile on a wing beyond just affected yet it was you know news I'm Josh and whatever he was also. He was also I thought the bridges to the joke was actually the media. And I think that's what kind of got this thing do -- -- yet praying that I knew this wasn't just wasn't missiles west using the media would get a bill this was. West using -- would make -- of the media out of -- not a system and saying something that they didn't that they wanted to hear and then watching them run around elect them you know -- birds to think it in retrospect that's something that. Bill would take offense too because I think he gets the joke but of the people have been publicized missile. We should point out that we don't know there are players who have been able to to joke a lot with now I don't know if you guys were among them. I seen in those NFL films type things that bring people just kill them and practices and making jokes and and yeah let's get the let's get -- giants helmet out here you know and I mean really. Good natured back and forth I don't get the sense necessarily that Bill Belichick is thin skin. If Welker had made that exact same comment on the practice field. I don't think anybody would -- to the -- to shakes about it. That is it's time nicest ticket in bill's face ever wants a lot. The question then is because it wasn't done on a practice field in a meeting room. Because it was done on television. Is it different because of that. First and foremost billion there is a few -- guys in the team that has their relationship will do. And very who was definitely one of those guys. In the -- where it all the time would roosters. All in love in those other guys that are respected he says in you know new guys doing their profession. And -- through and saying we're due west because I hear those two guys. -- all the time to a -- is just one of those things menu builder and it's it would clear and you team. If you know you people are you gonna have this.

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