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NFL Sunday Opens Addressing the Official Retirement of Kevin Faulk: Life After Football

Oct 14, 2012|

Dale Arnold, Chris Price, Matt Chatham and Kevin Faulk open up NFL Sunday looking at the career and retirement of Kevin Faulk earlier this week. The guys had no idea Kevin was going to do that last week because Kevin kept to himself. He explains why he chose to do it when he did and discusses his plans for after football.

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And the NFL Sunday is presented by -- natural casing franks the official Franken sausage of the New England Patriots look for the -- blue box your favorite -- Chaos. Celebrate something good morning and welcome NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. My name's Dale Arnold Chris. Rice from WEEI dot comes across the table. Former New England Patriots linebacker Matt Chatham has over there as well Kevin fault which honestly just a couple of minutes and a you know nowadays retired sleeping in late in the morning train and -- you know get a little extra Radisson. He's on his way in will be here any minute now. And I'm gonna save all of the stuff I was gonna do at the top talking about Kevin and given him some. Love on his remarkable career Antilles here and here it. So will will hold off on -- coming -- club until he shows up here in just a couple of minutes I will say this this football show what we do with what will do from now until noon. But one quick baseball note. I have nothing bad to say about Derek Jeter nothing I mean as a born and bred new Englander I hate the New York Yankees like everybody else does. You know -- there's something about those pinstripes that just sets my teeth on edge. And yet he and Mariano Rivera the two names that come most immediately to mind I got nothing bad to say about never have probably never will. And so. I was kind of sad to see him about the way he did break his ankle on the twelfth inning last night. I'd done for the rest of the postseason however long that lasts the saying about a three month recovery period. Which means he should be ready for the start of spring training but. It looked like any big deal I mean -- UC plays like this every single Sunday in the NFL look much more egregious than that one was and it just looked like you turn to thank you look like. Most innocuous and injuries where where a guy goes -- and bolted you don't get a ball and you just -- rolls over in the it's true that through much worse than we initially thought at least from from watching the play but it's been an unbelievable post season. We are hung in -- that game lessening the web tool and what but don't tell before it broke yeah exactly that's a gentler -- Beckel Odeo. How MBA was it was -- -- -- -- -- watch it you're right I have to say your household where your my wife has a Phillies fan and so there's sort of no lack of love for rule of Bosnia's. In the post season he's having so we it's just been fantastic to watch it's been a lot of fun. And it was one of those magical game softened to a twelfth inning again a four run rally in the ninth inning for the Yankees down for nothing. -- birdie kinky UN -- right now acts he gives up two run home runs to both Ichiro and rolling Banja as to -- -- The Yankees end up losing in the twelfth they not only lost the game. They ended up losing -- a guy the captain of the team and I I'm always curious and and Matt you've been involved in team sports for your entire life. What does it do to the psyche of a team when you lose a leader when Tom Brady went down in the first quarter. First. Half of the first quarter against the Kansas City Chiefs. -- atmosphere like in the locker room be -- -- -- like oh my god it's over. Well. I guess it just depends on the faith you have in the other guy I mean even more dramatic format at the jobs there with -- withdrew. And you know blood so -- -- institution here and now what kind of -- did you have in the sixth round pick who was backing him up well are probably a little different perspective -- -- their -- some of the veterans in the room that were less familiar with Tom that just they go to ivory you know myriad brooks' personal charge of the guys -- Terry -- that have been there forever. That sort of thing new soldiers and institutions -- here for for good amount of time. I was a really young guy just like Tom was a Roy young guys have probably had more faith in the Roy young got in the older -- and prove -- because you know. That's just kind of how things work but. You know it's probably mixed bag I'm sure there is some panic with some people vote people maybe not so much but. That's probably their vehicles -- all I can draw him in a worked -- and Britain does no business or work out the way. I think he meeting being released from me was the fact that they have built tigers displayed such mental toughness coming back from a situation like that way to just get rocked in the ninth inning given up four runs. You're on the road and a really difficult position in your union the correct when he became president that's a lot about where that team Israel. All right that ends our -- whole baseball discussion for the day because that's not all we do here we we talk football here. And as I said my my intent at the beginning of the show was that. -- love for my my friend over here and and our colleague. Who announced his retirement this past week. I guess you know Chatham we're not as close to this guy as we thought since we are -- Sunday morning and Sunday night. And had no I know what he was gonna do want -- -- -- set aware I you don't meet those. He had no idea what I mean he didn't tell us that we know nothing. Sunday night what we said to -- messages they see you next week. King good to work -- in nicely India next thing we know Kevin fox announcing his retirement good to see again Kevin how are you. Matthew his Mike's not on there we go. They separate. I've always a little bit worse than that kind of been known probe but three weeks in did you and you knew it was going to be -- Not a nose and in -- going to be doing those more so. The feel of being the week are kind of had a feeling with the -- their dues in that controller brown. To vote -- aiming -- -- -- there was an appropriate and even though -- small pain would judges do more -- Put anything over which oil was cute -- you know honored for assume it was one of those things uno to it and then. But I in my life there -- few weeks the morning. -- You know edit your resume more UH you know probably will. You live in the closing news in the morning knows one of those -- while I -- to be enormously good news. Though you know as one of those processes that -- still go through good. It had to be -- new with. I got tired during a gut feeling based on the comments that you made. -- you have one point or another had a discussion with bill ballot second seems like everybody has that discussion when the thinking about this at one point or another did you have written. And what was the tenor of the conversation. Well me and do talk to a couple of days Estes who who boo or noon. We spoke about the season is that that'd just have -- and nice conversation in to a news comes through snow flakes who bill I think I might want America putting this year. Would it be possible things that worry you know. What's -- gonna talk throughout the course of all season as fuel goes saw and how the team -- Loan you -- -- -- in May well for votes he's -- want those things just waiting theme keeping in -- him and then. Right before training camp story we told to hand in. No one knows not things that world and we just do it would ago -- end as soon. They're doing really good job right now he's really pleased he's had been known anything there's always room to improve move but he's just pretty much so we you know as there. I was ready for Andre for a news is one of their very safe to Saudi you know. In year and you managed to stick around to a little I know we've talked before in the show about how that you've been down at the stadium. In you've been around these guys moved around some of the younger guys practically Ripley. Is strong stand -- -- through it compares to redeem mountain. Really tested an organization. There's still a lot of guys in their opposition interest we really bring unity with their lives who live there. They're bons so this is one hosting up to close them out again and it has just to talk to. Owned do little insight too because I'm still fairly new interest you know from the locking used to annoy a lot of stuff that goes on in there. I read some comments in the paper today from Stephen -- And gone back to have to chris' point and Steven Ridley said. He helps me now. Is that I talked to in this way he leaves at my house this week in and and it sounds as though. Both football. Discussions and life discussions continue to go on. Between you and the younger running backs on this team are discover I what do those about a month tweets since the guys that you meet. And you -- relationships. I'm one those guidance unit. Reform blues numbers in my phone. -- to come masseuse to talk just whenever the junior sailors and have them. Our -- guys -- just call an end to slay me you and you wanna talk to. A new revenue one of those two years regarding -- to sit down and talk and have a conversation and are you -- to Houston -- so is just one of those things you know those are known. A coliseum people who in this afternoon -- Erica hill. You did the whole speech just Tapia had -- in writing things down not how -- they narrowed down was freedom was late. Topics like coach news through Thursday work and your mom -- -- well I think they're right mama I'm mom -- I just knew. That was gonna come natural doses. Of those grown flew -- -- I was good with the crime part -- from hell no it is an avatar it's an idea to hers to -- of billion dollars great. Those. Starting in about third and just thought -- him out all the things that I've seen -- go through anything those -- it's one of those things you. Have to shed a tear to. Absolutely. -- -- enough that hallway that and and quite honestly I think we all thought more of you now less of you have to decide that I mean. That's how it's close debate well edit and the other thing that jumped out of me as I've as I listened. And as I saw the the aftermath as I saw all the people on Twitter. Right -- teammates friends. Fans. You have to be overwhelmed. With the love you were gotten after the announcement was made. How -- this one of those things as a clear. You always wanna be remembered something does wanna be remembered as -- a composite. And once you continue to see autos positive tweets those fathers of fixes emails have regained the it just lets you know that the job that you don't why use their work on the field. It was done though he wanted to be doing you you going to remember do we want to be remembered as a person as well as -- so what's the next step won't what is the next. Colin they show gather adequate snacks that this. The player in my ear I'm really enjoy what I'm doing now right now would you guys. Is really keep me close to the game. Good -- like her through my wife's from may be one to -- -- live close to today action. Later own a home and I both know you're gonna coach someday what did make bush loses one of those things right now -- it is keeping me into it people less or -- that's among whites and film. On doors and stereo the team they're doing and explain everything is like you still -- and I'm like yes this keep me -- keeping me up born in the states out. This keeps me. On their preschoolers who would you know Stephen you may call me -- -- so often actually -- seen this or anything so this is one of those things you know keeping that's. I have a feeling and -- I'm not trying to tell you what to do with your -- but it does have a feeling you'll be on the sidelines somewhere someday. Half an end and you know what I've always felt that way about Troy is well. You guys were kind of coaches on the field any more coaches in not in a huddle with your teammates so it just sort of seems naturally you'd take that from the field of the sideline photos. Easy because. Another season really -- -- Thursday it. We was doing and every. -- and naturally it was one of natural things to kind of you know give him wearing need to be because they're gonna do yet to be the same period. It's not always the most natural transition I didn't obscure should you bring a coaching a week. I don't know few guests are familiar with there's a lot of there's -- handle players have gone up and a lot of similar rebels doing a great job and what you Larry -- was down in New York with the giants. Are Grey -- was suspend Basra college interim -- was right it's a big time college as a recruiter. And there's New Zealand maybe -- -- silly exactly. Bought its its its interest in America's you you often get better as a former play army and I'd pick a lot of us are are told that. But it's it's a it's a tough job army -- -- -- as much -- it goes -- gym like you go right back to bottom you know often in. The grinder worked there were used to Wear your watch and hours and hours and hours of film eleven under dusters. This kind of -- that's you know how we always uses pitchers and hilarious my good -- is a down in new York and it was just right back you know there's probable careers and give them amazing long crew and softened. Irrespective grounded and you know it's been a tough -- but he loves it just loves being right in the middle of it I think the more I went into wanting as. Going into that situation. These you're dealing with. The attitude you you you used to be you don't know which you union too seriously. True mark since. Really really close to -- too. Coast high school full book. That's always and also draw requires you know oh well I always thought that I can be such. Grieve help where agree are set to high school football team as far as to -- And let him understand. As I've been there. -- and OCC bill in the same field that you probably you know and convince some things who's who is just you know times are different. Put the situation -- to come up you know for a -- He actually ordered -- to reputed to high school level something I've incorporated incurred a lot of I had are in camps all through when I was playing back my hometown. And fundamentals of things are always so lacking and we obviously got the best of the best coaching paralyzed that you go back and even some of things I was probably taught -- humanoid great coaches -- ruling mean you know well meaning and and while the game. Fundamentals supplement really news that it that they don't always get so much interest in -- go back there and kind of weeks and things are going on and sort of pushing in the right direction but that's that's that first step right don't give it then you don't pick it up in his thirties and we. We're talking about this yesterday and then we'll it will take a break and we'll move him in the looking at last week's game. We're talking about this yesterday -- -- and and I were talking about it it's an it's an interesting dichotomy going on with the patriots. Because when you're wearing the uniform. You can't say anything. I mean your your your blog your bland your Vanilla. Your your cliche ridden. You know you never say anything colorful are or -- did did they would even while unless your Brandon Spikes that would even approach the line -- gone over the line. And then. When so many of you have stepped out of uniform and you can go to Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison and Troy brown and Ty law and and Manhattan Kevin. All of sudden we think we find out holy crap these guys can talk and they've got something to say we never got to see that when they were wearing the uniform. NN SI thought about and I thought you know kind of makes sense if you think about it the patriots. Put a real premium on intelligent football players guys who who football matters. The united then and they studied the game and they live the game. So why would we be surprised that. Players who are like that have the ability to talk about football the way you guys although in all make sense it's just when you're wearing the uniform we never -- I think consistency through that you know you mentioned how you don't get a lot out of -- were were were in uniform there. I think voters are also sort of a maturation process that happens while you are in the locker room from England and a lot of guys who went -- Seymour maintenance Warren the first three to come to mind in that regard predicament as rookies in their required in their British I never reserved. But they grow into a role in it it's amusing to see that maturation process exactly -- it -- solid source of this in my head and if you -- put a microphone control in my face and I wasn't in the picture of organization -- probably -- a lot of dumb stuff and in you know by and large behalf of things you say you -- -- -- ten minutes later it's just you know. That knee jerk reaction I think is much is now that you could -- your opinions a little more. I still think they're a little bit measure because you kind of understand the ceiling on everything you're thinking in the moment. And should I think you hear that more of the pitcher does and Iran does good job with Eddie's great with it through a thing hours per share from petty and you know I've bounced off he took off each other. Is -- is measured and he's really researched even though -- you know just doing the stuff with my -- huge weakened and during the NFL stuffy he stills -- Bristol watching apartheid. I don't think they're grows off here it's not just okay I'm now -- and -- I can just. Shoot from the hip collect always wanting to enable too it's not that I don't think those of missile the guys you hear from a -- What you know that microphone gets extra Arafat.

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