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Pete’s NFL Picks for Week 6

Oct 13, 2012|

Pete goes around the NFL and gives us his picks for Week 6.

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But -- my -- way to get these out of the way it replicates on the basketball there ago. Last week I believe it greatest. But I got -- keep track. I keep it cup I think it was a couple games over 500 right that was my super -- -- -- Houston a particular shot out a 72 nothing win and they cover. But they -- cover by -- out. Again if -- works I give all the games all my picks I will debut the patriots picked a second last and then by. He -- lack of super duper -- -- wanna call it became I think is is off. By the most argument that spread and that what it is recovery. The line them too -- rove -- mistakes of the week I think now I've been open three so far but I got screwed with Green Bay and Seattle. And I got -- last week by -- but it pretty close. All right Gary go first and foremost let's say -- -- prevailed desperately geragos Cincinnati. It's at Cleveland Cincinnati minus two with the Bengals at Cleveland the browns ever -- game this might be the way now they will not win. I like Cincinnati minus two in Cleveland. Next up lead jets. Are at home they are three and a half point -- against Indianapolis -- you know hitting me. Indianapolis plus three and a half the jets are -- dysfunctional organization. And will this be the -- that Tebow gets to throw more than one past. I hope so to get intercepted. What brought into the stands. Or how they use Tebow in this game Sanchez has been terrible the jets' offense thanks. Gotta love Indianapolis here Andrew Luck coming off that great game against the Baylor as we -- take locked up a test my luck with Indianapolis about that. Plus three and a half. Tampa Bay is born half point favorite home against Kansas City know Matt Cassel. Tough call -- -- go -- available on the get the job done. Atlanta is a nine point favorite at home against the IRA to. I think Atlanta wins this by thirty -- they're gonna kill Oakland this game. Bad spot for the rays in this one in my funeral of Atlanta this one minus nine. We have Baltimore three and a half point favorite at home against Dallas they should be two and a half point favorites Dallas stakes. They are just so often -- awful. Just never know romo's gonna do. But I let I love Baltimore in the spot three and a half that it's that glad -- off to me but I love the ravens and that's but there. I hope Dallas wins were patriots their -- perspective. But Baltimore minus three and a half. Next up Philadelphia is through half point favorite at home against Detroit. I got a bigger the lions have -- -- do or die situation you're somewhat. They're just not been a team every thought there were going to be. I like the -- here plus three and a half that hook is a lot of a mile and a half point. I love Detroit here plus three and a half. Next up Miami is a four point favorite home against the rams. -- should really be fair to over anybody. Except maybe Cleveland. Ike I've not taken a rancher Jeff Fisher the rams against the gonna pull off some some good -- features a great coach I like the rams plus war. Next up is Arizona for an -- went straight at home against buffalo. Not -- but seeing from the bills lately Arizona. Minus four and a half they get the call. Next up is the Sunday night game I'm sorry Washington Minnesota this game right now is off the board because RG three. But as you know irate viewers to -- the vikings went anything I can't I won't. Today and every week and I want to order. RG three or no RG 3 I am not a Minnesota Vikings reliever I won't be. I'm still -- Washington when he did. Separatist. You're from Houston. Houston tomorrow night big game with the Packers here's the three and a half point favorite at home against green big Green Bay has got to be. Just gnawing at the bit when he gets back on the field after that last second loss to. Two Indianapolis Heathrow and the horrible. Gift they got on the -- that. Seattle got from the -- a couple of weeks ago. This -- chasing crazy I think the Packers win the game out right about that. Packers plus three and a half and they win the game outright. Another backed up a little bit and -- get run -- all that well. But I'm hopefully when Aaron Rodgers and I think you know this is yet somehow he's gonna find a way to get this done. -- go what's green David when he -- out right but I'll take the a plus three and a half anyway. Monday night did a San Diego is there one point -- at home against Denver at San Diego is another team I'm just not a believer uptick in Denver Peyton Manning. To go in there -- get that job done. San Diego plus one. Is the it's it's a -- plus one is the play a folly for the patriots. Last two picks. Patriots. Brought it up all afternoon long. I think they are incredibly bad matchup problem for Seattle this game. I think is substitute oriented defense like Seattle is gonna have major issues I don't -- probably people yelled it's Raymond and whatever. They're gonna shut down lynch they're gonna make Wilson try to beat them it's not gonna happen to -- to just have way too many weapons. They have three different types of right back to April accident at three different types of things dynamics. They've got a credible receivers and tight at -- looks like arrogant that I think was the thinking is gonna play. I'd have to operated. What more needs to be said patriots thirty Seattle -- today a sixteen point -- by the patriots on the road. Thirty to Forte patriots when it finally. My. Beat the -- -- lock of the week. Separate Cisco is a six and a half point favorite over the giants. That seems incredibly high to me that line I'm sorry I hate the bill. But I've got to take the giants. Beer plus six and a half gas last year's game was going to seventeen. The giants won a couple of fumbled punt returns and what you want what -- Soviet they make some plays in that game. And -- remember Peyton Manning got beat up in that game badly. Badly. And still somehow managed to make some really good throws when he needed to. I love the giants plus six and a half you got it that's just -- -- I don't want that I mean I hope I'm wrong -- this Wednesday the giants. Not much they could jets right now with the diamond giant brand. -- that seems way too much so they have. Pick the giants plus the kidnappers might ask you for lock of the week. They have Olympics there you go to gigantic no call before we don't have sold best well I'll take a quick break -- back well yes see you at. A get to view and and now probably a wrap up the show. Our equipment a second -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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