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Mike Petraglia, WEEI.com, on Danny Woodhead, Marshawn Lynch, and Seattle's crowd noise

Oct 13, 2012|

Mike joins Pete to talk about how the Patriots are going to utilize Danny Woodhead in tomorrow's matchup against the Seahawks. Mike also discusses how Bill Belechick will have a lot of emphasis on stopping Marshawn Lynch and how the Pats have practiced all week long for a noisy Seattle crowd.

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Like -- WEEI dot com eight K eight tracks I don't like. -- go -- Oreo conference as a time capsule the F princess and -- are about to Cincinnati Reds. You know -- The win some you loose. I guess I gotta tell you I was out there on the Simon for MLB network radio and I was pretty Condit helped fundamentally or at. Poorly the reds played. Before the home crowd that's not as a most surprising thing of all they've played well. Defensively all year they've pitched well. All year and they've really did neither in the clutch. It was there and -- Pretty pretty -- and pretty. Unfortunate for the reds fans and their bad days but. I think is still a pretty bright future so to what happened 2000 bird came. Early so where let's get into as a pitcher Seattle game no offense vs defense -- the took a crowd lawyer I I think first of all Mike. I think the crowd noise is. So overrated and I north Seattle and I know what they're capable of those fans are and I think when you go against Foxborough and -- crowd seems lot louder. To begin with but I think it's I just don't see it. Becoming if I think people putting too much stock in what the green bay Packers and what happened to them. And acting and this is the -- to not the Green Bay Packers so let's address the crowd noise for us how big of a factor do that it's going to be and you know it wasn't born pitchers played in many. Hostile environments before. That is very true they are not going to be in off of this environment. That is for sure. However Pete the crowd noise is that it's a factor. And when you see Bill Belichick expend all week long talking about the crowd noise talking about the essence of communication and audible arising. And in doing what it takes to handle. It very difficult environments. I he realizes as significant and he realizes. That the crowd there at Seattle is you know one of the one -- two lobbyists in the NFL and the patriots have to be ready to execute. Well that I write that part I agree with you I mean I understand these days that it's a factor in that you've got to prepare for a much same -- I'm saying but this is the first time they've had to prepare for a hostile crowd when I'm saying. Correct and if he's gonna certainly fellas -- gonna have to execute the way we did against the ravens. In the first half. To be successful I think they're fully capable of doing that. You know they're gonna have to do. You know. Make short. Completions early on the have to run the ball effectively. Early on like they did against Baltimore they completely took the crowd out of the game against it it. Down in Baltimore and I think that'll be the same game plan and they follow. With Seahawks tomorrow really. I think the Seahawks are gonna have serious issues like much like -- did last week the Von Miller sitting up 29 plays in Gaza when I read guy just unbelievable the patriots. In the no huddle let's -- at certain points only taking twelve seconds in between plays which is. This day and -- like an unheard of Seattle as a substitute tight defense that's how they got to overcome that. Against this patriots team. That is so it's not one dimensional you just don't know what you're gonna get how is Seattle got offset this. Well I think they're gonna have to you know try and fight every. Different way to get its operating I mean you know I'm sure Belichick told is seen. Time and time again this week that this is that the -- sacked Aaron Rodgers -- times. They can get to the quarterback we have got to make sure that Brady. Is effective and protected. In the know -- all that he gets vertical ball if we don't get back we were in the game I think that's. Right there that is the -- of the game and you're right last week. They were able to completely neutralized completely take out on Miller was shocked at how. Ineffective the Broncos pass rush was last week and you know that is going to be the same game plan this week. And another and one of the key match of them look at that is an outer -- can talk about this week or month -- he's bringing up certain groups are proportional reverend. Doesn't play a first and second down usually it usually Bryant now urban is very talented he comes off the -- like a you know a free tight. You come off the edge. But that's going to be that's that's that's -- -- with a chess match comes in if he's starting peace and enough first and second down any kind of know. Where he Carroll is gonna try -- that -- they're gonna actually play for the passport if you -- that and executed just of that but it doesn't beat doesn't. And and Brian is out their first and second down that page -- throw the ball all over the place. Well I think that if I mean I think that'll be the key. That the patriots for a no pun intended run off of certainly of Bergen is and that they're gonna run the ball and that is. Really why it's so important. Less three weeks for the patriots to have established the run. And feel comfortable that they can run the ball on the throat of any defense but they see it -- and I think it's. Very conscious thing. And it will be very anxious and see how Belichick analyzes. He could greatly after last week we all know what he did when he. Fumbled -- history -- as a -- -- Jerry potential for the AFC championship. Benched him for the Super Bowl. I don't think at the same case tomorrow. I think he does play -- certainly we may see a lot more. I believe it or not a chain Marines. I think. We're we're going to see a lot of -- would have tomorrow. And expect to see the run game early on the patriots are really and that people there was another way if they're running the ball effectively is another great way to take. The crowd. Out of that game completely especially at the patriots and even you know we're on the ball 45 or. No question and I'm sure what will happen is endeavor and of their in the Iowa game was this year rewarded with initially was the feature back was -- the -- -- the Baltimore game after yet or hours on -- whatever was. What that was out there. For the start every game. At all it all depends job not to look at separately not out there right off the bat I'm opulent I don't think patron France don't want to panic attack motor -- guerrillas. Doing this as some kind of a punishment. Because there have been other games that we've seen it where war has been the feature back to start the game and not necessarily mean going to be there. Running the ball at the end so that wouldn't surprise me it all depends on what he saw in film this week and what's best for the team. I agree. I am very comfortable with -- whip -- being out there to start the game as the feature back because. The error. If you it would have on the you have you definitely have to guard against both the run in the out. Unlike you mentioned that urban and Bryant with the Seahawks. Defense. You cannot -- -- The anywhere yet because that he's in the game they could be -- they could be running the you have no idea I think. That's one reason Belichick uses him early on -- games to keep the defense honest. Yeah I thought I -- of all the great running plays pitchers had last week the one that I don't think they're talked about it and tough was that 3060 run by what had. In which real -- happy because you know as well as anybody government NFL's long as you have that. You know what your authority and that kind of situation you know -- -- -- -- a pretty good leads his only really couple plays the team to run out to -- -- one of those bubble slip screens or. And inside handoff and it was an amazed she hugged by ward had it's it's somehow seem to catch the Broncos. Off guard and I get a first got to get eighteen yards out of it. Well the reason. Don't check. And certainly Josh McDaniels what he used getting what is one word this capability. -- would at this doctrine down easily each and does slip in the very very tight spaces and burst out and buying you know a new -- and that's what he did on that play. And that's why they like to use -- bat and he doesn't fumble that march when he takes care of the ball. He can catch the ball. In the flat or on a screen like you mentioned there are many different ways. To use any would and -- get out I'll come right back to repeat one of the real important things for -- -- and Josh McDaniels is disguising what they're doing. And making sure that they are keeping the defense -- In any witnesses back camouflage acute because you don't know runner past when used in the. -- -- the Patriots defense is gonna defend is a powerful Seattle offense and really him and you shut down Marshawn Lynch I mean obviously that's that's key number one I think bill. Obviously anybody considers covered the game. Rick Wilson throat try to preacher good luck with that. Well I mean it it sounds. Simplistic but certainly that's what. Going to be the case they are. But the ball. In the hands of Russell -- and they are gonna keep I would assume eight men in the box and making sure. Marshawn Lynch to market for the outside and he doesn't. It into the secondary very often use the one guy that it's -- -- well short in his game plan in planning the concept. Each and upbeat you know and you know I'm sure that's going to be the case. Marshawn Lynch already at 500 or eight yards I'm. A 113 carries eight that is -- half yards per carry. He is very very perusing powerful running back. And the patriots have to make sure. That in years past like in Cleveland two years ago you recall. -- -- and not let that happen we cannot let -- seem. -- the ball down their -- control the clock. And allow the quarterback it's -- sit back there because. I usually have marine no rice had a hundred yard game against the Baltimore but usually they have done very well the liberal this year against the run allowing what 83 yards a game so. At that point -- -- the excellent point because Ray Rice did have a hundred yards but at any point at that game did you feel -- -- Was -- the patriots are controlling the tempo the game dollar air and I certainly did not. Knowing legal vacuum in the opening gaming with the Tennessee and Johnson what do you have enough and I mean those I mean over the years even even back in the -- the crisis even even back. Well let's -- stay within the Belichick Brady era the tickets overall have done a pretty good job against a lot of featured running -- government -- Lester in Oakland I mean you get that 137 yard run and they shot him down after that I was there. And that and that's a great and that another great example. Because smacking you -- put the game on the shoulders. No pun intended as a -- out of chasing Campbell later broken shoulder which you have to put the game on the shoulders of the quarterback -- -- case. -- make the quarterback beat you this is one of those games. And we talk about Rob Ninkovich last week after the buffalo game bar before the buffalo damage is their last Saturday and how. It looked like he was just starting to you know get comfortable man. He might have been the unsung hero of the game last week I thought he was terrific. I don't think there was anything on and on about it he was -- hero he bailed out the patriots last week. There's no question about it he bailed out Steven Ridley. After the fumble he came up with the strip -- he came up with the big yet when the patriots made it. He has -- answer for the last two weeks. And he really I think it's starting to benefit from the fact that you're seeing teams start that cheat a little bit on the side. Of Chandler Jones. So the left side giving in to -- a little bit more freedom on the right side and you know Ninkovich I think it's starting to take advantage of that. I also thought last week I was just on how there was not one holding call against Jim -- like -- about seven. Well what we said that in the and I believe it was a Baltimore game. When Michael -- was getting away. With -- CAPTCHA image on the -- again and again the next week with the Buffalo Bills. -- Jones is saying rookie NFL been part of those suits -- As you well know is. Overcoming. Holding call that aren't getting call and it. The patriots at the put up with -- Chandler Jones to put up but it with the hope in the knowledge that once you pay your dues. Once you learn the tricks of the trade. And and beating that left tackle week in and week out will start getting some of those calls -- get the benefit of about arbor are really do think that's a lot of it's about. Formats or talked about is though is that it is also on the pitcher's defense of how Wilfork a -- -- together I think it's another. I think to look out this week because under the practice. And practice the senate in practice Wednesday -- Thursday and we did practice -- get some kind of of a bit of a hip problem that could be. Really pushing to see and and see how Al Seattle runs the ball if they can run effectively the way Wilfork a love playing them they have a clog up the middle. Well -- trial of his feelings battling with a -- issue that slowed down. Just a little bit but certainly. Events seems to be okay we -- that scare against. The cardinals were injured -- -- but he appears to be okay so I'd say you know the patriots beat out of line. Start with that that and the like just they've been very very. Underrated. Not a lot of people talked about them because they've been talking much about Chandler Jones in in the first four weeks of the season but it's -- -- game right where. Those were gonna get tested we just run defense starts with them and how they. You know hold up their blockers hold up the battle lines in an allowable linebackers should be GAAP namely Brandon Spikes supports. As a run stopper will really dictate how well they trickle back to the patriots are -- Marshawn Lynch. I quickly what you think you see the the game ending up and your prediction. I think the patriots were and that's one report thirteen. Maybe even one report and I just don't see Russell -- scoring against the patriot defense seats are up I think it's doubted they haven't reached a point -- this year Pete. While delegated that they did against Dallas but that's a great they're 277 win but that's that I mean and I picked them to lose against Saint Louis when it lost that game and -- their luster Green Day we all know that there's just a gift. So right it's just -- no I just don't see that it Russell -- scoring against this defense whatsoever you're right they did score at 27 points against ballot but. The patriots are gonna make them try and -- score for score. Against Tom Brady and that are gonna work in object that -- so cliche. But so true. If the patriots do not turn the ball over they do not lose that game exports and -- Does your -- thanks a lot appreciate it. Thought it actually sounds good and -- the -- don't -- I dot com AK drags. Quick not a second break Bob Ryan and other -- they see guys I got to have a couple open line 61777. I'd -- I'm -- -- 370 jumper till 730 Sports Radio WEEI.

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