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Pete Sheppard thinks the crowd noise in Seattle is overrated

Oct 13, 2012|

Pete opens the show previewing the Pats-Seahawks and doesn't think the crowd in Seattle will be much of a factor. Pete also shares his thoughts on Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and Pete Carroll.

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Roker and -- a German boys and girls. The big -- which we are Sports Radio WEEI. Number. 61777. Died seven not 3761777. Nights and -- 37. This whole thing where you're combined with all the crowd noise -- in a -- -- out -- record here myself -- really obnoxious. But apparently -- technical difficulties centered last ST prize on doing an outstanding job already trying to try to figure it out to maybe next hour. Will will do some kind of -- for his neck or back in the show. Nobody don't match. Beautiful fall day Chris. -- to leaves on the ground. Most of you -- like that. But I just a beautiful day outside. I gotta put a six was 77797937. Lots of patriots and Seattle Seahawks talked today no question about it. Also law bring up and all the other the other local topic of interest which is the Red Sox in new manager obviously -- -- Tim -- the Dodgers third base coach yesterday. And the -- hospice appears to be on the list John Ferraro you know says right now he's meant to -- And that's that Larry -- just say no comment which is just the non denial denial type of things so. Us a long way to go the wanna get your thoughts and your hopes or dreams about who you think the Red Sox manager next manager should be why. But patriots in Seattle first and foremost media is atop the list -- beer till 730 tonight minutes. And then it's. Boston Celtics basketball from acted. From -- tonight at the X L senator Hartford. As they take on the New York next. Also good for the BC Florida State game that's over and in Mayfair to the question is will Florida State score 455565. Or 75 tonight that's my that's my thought. Just wondering how that's gonna that is going to be brutal. Absolutely brutal. Decades united Dominica clobber him here last year in -- 38 December that I can even imagine what massacre is about to happen at Boston College tonight. House like Florida State tonight. But pick to Seattle Seahawks about your yes. I'm I'm I'm really I'm just tired of hearing about. The crowd factor in Seattle I'm I've just had yes I'd know what's loud. I know they can be one of the louder stadiums ever in the history of sports I did it. But the patriots over the course of of the Belichick Brady area. I era have played in many -- style environment before they played in in the domes -- against many good teams. They played outdoors -- against loud stay in loud stadiums before I just don't I really think it is one of the most over hyped. Aspect to this game I really believe that. And more poorly a couple of quick forced out by the patriots which I think they're going to get under the gonna get a lot of against Seattle and I really do that's the way you shepherd -- the crowd down right away. Up almost hoping that the patriots. Get the football force to be in this game did you like they're in the ball to start the second half violate the kick off they'll receive him they went to toss there was kick off. Very very few exceptions but I'm hoping. If Seattle wins the -- they don't elect to receive. -- and really when you when you look at this game. And you look at and look at. The match ups against offense and defense the blob blob -- I mean let's let's be let's be honest here with the Seattle seahawk team. Market elusive Arizona twenty to sixteen that beat -- Dallas -- -- -- that advice when he gets doused the home 277. Days -- get a fake -- against Green Bay fourteen to twelve. They lose to a to Saint Louis which they might thought it would boost by the way nineteen to thirteen. And they win it was such a brutally ugly game last week to Carolina sixteen to twelve. I'm just -- -- -- really think that this seahawk team is going to be able stop the patriots might let's get let's just be realistic here. I mean. Seriously. Seahawks got to stop this Patriots offense this juggernaut offense the way they are and what's scary is always know how they are. Published so stick up right now on all cylinders already. After five games that is scary. The running and passing game I mean Tom Brady throwing for a season low 200 what 21 point three yards last week and a touchdown. -- raw and -- again last week to 201 yards against against Denver to 47 a week before against buffalo. You got three unique running backs up there with Ridley would head and -- and and to me and that might might fit LeBron last week which really talked about a lot how that -- sixty run by what had. Not a huge Jenny what a guy idol album I'd like yeah I can't get enough from I love them. An unbelievable run last week. And the times and third and long like that when teams heavily patriots do you content all the options it's usually like it will slip screaming and throw them into an inside hand up a type of thing. The Broncos had to know that they still -- would have still good and seventeen re eighteen yards and forced out of that other Carrick. I mean does anybody really think the -- it's only on Seattle's giving up what 66. 26 point six yards per game on the ground. And the pass defense is giving a 192 yards per game. Again look at who they play guy -- know Aaron Rodgers game they sacked Rodgers connected seven -- a red green -- not -- team of last year number one. As corporately finding out and it -- a good chance to lose tomorrow night again in Houston they can't run the ball their offense is not like what the patriots. Is right now it's not even close. It's not even close. Is anybody really think Seattle's gonna hold the -- to 66 point six yards rushing at a 192 yards passing. I Derrick out this I'll guarantee you. With prop bets up there I'm sure that I guarantee to -- to have at least a hundred yards rushing Brady will have at least 250 yards -- Guarantee the market down in -- to -- what even with a crowd of other other survivor background I'm not enough. It. Sure -- upset that tell you. It is -- it's what it's all over like it's -- rated. Crazy who -- the president the pages get the ball much Stubblefield score for a guy that is that very distinct possibility. Look at stuff that -- have. Yeah. Ever committed to what the crowd it's always ya get distracted development a ought to a lot of it. The patriots are going to be more than prepared for this what is going to be really interesting to see though is how the Seattle Seahawks are prepared for the patriots. What kind of formation of packages they come out with that particular -- and habits nickel and dime packages like buffalo -- Denver did at the beginning of the game. Last week because the patriots ran the ball right down their throats. And that's the problem how do you stop how popular Seattle that don't we play nobody has these kind of weapons at the patriots that nobody. Nobody. All pick attempted to read in my opinion of British shut down Marshawn Lynch and let both to throw the ball -- -- -- I mean he sticks. Thrown five picks the last couple weeks. A pivotal in what one wants. I think that I think and -- the Sox to win this game might pick that up to score over 27 points at that just happened. Not gonna happen. Pick a deep threats is restore a lot of good things out there yet are still growing have a ways to go to -- a lot of good things out there. And I I just do not see how. Bob -- didn't lose this game. I let -- let's -- have a couple of stupid horrible turnovers kick off fumbles and you know media. Some time to get those crazy deflected pick -- that happened something like that. You know nothing I can say look you know my feeling you're never underestimate your opponent on arguments and if you don't play well. You're not gonna win I don't care who you play and I and I stand by that. But the way this Patriots offense right now after five weeks is clicking on all cylinders I mean did -- sickly. It is if you're a defense reported a -- there. I mean you've got to be. You gotta be open to -- a little bit. -- -- -- I mean what are you know hot each -- stop the patriots. What do you do break. You don't do -- you come out nickel dime packages. To run the ball right down your throat you don't come out and nickel and dime packages. It's gonna have a field day -- Fernandez comes back tomorrow and I think he's going to. I would probably be game time decision by the he's going to. -- so weak economy and now it's. You look at some of its its its quarterbacks that they face I know I know Green Bay game and I understand that -- the Green Bay is not. How Green Bay when maybe they will get better as the year goes on I ever feel and it probably will right now that team is struggling they're in trouble -- trouble against Sunday night. They -- wanted that they did beat Seattle might enemy that won that game. But the reps you don't replace -- -- made it that hard Colin Jennings in my opinion. But I mean c'mon Carolina's sixteen to twelve you know losing at Saint Louis which I thought they would. Indeed being -- 27 assembly the cowboys I mean are you kidding me the cowboys bears game at this reminds me. Very much of the patriots back in 2010 Olympic tournament that massive run after the block the jets and I believe the next week. -- if my memory serves they played a -- they played in Chicago at Soldier Field. It was is kind of a blizzard. And I I just remember all the pre game hype because the bears defense was to where it was a similar numbers. Maybe not quite -- to Seattle's look now on paper net yardage wise. But it's similar numbers defensively in the patriots went in there another hot style vitamin in -- dollar they just beat that's not out of the -- I mean it was ridiculous twenty melted at halftime or something like that one not in at halftime our member at the -- half a -- will bomb the branch. You know when the bears were expecting it was like forty seconds ago and it just steam -- him. We don't and it's nonsense about hostile environment please. Of course as people have pointed out everything's -- Allen Muhammad compared to July or early years. It. Touchdown patriots. I just I just -- immediate justice hyped this up some people meeting on everybody but it just all hyped up. And like I said it to you could Kobe Elvis statue watch for Seattle on defense and -- -- and every single way shape or form because there is no team on offense -- -- -- the plays anything like this. The way the patriots -- The way that offense of lies and play for the most part. Just being -- able to do you know back to back 200 yard games. You know I'm I'm I'm in Russell Wilson a quarterback. Just not gonna happen. There really isn't. I just don't see it I don't drive to a three days and Ivan -- I I went back and watched it all the all the Seattle stuff that I needed to watch. And it's just not impressive really hasn't -- -- an exit point defense is obviously. In our debt that. I understand that. And against -- although some very. You know mediocre competition being honest with you. I just don't see how they are going to be able to stop the preachers I don't. Did there is no deal -- and many -- and -- we're talking about a before last hour I mean. You take away what what's the best thing of the patent stick away you take -- -- one guy two guys it's 45 other guys that burn you. Just not a lot of teams that could say that and -- and the fact that you have three running backs backing that each do something a little bit different. That itself. It's going to be tough to game plan for. -- Just that alone then you factor in the wide receivers a you can popsicle headed -- -- different appointed. Let's -- 7779793761777. Nights and ID 370 chip or view until 730 and that it is Celtics basketball pre season game to that and harper at the excel Centre. Against the New York Knicks were -- back your ball caused -- also tweet me. He shipped three to six. And it till 730 tonight Sports Radio WEEI.

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