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Dale and Kirk Open with why they Applaud the Nats for Keeping Their Stance on Stephen Strasburg

Oct 13, 2012|

It was a difficult, heartbreaking loss for the Nats and Nats fans last night in Game 5 of the NLDS, and it will probably lead to many fans saying that Stephen Strasburg should have been pitching in the playoffs for Washington. However, Dale and Kirk say they agree with how the Nationals approached the difficult decision. Research and medical opinions are on their side - is there anything else that really needs to be said? Strasburg is a young phenom and the Nats are hoping to keep it that way.

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Matthew total schools like this in honor the age of the two -- There that adds up to do it. Welcome Sports Radio WEEI in my name's Dale Arnold that's -- -- hand from WEEI dot com seated across the table. I don't know where to start. With the stuff that I've been watching the last couple of nights in Major League Baseball start this parity okay ready what's the phone. I've been practicing. I actually toy at Internet I hash tag that's what I've been practicing I'll screw it up the over under is seven team. On a number of times I will say at the wrong way between now and 4 o'clock because. There's only been a lot and a twenty years of saying the other way right so I mean there's a pretty good chance that this is the one time I'll get it right 617. 779. 793. -- that's the one time I'll get it right today 617779797. -- screw it up today art -- out. We just start with with Bud Selig for just one brief moment -- -- I hated this whole school. Two wild card teams I hated the -- one game play in time see who gets the play in the AL BS in the NLD yes I'd like it to begin with. Tonight you're the New York Yankees. Today. You have to do. Put out your ALCS roster. -- -- Elba is left off the ALCS roster so that means your game two starter for the New York Yankees. Will either be David Phelps Derek Lowe or Hiroki Kuroda all on short rest. Because of the way it is genius schedule has been put forth. Up because of the way this thing has all played out. The New York Yankees you're in the ALC yes you got a hundred in ninety million dollar payroll or whatever talent is right. And your game two starter whichever one of those guys is going to be. Is gonna have to go -- That's the plan isn't it. That's rough that's rough also a -- BA's last night. You know had they won. And there watching that game last thing between those two teams but it just fighting the East Coast first just wait but he just go somewhere in -- -- tarmac somewhere in the Oakland airport. Don't let it fly across the country they know they were going at that point. Just the Mets in the -- I mean Ellison spent plenty entertaining. It a question about that it's this multiple games have been asked. I mean if Washington Nationals. And you had area. Eight a mere six nothing lead at home -- that part I know who didn't hang half -- -- I -- And you know what a wise seriously I wanted to see the celebration on the field. I understand that I wanted to see the Washington Nationals get an opportunity to go testing out on the field and hop around and you know the first time. A World Series hasn't been in in our nation's capital since 1933 I wanted to see that whole thing so I hung around watching my problem was -- -- blasting out of my son's diaper for their minds about that. About it that I'm actually. I'm actually a little upset that we even -- like that settlement. Op here. Getting past fall about -- yes -- I've heard a lot of hue and cry about. Stephen Strasburg and if he was pitching the nationals would be going to the NLCS it happened -- -- Six not the only bright in a deciding game five on your field you win that sooners prepare you kind of got to figure out a way to get past that OK correct but let's let's take it past that point apartments prosper from. As I've heard this a lot the last couple of days I've heard a lot of hue and cry about Scott Boris. To paraphrase but it's close to this paraphrase is. Scott Boras said that that he threatened legal action if the nationals went against the medical recommendations of the doctors stop. Stop for just all went. To help you out -- that two doctors who were directly involved with the treatment of Stephen Strasburg after he blew his elbow out. One I was Saint Louis Yoakam. What I was named James Andrus probably the two preeminent. Athletic injury experts. I I would say in the world with at least the United States if not the world. And especially when it comes to issues of arm injuries and Tommy John surgeries and reconstructive surgeries. If doctor James Andrews and doctor Louis Yoakam tell the Washington national for the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees or any team on the planet. Given what -- what we've done with his arm I wouldn't win more than a 160 innings -- just wouldn't do that right here. We should pursue it that team didn't ask backed. Up playoff games the way to get out there. They have the ball the kid get him out on the mound. Yet here's the thing you know. I understood international stand right now -- -- frustrated I get that you want to win that series -- -- Strasburg out there. I understand they're looking at 20142015. 2016 you may argue distress for KB New York or Boston somewhere else at that point which is why. He's actually not eligible free for free LT till 2007 okay so I thought so he's too is here forever and during nationals. Fan yet your match today two or three years from now you can be happy if the plan works out. The stock bourses really really -- that's up behind the scenes mascot -- if you know it's like a power. Before I don't know what he's doing exactly what I understand do you think Scott -- moving pieces around organizationally for the nationals beat -- -- ownership but the doctors are telling you. This guy shouldn't pitch. And he's that guy but chip's organization if he's 36 years old it's different. But this is a guy who's going to be the centerpiece of your franchise for a decade. Not not not seven knocked -- five a decade and you protect him. I understand it baby and I understand you'll -- a crowd but I not dropping guys -- people insane right. It's reality it's the reality of where Strasburg -- Now let me tell you that the the two things that I've also heard about Strasburg want is so you shut him down from month in the middle of the season. And -- back up when you -- available to be in September and October. The exact opposite thing of what you should. Actually worse for the letting him pitch a 190 innings would be to shut him down and then restart in the absolute last thing you should -- guy. Coming off Tommy John surgery. The other one and this one has slightly more validity slightly more. Easy delay the start Agassi's. Let him stay I don't know -- spring training site -- doesn't mean you let him stay down there are some extended spring training thing -- And you know you kind of work him along in the and don't let him throw much you do this you do that and you delayed the start of his season ended June -- whatever race. Because everybody in April knew that the Washington Nationals gonna end up with the best record in the National League right now of course I did. I mean everybody knew that end and -- so you were planning if you're Mike Rizzo the general manager of the nationals were planning you're gonna have the best record in baseball. To save him early in the season and when will have the best record will be rolling it. The playoffs -- the other thing is the same crowd if they pitch Strasburg -- -- his elbow last night. In the series. Of legal debates to go bananas the opposite way. It's just people who want and then if your big national -- I do get I do get it it's hard to look two or three years on the line I completely understand. But it's a Smart thing you have doctors telling these -- not. Random doctors at best in their field telling you. That makes the most sense to protect this guy so the protecting the -- lot of credit David consistently stuck to it so I I put some franchises may crop. I think most franchises might crumble under it and I'm hearing quotes from anonymous general managers out there. Hoping the worst possible vial things could happen to the nationals. And especially general managers who hated Mike Rizzo sank but can we plan to be in this situation again in the future we need this guy. To be a healthy you know viable contributing member of the rotation and it just pisses general managers off. Its top horses job and we all have feelings about sports but Scott -- job is to protect his client first and foremost he doesn't care. The Washington Nationals win the World Series or don't want answers. He cares about his clients and keeping his clients healthy and Strasburg is a pretty important client him. Your next ten or fifteen years the thing I mean it is important anybody so obviously it's gonna be is for these -- threaten legal actions into every camp because. Stressed her blows up his elbow in the abolish proof behind it national struggle they're -- that what you're supposed to -- Now you could have stretched him out in terms of you know an extra day of rest here you -- you have -- Alter your entire rotation to do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This idea of it to stardom as the closer. And then you know in junior ship him down a spring training and stretch him out again for a guy coming off Tommy John surgery probably the last thing -- wanna do. A couple of quick examples -- courtesy of Tom -- -- Who might be at least among the media the foremost expert. On and back they call the Purdue -- effect. Where he's actually made a very lengthy concerted study of innings of huge jumps in innings pitched in what happens and get a couple of examples these are all. Pictures. Who have had Tommy John surgery okay so as close to the Strasburg scenario is weekend Jaime Garcia. 23 years old pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals his first full season coming off Tommy John. They shut him down on September 13 2010. At a 163 in the third innings. They were seven games out of a wildcard spots and nobody cared nobody noticed they did exactly. What the Washington Nationals dead at almost the exact same number because they have the exact same medical opinions that they were dealing -- 2011 they win the World Series Garcia -- 220 in a third innings. Huge jump in innings by the -- to you know what happened. Broke down this year doesn't look like the same pitcher shoulder problems because it was too big -- jump in the innings Annie broke down this year Josh Johnson. 2009. First full season after Tommy John the Miami Marlins let him -- 209. Innings. Fourteen starts. After coming back the previous season. He pitched well the next season broke down late with -- back problems that broke down with shoulder problems this year. Declining strikeout rate according to Purdue she does look like the same -- I'm most people would would agree with that Francisco Liriano. First full season after Tommy John twins let him make 34 starts including the minor -- leading up to. -- a 199 and a third innings. 44 years old. Since then 33 and 44 with a four point 78 ERA. Doesn't quite look like the same guy who was dominating baseball in 2006. Now. There are example. There's example after example after example to Major League Baseball. Team's doing exactly what some fans apparently. Other general managers apparently and and some media people apparently want at the nationals to do which would have been dead flat. -- and the last text through text into us here watch -- -- you Wear a helmet while he pitches on soccer and being too short nap between innings. -- -- -- buffet in the locker room for the baby ended there's always going to be that either this is the reality they're out there are people just don't know what their talk this 2012 now. The world has changed guys appropriate thirty innings anymore we know more than we did before this call progress. You understand the situation used to dale -- producer that was exactly right. Overwhelming evidence one way I nationally examples there aren't blocked hundreds the nationals have done. Absolutely completely the right thing here. To bad thing for the 2012. Our playoffs from -- perspective agreed but long term if you're nationals organization you -- to be good for watch your fantasy you wanna believe you want these guys to believe that. It's the right move. It's complete the right. By the way people are misunderstanding. Disguised as tall guys. Lawsuits need damages to -- prospered under contract through 2017. With guaranteed dollars so even if he got hurt there are no damages he get paid no matter what. He's not under contract through 2007 team he's not free agency eligible until 2070. Oh by the way he's probably got. 200 million dollars at stake over the life of -- contract. Which by the way is not under contract for now -- -- like explosives arm out to Marley gets 200 million dollars. He gets relatively speaking short money because that's what young pitchers get. Now compared to what he's gonna get when he eventually gets to free agency assuming he's healthy and viable and can probably supposed to throw. Huge money that he's not guaranteed money through 2070. Now people think this is part of the -- vacation of America it's not when the -- was 82 pitches after. Six innings gets pulled from a game and you hear the announcers talk with a bloody effort once gotten it -- eats meat makes -- But this is just good sound medical advice in an agent protecting his -- Stratford part pissed off about it I can understand that but to protecting. Him. This is the right move to frustrating move for nationals perspective but it's the correct. They did exactly what they should have done and they still. Should have been in the NLCS. They had a six nothing lead. On the air field in game five. And they couldn't get it done had nothing to do with Stephen Strasburg but -- I know the date the argument here as well they have Strasburg would have gotten a game five. And how people know that if he goes up -- on the agent notices numbers when they were shouting and by the way right it started to come back to earth you know what do you Joan. Pity he was getting fatigued that his arm was start and a that they do exactly what the doctor said it was gonna do any guy want to point when games within the error and a three. Pitching at home in game five last night -- -- six. Those who want to hear from now if you sign for that before the series starts in the flash. A flash. And by the way here's the Strasburg money. 2012. He got three million dollars this year. He's not under contract for next year he's arbitration eligible for next year. Guy he doesn't have a contract at this point now he'll get a big -- you know he'll go to ten or whatever the number. But when he gets the free agency in 2017. He's gonna get -- 180 million dollars. -- exactly right I mean you know again the good guy like Mark Pryor who Red Sox signed for nothing. This offseason kicked around with -- Mark -- nine years ago. Ten years ago and I love this guy who says it's not known whether or not this was the right thing it's an opinion that you guys have that this was the right thing it's not fact. You're right it's only an opinion but it's based upon voluminous research that Purdue teased on the nationals that even more than Purdue which he's done. They didn't they didn't base their opinion on on nothing they -- at a 160. Just -- that number out there. This this was done on voluminous research. The opinions of probably the two best athletic medical minds in the country. Who said this is what you gotta do if you wanna keep this guy helping long term if you wanna go beyond this year weather and this is what you got to do with. And they did exactly what they should have done now -- result probably should have a lot of other ways to put it. Many did you -- while we plan to be here you know OK maybe you won't. So maybe wanna say it differently than that I hope -- disappointment to what's -- plan supposed to be not be either. I mean -- -- I thought gosh I don't Opel will be in this position courts are watching it you know what Steve throw underneath -- spirit is -- only type of effort that Will Forte. I've heard you -- -- -- Dan Marino it's a key game here you never know you get there again I don't know the ones who -- it will what you're starting pitcher to one draw a hundred and right sixty pitches yeah. -- -- -- -- It's a different -- and I and I hear my dear departed friend a granite right now screaming at me from up there. Because Dick was one of those guys who just didn't understand the whole idea of pitch counts and innings counts. It's a different world that these guys been baby since they were ten years -- to starting pitching has been pitch counts their whole life. You know last night was sabathia fantastic but it's about him for a 160 pitches. He'll be torn 13040 pitches that are even out of there how to -- it would've been gone.

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