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Eric Williams, Seahawks Beat Writer for the Tacoma News Tribune, Joins Mustard and Johnson to Preview Pats/Seahawks

Oct 13, 2012|

Craig and Larry get the Seattle perspective on the upcoming matchup between the Patriots and Seahawks from beat writer Eric Williams. Eric talks about the surprising Seahawks and their highly ranked defense, Seahawks' fans' feelings on Pete Carroll and the job he's done so far, the potential of young QB Russell Wilson and more.

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Meanwhile the patriots do have a football game in Seattle. Tomorrow afternoon at century -- a stadium here breakdown all down forests Brandon Spikes aside at least. As far as the Twitter account is concerned is Eric Williams from the Tacoma news good morning Eric. Hello Eric. Is it the other line map now I guess he's not there OK we'll put him on hold we'll get back to air can abet. Or cash or try this line hello Eric. -- you are all right I apologize at the wrong button there Eric is the is one of the Seahawks beat writers from the Tacoma news in there is a football game we've been. Pretty much as you probably heard on hold -- embroiled in this Brandon Spikes Twitter controversy but. How do you look at tomorrow tomorrow afternoon's game pretty good contest with. Pete Carroll facing off against the team that fired him thirteen years ago for the first time. Yeah -- get the number one ranked defense at least right now I -- in week six and the Seahawks. It's in the number one ranked offense in the patriots and it's going to be interesting to see how -- young defense switched at a lot of talent a lot -- let it sit room at all three levels of the defense. Handle Tom Brady and no huddle and what they're doing right now and that. Press equipment they're able to score points and run play. I'm Seattle -- -- we spoke in the secondary and on the -- front line. They're probably the biggest quarterbacks yet it's reading game. And six foot four Brandon -- 63 Richard Sherman. And -- chancellors 63. 220 pound safety. Lot athletic and a -- that I liked it and then Earl Thomas is one of the boxes they'd certainly get -- 511200. Pounds that really athletic linebackers and by the Wagner who run the full force -- forty in the middle backer. And -- here right 64246. Pounds really like about ballplayer I played outside -- form. And then the -- -- it is one of the best in the business brand maintain that those tackles playing really well. Red Bryant who. The patriots were interested in during the off season. Played defense -- 63 and thirty pounds and then they're as treacherous Chris Quentin gets I point five sacks on the season. But bring in Bruce Irvin and not the situation there are -- -- Yet four point five documents he's been so it'll be interesting yeah that based unit. Matches up against Brady in the no huddle because -- -- to be on the field a lot of console built up as much. Well as that Tony Romo found out AM Aaron Rodgers found out playing that defense is not an easy task to save released. I do you for see the patriot no -- juggernaut being stymied a bit by the Seattle defense. I think it will be if you happen on third down Seattle did a good job against Carolina Cam Newton and you know look at other pretty explosive offense. On the road they're able to hold them to to a local eleven on third down inside -- captivity critical. -- and Tom Brady. In the third and long situations and executing not to feel the ideal ticket office from the field where they can -- -- -- the Marshall managed noon -- clocked. Also how Brady Hamels you know the old man and yet mentioned earlier in the show. You know that that's a legitimate. They met yet to be concerned that with a loud but they're pretty intelligent crowd and no wind to get loud and kind of back up a little bit. So I imagine they're gonna signal more than there are used. You know. The word content communication nordic plays out there to find it stops. And -- to try to minimize the false starts and in the ticket that you have obviously that would stretching back in the long drives. Eric the other thing it's fascinating about the defense with Seattle is that is that the balance that their fourth against the pass in the third against the run. Usually when you run across c.'s defense is they easily have won one area stronger than the other but they seem to have a great balance. An alternative -- -- you know they have three real big guys up front. They run four man front but it's more like -- 34. Was you gain Alan Branch and Red Bryant so. Based Opteron initially and then they -- it's not third and long situations get -- brought up the field to preserve and on the field. And then don't do any thing you know exotic in terms -- the look defensively. It's out let's get out -- that the that they really close those windows down and make it hard for you to make those plays -- walk because there's so ranging in the back and what they're going back we're back. And what their speed in encampment and are on the back into the defense and so you right -- do you have really good about -- really get out weeks. And didn't try to force you to be. Really precise offensively. They do and we all remember obviously the Monday night game -- wins easily. All. Are called the touched down in the other back judge said interception in the lost that game was. The apps -- shut down performance that defense had against Aaron Rodgers Roger's obviously an MVP last year was -- Super Bowl. What specifically. Did they do to keep him that day. Well they're able to stop the run with. Which is their traditional peak at the not to bring aid I happen in the box and then they're able to get up to the popular with just four guys up front. They really you know create Havoc with Clinton in an urban -- the -- so there are able to collapse the pocket. And then the guy that front they'll Jason Johnson got free agency that comes in on third down and another guy rookie Greg Greg Beck and also rushed from inside. So that they just have to balance that they were able to create pressure with just organizing on the blitzed and they can place them in the back in real athletic begin after the ball. And and create turnovers blatant bad eight it's not the first out -- Rogers. They -- -- Rogers and Tony Romo and Cam Newton. And I three you know against you know pretty pretty good quarterbacks and they've only given up two touchdowns in the last. Or games. The size of the quarterbacks is certainly in advance when they're going up against slot receivers -- could jam him up the line. Where is the patriots have some smaller court type receivers and brand get. In Welker. Would that -- to the patriots advantage. I think that's going to be critical to see what the patriots do in the middle of the field goals with Welker. Branch as you mention and then -- I didn't gronkowski. And Aaron Hernandez and be able to play coming up high ankle sprain. I think that that'll be critical for the patriots be able to get an explosive plays. In the middle of the field with those guys one thing that beat these guys do two of those they're -- sure sure tacklers in the open field you don't see a lot. Yards after catch for the receivers against Seattle. And they expect -- who shot where -- Brandon -- on the perimeter trying to get in the news. A -- that's it except against Seattle I -- when he played for Saint Louis and then the year before when he played. As Denver so on the one that feels familiar look -- and -- policies similar -- -- those of Kentucky court of law school he's. There's been a lot of talk Eric. This week about Pete Carroll. Being that bridge coach between the two bills Parcells and -- check and not being a very effective one. The term even running the team into the ground only has been used by a few I mean they went to the playoffs twice. Under Pete tenure here finishing out of -- -- last year. Does he is he indicated it all we heard him on this radio station. This week as he shared any intensity or desire. More so than other teams to win on Sunday afternoon little revenge factor may be -- You know I think it's probably their -- epidemic Nadal has talked about that on his life. As important and his ability to kind of reinvent himself he always said that when he came back in itself. He want to make sure that he had a say in personnel. Decisions that he was the first controlled personal isn't he bill that would be key issue that. Was lacking in doing. The fact that he would be able to control. Cooley is bringing contradictory man roster he allows you how to control and Yahoo! right now. And -- and general manager John -- really have a good working relationship. What kind of players are gonna bring in terms of attitude skill set and yet final say over who's gonna be -- to man roster. He didn't have that New England I don't think it was good working relationship between himself and the you know -- -- Bobby -- you know her body heard him in the opposite Robert crappy ordered. And I think you know. Mr. crap and looking back and at at that time probably. Learned some things as well from the turned out in a better relations with the coached. Until everybody on the same page you're in Seattle. Carroll clearly the person in charge and and they do that they have a pretty good relations both with -- -- the GM. And Caroline and the owner Paul -- How the fans. Respond -- two different. Attitude out there -- different personality if I can look at it collectively them you know we're kind of hard bitten out here in the northeast and certainly coming. He had a tough. A tough chance coming in the on the heels of the bill ball Parcells departure. Is he accepted and respected by the fans and Seattle. I think the jury's still out of yet remember that this is the place. Where the University of Washington isn't -- played in Q is he all right I know they point to when they did make -- decision initially there was a little bit blow back just because of you know happened to face the -- here in year out basically getting beat over the head every year. I think that the Pentagon -- coming on tour certainly make him play out that this first year the first team to make that play out with a losing record. Are becoming you know got a -- on board -- But I think -- he's not a lot of expectations for the in the make the playoffs and so counter -- -- he's going to be a little accomplished. Well Saturday after mass court question from -- -- -- we expect crummy quarterback Russell Wilson he small. By NFL standards he's 511 give us a quick scouting report on him. Yet they're gonna put the ball at 125 time -- brought play action Google and the ball Marshawn Lynch. On first down a lot minimal credit that to make some chunk broke down the field to -- -- like in your -- and and Golden Tate a -- I you're gonna kick got to command of the game I can get out of the pocket create template with his legs. Annika I think it unflappable terms of the confidence and presence on the field at street and he won the quarterback job over about where -- has been -- They believed that he had the chance that the the long term answer at quarterback. And they wanted to start sooner rather than later. Gotta watch out for that Golden Tate he is dangerous in the end zone as we well now. Hey Eric Williams we appreciate all the -- thanks -- -- an -- -- from the Conan knows Seattle Seahawks beat writer right here on Sports Radio W media.

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