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Mustard and Johnson Give Their Take on the Controversial Brandon Spikes Tweet

Oct 13, 2012|

Craig and Larry get on to the topic of Brandon Spikes and his ill-advised tweet that he claims was a joke relating homophobia to arachnophobia. The guys don't think it was funny and wonder why the Patriots have not publicly addressed it. This leads to a discussion on Twitter and it's danger for sports franchises and athletes in general.

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All right halfway home as they said our number three if you're scoring at home congratulations. 6177797. 93. Good -- do more of the 20122004. Team edition of the Boston Celtics pre season game. Down in beautiful downtown Hartford Connecticut and grandy and Max of course one of all the action for you right here -- 93 point seven. FM and Larry Johnson seriously is excited. About the team and -- well let's listen that he is still wants. Thing going on during the week you can -- on Thursdays and get the baseball playoffs I I wish hockey. We get their act together and they were how they're playing right now I really a lot of questions on fast that it would Tuukka Rask and -- and hit the watches him maturing NC affected Doug Hamilton led big defenseman or rather not -- -- to -- like a young sheriff. You'd like to see him come on board and be -- -- What does Salinger is to -- net terms of the touring aspect and mentoring. So I I missed hockey I wish your work -- on right now when it's a shame in having a -- I don't think is doing them any good right when people really get an interest in the sport again. And of course up patriots tomorrow afternoon. Four clockers so out in Seattle Tom Brady first time. Playing the Seahawks out their Pete Carroll. Facing the patriots for the first time as the opposing coach since he was a summarily dismissed way back. In after the 1999. Season was actually in early 2000 I saw the last game. I was in attendance Larry -- play it right you're always in the attendance when bad things I -- -- -- I am the Zell wake -- Pena -- stay home what was -- was that terrible movie that Tom Hanks won the Academy Award for in the early ninety's couldn't stand the movie. -- Philadelphia but the other one we're gonna get into the Philadelphia issued a second what's the but the other movie you know the one where -- Forrest Gump. -- Forrest -- appears like it all these great historical events up throughout history. While I was there Pete Carroll's last game he -- he actually beat he won his last game. He beat the ravens on the final game of the 1999 season was January 2000. In of course the ravens the next year went on to win -- the Super Bowl Pete Carroll was watching from the sidelines went on to USC. So he's gonna get a chance to. Wreak revenge. Tomorrow afternoon and one of the things he talked about earlier in the show. Where they play. That stadium unlike Gillette. Is very vertical in it holds the noise in and out and with that great defense and the noise playing the crowd playing twelve man on defense. It difficult for Brady praised gonna have some issues with the no -- because of that -- -- that they need. Look out for the factory at one of the Slater it's going to be a very very critical and important player for the patriots a special teams captain. Because it neon Leon Washington formerly played with the jets he's got seven. In his Korea seven kickoff returns for touchdowns I think he's only one behind the -- a -- over the browns. He is they've got to Burke a got a great special team unit and he's taken a -- took that to vote to the house. I like the patriots who have a horrible kick off unit right now the elect you just applaud if they get into the twenty outline. So be got to watch out for him also. And be fascinating to see Wes Welker he'll continue. His very productive. Ways as the slot receiver thirteen catches against Denver last week the great that I'm on Comcast on Sunday night just got to stick it into bill's face we shall see if that any. I don't I don't know it and I we got a right to the phones because we don't yet while we don't -- order for Jason wolf we must go right to the phones now we don't need you know you try to pandering to the ought to try again considerate to people hanging on a -- all pro Larry -- his loving arms around those callers -- have. I just. Saying Matt. You you still have to look at the patriots situation and you wonder. People question whether or not Pelletier -- disciplined welcome for his comments and this guy he should be disciplining I don't understand what the heck is going on down there with Bob Kraft Jonathan Kraft -- -- Brandon Spikes is that a player had some. One movie made while he was in college has something in America got out and on YouTube in the open and then late. You know you're in other words fine young kid immature in college and these things happen. But when do you -- I don't understand I don't tweet -- much but when I do. Do you have a brain in your head to understand. It with your tag on it. Whenever you're tweeting. You're tweeting it to everybody who's following you and eventually they re tweet it -- it gets how. Like do you do you on this being end. It should just say eating whatever you feel like saying and it's going out for the public. Now freedom of speech we all understand that you ever -- to get a expressed or whatever you want except yelling fire in a crowded theater. But I also think if I'm paying you. To Wear my uniform FedEx post office UPS toward Everett might be McDonald's -- Then when I'm paying you in -- representing my company. Then you represent my company and I think for Brandon Spikes that stability can step back -- tweet and they would every want to say no matter als appropriate. It might sound and for people who actually justify it I don't get in I don't care whether people justified and not have it doesn't have spent two or not. If from the patriot. I don't understand how long you've got to let this guy. Do wouldn't say moronic things even Chad Ochocinco had chipped up probably or paralegals and about from a describing what goes on when he's going to the bat from. What is Ron -- with the patriots that you allow people to just. Rep president your brain and in just tweet whatever they want to not take is some further -- I think it's gonna get to a point club beyond just saying stupid things. I think you have people on the amount it try it tweeting during the game. Eventually they're going to be revealing things during the game all in the second half we're gonna come out and I I just think you're dealing with an element of people who checked the brains. When they pull this cell phones -- Those in the know who visit Gillette Stadium a lot more regularly then we do say that Brandon Spikes is not the more Romney appears to be particular you might not -- -- does some ironic thing when making but you know what Larry you said it just because they make millions of dollars hand their playing in the National Football League and they've. -- moved on from college doesn't mean that they're not immature. They're living and a world that is not real in a lot of ways they're playing a kids game. War. As I said millions of dollars and sometimes they're completely. Out of touch. We live -- mature and responsible behavior. Off a white guy gets up there in tweets you know what when I'm around -- -- in the and worried thank you I get really nervous. It's like how to when he wanna throw a name out a bit of a white player gets out is that you know what wedeman via. Who number around a bunch and an -- in the in the in the clubhouse -- something I'd really uptight nervous about it. Take it and I'm just I just have to I agree you write it might seem -- if you write you because -- you didn't play for the patriots. You would be nobody probably nobody would care let me ask you this Larry if in an amassed in this personally as an African Americans can make up the word go -- okay. You say a wrong word Jamal accounts can replace the joke here I'm just gonna replace the joke I'm looking at it I'm not Afro fallback. Well I suppose I am Afro phobic in the same sense I'm a -- -- -- I'm not scared of spiders. I'm not scared of blacks. Went up I would scream -- by -- one of my doubt would that be offensive to yeah absolutely of course that's my recent spikes understand not just what about the patriots. -- will handle this is an internal matter no it's not. Why can't you send out a -- it's. Clear. You are representing. -- brain and we're paying you a lot of money to play football. And represent. I want brand now when you retire from four all you can do whatever you wanna do and say whatever you want to say. And that your problem I don't understand how people can't get my dad and really don't and. All the excuses being made for him well. It's not even his regional Joseph I -- candidate OK here it why it's why you can feel compelled to repeat it. Not even if I. -- Not -- -- it's not funny I don't think he was mocking homophobia I think he was perpetuating a sometimes people use. Subtle ironic humor to mocked something. I he wasn't mocking and he wasn't criticizing homophobia. Or those who are he was joining in on it is no question or -- pot is in and -- -- Very little follies -- again about thirteen hundred followers -- that -- and -- us that's tomorrow compared -- months. Denis and people like them they're like 151000. I -- the way up there. But I'm saying so what you do wish you tweet something -- to Britain and you get about 101000 followers. So again it's another way of people valid dating somebody who wants to be the idiot in the and you get rewarded for it. Adult he's rewarded I guess there's not -- really brought it out of the whole point of tweetering did you wanna get. Is many follow -- you can get so you get out there and say something offensive. And then you get rewarded far. OK this like some of these reality TV shows make a real full body itself why have a camera nearby you're going to the -- from and you probably have a number one hit series well. The got to play Cramer what's a Michael what's his name is a guy plays per hour and a Michael Richards -- tried his hand out the show ended and he made some very in a appropriate remarks about black people in the standup routine any paid for that. Big time. I I understand that there are comedians out there who. By definition are politically correct that please post the most -- humorous. Are politically incorrect Chris rocket you know he -- you can't beat him where France is right you know -- -- -- where for an hour are repeating himself put here. He was exposed even when he did the Oscars because you take the F -- -- out of his routine and all of a sudden. He was lost but that's fine now with the students can't go here's major things you can't do Larry it's not about language about profanity. Michael Richards made racist remarks about black people and he was widely reviled any in his standup career. It was very much in its early stages went nowhere Tracy Morgan. African American comedian from Saturday live. Made some blatantly. Anti. Gay comments in a comedy routine he paid for if you're white third -- black if you're black third real -- that you can't do. Brandon Spikes I don't care while passing along -- -- passing along an English comedian quote unquote -- It is inappropriate. What is -- -- overall legacy of an isolated in a pro as I said an appropriate the other question a cadaver of this are we get too sensitive. Because Larry you said before. When white guys sit around and tell black people not to be so sensitive about racist jokes -- they have absolutely have no perspective. At all when making those were -- Your exit -- -- with a bunch really great friends run up but to -- friends from going in the third from where remarks in the next game. And they impact Ewing way across helping him get ready to shoot a file line and somebody -- -- just forgot -- I was in the -- And they said wow look at Demi looks just like to grow. And then somebody -- not just. I mean it was already out not listen I know when the Brothers get together we dropped the -- not we -- but they dropped the N word in there all -- a kind of things and that's the all of that that's a whole other topic my long topic -- opinion on this is. If I owned a business in -- hiring you to comment and stand behind a Connery Dunkin' Donuts or McDonald's or whatever. If I am paying you you have to on of the dress code you have to comment and you have to look halfway decent you have to speak clearly some people can understand you. That I am Haiti new. To do that that's my right as a business. -- I can't make a decision about hiring you because you're black or because you're gay or anything like that. But I can't have a certain standard that I want my company to operate by.

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