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Rob Bradford Calls into Mustard and Johnson to Discuss the Sox Manager Search

Oct 13, 2012|

Rob Bradford calls into the Mustard and Johnson to discuss the Red Sox manager search and why he believes that John Farrell is the best fit for Boston. He gets into the state of the Sox post-Bobby V, John Henry's involvement, potential free agent signings, and his feelings on why the Red Sox will re-sign Ortiz and Cody Ross.

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Is mustard and Johnson sports Saturday. On Sports Radio W the I 93 point seven FM. Rather acquire these days are all things Boston Red Sox like a ghost town over there. At -- more square talk about just kind of ending things with a whimper Red Sox. Finish out the regular season last week in new York and very very little lose coming out yawkey way but here. To change that entire situation. Rob Bradford from WEEI -- -- good morning rob -- Just I would take get a at this all right. I thought that's what we did have a rob Bradford the man of a thousand stories I'll tell you what it's such a contrast last year were a rather as you remember. A scant 365. Days ago we're embroiled in all these brouhaha Eisen and today just nothing. It's like they just went away a. Well Bobby -- back two years ago it was a it was a very nice. Block over him. And -- republic who had to cover this all year round that was felt like dole and last year and -- from the minute the last pitch is thrown. We're built it up and -- -- to -- looked at the manager title but it was everything. In the chaos in. Players defending themselves and everything else. But if if not total surprise like this because number one all have a in the majors or they can't do anything out right World Series though. And and technically you'd probably simple as what they bring Tim Wallach game. Then they're not having you -- -- would say that last year active and you know -- pocket where it's required. Back got to throw another David news cycle so. So I think things -- -- by the what everyone really way to work it is -- barrel spending and then once that happens -- might fuel Ortiz on. They are not that it sure it happened but does the media even more specifically you. Do you kind of root for a particular person that you'd like to see come here. I -- audio recorder have relationships with certain people but in terms of the managerial candidates I think that. He just take you out like an uncle who like. Well I am I gonna ask that because there around here in the clubhouse all the time. And you know a lot of the players and you know the chemistry and you know what works him -- doesn't work so. If you were bench Harrington and company who would you select for the next manager. All I've I've I've been saying for a couple months I think that for Olympic -- in. And played -- that Q I understand. About the record with some are under record the last few years and I understand that people -- up the -- thing I'll bring. I understand all that buys a lot managers about being -- say it I mean you couldn't have -- a worse bet that he did with Bobby out. -- the -- that you that you would be terrible magic I want a championship a couple of years ago you made the World Series figures. So it was a terrible terrible but it you know if you use that Larry Miller -- you about the dynamic of a club out. The personalities. There what it takes the agent bought it in the waited John Farrell is good news background I think that is that. Now. What would you be willing to give that your first choice what would you where do you -- what would be the limit as to what you would give up to trying get him. All I I think I think that you have to do what you not prospect that it -- not -- prospect the prospect that. -- it necessarily I would say that you thought this is going to be Major League start the -- maybe you guys say this guy could be major leaguer and. Maybe they should let maybe they should not be OPEC government. Yeah well it's RB Chris Garber and that I think are here by. It's you know it's it's what great things where. It doesn't surprise me at all this dynamic that we're seeing right now with a girl situation that cart vehicle number one -- -- He'd be quite they were very intent on keeping his quiet. Because what happened last year is that when they first got hurt in. The barrel was broached -- it and had a couple days later it got leaked out and they got a lot of a lot of it brightened and then ultimately change your policy. So they understand that nobody any good habits are in the public you go back and forth. But ER I think it'll start what this -- -- come down to is that. For all the Red -- to say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He was what lasts a hole in one last year that make it you are all it doesn't work out the order a whole lot. Think it's -- okay hang our arms and I think the red circle use leverage is that there was some. Just -- -- -- in -- -- -- and the only one yeah. -- when you start to guys on the inside. Management Lucchino in -- -- whenever. -- they learn anything from last year like even in hiring a new manager coming in and have they learned anything they got to use the same process. W are you not naming names they'll just says OK now. I -- it yet but I just identify the people want to partner reliable sources and upper management yeah unknown sources background deep background. It's darker Kurt Pellegrino that this warrants something well you have to do that all you have to go back is. That how quick they wanna get that done that you get there are you. Instruct -- that how long process Eric. A good outcome back to that page aerial availability for the immediate -- put a small -- by parents. That's part of the process they coordinate the -- that is what we get the ball all go a little bit the fact that they've all got so far all we know you candidate. And it might I think it's going to be a couple more but you know I think that they understand. What they have to -- in terms of moving forward in. And also -- based I do believe there's they've stepped to the different -- to be different dynamic different situation. So there -- but the bottom line are you not learn from what happened this. Have solely. I mean anybody and anybody even if you're completely oblivious. -- you have to have something sink in and I give Bobby -- on -- credit for this. As you said he's obviously in many people sought right from the get go he was a very bad bet everything about Bobby Valentine. Was wrong for the Boston Red Sox -- hopefully they can become educated about that in pick a guy that is. John Ferrell seemingly. Is the right person but things that you know we talk about the manager. And the other thing that Bobby Valentine did for me is. I completely dismissed the importance of a good manager until I saw really bad manager in the Red Sox dugout. That's what heat that's pretty enlighten me about EC Girardi this week making all the right moves. -- other managers Metheny doing what he's doing is Saint Louis as a rookie just a matter of baseball as much as we like to dismiss their importance. Well especially in boxing be right if it goes strategy beauty part yet and we get up there at -- sports. Questions strategy right away -- -- -- might be wrong but. That's the easy part. You go back Hubert that question what do you -- well I think what they've they should learn is that. Nation a -- underneath the reason Terry Francona. Should've done is understood what value out of what things he did really well that made it work in -- -- perhaps they should look to the next pitch if -- He talked about -- that the value of a middle of the value that we follow Bobby outright didn't do with communication. Was gaining respect. What what little thing just about made -- cry about not letting things get out to meet you before you are the players. And he Michael voters might you know so -- -- but it ought to visibly. And we product out this year. Well I also think that Bobby. Being in New York as the second manager in town not the first in the late. And ninety's. In early part of the first decade of the 21 century. It's a lot different being a Mets manager New York that it is the Red Sox manager Boston as he found out. How much -- is a detriment. If I had Big -- I think -- even though he said you know you can change a lot that aren't that he did try to change somewhat. Still a lot of tape and look over those ten or so years. And often that you play in a comeback who has a lot of things here Francona did. And whoever had it tellem that the catcher -- the other bench players who don't play the next day whether it just keeping up in house. People tell me. Oh well you don't -- grow up they're big boys if they get -- you know well I'm charted this as just the reality is between the reality of playing a lot in. The beauty played I think we were reminded that this year. Are you surprised that Francona jump all over Cleveland where. Would there have been a better possibility a contending possibility for Tito. I'm not because I know how much he -- -- spiral cricket. And and also I -- what happened here -- have healing you know probably a little bit fractured relationship with the upper management. I hope that if you want to go to that again I think that you want to buy -- side -- still getting paid money. No music our -- at that leverage like against the other. But I think with MZ. Really really want to prioritize being in it you know situation that thought was workable situation. But the future is out Harvick yeah you know it yet played there. So I think there -- the proper level he had and at this apartment like the hard -- Robert Russian particular. Rob that story. Parts the financial business side dot com. Still has that he's the reporter revisited it about John Landry not to is a solid team trials. Solid pop out of it -- on a minority. Partner. Heavier -- anything else about that and what effect would that have in terms of if he does is feeling any kind of financial strain with some of the things they need to do. Well I think are so good about myself saying well -- you were you the truth lies somewhere in the middle and maybe it slightly to one side the other by. You know whether it's such a good amount today -- deny deny that I say in. In Charlie reporters that are absolutely trust my source is. You know that it's on the be -- or hey you know what the heat in the tires on that I know without got to let that. The majority. In the last time I think it should be his arm as well I -- that we're gonna wake up at this time next year and we're -- have a different ownership group like that fits my opinion. But I think if this is a process if they aren't threats to -- -- selling it going to be a couple -- years are helping you to -- Red flag you know what should Rick really hurt like -- -- -- -- we we we are we do anything good since July in the last week. I can't wait for -- talk about the eulogy Coby Karl on the field and you're every going to happen. -- They -- a situation with his eighteen year old Japanese kid who rolls or a hundred miles an hour is with -- is that another Daisuke situation. At all obviously at recess at midnight -- it was that pretty good about your were. But I think it's arguable it is very well respected guy out there you -- you can't -- it but he -- Our that you got the right guard -- Merrill out there as well. -- view when you have this but he deems it on the guy like this. You don't put your best foot forward and he just don't know I mean I -- that the Red Sox are backing up the Japanese market because of what that in my docket it. Bit it probably buoyed by a little bit because the what you need to dial it right. So anyway I mean if if I I think big people have a pretty good track record out there. Calm because let's -- guys that week we look at it that error and it is civil about it yet but we still got six years and there's a reason in the -- There's forty million dollar for the Yankees word it -- everybody else -- disguise stuff but not on the ego. Would they have to go to the same process. A bidding now. No knowledge that the younger guys it's so it's it I bet a lot from. A lot tomorrow because I am I think it's. Strictly about the this about the money in and out here where that just -- -- eighteen year old daughter about an hour. By the way not that anybody necessarily around here cares is Daisuke staying in Major League Baseball as the head into the Far East. Aren't -- a big intention to stay in the United States out of contention. But the last couple years whose contract. They hadn't it would might end up being -- it -- one of the one year contract would be obviously Boris is the representative. So I think bit. You're not -- -- terrible terrible result when he came back -- ERA all all of that. But some electric wire item I don't want you to you know he's healthy dusty what -- -- -- go from there still -- young enough where it. He does I would if you're somewhere you might be able to multiyear contract. What intercourse I think he's been around the united. Rob last question for me how do you start the shelves but next they're not really I mean I know I'm going to ice at first base. And they got somebody -- positions that they have to Phelan after watching the playoffs last night and stuff is and how they even got to compete with these teams. -- -- you have talked about that in its hard because I think what people remember the Red -- is what you -- that number. Especially with a lot here's what they're rolling out -- as a first. Actually -- thing is embargo or -- Had yet though it's hard to get past that right so. But I think the first thing you have to do and I think what it will do identify. A controllable which they'll look at the free agent market this year but the free agent market fourteen because. That's about the either gonna try to argue -- -- players that he might not one a a year from now and that makes them you know legitimate targets in terms -- -- a shot struck the current. They're up against a pitcher that you could be a problem rotate agent pitcher and that should be your first priority and then you go from there. Our -- built like Cody Ross -- the site or. You know a guy like Torii Hunter becomes very interesting what I'm here for Q did you say to your mental -- Yet for the price Brent who local world then I think I thought that's not a bad deal. Well I think the first priority -- -- -- -- guys who they bought into artwork going to be which controllable pitcher who could pitch in the opera. So does that mean if you bring in hunter is that pretty much saying outside and aren't to this current center fielder. Thought -- electric are you play all -- and -- I think of him as a center fielder -- -- room one of the corner outfield positions. -- I gotta ask you this one last thing a bit because I think it's it's it's really interesting but the decline of our A-Rod skills lately. Does it if you -- -- a general manager would have any effect on are you approaching signing some of these older plays to new deals and the length of the deals. Well I actually worked out. -- what do they strike out strike no. Daughtry but this -- all seriousness -- instead of focusing on how does the A-Rod contract -- but did it hurt you. It -- an art is more like. Are you should like him beautiful rewarding if any rights situation is what you look at Josh and there are some of these other guys right there. Here is on the free agent market -- are -- like -- don't we start here ourselves mid day. It -- you really -- -- decision. -- -- -- pay the perfect for this and Barbara for the situation he'd pull out everything else don't do it. It because. Thought I let her know what they all yankees go up -- -- still in this the net well and knocked off and it -- -- -- reason why because they happened yet and 89 million. By the end of next year and if they aren't there then they have huge yard penalty. And a lot of becomes difficult because you have contracts like -- so it it's a warning shot across the bowel and part of it I heard your baseball. Bottle into effect with someone like game Ortiz. Rob Bradford from WEEI dot com and of course many show here on WEEI thanks for joining us this morning. -- up the great or are rob Bradford on Sports Radio.

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