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Mustard and Johnson on ARod vs Jeter at this Point in Their Careers

Oct 13, 2012|

The guys continue talking about the Yankees and postseason baseball. They discuss ARod's mega-slump and if his career is taking a quick nose-dive. It's quite interesting when you compare and contrast ARod's current play and Jeter's. This forces the guys to discuss PED's and their effect on the play of athletes later in life.

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We have so much fully -- anything about what he's done since he's got here it's been. It's been an unbelievable run for him and you know knew what through his ups and downs because some injuries this year but. He's got it right again and it's Saddam vintage season. Joseph Girardi lost his father last week I didn't have enough that yeah. And he's a nice guy -- armor over from my pocket you know we -- the show over there in the morning immigrant and -- and I just couldn't be any nicer terrific guy lost his father. Is something I'm very well aware of all -- timers dementia. And you know it was a difficult time typical week but it all came out. In the losses CC sabathia. An epic performance last night best Yankee performance in the post season. In first complete game since somebody named Clemens did it against Seattle A-Rod was a mariner. Way back remember that our name to your house he is -- Question to ask when you're talking about the subject matter -- who the rats are gonna get for the next manager I tell you what I do want. I -- manager who's got the stones. To walk over the David Ortiz. In say we're gonna pinch hit Michael for you in Ortiz has not -- act of Arnold's sucking his -- well you know -- -- -- -- -- for him to say a -- look I'm sorry where you're not throwing the bat well I've been years is I've been just as much better. Right now he's on a streak not only does the hit a home run the Thai member that number 31 game at Fenway Park. Any -- it's a two run homer to tie it and then -- it right on target. I want a mansion in I -- Franklin discouraged judge Roddy a lot of people don't like him. The guy's got star owns he he's the guy in control I gotta give A-Rod credit but still. He's the guiding patrol watching Iran I don't think he's gonna get upset he makes the call he makes the move. If it bombs out on him and he gets all the grief for it. That's what you want for team manager you want somebody to take control. And make -- pay appear Brett it has been an interesting week ago. And you know when you have. Apparent we have -- -- graduate apparently -- -- -- and you know that this almost as a relief mixed in with grief when that parent dies. So he died mister Girardi died last Saturday. And then to continue managing and -- half the deal -- this A-Rod controversy. And to get. -- that in push all the right buttons and half the deal of all the psychological issues and still have the win ball games. In amazing week for Joseph Girardi and I can imagine he's already won a World Series he might not win one this year report. What -- pivotal one a week for him to prove himself as a capable feel boss that. I do I know people hate A-Rod around here and I have to stay -- yeah he's very ready for attending know what ever. I give him a lot of credit for saying you know what I know I'm not throwing in the bat well I I I know I'm not in I'm only gonna hurt the team. So he didn't -- about it he was supportive about it up on the dugout steps unlike -- certain player who we start a few minutes ago on sports rather. Remember when that famous that yankees Sox playoff game and he's proud Nene she is a sentiment. And then that you haven't. Yeah there's -- -- a little. DNC made in the wake of the -- benching for Ibanez in that in game three. Was. Ortiz new -- for tees would have been pinch hit war because you start the regular season game he's pouting. I have such mixed emotions about Ortiz I lock that apartment him I love love the guy big happy. Probably the greatest clutch hitter this team has ever had. But there's another pot of him that doesn't get it like whining about it contract advocate rate of fire that manager. And in things on even settled yet is a pot of him it's very selfish in baby -- And that's the part I really resent and that's the difference between. The Yankee players and management saying no no we are in charge. In if I feel like we got a strategy as a winning by pinch hitting for you. That's what we're gonna see this is the problem when you have an aging team and your managerial skills are put to the test last year was Jorge Posada. That natural topic in intra day that you supported and a half. And get out and he has had to deal with Derek Jeter these data to -- our crops and can you know Gracie like we don't want to see that that play on the basis -- don't know -- -- -- -- -- right out and try to -- 88 inning and the bases and other weren't loaded yet in a slow roller between third base and about the I always was taught. It before the way you played in your mind what you would do with the ball -- -- to you so you mentally your ready prepared but to do. I didn't think anybody gave him any help like it's about yet not not that he's the quickest of I don't know off the mound. It's like nobody set of golf to current artists are like nobody gave him any help. Right but what a brilliant perform but that last play it was a slow bounce -- look like an easy play but wasn't. By Jeter. IE you got a second lay idle -- people eating me now here rents our experience what you -- appreciate. Greatness in much -- -- -- 500 theory and -- you know this is an interesting point and someone came up to -- -- respect a lot of my colleagues at -- he's the coach in. And it an inveterate observer of baseball. And we were talking about the hands Armstrong's situation and all eyes eyes and A rods demise and. EDs and eight H DH not HD HH GH HDH is the former WEEI. HGH and he was -- it was it was it is set -- very casually and offhand. He wonders when. Derek Jeter will finally be revealed as using PD's because he ball well. And he has not and he's not a avid Sox fan. Or one of these really opt zealous Yankee haters he's just an observer we're going to look for certain and -- convinced. That Jeter is on HEH. We're going to look for certain signs though like that the blog after 38 years old -- authority but what about the pollen and the it was a power. Or not he's still in baseball -- this is -- -- face -- problem right. At no matter what if you're going out there in your playing at an old I don't contradicting what they just could do -- about Ortiz and -- accusing them I don't know. But because -- an element of doubt there anybody who stays in shape Wednesday's committed right takes care of themselves who still out there playing hide. Then automatically they got a knock against them while they must be doing something wrong here's here's -- it comes down there we all understand in baseball in particular hand eye coordination. Does have to count for something we're talking about that fifteen years ago right OK you still have to put the bat on the ball. But HGH. In all of these new more complex more subtle. Enhancing drugs. Are gonna give players more resilience -- a guy like Derek Jeter. Him be out there at age 38 and get the job done a 580. In my junior right let's let other practical about this morning drive -- -- if you made fifteen mean a year. And you could pay some guy from MIT. Opera some masking a bit and you paid him a half a -- wouldn't be worth absolutely. And you don't want Larry and I said this four ever I'll say it about Clemens saying about it a rattle say in about bottles say about any Lance Armstrong. These guys are not humanitarian. They're not moralist they're not ethicists. Their competitors or give me a percentage how many people do you think on what might look like Jose can I ask you know what you think 'cause what you're sound like just as anybody who's having a really good. -- -- -- -- What are we can certainly say nobody on the -- locked his door and after this past year I can assure you. Nobody on the -- -- -- is getting any special at that and I'll tell you. -- just Beckett certainly is not he's not on the Red Sox anymore now. I certainly think going back to the Yankees is no way that Iran is using anything because you can see it -- lead in on there. -- If you were a lot and yeah I would be a different -- it is virus that I get ripped number I I don't think of them trio a negative for guys playing about morals and wasting her from so. You've got to give him credit I think each year is -- captain Larry you're being nigh eve. You know what you don't you think he's I don't know why I respect -- do you think he's on something. It's not out of the realm of possibility OK I can't dismiss Ali and I'm not dismissing. It with. Anybody and I was trying to like showing it. You're trying to play it clean game and you get mocked him and everybody else right and I used to say this and I guess it was mine and I know our president days that you that. I used to say when Derek Jeter gets caught that I know everybody. He's doing it but you know what he's 38 years old you have to go by some evidence here you can't be. That completely. Into magical thinking that that these guys 38 playing the second most of it demanding position on the field. Position you know oppositional position not pitcher. Catcher and shortstop and our most important was that outbreak Brady's 34 years old OK so he's -- doesn't need it yet not yet. But he's really that's what is it really absurd not only did. Now personnel and this is baseball's fault in the fact is that. You know just -- somebody's playing by the rules and having a great time of it in and putting up members in making the kind of fielding plays that he made last night. But they don't get total credit for -- of the question mark now right so Mikey Adams had difficult five hours last what is curious that it just sitting here. You know smiling about it and everything but the reality is I'm telling you to the average baseball -- and -- more provincial. Send a rally got knocked out the playoffs while they're a lot of Oriole fans so many -- -- anyway everybody -- the -- that catch -- Coco -- Barfield was magnificent. The eighties they go on the Orioles a bond and other nationals are gone tonight you get the same old. So boring watching -- I was Noriega's note is not the story lines not the same you know -- well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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