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Mustard and Johnson Open the Experience: Pats/Seahawks, the Return of Pete Carroll, and those Crazy MLB Playoffs

Oct 13, 2012|

Craig and Larry kick things off talking Patriots and their trip to Seattle. They discuss the intriguing matchup with Pete Carroll and his top-tier defense in a very difficult dome to play. The guys also touch on the MLB Playoffs and how insane every series has been. They focus on the Yankees/Orioles with the Yanks moving on, ARod's struggles and how amazing it was that the Nationals blew Game 5 last night.

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And welcome to a beautiful ought Tom old Saturday morning the feel of fall. In the where as mustard in Johnson take to the -- a little bit later Ronald -- men hand and Arnold -- -- at 4 o'clock. And of course were all -- excited about Pete Carroll vs the patriots. For the first time since Pete Carroll was fired way back in. 1999. Of course he went to USC won a couple of national championships. Patriots last played Seattle four years ago Pete wasn't around back then Matt Cassel was the quarterback. So intriguing match up Larry Johnson tomorrow afternoon -- -- sellout in the great northwest -- his. Re very interesting game and I also think he brought some light to. How he was portrayed -- Here is some wimpy you know high school -- our -- -- coach and I think he is fairness to him he said there you know the way it was set up at the time. He really had very little control. I'm cordon shop for any groceries and the players knew that and they were allow pretty much for walk all over on that -- when he took the job it. Southern cal. He was on the policy is is finding the parallel. But in order for you to get what you need to get to be effective you have to get a job -- They want you as much as you want the job if you take a job and you don't have the leverage. Venue just settle. Probably how tight then you just settle for anything that you can get the job so I think that even a matter with a -- starts higher I'm just balancing the two subjects. It has to be somebody who has a cash -- to -- a parent character Graham right I don't need this job. Well if you think about it going back to 97. The year that he was hired to replace Bill Parcells -- Basically was already jets employee with the by the time they played at Super Bowl against Green Day. Carol comes in he's following a legend does not have the clout does not have the power in the organization because of the reason why Parcells left. We talked about it for months and months and months was the -- felt we had too much power so Pete was certainly shackled to say the least it is three years here. I also county was -- a nice guy in and we are everybody knows that that famous exchange he had with wages. In Borges was dropping a few F bombs on during a press conference and Pete has kind of responded in away like -- I really don't -- tools to be able say that you know wasn't the type of response that was needed at that moment to set his own turf in place that he was the guy in charge so. But listen he's the good -- -- a lot of charity work while it was out there -- that we've been selling cal and now he's -- Seattle out of charity work for himself apparently according all NCAA target -- -- I don't know -- program you can go to -- I cannot get some of that. But he seems to be developing. Is his specialty is defense. I love that clip during the interview -- he says he has that little bit concerned about the officiating for this game a little Dicey. Getting rid of those officials just you never know wanted to come out of the -- Carl has been a Packard -- A break back it's easily whereas -- easily when you really need them but you know a lot. And an I -- just sensing this as you and I do not spend any time at this radio station. Are -- events Saturday morning between the hours of 9 and 1 o'clock. I sent just listening to the station during the week Larry. Not so sure there's a whole lot of people really revved up about the return of Pete Carroll. As far as the patriots -- -- I don't think everybody in autism finding and I'm -- that Jack toward raided its edit in I've -- some of a national pundits say the same thing. You almost have to wait -- Thanksgiving to re really find out what kind of team we have. I think the patriots are rounding into shape -- like some of the things -- see. Unfortunately. -- again Belichick calls for it on fourth and five. How dare anybody asked a question about it afterwards. Which I could not understand at all. If McGahee who makes the two blunders that he made if he didn't make -- they very easily could've won that game at the end of the first half. There about thirteen seconds left it down around the ten he outlined. It mysteriously they call this time -- which nobody knows volume night at least I haven't seen by eight. So they use that one opera that's our -- and good but on the clock runs down. They don't have enough time to try another throw to the end zone so they end up settling for field -- So I still think what these people wanting. What is patriot team is you'd -- is that you never get a chance to get questions answered because quote Belichick doesn't feel like I I don't want another car which priority said that. But still remains the fact that you just reflect a little more information and gonna get from him in. Well I don't know I you know I look at what the patriots did to Denver ticker is the offense what they did in that in those first three quarters. Not impossible. To stop I know might have been a different situation yeah thank him. At in the mile high city might have been a little bit different but I mean that no huddle. Was absolutely. Unstoppable. They have perfected it the rest of the National Football League is gonna have a difficult time catching up to it. And it begs the question why wasn't showcase. Earlier on when the patriots were struggling why didn't they do that against Arizona while you employ that Harry got a lot of I. I I again I think you're trying to make adjustments to see we got -- -- you got element that branch again at the two tight ends. And I think when Hernandez went down they had to make some adjustments even though laughter -- Greg they had 54 run plays and 31 passing place. This is the passing team artfully as -- now a passing. But again I think that that would Belichick is a genius that is that right -- the league is is. Our ports are passing game now then all of a sudden I think it's nice to have -- I -- for the passing game I still think you'd need the passing game. That's -- you know in in this hurry -- offense they had guy. Again you can't bring in different plays you can't bring in your specialist the only thing you gotta watch -- for for Seattle as they've got some serious. Defensive ends were very quick this kid. Urban employment -- they've got about ten sacks between them. I've been very very fast -- they've -- very big Kwan is the corners are about 6162. Which -- so where exactly to do with -- because they can jam receivers and when -- -- you when you -- timing type author and 123 throw. Well if you can knock the guy offered his stride as and it messes up that the rhythm of the pass and it takes a little wanted to find him again and if you got some pass rusher is out there. Are you -- problems yeah I -- you just have to wonder the patriots lost two in a row. And now they've won two in a row like that is as you said maybe people are just taking this wait and see attitude they're not quite sure. What they have so far in the three into patriot now this the first time that story Korea that he's playing in TO. Brady never played it before -- Matt Cassel the quarterback -- -- the problem. It playing in Seattle is the noise -- they have a tremendous. Support of crowd and the noise it's funny when they -- Gillette. They did never toward that they of that open and of the stadium and in the lighthouse gentlemen always factor is in this great. Brought home field advantage. We -- in Seattle when you got the noise factor in Europe trying to run a hurry -- -- and you're trying to do a lot of balls at the line of scrimmage don't be surprised if he has. I don't know I can't unions signals with the office of line may be with the with the receivers and stuff I don't know how they gonna do that I know ballots -- put him in the dome loud noise of the group Bon Jovi you put you know no doubt my little bit of Ohio players. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The baseball playoffs certainly have been exciting are you making a transition comparable -- -- involved you're saying I object and captain Segway Larry Johnson jacked them pumped about the about the game -- -- and you should be because I think it's going to be. Very very interesting -- thought that probably. This this this Seattle defense is fascinating because there are out there like third or fourth rated against the pass in against the run. Meanwhile. Not that we have to worry about week folks who have red zone. But you realize that while the patriots. And Tom Brady playing Seattle for the first time. Ever out there isn't the first time ever against the Seahawks he's he played the Seahawks at home. My legacy -- -- -- never played out there and don't not on out of the way that works obviously the NFC teams rotate every four years against the AFC teams so four years ago Tom Brady was. Healing is ACL while Matt Cassel. Was able to manufacturer win up in Seattle meanwhile down the coast a little bit. In San Francisco pretty good get a full game over there giants in San Francisco. In that rematch from the NFC championship game. Of last year that is gonna be passing out of our -- our houses a marxism a bunch apparently about something of the giant go Vicky below -- did now though it's going to be a pretty yet. But they also -- -- Smith might be out. And injured finger so I don't know what he's gonna play him but two great games. Tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock -- -- Ruled and terribly excited. That the patriots are on the road for them for -- game just because I wanna see the other game at the same time and not rely on red zone I'm a football fan loved all kinds -- great. Football drama you're gonna get that tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock meanwhile as you said mr. Mr. Segway. Some great drama last night I was up at 12 o'clock last night. And you know what it was side deja Vu all over and you lead sixth and sixth and August 6 the wind in them -- to gain market then you you you get Iran Washington gets Iran. In the eight inning it's seven to five but that that might fall asleep on the couch I wake up so -- it was CFO Washington can hold on. I think it was Beltran had a triple in the ninth inning. Gets the third and -- one -- triple that you have to out you realize you know the only one in the world know that was watching too but I asked Manuel watched while they're never gonna get married but this is exactly what happened in game six of the World Series they're down two runs. Twice there one strike away David freeze at the plate again this time he walked he didn't hit a triple or home run and they score four runs. One strike away twice for runs with two outs. The senators he has talked about being deflate I'm calling senators I'm sorry the nationals -- -- after the war. First of war first apiece in the last. In the national tea drinkers got -- marks a lot of friends there so he's not a variable but you know what I'll tell you -- Red Sox fans let me just finish this point. Red Sox fans 25 years later 26 years later to be exact. You got your revenge because in the dugout for the Washington Nationals who was the skipper. EV Johnson who was the skipper the Mets on October 25. 1986. When all hell broke loose in the that's how -- present baseline in the tenth inning at Shea Stadium yours truly was there my friend as the Mets and probably beat the Red Sox. The president -- accompanist and saw your face -- not but you know what though of fan boy -- here's the problem talking to me yeah it's gonna mania here is a problem that you average Major League based on the of the -- I was gone. There's no said the rebels left the Orioles and nationals. You wanted one we just talk about the cardinals and I nationals that. That's how really was the highlight of last night about that Yankee game what game -- -- and -- to -- him a whole lot of second I was watching I was my was my focus was totally on. The story line and wanna you know the Olympic national -- one thing I give you credit for -- you'll always know when equipped when your head you know you lost the bet. Now we walked toward dinner like I think Roger weren't stupid enough to say double or nothing. -- excuse me. It's a double or nothing those of you who while we're. Are not apprised of the situation I'm Mike and I are made another bad back in 2005. When the Red Sox had a four game lead going into September. In the -- I said there was no way the Yankees comeback win the division I lost that -- And you know half the Yankee fans in New England ended up on my dime having a great dinner lemmings. This time I said that Baltimore would actually win the division that didn't happen that I said double or nothing Baltimore win this series. That didn't happen either. So now I and I know Europe I was depressed as I write. No actually I -- a right credit though I mean that is he's put not a a nice show for the Republicans -- 175. Million dollar guy. He still has five years left where they have to pay him a 114 today. Is eight rods lack of performance. In any way would it have an influence on how you want him qualities. I think it does I think that is because -- those at the moment right well John and Jerry. And a fascinating discussion from the day after. -- will be seen you that. See they don't like those calls are being you know I really -- I think they're -- -- something kind of grabbed the thing that I knew they were talking about tax methods you can and look at the demise of A-Rod. Without thinking about David Ortiz. I I obviously I want to get a much better a year away and Brady innocent I think -- buried in his this might be totally unfair. Right but if I'm signed the checkbook and there again as another piece on the financial. Business fox out dot com -- in my hand re still trying to find. A limited partner somebody to help take some of the financial strain off of you know that with his Red Sox team and I guess he got clobbered with Liverpool. Out of finances and and of itself he's trying to whether that's true or not I don't know but. If you clean the books offered the Dodgers trade fortunately. And now you're trying to re low you want on to keep people interested in what you're doing you know one of the think it's going to be a bridge decades. What you -- here. But she does not want to and you watch for Atlanta in about the music is so where are we don't -- balls that got out of jail or you'll lap. -- LS that I remember Ted Williams was who was the coffee was debating witness -- a decent job but the differences you -- on the tee the ball doesn't go well that the the great line with their arguments against the Williams in the fifties both were dominant their respective sports and -- have started baseball Snead said it was started the golf ball. And that's how could that possibly be in -- -- classic line is we had the player file balls.

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