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Adam Meyer gives us the picks for the weekend

Oct 12, 2012|

Mikey talks with Adam from RealMoneySports.com about the Patriots and what games are the smart picks this weekend as well as the World Series.

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What I -- a planet Mikey show made big giant football and baseball weekend coming your way. I mean this is this is goes against you know my two favorite sports on a ball over this weekend. And before we get back -- your phone calls about this that the other thing and there's a lot of different topics on the plate. Let's talk to Adam Meyer from real money sports dot com because I'm sure he's got some light to shed -- can. -- -- natives of the Adam how are you. All illuminate you need to implement it and -- now looking at this thing. And it's it's a ticket from a Vegas and says. World Series the tigers nine to 2250. Grand to win one point 125 million Europe -- -- again -- Well yes and don't forget to get you to fifty -- when it's successful you know a lot of really this is a graduate voted out because you know. People ask -- you know these games. You know how are you able to do it and you know these odds -- east Texas Oklahoma -- right on in and you know it's a good point. But what people don't understand is the it's how -- set. You know that with all the games on a Saturday some big gains that we get information on like. Who paying attention to air force Wyoming so the odds makers have. They're they're basically setting the odds but they don't know the chicken -- of of these teams and how they match up with the former coaching. Staff that works in my firm like when people come to our office and visit me and they're shocked when they see the multi level huge corporation that I have and at one floors dedicated to just former players and coaches. And literally we watch film and they -- eclipse of how teams can exploit a certain team three or four weeks from today and and that's why people have to change this whole concept of what they think is. Sports gambling have gambling we teach people they don't even -- take everything -- the stock market Nutten that they don't do anything with a 401 -- They start slow they treat this like an investment -- star one day at a time. When you can watch your portfolio go up and up and up each week of course like any great stock in my drop down -- -- your view or or two but you don't get out you put more money into it. And it's amazing I gotta tell you Mikey this what my third -- on the show yes we have clients who have started with us. From the very first time they've ever heard me and there were to work. If I can make an action 5060000. And the next and six months -- I would be thrilled. That was some of those people are up 600000. And you know because you've gotten emails behind him and innate and in just some of them we know personally but. This is a system and we follow my system it is life changing to snow blower system. Absolutely it's over some games in -- -- we'll get everybody on board mentioned Texas don't. Oklahoma you know and I'm not a big cause for Bogut personally I'm a more pro football guy by the way McConnell dismissed to the double by about like two which is exactly on -- Kmart assignments -- But Texas Oklahoma is a huge and and longstanding rivalry after that. Two inches I'm liking it dismissed it. OK so -- -- -- this should be another classic battle you know these offenses are both good but what this game comes down to his defense and you can't throw the ball in Oklahoma I think a 160 passing yards they've given up. Upped her game on average. I love the way -- repair coverage. I love the way -- prepares his team you know when we go to a lot of springing to watch a different coach the game plans they set up. If you watched the first twelve plays that certain coach has run its its its you can tell. What type of coach they are what kind of system Iran I like Oklahoma here to win the game by seven or more in tonight's play for -- for the Oklahoma OK. Before we get to pass Seahawks -- one also asked about the games going on his exact same time that a lot of people have a lot of interest in net nationally giants at forty niners. With some blood already spilled. You know it is and and it's funny because I mentioned on a few of the shows that -- Carlos Rogers was talking about doing his little. -- so mocking Victor Cruz I talked to people they really know that he. That he does this to dedicate to his grandmother who passed away she taught him how to south and so. It would have been really disrespectful for car -- -- should do that again if I came out I think he said he wasn't gonna do that so you know at this and Manning in the fourth quarter. You want the ball in his hands the 49ers part of believe 400 yards of offense for a team that was known for their defense last year. But now because 49 Asia's demolishing people the line is going through the roof there's no value -- seven points for the 49ers. Like the giants plus seven I think it's -- it's. And I -- plus seven plus -- Alex Smith who's a hurting a little bit of split a bigger yeah absolutely and out -- patriots Seahawks thing is we're hearing from our national pundits. Oh well I'll pick in Seattle in this and now of course you know how we don't feel in a -- is a patriot nation here. And it's a strong you know feeling about this team has always hear it and any coach Belichick coached team of course gonna have a a lot more respect from some people right here but pictures Seahawks for some reason the lines only four -- -- you know -- that. Well Mike let's let's talk about this came from moment and in and give you some of the numbers I'm looking at in this game. The New England Patriots they've scored 27 points and twelve of their last thirteen regular season games 27 points or more twelve of the last thirteen games in Seattle. They're one and fifteen when they give up 21 or more points during Pete Carroll's tenure there it was Seattle. So you've got to figure in this game patriots have covered. 60% of their last 52 games went in October that's when you know early on they get the edge. I think this is still a good spot for -- and I'm -- getting -- Seattle I like the patriots lay the points. This could hear it in your -- from you man I'm throws down a quarter million dollars on the tigers got to respect. Yes and what I'm gonna do is yet thank you -- and I think it's a really -- listen. I'm not a -- the tigers get to the World Series. And there and clinching game that I can talk about buying back on the other team kind like with the cardinals last year -- on -- for everyone Mike you know I'm pumped up to this. If everybody who calls -- literally you calling within the next 45 minutes you can speak to an analyst and you're gonna get a play. In baseball tonight that I'm throwing in information came about fifteen minutes you're going to be everybody's gonna get onboard to its 80355. 583 you'll get the game and the total also for baseball. 803555883. For real money sports dot com and Adam Meyer thanks a lot OK take care good talk and he he's 52 so far this year and -- as they said he -- he lost one game but -- know we're we're keeping our eyes on that and always good number one thing he does do John it -- Sometimes I must say I don't doozy pays attention college for -- for some reason -- proposed scares me a lot of the people around here usually if you're from around here you more about the growth of yeah yeah program.

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