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CSNNE's Tom Curran: Patriots offense could have some advantages over a 'bigger' Seattle defense

Oct 12, 2012|

Tom E Curran aka the Dragon joins us to help us prepare for the Patriots @ Seahawks. We also look back at the Pete Carroll era with the Patriots, and wonder if Pete Carroll is the same guy he was then.

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If you think about it rating while game wise. For advocates. Who -- -- Amazing you know -- only what the six games of the season and -- -- -- Borges with -- us with everybody else. It's not for Tom is -- interview -- the big show is brought you by -- was Walker's. Doctor doctor Robert landed it was given us permission that they've done things up on us today. Ebola actually pull out. Some of that here call 1800 get here it's amazing when you work out a deal with Donna -- doctor joins us live right now. Nearly -- media hotline Titanic -- I'm like aren't saying good duck will be good if we I don't stay with -- today. I'm not happy right now twilight why aren't you happy like Michael you look great. I love -- got two of them yeah okay. I just came home now at -- recording it like in all my heart. Ripped apart my keyboard -- computer ripped off all the continents. -- -- this. In anything I. Illiterate. No exact article that -- just the constant. I'm here to tell you a picture of him that he's hurt. That sound to Philadelphia but you know what this is this is what about quarterback done it yet to -- I guess one colleague telling me. He's only describing it as that he has a family that took three days to admit it. I think might erupt now I'm not sure it's a -- -- it is meant to say this times -- My experience for plugs something must've happened -- some transition going transition going on in your house. That's when they act up I -- Why it would pick like Brent crude you do on the bathroom today and I secretly you know these sub gonna go -- produce -- probably that spoke out recruitment under. Ripped apart the people out there but you know I might just. -- I before we get talking. Actual football understand it and it bugs in the dark bugs on that football on the field. The question about two different colors Wes Welker made a comment -- -- guest in the post game show on Sunday take a little. It'd bill -- wildly when we asked bill about it on Monday bill smiled. I didn't necessarily -- but. Could be something there and then Brandon Spikes. With the tweeting this week do you believe that Bill Belichick -- gonna talk with either one of those players and they will -- be any ramifications. On Sunday. I do believe that both guys will have been pulled aside and spoken to no question at all. And I think that worked well we're probably initiated the conversation just given how upset I -- him to -- On Monday when he could -- hit with a group -- hit -- With the situation -- moralist and directing it because he's perceive the audience to beat. And Troy. In addition to have a closer who we felt like. But -- kind of felt a little bit more liberated to do that because they went there. So show me you can you tell me that whereas only thought that it was Felder. And and talent and -- he didn't understand there was an audience out there. No you know we've talked -- are you more across. I don't feel like. I don't I am trying to get the answer your question you got a lot of talent and trying to say is probably best off all -- -- don't let it until a little dogs at the bills RB produced all year at radio TV what's going on what that. Marie track commiserate with the the guys who have the experience of having. -- what was Bill Belichick -- -- look -- -- different that's. Looks like man I don't know. I would think that would be an isolated incident it people want Twitter need to understand. That the things -- senior living room. She jokingly. I'm not gonna be he should take in jokingly but 30000 people. What you make jokes about my Richard adult. Let -- economy being a white -- We can do. Be careful step to stop them public because you're bound to have people in the audience who here and. You know the funny thing about it is you go back and look at some of the other stuff with spikes. And he's very sensitive insensitive about a story that that was written out there that he felt was was racist. And he threw it out there and obviously it affected. -- and yet he didn't apparently understand how this one wouldn't affect some tell. So Tom what's -- what the patriots do you think it is. Well today. Sit him down for a series with just talk to won't when they don't do it quick about Twitter account or dismantle his Twitter account over to do that either. -- pays much attention on cigar clippers you would think and I have asked specifically you know people who did you ever check out this putter they have relatives say she. You can't separate. But it kept Ochocinco here for sixteen weeks. Right -- to see that it that -- so I don't think that there will be ramifications on Sunday. Which is good because Wes -- I think if -- -- patriots and that's a a match up that really availed itself in the scheme because you need some work in the middle against Seattle considered tough upfront. And a couple back. Hernandez does he play this -- bill says it's a game time decision what's your. Richard today. That's exactly what I think it'll come down to how to travel. Others to come through the plane ride -- -- get through the early running around on the field previous to a game I think we will see him. That probably 2:30 eastern time. On the field in Seattle we will update to the amount I would come through the -- but we'll keep -- -- -- what. Last week was an uphill fight and I'm extremely long shot that he would play now I think which three limited participation practices it it's probably closer to. It certainly isn't even though the quality come out come out as questionable. Well visually. Interest -- shady place -- you talked about the that the size -- up front and then. Do you look at you know guys like tolerant and and Sherman and Thomas -- how big they are. On the backside which means that market just stay very able to play safeties. Like their linebackers so they have kind of a built in nickel or dime with the people that they have. In their base out there on the field so for grow it becomes I think a little bit more to -- -- -- guys that get inside -- courtroom like Welker like Hernandez. -- open up something for them. It doesn't it it could be a game in which -- would. Its future and that's not just it's. Situation and it's an outgrowth of Stephen -- Like you could see that spreading with him out it's their big can't chancellor -- -- and coming out of college. Actually it wasn't a 63 to forty fire and police say he. So you don't hit some big -- and the advantage of this is while you would think they would publicly -- and slower. You know rivals stadium the place that they want to look at you could walk the Seattle Seahawks in the -- overnight they won't put thirty points. There. I'm not surprised John to see. And here the nice comments that Robert Kraft has. For Pete Carroll and how Pete Carroll has said that the New England experience was a great one form or even though it didn't end result in the championship. But you're there am I went to the cut through the BS and and tell me do you think. Pete Carroll now is different than the guy he was in New England -- so what's the difference. That he's the same guy. The -- changed more radically and Pete Carroll has changed. Pete Carroll -- all the delegates you know he was told that the patriots were going to be conflicting and Francisco 49ers. Which routinely get where -- Pete Carroll. -- peca -- the simply everything organized command here in the nickel and pat me on paper towels and toilet paper. What's going. But it. It that the that the -- further from the truth and in terms of the way they were gonna right and I think he remained the same through this for years. -- Genuine. Different. Pretty talented extremely disorganized. Very Smart. Pick -- Changed and I think that the -- from 1997. To 2002000. Really 2000. We will tell you this -- main focus at that juncture. -- -- -- to -- stadium built in hand to make some deals with the doubles which were two. Do some things to Greek failed. Control of the franchise. Really expect to win the losses and and I draw the parallel or Michael. And I think -- if you look at the Red Sox from. 03 total set -- orally. And their success and then they -- their priorities a little bit skewed. And then -- -- a belt same thing capital the patriots in the -- from 93 to 97. They had things pretty well in order and then their priorities excuse. You know Pete Carroll as you know he worked with bud grant for a while and in bud grant was not a screamer. And he wasn't -- guys who said he got a -- and pads during the week we're gonna play smash mouth you know he really took care of his guys. Same thing -- Bill Walsh so I think he look at it and said. I can be that have a guy be successful. But if you listened to some of his former players and Teddy has been up front with this Troy Brown said a lot of guys that they. EP was just too nice and they took advantage of you think that personality -- Can be successful. In today's NFL Pete Carroll's personality. I do and I think the guys. Even in the period of time that. We were fair and cover that and starting out and now the game has changed so radically I think clears there's so much more self motivated. And so much portrait in the hot seat in the hot seat in training doesn't get away you guys appreciate the need to work extremely hard. In a brutal at the foreground the Tedy Bruschi and the and the down the roster guys it was. It was a stars it was dazzling offensive line and column FOP friend drew. Who wanted to play by their rules and what soak up or go to and I think that you can't afford to have that because the competition level in the NFL that even ratcheted up. Since 1997. Pete Carroll came in and try to treat them like men and adults and let them be self correcting. Bill Parcells had told them to three years to breathe in breathe out. That's what happened. What that situation that you -- -- -- I can both -- and it Pete Carroll was victimized to the replays. Our -- also ahead Bobby Grier shopping for the groceries -- -- -- right and it was terrible so he didn't necessarily of the players. Listen I think you're right great guy. I enjoyed when he -- when he was here Smart guy especially defensively he really is a guy that understands defense as you can. That's why I'm not surprised that this is a very good defense of team of the way it's built defensively but. I still don't you laugh. And he allows obviously the cameras in the microphones in their after the get those post game speech is when they. I mean Tom there's something out of the situation comedy and I don't understand -- Professionals -- seeing how. If you can get away with a USC you deal with college kids and the only differ year to an end to move on but I find it hard to believe. That grows especially talking a patriot players who used to laugh at those speeches he's doing the same speeches. At the pump and the -- in the foot didn't. He's got a -- and every other sentence I mean it's like you know the guy wants the -- real word. Could you please don't single word you say the word for emphasis. And for all that I thought. I don't have a hot guys do that and and you would it over a long period. Eric -- you -- was quiet is because of the -- but -- players to the patriots have told me a Bill Belichick says well. If a coach can make you better. Doesn't matter how old is how funny looking ears. How bad it rapid if you can help you succeed and make money and do well to ride with few. And that's like Pete Carroll war if he makes your team better than you portable way I want to ask we're proud of light. Yeah why everybody likes everybody. For their. Every us hey listen you're much better when you stay on the line is no question -- much better if you do you provide more information -- entertainment. And now we found out about apologist puck so I stay on the line more often -- this'll work available about it thanks -- -- And you know -- you all knew that was coming c'mon. -- you got to hang up on him first step.

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