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ESPN's Chris Mortensen: Patriots could pass Texans as best team in AFC

Oct 12, 2012|

We get our weekly Mort Report from ESPN's Chris Mortensen (NFL Countdown, NFL 32). Chris tells us if the Patriots continue to get better, they could finally get their 4th Superbowl ring. Mort also focuses on other aspects of the NFL, from Scott Fujita to the 49ers.

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-- accurately a Beck show blood wordplay and Michael -- it's time for our weekly get together with Chris mortenson from ESPN NFL thirty. It's all brought you by the sharing credit union first of all Iowa. Congratulate the mortgage now 55 and 22 and his NFL expert -- you can find them on line. And espn.com. And as he told us so last week I forget the throw darts or do you pick the colors of uniforms again yet. Yet some type of way of very scientific and scientific. Or. -- is that what it is GOL. But you -- Seattle this way. I picked the block holes last week or elsewhere in the first four weeks -- patriots. -- -- that worked -- really -- And by the way it was funny because right after the show and I'm ready and set on this -- watches or talk about a game you realize you picked the wrong things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everything came depicted on the come back. And bites which -- this year you'll have to list your number one is competition and it ended there is no there's there's no money involved there's no prizes. Other than there is little bit of bragging rights and I always used to finish in the top two victory in the of one of the few years that. It's what's great is on -- I'm in the patriots fans don't like. A man on the -- -- -- -- he's -- -- -- and so I think colon -- had this the second straight week have -- If that's the case he should be celebrated military Mort that the patriot. You know the answer is they ask you about Belichick's analyst Tom Jackson that's not me. What. They do it's funny you mentioned though the patriots fans I'm wondering art do you find the patriots fans more vocal. And any in terms of Twitter and emails and then other plans. Alamo there there are they rank -- up there in -- for obvious reasons number one. And bases very passionate. Two probably. Now the it is -- basis. Is to large fan base there's another reason -- being at certain claim bases like Steelers. No bill stand at a big no complex that they can't speak right now -- You know whenever complex. There's over the most part I would say the jets in I don't know just as there always there is really jump off a building. Cyberspace Steelers patriots they're -- been been built for some reason. You know played no respect we you know at least I. They're hungry wins and wins some games on this service. Games and and and that things have sort of for the most part -- over the over the top ones in just doesn't know much interest there -- their teens and you know to be quite honest with Vietnamese site. What I seen from the patriots here it is this thing move as the season moves on an -- say the injuries don't mount that we have -- and inspect. I mean. I see them I see them go impassive texas' investing in the AFC and I see this thing go on I think in -- defense will get better it -- not worse. The offenses is just like oh my goodness. They figured it out they were gonna be totally Tom Brady -- but -- Tom Brady. You know you know they are going to be able to do some things formation leak and run the ball in -- and meeting Bill Belichick is. So arrogant. In this deal that he you know the no result and you figure out well he went spoke to an Urban Meyer picked up a little they're all we talked to Chip Kelly Morgan picked up a little something here. Just to show you he has always evolving. -- always willing to reassess and I know this off season he made a commitment to become not. Solely reliant on Tom Brady and -- the office and if this continues to go the way it's going. They may get that fourth Super Bowl ring with this group. Give back that the second but I do wanna ask you about the saints because this story just keeps going went on about an evolving story. Going on and on a case of Scott Fujita has some problems with the commissioner. Says he doesn't care about players Jonathan Vilma is back again with the appeal. And the commissioner. Changes the wording a little bit what you see this story going and you know what's the end game here in your opinion. The end game is gonna go right to February in New Orleans when the patriots are playing the 49ers in the Super Bowl. And we're still -- About about this Friday press conference and the commission that's ultimately get him Obama security will there be here. -- by the way I've I would totally obviously do not encourage any of that. Look I've never seen so much animosity. Toward a -- commission compromise any leak. Commissioner as I do towards. Mr. -- These play an effect at the same player that players across the league and it they'll go back to last year's lockout they were there were a lot of bitterness even as be finished it and if you give the players you know they they're the ones economy this bad data in it and fight for more power in the beyond the that they did not make it an issue of the players union. And I think one reason why is that they would have had to exchange something that was valuable to them like for instance. It would have been another point or two and money when you to another point or two when you're done about nine billion dollars a year. You know what that means in terms of dollars. In terms it's something that probably only in this to be for the saint thinking about. Probably only comes up a few times that the commissioner because the pint per hit -- not go to the commissioner of the go to the Ray Anderson of football operations guy. And then there's an appeal process there -- and then the other thing or they would be really want these no cut down practice and in -- address the most. Safety issues. And things like that and so they felt like. It commissioner you know he was gonna fight for that we're gonna have to give something -- very valuable to get that for something that you minimally. But they didn't anticipate this case and they really feel like when he abuses the power. He's gonna have to pay the price and in right now mr. Goodell is paying the price. That there's no question about it -- let's get back to this. Seattle game it's interesting one when you talk about what the patriots are doing right now with this so hurry up offense. Are loud building loud stadium so it's going to be interesting to see how quickly they can pull the stuff off the defense of Seattle. How does that defense we're seeing how big they -- they're big in the back end of it. Which may help them a little bit on -- no huddle hurry up offense and that they're not gonna necessarily have to work sub packages and that it does that can do. All things they can defend against the run big defend against the past how good is this the Seattle defense. What's really good you know it's -- can't sit there and you know it might be better in the Arizona defense. You know because they don't that ought to trick it up because they're so big and they're fast. But I would say this much if you're gonna be run on the no huddle and you're running the Balkans formation when you get -- we see they're getting some good -- in the running game. That's with the 49ers who dated people they're very creative -- -- -- thinker but now now they're very creative with their creative in the running game. And we're seeing some of that with the patriots. And that's probably an area where I think you can do some damage against the Seahawks in the running game. And you know we know that the Seahawks probably can't score 21 point 11 point by Peter -- And so on and here again -- in the -- You know I know it's the -- probably cancel more than 21 now may be special teams navy's defense you touched down but that happens is that. Under those conditions it's hard for me to see the patriots not scoring at least when he won. That yet the really good defense they're physical getting the Pete Carroll does is he. Practices. I mean whether it's off season currencies and they practice they have ample. So -- the pretty well conditioned football team as well. Just a matter of -- and Russell Wilson who -- struck -- -- Russell Wilson 510 and a half. You know and and it was trying to do something to loosen it up a little deformity you know. He played and biggest operative line of football Wisconsin in the college football he thought that was gonna help from the and the problem is combined big it's fast and it's an adjustment form like it is any -- I've -- how is the NFC west. The -- couple years ago we laughed at seven and nine during. Go to the post season now we have fourteens all played above 500 by the way for the better. Defense of teams in the league if they all had to follow the lead a San Francisco to win in that division. Yeah I think so I think all of them and -- and now if you look at the coaches to the identity factor to me yet that would be the most improved as a football but it you know site you can -- -- -- because they were so bad. But what they are. Not just defense -- they are physical I mean they they you know you're you're going to be hurt you know before the 49ers. You know it's gonna take more time to recover from that game that it will be every game. Game I would say that's true -- Seahawks cardinals in even the -- with Leo Jeff Fisher took them mentality up to Saint Louis and look at look at -- building had a pretty good defensive front -- -- this secondary. And so you know that's that's -- the identity -- the -- -- defense. Very physical and I would say you. You know. So that the wanting to got a core record -- the Ramsey you know use Saint Louis I mean it is called content was met that actually has the highest passer rating in the league. But you know I would say what -- Lexus division over the next couple years. When asked -- more which team do you think is in the most trouble of the teams that are are under 500 good teams that are under 500 talk about Pittsburgh. Expected them to be good at least I did expect a Green Bay to be good and New Orleans they're all. They all have lost more than they won -- which which team is is really in dire straits your -- Had two great questions dire straits that I know -- obviously the saints because you're good because they record and in their division is pretty good I mean I know Tampa Bay Carolina can be. You know if -- that. Out this saint because they're deeper and deeper analysis. So so you know there really -- just so so. The Packers you know you would certainly your arm and you know they're gonna win in Houston they live in Houston. -- that's going to be more of an alarm and it -- some people. And then the the other one goes the other -- good one. Pittsburgh a Pittsburgh yet I did not think the Steelers were playoff team now. They've got enough injuries. Combined with. The other issues -- weather issues and and and speaking with some of the problems there and told me beat it back in August pieces -- which -- greatest concern about the -- goes leadership. We will -- barrier -- -- to defensive leaders. And Hines Ward on offense and you see them losing -- in the fourth quarter you know at Oakland at Denver at last night into Tennessee Titans and you could sit there and say maybe that is the leadership this I don't know but. I think the Steelers. Might be more trouble because of the injuries in the leadership issues and we factored in and so all of them and we don't couple land among the league yet but they're trouble to. -- -- Lebanese safety issue league talks about safety all the time they have done everything possible to protect the quarterback. To protect the defenseless. Players that we look at the block from -- loss from the other night taken out the need. A Bryant cushion. Pushing. Jared Allen coming out basically saying my knee is as valuable as Tom Brady's they're not protecting. The defense of players loss it only gets a 101000 dollar. Fine the -- more protective. Of the offensive players because they bring more people to the television. Well look this has been discussed. Extensively about the competition committee and actually redefine the league cup blocking zone. You -- causes. To get there much discussion. At the turn of the determine for -- in the cup block it was necessary -- You know you're the offenses that. You know he might have put more injuries could go on the what's the one dimensional I don't know about that. I think -- Jared Allen has a point. The 101000 dollar fine is basically be it was because he's not a player up and he's yet and yet. Find more about it by the way by the letter of the rule I'm not sure of the illegal it. But at the same time I think it's going to be continued discussion. Going forward this next offseason I don't know what they're gonna do about it over Houston Texans no doubt they turned in the play but nobody cut more than Houston Texans. So you know it was a tough loss for the Texans I I think it's I don't think it's almost a game changer this game to your discussion is that. And I would say that we are going to see more limitations on cup blocking once we get to the -- -- -- -- There's no question though is it's a double standard is -- that I mean offensive players get once generals or defense of players. Get a set set. They do but -- you have is don't they have. Basically sort of protect those players in during the relevant time toward rumor has it on Keith Rivers. It all mean that the word now -- you can't just corn -- I have about a blind side block so they're doing more in that area but. I think the cut blocking inside that -- In May because -- -- just out of the zone I'm not sure but that's got to be addressed in again it's his -- but here's bill officials have a lot to look for him. And so would have changed. When it really came Dorsey is I don't ever see David are -- You rate cut block in altogether. More great stuff as usual go work and -- again we'll talk to next week right so they're more like Chris mortenson. Of ESPN. Right here -- --

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