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Patriots LB Jerod Mayo with the Big Show

Oct 12, 2012|

We speak with Jerod Mayo on a Patriots Friday and preview Patriots @ Pete Carroll's Seahawks this weekend. Jerod has respect for the Seahawks backs, and a tough crowd to play in front of.

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I heartland holly -- you're the big show we'll get back to the folk calls in just a couple second stand for are still talk to our guy Jerod Mayo presented by SP ally. No all nonsense life insurance company an hour for new low rates for men and women call 88 get SP alive or visit Caspian buy dot com. For your free quote try to I would honestly. I'm very do you get ready to board a plane here in just a a few minutes past it is a question before we get and a football. Do you mind flying because this is a long trip does that bother you at all. Are about I don't know in the world. I was just say -- some guys on the team and it get a little bit shaky when he gives a little rough from -- -- Yeah I shouldn't you -- -- one right actually shaking. When the circumstances you know I don't think anyone who likes this -- as you know take it and built in the left in the you know they're they're kind of stared down through. I've been around proteins were. Guys have actually you can minera just couldn't nice and couldn't get to the back there's a kid that the Houston Rockets strapped to think about this. On he played university of Minnesota I believe Royce White. And he won't sign with the Houston Rockets right now because they haven't agreed. You travel him by car or bus and remember another -- -- the MBA players like every other night right for so. He wants to travel by bus or car 'cause he's got this exciting we can. Go in an airport. Yeah yeah yeah -- -- Yeah. -- -- And right a very. Yet Dylan like a mad cruisers have a right imagine imagine. Know you you know linebackers -- a Winnebago does drives -- You know -- You're he'd take a trip like this and against you guys are gonna have your. -- walk through tomorrow. In Seattle as -- throw up your routine at all to have the a flight like this is Seattle and am trying to say the other side of the world but it still pretty long trip. As your preparation change your plan a team like this and yeah. That the preparation and -- there are tumultuous. You know got to be on the order before but now would it which -- absolutely try to make it as normal as possible. Back in those days talk about -- and special where we let thirteen points. You're very familiar with the Marshawn Lynch he was in this division. Before being traded but what you see on film from the quarterback Russell Wilson. I mean you don't a lot of -- things -- the -- the mobile that it sends some you know black people talk about it are met all of its laurels. He can make all the throws -- out of the party consultants all the parties as a player these young guys not -- I'm. Not their Richard in certain leadership of those losses on. I would think in every week you guys look to stop one thing and force the team to do something else I got to believe getting back Marshawn Lynch and that's words stopped -- thing. How difficult is it to tackle him and second of all. The C -- a lot more to backs up with that with Robinson -- the full back to lead the way for him than you normally say. I know what you know -- actually it's a question he has those calls Bob Barr. He's what a linebacker or run a bank -- are delivered -- delivered -- blow. He's very tough to take down that's like you know eleven got that caters to Britain after the ground. Nancy your second question yet they do on a lot of combat missions you know -- they'll put I didn't back -- fullback or you know what you say -- Robert. -- come back -- fullback they have a lot of versatile player that came. They're pretty good this year a lot of different. That would be heard about the atmosphere and we have heard I know you're not off with a player but I've heard on and on that is really difficult. Torn offence to concentrate here I think you played there what your rookie year -- Seattle. Who were not there to detonate it's a loud stadium allows you. I'll like to stand. Very. You know local you know -- the -- Sounds a lot more involved each other it's loud and and and the great. Now hopefully we can. You know our combat that -- and again. Yeah I think that's probably a big part of the game you know -- -- it seems to give their defense it was talked a lot about their defense this week. But it seems to give them an edge if you applying an outside especially if you playing up front and you got a lot of sound. Because the visitors offenses on the field. Gigolo -- -- can take a few liberties. I realize that there are you know they're at and -- you know we we always practice round bubbles on all of them. The vehicle communicate -- house and wearers it's not something that will happen at twelve special ballplayer should do. So no matter -- is you know super loud and I don't know it's always something where you know we're able to. I would build pipe in this week so that people couldn't hear. I didn't use our animals a lot of -- -- a lot of things of congress it would not music is not certain home communicate -- the last thing. Now I -- paid attention enough so I know. If you guys are are gonna talk about two weeks from Brandon Spikes but what I asked you haven't been to a spikes is it that this is argue. As that when you became. Where. I don't know when you when you became a professional athlete and became a member of the New England Patriots. And I know you're still out there you have mail bowl and you're and you -- TV DTV spots out there. How did how did becoming a patriot changed. What is the way you dealt with the public is is there are some restraint -- some things you hold back because you're afraid of how they'll be. Interpreted since you're a patriot and your represented an organization has that change becoming a -- that changed any thing about how you deal with the public. And -- important -- is pretty much you know I think you'd have to. You know at that could change a part of that -- You don't wanna take someone's personal excellence. To be out with you. You know this may not update update. On where are things like that actors like to. -- black or do you know. They were almost saying into I want to do that candidate -- -- -- and the right to do don't they -- kind of kind of art what he -- you wanna. -- the politically correct answer right there and they get about a block you know at at Ameritrade every represented organizations and you'll want to do that. Does that bother you and Michael started by talking about nobody wants to talk about somebody else does have all the you sometimes when something happens. With a multiplier. And it could be right it could be wrong. That people are going to his teammates. -- I Jermaine Cunningham which chased down in -- all the other night by channel 7 NEWS to ask him what he thought about exits to. -- isn't the ball a -- does remain ignorant or get a bit. But this bother you -- -- media people come up the start asking and what you say you're not you don't want to repeat teammate is you may you may not like -- did that. You don't wanna repeat team it. Is that a problem for players. When -- asked about other players actions. You know Leo how about not speak for yourself and so that's why not try to do you know back in the day if someone at least you know the -- the job at your real bureau situation have a job to do as well so. -- politely declined to answer a question that's approach. -- situation down at all. They got caught in my lower back here -- subs did I tell about yourself -- 8888 and went in jeopardy just run into Victoria's Secret. That becomes the story. I've been married then got another story. Picture or story ever walked in here that appeared nervous or exactly there's no word from Broadway and I saw you in the news or Victoria's Secret and I don't see any dips. Tampa -- a lot of BitTorrent. Or. All right listen -- looked at the schedule you back home and that you're going to London so you better you better find a way of enjoying this flawed because I think he's going to be doing some flying yet. Very erratic that aren't hurt her tactic -- where it let's have a great to have a great game -- -- talk to you back here next week. Are actually drugs and a male and it brought you by SP on the no nonsense. The life insurance company an -- for new low rates for men and women. Call 88 get SP ally or visit SP alive dot com. He's a popular guy who's also sponsored by Sam Adams Boston blogger and Boston plays imagine just -- Royce -- -- he's holding up. A deal like Lucy in the last couple they -- to say when I was again I did get I was in Iowa State guy. -- -- And I -- well you know what he left the university of Minnesota and went to -- just like an easy ride and drive. Yeah that's exactly it if you looked he looked at their schedule I don't work packet it. Are playing. If you're playing in the and SEC. What let's say I mean in the East Coast big east. Let. It be in Ohio. It's I'm just not gonna travel I'm -- -- -- the line. If I'm gonna -- right here I don't know what Hannibal it's a great part of the I put a lot of there's a lot of it -- look at the western conference of of the Ames Iowa -- -- Iowa. Anywhere I tell you play most games in the unit in the worst -- a look at you tell me how you possibly going to make it from a Monday night game tool Wednesday night game. I don't you gonna do so and -- skipped practice right he's gonna skip practice and work through the day before. To pull the talent evaluate that they do their homework on this one. Skip or get on the phone. -- after important Carol and Patrick and I ask -- he says I'm just accounts just coats in the players. We get a phone calls coming up next at 61777. Six and 937 radio affliction.

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