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John, Gerry, and the listeners reflect on Meter's time at WEEI and wish him good luck

Oct 12, 2012|

D&C look back at Jon Meterparel's impact on the show, his time at WEEI over the years, and how much they'll miss him. Callers and texters also wish Meter goodbye while some people give their suggestion on who should replace him.

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Not going to be anyone has twist you meter. You know -- good luck you been great. Thanks for making us laugh and showing held a job should be done best wishes to meter. Pay me to buy good luck enjoyed you for all these years. -- -- we get if you thought the third place you don't pop up that is okay. Well but you got to do two things in going to be yourself and -- there was could do and and twisted. And we get we found someone was twisted like meter and bizarre yes. That probably wouldn't be here every day two we were as a reliable yeah as anyone never late never been a missed today and when -- -- But if you're just sick enough. Don't do the job and to a rightly we could put you know LB in now or Mikey atoms Mikey Adam what's it like three days of the week. It's not the not a bad idea while Michael -- makes us laugh. Mikey is. Genuinely -- you know there are times in habits -- -- get some what's the toughest part you judge on a notional analyst Sean I don't know -- and on the -- things warnings that. Bitch meters thank him right now. Is the last time I have to do lists. I hate myself -- a -- I think this is a female fans you were breaking my heart John meet Perot. Would be built Cuba thought they'd both like to think it's not. Does this mean -- kids can now play but toy guns and how does that change anything -- that he's traveling all over -- but we'll when -- away maybe you come on mobile can -- -- around AK forty -- -- -- -- -- -- -- great suggestions now replacement of course if you're looking for somebody who shows up every -- and is insane. One not Bobby Valentine. That's a good I -- that shows up nicely wants one Andrea just caught traffic but the kid airport -- illegal traffic we come to works a little older well I don't know if not a bad spot Bobby Valentine that's. That is going to be a lot of people want this joke meter -- pro you throw away. Who as well they should -- it's a phenomenal job. I have no regrets now and how long you've been in twelve years I remember that day you came to Charlotte and you discovered -- Court discovered me and you won't you walked out of the bar in Charlotte's and hey -- and remember you like he's he'll lose by -- number. Sure enough. Two months later you go -- We call them. -- of forget this we were here -- a month Euro nervous and I told the you know you funniest film Euro was that and you with the media and the -- of -- part on our side. Ultimately he's just got to loosen up and you did. Loosen up -- few minutes left on almost a daily basis and now it and -- as. Just weird stuff that you remember that gets stuck in your twisted mind. Sure. That's talent a lot of people -- just. -- -- from the Golf Channel there all smoke and heart putt good point another what's that Pete sharper just passed me going a hundred miles an hour on the last night Jennifer felt we. It's going to be here to only be next week. Leo yeah goes yeah we compete JB is in Maine KGB good morning. Lauren. We know that's what does it reduce my thunder yeah. I don't resolution. Human effort to obviously that is on the play in the -- one -- all the guys in the that you. You don't constantly. Make me laugh and the -- in Callahan. I mean Gerry Callahan and not do you know we're gonna mr. and I'm adamant -- how idea. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It fusion in this steady work with you know benefits and all that. Your wife on board with this is this planned labor -- little bit actor and getting a little. -- now. Adam romantic on her a little quixotic. No no she answers on Georgia after about a month. After month of agonizing we talked it over and you know it is a risk it's the terrorists it's taken a leap. Take a leap of faith. Actress and have no regrets follow your dreams with no regrets cents -- I'd never says it was. It was you were no longer have achieved -- and stuff like he's amphibious and the block and an MS bill does Tom collateral or just everybody often used as a -- Ryan -- remains -- -- -- that the greedy -- he got to get a efforts -- media. It's impossible on -- everybody's. Posing preening. -- ending at at some may not. Total frauds and from there are fewer frauds and in radio and TV that's she agreed on TV all girl and -- And he goes on TV people thought it was a choir boy. Of the radio real thick it's crazy. All the bad Jerry. Pictures yet to me now without me without me just ask you this -- to show it to me without -- -- says that texts a month. Why now. And come back to. -- did you guys give him a lovely parting -- like inflatable furniture -- or that I called chat until the gators and -- with sprinkles but the minority government -- -- so we don't have we nominee or just. To -- they certainly don't deserve it yes Brung the -- like two days ago. I don't listen a little party for -- Will all get together from our rules and games one cooler nights ago and I tell you about it. -- first order of business you're going to be like. You know like it resonate together and paper you get them. Might the -- few trips -- the future optic send that resonate around the country just happened to -- after all the buildings commercials now. Like like Q but like I don't wanna know why hadn't I think that made -- real. The real reason he's leaving that you know he looked his club and said. I got all the clutch I could live for Albert -- office. I don't need to go to Milton ever again after the back for some alterations. When you need in the -- -- you. Right audience if you have to give back in. Driving in through Subaru known on the metro mr. Bruno. Teachers though there strategic objective it usually there is Rome language make the best watch best of luck -- hope -- get to sit in. Now it's time to get drunk -- It is trying to go to Tallahassee. Are in. There I'd -- on the -- Michael. And I do I -- -- have been listened to Richmond a dog in the WB. Resentment of the senior. And you you're a professional look you guys next CNN mister hack idea or great for those guys in our limits on that -- goes. I don't know -- to replace I don't know he can be replaced but can't -- great. -- -- I agree with that -- has been great listened -- the luck I -- all the reasons are that you'll be in history Europe and really deal. It is Michael you know -- we should have done this a few days ago worries that unthinkable. And have people and all these calls and all these Texans touched do I really am I got a couple of muscle -- also -- one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was the gods and touches just about this but he's tried to keep them in my rainy. That's the first time in Entercom has terrific of our consumerism attached I'm. No comment here they tried to they are you now offered him a radio. -- people in the hall where just fallen down the past they're fainting. Offered to what what does that mean. Or route route route through the use in this wolf they could get the words and write them to pay to put it in Brooke. Ray he spelled wrong because she's now written that were before that meter said not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Begala noted we're sad yet it's so but what I'm really gonna miss the most like me to get real excited and -- -- funny when he went. In the micro. That's. Some people who met again in skin yet never know right at. The air -- -- -- -- -- -- wanted to fight you hope that we bring in someone is that disaster. In someone as of last boy. And yes it's going to be like to run that this guy like Bobby Valentine replacing media and -- at our place and bulbous yeah well you are hoping for disaster. -- I'm not I'm hoping it's like that week when we had frank we had a hole was never exactly Everett accurate name frank Everett Jermaine. -- -- that we had to work the best is WI CK Grossman had a basket. It's almost we have O meter is leaving W -- yet to pursue play by play opportunities which like asked the Nikkei has some fired irons in the fire already. You'll continue BC football he will continue on BC basketball he just won't be doing the Dennis and -- financial leaving us high and dry. While he pursues history of -- Butler what he was a -- for a lot of people didn't really like us you know Larry. You know yeah he'd like me right. People she'll -- -- lake view the camera function and in related -- became our third. And he Jewish. People shouldn't be Jewish as well it's. Good point the old seal -- applause giant lie. The -- out -- you make an art form out of costs and line -- don't tell bank let me tell little eyes that means little sportsman's you can never years ago Ambien. Dishonest and -- of these that's been on the party who would put all of gold -- Discounted texted from the and is now honestly point the Goldman the Goldman who was 2010 Stanley Cup yes that is one of the -- -- inspections -- all when I but I actually -- the goldmans yeah we bought one and this this gigantic. Package was just filled is closing out a little movement believe and I had the green guys from effort yeah right you put that suit me why good idea whichever farewell dinner party effort to Korea. Do you think you tolerate it straight to administer that. Right straight or go to straight and I kept to gaga videos via interstate reject what I -- do for farewell party I just wanna know you don't wanna bring to mind that you need to -- my -- -- little -- -- -- -- you can crawl -- -- is an -- up the next. -- you next. After more than a decade until you do -- hiding his true and so the -- Milton soon. On one fateful sunny day in Florida. You decided to reveal his true selves and stood up. -- shirt off and -- for the cameras. Really good look at the far right and oh I'm sixteen and -- -- you guys apology from the fans romance she wound up. Have a -- and that my slice underpinning here. And his feet outside of Tennessee. My bad okay. Thank you go you do get a good base yesterday. Early this yeah. We're gonna take his brief time out and Crayton gone news broke with the shirt back.

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