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Michael Fabiano, NFL Network, on Week 6 in fantasy football

Oct 12, 2012|

Michael Fabiano joins Mut and Lou to answer callers' fantasy questions: if Michael Vick will produce points this weekend and who to start/sit this week.

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Final hour on a Friday patriots product muck Lou not a three point seven WEEI played a call -- to talk to -- -- -- on but we are. Loaded up. You guys started there back one guy's been there since last hour on ask quarterback question Michael's abbey on -- I'm excited about his starters starts of the week you can try to get through if you want 6177797937. People -- drop author of the conversation you can jump on now. What your side about one. Or that the last night's game wasn't too great now is not adding up to the best start but Trent Richardson the Mary's Thomas Reggie -- -- -- starts of the week for him. Something commit economic comeback I I got one question about you and fantasy football and you're you are obsessed with -- but every Thursday now paying -- sends out these tweets. Where makes like you're sitting there populate the fantasy expert like get a break down your -- do you really going getting inside info on us. Eagle one of the Comcast -- got to get help with your -- and is that is that what's going on here -- we had dung and I forgot his name unfortunately. But we did a segment Comcast sports -- -- won every week now browser. Just want to. Yet -- on every week on which day -- that. When you get inside info that's a year successfully complicated -- I have ordered Friday. Beyond does help us out. -- great import now a little bit concerned about this week because he always always has great information Michael Fabiano -- FL network NFL live joins us. I'll start with an easy one us started Sid and Alex Rodriguez tonight against the Orioles -- Said listen I did say -- sit on the he can't hit a fastball. I don't understand -- and I I want I want the the misery and here because I know sabathia is gonna pitch great and -- just enough and we can't hit. We can't score runs or less it's a home run. I don't know why Girardi doesn't play shot is at third and applying is that DH. And believe. A-Rod on the bench all get it. I don't get it all while we negotiated to have because that she probably should to a three guys in -- and everybody. Do you know how many times the exit struck out in the series an -- thirty. 38 are important games. That's I mean a couple of when action but still listen I know -- eleven this but that it's it's just -- not sacred union deal. They they can granderson just as bad he can't hit either -- Grandy man can. -- -- He can't -- right now unfortunately Michael let's get the start because a lot of -- a lot of unknowns this week and that was some of the injuries. Mean just dropped three names that you real quick get -- Alex green -- ballot three guys are picked up all this week expect anything out of any of them. The only got -- that would play and I actually am playing as a flexes Vick Ballard two reasons why spend the jets they've given up the fifth most basic points are running backs. Number two he's gonna be the guy in Green Bay Alex green is supposed to start. But James Starks is gonna she -- -- and Mike McCarthy is thirty said well you know what if what these guys get hot and I'll play him so that these fancier sort of the dark. If they're playing Houston Texans who by the way have a pretty darn good defense despite losing Brian -- for the season so. If it's anyone out of those three it's Vick Ballard. Let's get some your phone call stupid people already lined up the wait for awhile and they have a lot of questions for you. The putt from Scott's enhanced and waiting patiently talked to Michael for -- Donald was Scott go I would like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like Decker. He is actually started to catch and touchdown passes from Peyton Manning over the last few weeks. And it quarterback. I'd play Vick and I would pray and cross my fingers I don't like -- this week Romo has got a very tough match up. On the road against a ravens defense is gonna be aggressive because the cowboys -- to one it's terrible. Vick at least doesn't have as bad of a match up it's not a great matchup against Detroit but I'd rather play evicted Roma I have very little faith in -- right now. I text reads a two out of three from Connecticut and he wants to know my home state yes why that's why I went to a two and a two of these three running backs Richardson and Peterson. Stephen -- totally start to those three. Sit Steven Ridley and I I don't it's probably not a popular answer because the patriots success with their backfield especially Ridley but. Boy that's a tough matchup in Seattle against the Seahawks they are extremely difficult. To face on their home field. And is bitterly Israelis than I have and in what electricity has been great. I just I'd sit him out of those three running backs. -- your fancy questions Michael's abbey on NFL network nfl.com Jeremiah. Is in Maine Jeremiah go ahead. -- -- I question about that it took a look at acted out that would eat it is lying under vikings. I will go with. Vick tends to turn the ball over and if you get turnovers for your fantasy defense. That's three pick up a lot of points the vikings defense has been good this season. But I'd rather play lions. Vikings in Washington RG -- gonna play this and a lot of whispered back game. Thank you and secondly I Alex Smith -- bum finger or. He. Eli -- I would -- Eli Manning. I would actually up to anyone got that you can pick about the -- wired -- -- Kevin Cobb I really like in this week the matchup is great to bills have given up the most fish -- quarterbacks this season. And before last week when -- did nothing against the rams because the offensive line abandoned him he actually scored eighteen warfare -- which in those two previous games. There's only been one quarterback all your face the bills and not score more than eighteen can't supports I think cop to decent sleep. Michael want to ask you -- -- was talking about you mentioned RG three or a guy like Matt Stafford that a lot of people come off their bye we -- probably. Looking to get rid of this guy because that you're sick and tired of Matthew Stafford right now what you feel about those two guys. Stafford actually in the two games of for the body was about it all he had over eighteen fantasy points in both of those games it was the first couple weeks where he struggled and didn't do much. I don't think he could trade Stafford now I wanna wait until he has a big gain and then maybe could sell high on him but again. Don't go trade and a guy like Matt Stafford if you don't have a viable number two and I'm talking about you could have Stafford and RG three you could have Stafford and Andrew Luck at this point. I wouldn't trade him just for the sake of dealing him. If that leave you to be playing the match to -- accuracy -- you wanna do that. And guys Stafford was never gonna be what it was last year he could still be very good he will be very good. The 5000 yards 41 touchdown passes you have to go to the season tempering expectations when a player like that. -- Heidi question text or wants an -- but Dennis universe is Jason Witten and -- a side bar here what do you do with Dennis and I mean I've bought. Yeah jumped in and he has sucked. The last couple weeks yeah he has and I would play -- and -- is asking for the cowboys was a big one if -- member. On Monday night despite the fact they got destroyed by the bears he had a really big game. I like Witten better payday has had a couple of bad games and road doesn't mean you abandoned altogether I wanted to -- to have two tied into my -- I'd rather. Have that roster spot for -- -- -- running back hurt like you pick up Java desperation of -- or is he may be back for the lions in a week -- two. But this week I would go with -- -- in. I certainly wouldn't be starting paid out unless I need to two games in a row you've lost a little faith in him to of course starting at makes -- the batter up. Sorry about that cavity in New Hampshire with a running back question for Michael Fabiano madcap. I. Spikes on the open in between ago with soaring and oh but more. Would you go there. I'll tell you -- This is tough and I'm gonna go with more is but I don't like the matchup this week the vikings have been really tough against reading next season in fact they've given up. I think it's a second or third fewest since -- points a running backs this season that being said Morse has been so good. And the -- got a tough matchup -- he's on the road against the Eagles. I go Morse because he's been the better back to this point but honestly I don't know that I'd expect much from either one of these guys. How about this quarterback question -- Rask in this but I think it's legit Andrew -- -- Rodgers had -- -- up can you believe that I mean it is a legit question. I like -- Andrew Luck this week. I can't play him over Aaron Rodgers and fortunately if you're riverboat gambler and and you wanna try and go for the gusto well I wouldn't argue with you start in left. But Rogers is a guy that it would be really hard for me to sit and -- -- drafted Rodgers and RG three for example. -- has that got a good matchup on paper. But they have to throw the football two win games because their backfield. Now with kicked -- back to the not gonna lean on him for 25 carries a game I still like luck. This week though you got to play -- in fact if -- has another good game I would tell that quality try to sell high within view. In another guy I was disappointed talk last -- -- Chris Johnson actually showed some like Panetta in Italy that if I miss it where it was amazing these I had stashed potentials could deceive but Darren McFadden. And always from where people thought he was going to be issues that disappointment coming up the eyewitness he changed things up. Atlas and the falcons have a terrible against the run this year just awful so he is a must start in place in my opinion this week. In that game which could be a high scoring game for the falcons but remember that raiders are leaning on McFadden both as a runner past -- centerpiece of their offense. I continue to play him and ask for Chris Johnson here's the good news Chris Johnson he didn't completely stink last. Any plays the bills. Coming up in week seven. So if you're like me and you want nothing to do with her sharpen your sick of them you play your next week because he's going to be a must start against that bills defense which is his god awful. And then you sell high on you try to treat him as much as you can as hard as you can. Try to treat Chris Johnson and telling you right now the second you get high on him and you think he's going to be the guy from 2009 he's gonna lay a four point eight on yeah. And then you're going to be back to square one. Start CJ two K coming up in week seven against the bills he's gonna have a good game try to treat them. -- like I have a question for you journal about it what do we do when there is -- yankees -- if there's a -- -- -- -- -- -- analytical -- is not -- you know -- Martellus -- you know you you scored a couple touchdowns in the past couple weeks he's been -- -- -- -- He's still with a hyper extended -- looks like he's gonna play though. I think there's better options out there Kyle Rudolph has agreed option good matchup against the skins of that -- game Fred Davis is a got a good match up. Brent Celek always deals has been fantastic I can't believe he is available in a lot of leaks still I don't know why it's got three touchdowns in three games so. -- to me is a guy that the roses offered little -- the bloom is -- a little bit with with Martellus Bennett at this point. And I think he's a risk reward option right now remembered playing the niners. Defense is unbelievable so if I could -- and it I would sort of break the bad news to. That's five full line and got our producer asking a -- has been -- Basmati and here she gets that. Bob Bradley Quincy brag about Michael Fabiano. They got the outside back on the leaks or your went. I need to start to the three running backs Fred Jackson. Even Jackson with a power Arizona. Will man by takes up there you were -- your religious man is you're gonna have to go to church on those guys. I mean Stephen Jackson I would play I don't like the matchup this -- the dolphins are extremely -- Defensively especially against the run. I can't trust William Powell McCain and I know I know the matchup is kid I'll say this if we're resting its -- is an active. This week. Then I like Powell a bit more because depleted bills in the bills are just that the punching bag for fantasy football players this season. But if he's active and reports out of heirs that are saying that he's gonna be the starter I mean we have to see what happens was no it's not gonna play his cards in front of us and let us know what's gonna happen. I've played both Jackson's I don't like either one of them honesty I don't like either one of objection. His is playing Miami like I mentioned tough matchup for the entry he doesn't here's to CJ Spiller and Arizona defense is pretty good. So. -- mean I'm ready to serve kicked out of what should action be honest with yet it's going to be a rough going for both of the Jackson's this weekend. -- stake in nick who's in north hit the with a quarterback question for Michael Fabiano the NFL network nfl.com glad nick. Yet there and I have a question so I'm struggling to break what -- -- five points in all real mildly. But where's the where. -- -- I'll moderate camp are not thinking about trying to get in for Andrew -- we worry about that. I think it's fair trade listen when it comes to trades. Unless a trade is completely ridiculous like all right I turn to Aaron Rodgers for TY Hilton. Wasn't gonna do it if you have more faith in injury -- from here on into the rest of the season that you do and Kim Newton a simic Detroit especially football trading is all about having fun. And as a G yen and as an owner as a coach. And fantasy football if you like a player and expect and they have a big second half of the season say -- like luck more than camp. I do the deal I absolutely do that I think Campbell turned things around. Insofar as he's going to be very good when the match of this terrible but again it's the same thing as Stafford hit 370 cancer please Lester was gonna happen again so. If you like a lot better down the stretch and -- value is rising he scored over eighteen -- points in each of his last three games that I should make the trade. What are your busy man over there a phone network in a -- dot com Mike in my right to assume that from five to Saturn only thirty I had a message to public open for you right now that listen it last night I was doing personnel football for nfl.com and I had the Yankees game on one of the TV's. So I was extremely. Trying to be is extremely quiet like -- I had some some silent yells go go down and they kept striking out. And the pitching has been great and today I actually doing the show around the league I'm on their about 250 Saudi election beginning of the game. My producer -- that team is a huge Orioles fan while so it's gonna I've actually Wear pinstripes today and let's I loved the -- guys and I love the Yankees. Derek and I know they're gonna break my heart I know they're gonna break my heart hopefully sabathia comes out pictures has a great game the problem is not little pitching it's hitting. The hitting your troubled as models that appears to -- you look pretty bad I know he -- and you know what -- the Yankees are making themselves look bad we're real lucky to be alive right now than here by Ibanez. We're lucky to be alive right now and hopefully they start hitting and hopefully -- is stapled to the bench tonight all night. It's still one more comment John in New York where they comment for Michael Fabiano. The team that's yeah yeah. Bottom line up there. But I'm -- Chicago ball game over all that it. Ask us die attitude games appease. The fifth and final game will be played tomorrow I don't have time for the hey it doesn't let it texture as a very fair question I -- how did Boston do in the playoffs let's say oh wait that's right they're not and now they. Let us let us know and a fifty game suspension of the bug a heart attack. You know. Guys -- the best he is up Michael for -- on NFL fantasy live weekdays at two and midnight visit nfl.com slash fantasy life and on Twitter. And Michael underscore for -- on a best of luck to the Orioles tonight Michael refute that I appreciate that take care guys Curtis. You're something's got to grandest. When Michael joins us he has now brought to you by K and the official frank and sausage on the England patriots don't forget to pick up B Campbell box this weekend's game. Let's get a 92 break -- and gave little over under.

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