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Logan Mankins, Patriots OL, on Sunday's matchup against Seattle

Oct 12, 2012|

Logan Mankins joins Mut and Lou to discuss the Patriots emphasis on the run game, Ridley’s growth and maturity on the field, dealing with the media, and the upcoming match up against Marshawn Lynch in the loud CenturyLink Field.

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Then here. Only -- On a Friday patriots Friday -- -- 93 point seven WEB. Patriots setting out to Seattle. Before they feel Logan Mankins offensive climate joining us on the -- hotline AT&T -- LTE. We speeds up to ten times faster than three GH TT rethink possible what is -- requested Hank junior today float. Good morning. Good -- Well I wanna fight maybe you were to -- kind of guy and Eminem exit doesn't surprise me. Further it can get it. -- that got to go back a few weeks back -- be honest -- little concerned when her need to make the trip up to buffalo and knowing what you went through. Last year what you played -- a good god what kind of -- keep this guy out of a game how's the body feeling now. What are you better. And that we talked to arrest. Everything else killed a little bit and -- pretty good now. If things stay the way they are right now feel pretty good -- you expect to play on Sunday. But I don't know. So they can do it day and there's always the possibility so hopefully. You know a lot of time this week was spent talking about your offensive -- The up tempo type often no huddle but really just -- run and run I don't know what it was the pasty guys played at. We talked level what it does to the defense notes slows them down about what you guys offensive linemen run in the balls much you do neck -- -- that's got to Wear on -- as well. Yeah it does but you know we practice to the laden. Bill Lewis go to drug and during practice after practice so we're in a pretty good shape for a 300 pounders that could save the world and they. Well you're in shape the running game has been shape and her back to back games 250 yards rushing. I you I don't fall such things but that he -- -- team the organization hadn't done that since way back in the late seventies do you guys take an extra pride in that to have that sort of game back to back games the other and create that space for your running backs slowed. Yeah it's it's a great feeling and we're always proud to to run the ball like that it's we -- professionally now under. There's got them an eighteen front in the law that effectively in Reston has two really good game -- arose is great that helped our team win them. -- I would look to do that every week is just. Some which are not going to be able to. You know we've talked to Steve -- few weeks back pin and these seem like a pretty mature kid and even more so Summers comments I think this week when obvious he's under fire a little bit about the fumble late in the game. Do you see that a lot of maturity and young kid. Oil here -- go to -- released to the heat that you guys in you know in nuclear -- He maternal article a global and he he take his job very seriously. And you want -- right thanks so it's seeing you want to make the right place. And do you disappointed art I was on the sideline. Late in the fourth quarter -- gave. I just Allred don't worry about it worst although I and you couldn't and he goes to get CNET stage here and are they disappointed you felt like it let the team. He takes those things personal and Egypt -- that you whatever straight. Logan Mankins joining us are patriots Friday it was it was in any point weird to see your guide -- yank open given the ball to Tom Brady on the IE CB Peyton -- other side of the football. On Sunday. I had definitely. I haven text opened during the week -- -- -- and do we -- seeing you on the other -- expect going to be weird being in that stadium on the other -- -- There it was a different differentiate them over there but to do a good joke or woman is -- you still play. Big guys -- the Seattle this week in a lot of people talked about how loud it is and acoustics. In you guys have done some things in practice to try to at least used to what's that been like. It's. And the pain in the -- you -- there stereo -- silent layer and then. It's so -- at practice entirely different things so but it is good for the -- you prepare for that we know what's gonna be elected on Sundays so. Anything that helped put security per game we're gonna -- Without giving away state secrets how does it change the offense and how much more difficult does that make it to communicate we heard on Sunday through the TV. You can hear a ton of calls that that Tom -- eighties -- tunnel reed army could hear a pretty pretty easily. Not gonna be the case how that affect the offense and Seattle. Is that sexist does. I go home everyone can -- and so. There are a few of those the guys that are closer to -- that are gonna guilty chairman and we just got to make sure we really difficult to the other guys that. Make sure -- from the right polls in the key changes anything reeling it back out again so. Just everyone have to work together and he can't just worry about your your once you get a college and just get ready for -- so -- -- and excuse you hesitant. A lot of talk about this Seattle defense and a lot of talk about their big secondary. The different forming that pretty much coming after Clemens and Brian any edge you can -- Bruce -- the rookie of the lot of people thought maybe they reached -- but -- a half sacks. Is quite a challenge with these this group. If that is it's going to be tough bigger big guys that are completely certain. In -- only given up sixty some yards per game rushing which is pretty pretty amazing and then. Director to your game total loss and so that's a pretty darn I am -- I gonna have very many points. They get a good players and it's going to be it's going to be a cup influence it's going to be in order to do really good job without scoring points. What you guys feed off whenever -- said before when predicting local owner wrote his silencing them and trying to get the fans the -- their own team and you you see their defense in and how they are in the run game and yet you guys they'd listen that third in the league and running. That your motivation Lok and and a. Of course it's so it it doesn't always happen but it's always nice when you go in the stadium and a truck and and then pretty soon it's like your own game nice and quiet and therefore -- so let's go to the great feeling better. No matter you're do things right to get to that point you're on the popular because it's not particularly good and they played them the peace process stopped and so. We do all the things. Usually pretty successful. Hopefully it's my only stupid question of our conversation here but -- watching Seattle. Against the Dallas Cowboys they did something with an offensive line looks like they. I don't offensive lines go heavy -- look like they went heavy ahead on three or four their defensive lineman. Almost all on one side of the line and -- it it kind of like waited it one sided. If you guys looked at data do a lot of teams do that Logan -- load up that much wants out of the defense of one. Something good not a whole lot if they get particular third street techniques -- tackle that in the move their. And out outside here -- And sit in those over and then they're just trying to get or matchup so they're still -- that -- -- the our offense and run gains and twists and -- and the stuff over there it's try to compute here and it's -- on someone's. You're so it's going to be when you see that coming out you know there's a tendency probably do certain things aren't -- going to be. They're great leader here on the right guy and they usually takes care of that their. I'm guessing that Bill Belichick was a great week for him and we want to focus on the games and babies. Is left to address certain things that happened off the field we all know that the controversial leads by Brandon -- tweet that went out there I'm just curious how much is Bill Belichick -- you guys about you know. What the state of the media staying off twitters it's up and it's addressed early in the season constantly throughout the season. Yeah here's early in the season and I think he addressed severely that he expects it to be here Smart -- I think you're from the turnout from. Hear enough about your teammates who are not used their. And more distractions and just like like I don't want to talk about it as the newest neighbor. Because it happened now everyone out. The other router so there are some in the we would rather you focus purple ball over the net so I think that's Larry. Coaches are you know it's a little or did you think -- said. I couldn't tell you were annoyed to have to talk news reporters yesterday not just football reporters this. A the -- reporter earlier that the new. Order. That is not said very on held a lawyer said that artwork. -- -- on this it's a long flight I guess 33 and a half hours what is an offensive -- do during a flight to Seattle. All real quick start eating. That is throughout the entire flights along with bloody quite -- -- -- so and they rewrote and at the movie and it's going to be a long flight together figure out some witnesses. Big guard plan. On a football player and others on baseball players wanna beat card games and back. Occasionally. All the time -- every once the well you're. -- -- -- -- -- He's offensive lineman Logan Mankins joining us on -- patriots Friday Logan good luck in Seattle I'll leave jets and Hank junior we'll talk to you very soon. They assert. Looking back and joining us part of today patriots Friday much loot 93 point seven WEP guys. We have Logan we had been before we have Logan responding yesterday -- he was good. He was to -- as they. That's what happened yesterday with its a great question to ask about has Belichick approach this. Because -- had a bit of that week for him in terms of the outside football stuff and of course Google out of Wilfork they're going up to Jerod Mayo. And at Logan Mankins who sounded thrilled that talk about. First of all. I don't -- I don't really care about that stuff. And second of all. If it's now another question about Seattle or football and that if they got better things to do. -- I have no opinion one way or the other I don't tweet tweet tweet literally goes -- I could careless what people say on there. Doesn't bother me. I don't let. -- yeah -- I'm looking at the trending. Twitter trends I am IC -- its spikes is still trending odd -- the flight that operate half hours of Seattle. What flight are you talking about. The Seattle. Six is at 65 and a half at least. Think I went to San Diego couple years I think you'd be the same page three and a half hours takes about five -- at the island but the you know what that's why if they get three and a half -- identity. And -- I think in Dallas. In Miami three after -- at some rights and remember these evil right that's why I need your help the big you give the guy -- you should it's slap you right there to Martha 300 our roster in the middle of like five or six Mozilla and director. The long trip -- It. That was three and a half and I missed missed remembered. Alex it's a short break out we told you earlier Steve -- we -- colleague was on the big show yesterday he was asked about prince bike week at Logan wants no part of talking about it -- -- -- -- about. -- -- -- --

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