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Rob Ninkovich: I don’t want to get involved with tweeting

Oct 12, 2012|

Patriots defensive end Rob Ninkovich called into D&C to talk about the Seahawks raucous crowd and how they plan on stopping their QB Russell Wilson. Rob also shares his thoughts on Brandon Spikes' twitter comment and says he wants nothing to do with tweeting.

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A conversation with Rob Ninkovich is brought to -- -- demo by lunch dates and by people's united bank rob joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning rob are yet. More. Pay. I know this is probably a better question for offensive player on the New England Patriots but overall rob will this football team be well prepared to deal with the that's the story that everybody's talking about all week long and that is and always out in Seattle. Yeah and you know under -- recruiter and Joba rules you know simulate that. The -- game. It always proud partners is the part McCain and someplace or louder than others but. You know it's just government report before he just he would this. -- -- processes. A lot of current system in the past so let it be -- Specifically what is piped in to the practice is -- music -- crowd -- -- a combination. Is an accommodation. In the crowd noises that -- simulate what the stadium regular. And you know that's been through it before. -- -- Exit musical what is it does drive you nuts after an hour to. -- over audiences might be built on our side Boehner. I've bloody got a -- Our sister company everything else whatever they. Ever get the feeling is that Tuesday. What what do you do to prepare for a short time quarterback -- 'cause that 510 and a half do you spend the weeks and block his line of vision is that one of the goals. -- yeah I mean I got it obviously there. -- over the line of a little bit the trouble. So you know -- the more we can get those bigger problem for you can't feed on the field you know. -- quotes from. -- -- -- Drew Brees and apparently murderer has there ever or pocket awareness really you know really focus -- religion you don't feel. They got to move wrote that to see your window of their political law. There's an edge pass rusher which I believe that's what you are now robbed them prefer to play against state. 65. Guy who stays in the park and steps up in the pocket like you did the other day. Peyton Manning -- 510 guy who will -- the -- first sign that trouble will scramble out of the park and try to do some with the speed which is. Preferable for -- had a choice. Like visionary guy -- you know I mean. -- commute. -- loses. You know will then. He's already being dealt ought to make some plays we see so. Trailer. Obviously got to anticipate. The eruption of word you know you feel pressured to return a gorgeous so. Economic school courtyard and owner and obviously idiotic and keep it out of pocket who aren't -- in the bill for such as first or. It is as challengers but you know the the best thing that -- he said. -- slammed the order and they ought to have the worst thing so he can't get out of pocket there. Rob what is allowed you to raise your game the last couple weeks it's something you've done in practice some technique adjustment you've done that did what what what's happened here to the -- this game. Well -- epic that are in our it is. Got more opportunities. If the car. No we get a parking and no one dimensional type game -- Colorado and obviously you rate they are trying to back up problem also. Change of mentality as far as -- know that our armed groups in this kind of mired back. And beat bigger problem so there are a lot of the heat it up -- -- you know purple ball. So -- is not the word vote for the reward which are floated down on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As well -- again in your view it as well as further defense so. Not neglect of leaks and -- personal thing is he's emerged but he. What I was doing your little euros soldier just turn -- those orders them. When the film is broken down from the previous week with the positional coaches -- in film study meetings is the emphasis generally on things that of not gone well or or it's at 50506040. With this is a great play by you rob this is a bad play by you how much of the good comes with a bad. Well I -- pretty much through our focus there are things that you haven't gone but the best -- Don't think you'd you -- well obviously you know you'd done on your arm and certain situation so well certain situations so really our focus them. Obviously ever think that you haven't done so well are so. You know for me it's just basic technique work on the short in my hands inside not let the guard didn't serve so. This work -- don't think that you know view the world. So with a film session you'll get a battle Boyer at a boy for a strip sack or causing a fumble little stop the film state that's that we are looking for more of that. There are no partner in the beginning of the -- -- little clip so you know and certainly -- think it. There are largely liberal Copeland are urging all the other -- -- -- realize his job -- job well -- -- Hugo. You don't -- to do you rub. -- -- -- -- Do you look at do you look at younger teammates are teammates and wonder why they tweet when they get in trouble like Brandon Spikes did yesterday. We're not only wants process -- occurring now virtually let -- know. Friday it away from the game. Tells about Marshawn Lynch -- so hard to get on the ground. Oh big. Quote who where they're Great Britain. You're already at that thing is yards after contact you look around you're referred off tackle the -- earlier. Gang tackle him you know old -- you they're cute you know either our -- use he really spoke to our notebook -- the year ago. Jerry asked earlier where the elect a stationary quarterback for the god moves around I'll -- about running back would you prefer a little guy like Ray -- whose -- gets kind of small invisible behind is offensive line for a big guy like lynch where you know he's you know he's going to be into the bottom pretty easily. You know earlier -- accountable but. You know for good back to back losses are harder. Little bit smaller back from bigger factor. In -- liver. Are gonna effect you know they're running felt too much you know and how -- percent of -- -- really the sense not so much. All side to a running back you know who -- delegates to the ball you know and you know there's there's more back obviously you have natural you know leveraging and -- ground and -- -- in those states they load the ground. You know with the big -- are commonly thought or so -- it -- articles well. They're flat out today correct. All right have a good trip play well we'll talk to next week. Are there -- -- commitment Denis and tell them on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TB.

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