WEEI>On Demand>>Alexis Wright, a Zumba fitness instructor in Maine, is being accused of using the dance studio for prostitution

Alexis Wright, a Zumba fitness instructor in Maine, is being accused of using the dance studio for prostitution

Oct 12, 2012|

D&C open the show discussing and waiting for “the list” of clients to come out in the alleged prostitution case of Zumba fitness instructor Alexis Wright. “The list” will certainly destroy reputations around the town of Kennebunk, Maine, where this scandal supposedly took place.

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-- job Benazir score big at BJ's Wholesale Club and a free sixty day membership to enjoy incredible savings when you by -- Samsung TV or home theater system at BJ's. Right now save 650 dollars instant. I've looked everywhere I've searched -- line -- Google it. I can't find it. As meters today c'mon get on the Super Bowl playlist you know I once they get later today he'll later today meeting me there I don't know if the police confirmed that. They -- -- a release at least some solid names. What that means you're gonna release that name like a lot. Find out local auto -- days they have coming out yeah yeah unemployed guys say they they they allow the media guy's name out. Yeah we -- on me you know it's ago you have some information we don't know it just assumed you you're right we're gonna get a hundred. There's hundreds of names when they get in -- maybe 3040. Jerk and that is going to be regular guys watching won't you won't get really knows it won't get somewhere out of La. Now you'll get the judge. You'll get the priest he won't get that that the pop. You probably won't get the TV person -- -- teachers -- That's a good question of the teachers have connections. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's a good one -- teachers principals now these -- terrible offenses in every industry to tell -- you're gone. Well again I go back to what if it's what if that is the auto mechanic in the security guard. And he's just the law only solitaire. What it is a win a war you're not. Feel bad for that I got -- what you want this I'm which -- said -- yesterday it doesn't seem like a crime it's hurting anybody. But if you're a teacher if you're the geography of the tenth grade geography teacher and a bunker high school does America have got rated. You know -- all that negative. Attention and kids asking questions and all that. I think -- done which is too bad. Is the person done. Yes yes let's elicits talk show host with -- and maybe it's just some. Crazy degenerate talk so analysts believe it's a guy. Who is not what he appears to be Wendy's on TV yes yes is one of those holier -- now and -- write a piece. You know live and -- then. That might be a problem in my group. There's there's -- Lexus right and the mad drama. The jobs will be revealed today JOA custom made it yet thank you don't please clarify isn't really appreciate even the wire services they use that. That the cops used termed open. Which she says soldier slowed myself ordered a bicycle wise to always parity. I've not designated dirty I -- -- -- like here it is June the one responsible for making it dirty Chrysler C a popsicle. What's wrong with that and of those with a freeze -- she made it dirty earlier oh you can make a freeze club dirty -- six. But I don't have a recently for she's going scam in the system she's -- well welfare food -- -- didn't pay her landlord. That pisses me she's making piles the cash. And doesn't pay the port with the cleanup after her maybe she saving for a rainy day -- I hope she goes and the Rodeo Drive time and by the doesn't look good now. When the cast on the does the Nelson -- Edward Edward James almost as she doesn't get to where the rover itself that he was sold out there's still hope that we have. You know you're good at it and you heard that general look good chances are assets SE -- -- wells will stay on top of that will -- -- years ago the web sites and then the first assumes that comes out and I let it what is gonna come out and -- -- -- -- background to say they are going to release it. One because of -- won a Stanley -- -- -- more elderly and polygamy it'll -- the lead for the -- news -- Yeah that's about right yeah and it's Friday so product right -- 101030 o'clock in their solar. Yeah mid to late morning they'll announce -- and everybody will be live outside the homes from the studio yet it'll be big big big news and I mean the biggest and -- and Kenny bunk and -- -- Couldn't live shots outside the bush compound very scenic spot there Walker's point would you do that no. No well you know it replicate exactly and we know that that it was more than one Bush's fault like -- If it's George HW I'll give credit yeah yeah is he was always jumped out and I played at 885 yeah. And he was you know at the golf ball often -- maybe you don't like about it is it now. Nine the via the B two -- -- -- I think god bless them. Think he's wheelchair who's rumored wheelchair. In her purse dollars -- -- -- -- probably. I think well we will know when. When we know you'll know yes it actually write the chances of a Secret Service. -- very good either 5830 point 80 cents to sixty yes it's you know I I. -- yeah I think they're good oh lead you to believe -- Secret Service guys would do something like -- They do things and 8888 George HW and I think it's good because they cannot and do cinema. You know there's no bullets there's no threat to George HW or Bob -- anymore and they're very well protected in their compound and and they're not that mobile anymore that the blow you know legal fidelity that cigarette boat. Used to be out there every day in the -- to keep up deaths of these funky black zodiac certain big engines big motors. An -- hundreds. Of and you'll go a hundred miles an hour English and you have to keep up that's when they had these is that illegal. I'm not oh -- the speed limit they're are lakes and into the ocean not in the ocean. That now -- -- their sit around. Board even -- from -- who owns them. A we at a record mistakes and it does Jack harper -- channel five and -- house leader offer of our lives. That they know what time. At a church on it meant by that time is live at 6 AM via its export it's going to be released to six. Not released for the news Jack -- because names them. Slightly and look at this. What text her after another to the AT&T text line five aware what the hell are you talking about. 50 wait what happens 6860. What are you guys talk about what the bleep are you talking about. That element you're good -- re invent the wheel here it's not that company -- do issue due back in July police in kind of on. -- raided the home only 57 year old man whose last name is strong can't. Let me -- mark mark mark strong. Not a home. And they found out ledgers and records and videotape that affiliated him with a -- we thought at the time -- lovely. But instructor from kind of on named Alexis right as it turns out that she was not just. Teaching scuba courses but she was a prostitute and she was providing services. Now. That's the first part the second part of the story is extensive records with names and dates and money paid. Can't even worse for the Johns. Videotape of maybe not all but a great deal of -- -- what is under -- did what one -- hours 48000. Still shot trustee what does that mean. -- -- another camera that talks regular old don't know I believe screen shots or something you've taken with your phone and save it. Also she just needed material to blackmail exactly -- is that going to be treated me like the -- as important and she wasn't collecting souvenirs of course conquest she just needs something on these guys exactly and we don't know yet whether the extortion plot had already kicked in my guess is perhaps it has because this has been ongoing for quite some time. He was arrested back in July. As she has since been arrested and today. Law enforcement say they're going to release the names of some 100. Top portion of the list of more than a hundred names they -- released these. Pictures someday if they have two items as evidence and a one of them lining up their naked probably not but she probably doesn't care whether she's once the photos yes -- right some kind of compromising position I know where you live torture phone number is all call your wife -- fuels -- send me lol I don't know. I thousand dollars a small bills small bills is small bills you think that was already ongoing. Why would she wait. Because she's in. Rwanda in the business -- -- the gravy train as -- and she did some classical line open door customarily what you wouldn't do it all 150 which you would -- would you pick up the DA for example the teacher or make some money paid out at some cash yeah yeah you would by the rich guy. -- secret -- to conserve cash and own secret -- Good money but not the money like -- 200000. -- -- thousand. I mean it's not like they make as much money is big bird but that. They would pay -- it makes me there. Knowledge enough 301191000. A year -- 314. In the in the suit -- one person. Yeah. The cheapest -- share just just to walk around that stupid suit. As such tracks this more than your ride because he's got. We covered the same -- yeah me there in the guess the people would go left their filthy rich 1% as they don't look at but the people Google right. Some of us are doing okay and others like -- Are struggling such Dutch is keeping track what is that a hundred how many people make hundreds of 174 mystery economic over a hundred -- what else we we -- facility where it. Public brought -- such as privileged few as a public about it or let's say turn left and we turn right yeah that's. The -- and we what do you lockout we look at NC. I think he's a left yup because the people who work also go right at hardworking folks at new ballot -- in any public out in the private sector you know make and it. On their own like everybody else on merit yet and the people on the dole want given everything correct and churches -- this like fourteen. Producers enemy at a student make during immigrant producers produce politics 300000. -- yesterday did it with -- -- guys -- looking in on some pitches make -- 300 -- -- yes and you make progress that's almost that the MS percent -- again and I don't know how you get the -- judged to be a -- That's that's. Just getting into Johnson although it's a -- president is just like in the big -- they have -- showers and -- -- through their -- to suit probably air conditioning. Like Selma -- probably like a million you know get dvds and having to use. Wildcat and they all mean the maker of Sesame Street mixed -- the ideas -- need our helpless. But. The Pittsburgh. -- as the voice and in the same fifty years. That even asked to -- now he's just the entities physical and just walks out of me that in that suit just like. Maybe topped B. Truthfully when he when -- you'll move. I don't get a line -- make public safety box -- its allies Evan -- -- pays for the next three decades and it checks just as he says one you know quick line. The paper she Washington -- it absolutely coming diagonal look at the checkered at McCain I will say that Starbucks via of the the prices. Checks and I used to like. If seven grand a month of -- for for for about a year the merits seven in a month in my life. And had one in one big bird did. And that much all the checks because it's based on how many times -- -- -- people that much anymore and -- on every week it is and and get a nickel I think your retirement fund so much action. 43 dollars and 55 arsenic it's awesome because I never thought of this and I'm up there all the time. Other NEC dogs on the list. That they get. And -- yeah. When the night in the field in west and should they want to shape an -- colleges -- what is good for athletes they should all these. Hand and oh. Bass boat accident Bogart's Bogart's. Implicated in -- -- bird will middle Brooks. Again let's say the single. And the -- shape. I kind of liked to. That night semitism -- -- estimates that news photographer during the list is being blocked by attorney might not be revealed. Got -- -- god knows there are a lot of people try desperately yes right so what's gonna in the public explosive vest on you know suicide vest and he released that list I'm pushed in the button in the -- of what it means that all 100 and guys. Like daylight it is right -- tenured teacher your group -- done employee right. Well I think -- still be apparent that -- ruins of -- -- Say it misses up early should chip if you insist that because -- don't want to put out. Bob doesn't like films that I. Look scary adjusted equipped section depends on your level Secret Service agents can make up on 151000. It's an. Loaded in the previous producers or anything like that now can work doubles match. Cut them slack in other artwork as they're probably away from their families. The problem always on the road in the right lonely lonely board. And that probably did -- to burst into shape it's awful being an -- And a class she says Saturday. You wanna take it to the next level but. I'm hopeful we get in trouble media who won last night because. I state again I did ten innings. Did what was that we've had to break into McEnroe no doubt about it. Only people hang in ninety seconds ninety seconds I was the setup as we've seen before it -- -- it. I was gonna say there are so many great things about the weekend I mean the list just goes on and on. Personal you get to sleep in. You can do fun things you get to sleep -- You can go out to breakfast. You get to sleep in you can catch a movie on weekends also get to sleep and connect with your friends on the weekend and you can also sleep in and and here's the other thing. You can watch Major League Baseball. Post season play. Until again is actually over the weekend and tonight that I was too. Game five which are yet awesome and -- we'll tell you waiting game fives and what happens all the game -- yesterday. Ninety seconds from now Rob Ninkovich on a patriot Friday it will join us Mike Lombardi in the 8 o'clock hour to talk NFL football as well also. It's a caption contest Friday. Which means you can log onto WB ER dot com -- -- the producer blog Dennis and Callahan pages and wait to see the photograph or you can follow me on Twitter. Your Smartphone device that would be John Dennis WEI and you retreated to Gerri I have the areas -- literacy can check out his Twitter account. Hey Callahan and -- is probably hoped to throw the ball shown to you right now. Go -- Jerry your turn this. Right it is picture. David Ortiz at home at home in bed on a couch. On things on the couch. And cultures and -- without coach take a -- -- pick on a coach taken him out and somebody is just it is. He notes is if he tweeted. It is that this is what happened would you leave the least of that to the caption -- writers and creators the creators is somebody. We don't know who knows he's in -- is spooky. Yeah trying to scare us. It I mean I McCouch. Either way he's gonna Blanco got a blanket over the rights are gonna try to sleep and somebody is bothering him correct. Are -- this cycle we work Alexis right into this. -- Or what where people do it well that's jail and off all our revenue and 617779793797983790. Seconds from now meet rubble catch every. Everything you missed my sleep. Mentally and tell you most you have to look forward to I'm really -- would. The watch and some baseball that I am not given a damn when an --

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