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Thursday, October 11th Whiner Line

Oct 11, 2012|

Give the drummer some!

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Views expressed. -- -- -- -- my -- aren't buying ET TE Chris and cautioned. That some -- music box. And Morris and now -- -- your line. This guy here all right never seen a machine operate like that in person. To see video game numbers and while dropping off factor OK and now you're not a fan all right. You're not someone who's on another team or watching TV you're not an analyst you're part of it WEEI. Warning airlines they want you to be a part of it. So get get with the program because obviously -- not get -- and -- -- because you're dreaming was seeing that it was amazing to see it's amazing to see because you don't understand it to dial 6177793535. You still don't understand it and it's amazing to you because you can't get it whiner line stopped green and get your playbook if -- just -- up now I don't know when this was six minutes ago or something like that just a bed and get to the stadium and watch some more film if you still think it's amazing and now did you panic and you know what should -- and you execute out there you don't think it's amazing you know why because it's what you're supposed to do. You are still and talk to be a member of the new England Patriots offense to join the system -- Joseph yeah eighteen wind -- -- an issue here Mike he's from around his job was probably most prominent. What is the problem at Denny's is just stupid jerk I would have went off my headphones and the British Soldier Field and then stole your headphones that -- would. -- -- On the east demand hit it on purpose just to make me look we ask you this yes did you find this. Yes yeah and mr. dispel what he found that -- I can't thanks in India -- Pain in the ass goes and priorities and I were to agree. -- that we got some objectionable things that lives of innocent justify I was gonna say you Twitter or mine there that pretty today because you bought. -- just because you have digital guitar because as unified Germany Angela. Is my third in his thoughts heavily Duma the air. Michael. Let's go -- Michael. -- sorry that's the dog and walk away a lot of power and it's it's WE it's available you're going to -- but it ten times Roxio my AT&T AT&T -- LTE speeds up to it and then three GAT and everything costs at its. Long and it. Well -- trying to talking over the first recent ones we can hang -- low and hearing. -- you were talking stand by for -- -- -- back and I quiet during. Yeah and it's. Go ask businesses schools -- a go east. And about although there. And then sent them report to a few we're going to -- it and I. Sent. It out. Are we got to take that we get the cage -- -- got to adopt one of these teams in the case. -- The Russian and all the players. And what would you. Agree it is an important that it not the. Packed -- -- hard. One of the big you know all of favorite way and don't call. Her real -- -- veto everybody. It. How we don't knock the hell and -- -- -- Diego government -- god don't send I want -- about -- -- -- left side you know body and -- completely. They know about what about college ball is completely blocked buyback acknowledged by Bill -- and a Bible while Bennett. -- About it. And I've missed it I've used the veto and we don't cook guy -- although it is good in the line then come back come -- remission. Maybe -- and an amazing Baghdad today. -- Lugo and you know 190 at bat he and I only want it -- bit. A couple of good but that -- By the way. -- reform but actually have a buyout might have. -- -- to have a lot of it's funeral played today he's he's been he's -- trouble I was so happy for a little Coco -- last night and the way he bobbled the catch the floor yeah he's it's just great right about -- movement on and other outdoor -- unfortunately Ben Jerry's it was wrong but I did you try to involve ground. Work out of the block and the it would not found to be raised the bubble Bob -- have been kidnapped upon. Are out on the road. Ran. What is called twelve we heard -- 912. Must have been much different now knows exactly. Except where. Not. Yankees you know that's. And broad yeah dot com. You know Iraq pat on the back black eyed look of any kind could be right good back and bet that a boy and brought. -- you moves that you know Adam Jones lost -- game for the warrantless. Senators -- went out -- blown bubbles was trying to attract alligators might wanna. What we could significantly almost where they issue -- nonchalant. It's a bad jump ball is running back bubbles like he should have been back there's an idea when I came guy. Jim Johnson. That word that he's got their MRI and it would it would it -- doesn't -- -- just it just doesn't responsibilities to losses in this one and Atlanta and -- he's a very opportune I wouldn't have come up if Adam Jones might catch a great all -- -- -- socked in the policies. That. -- -- and -- -- would not vote at the ballot primary yeah and it says it I don't like the Babe -- I don't. Okay Ellis park -- and it can have a -- -- -- the paper over the shock. And he's -- a and they pinch hit form withdrawal was 141. He's he's he's been good this year -- has come up well a lot of timely hits for that to slap ratio at some other teams take 22 million -- that -- your room. -- got it. And then I. Should. It's my -- them. Think everybody oral part of his fifty game suspension of but it does become until very. And -- American rule and especially good as of that and you go to that ran out. Look out the guys 41 he needs every -- helping India. I'm reminded of when you have but you. Haven't been. -- Me in. A really good listener who -- mourners who have a voice. That's an action that would be me is Jim back. East. Coast community -- would you -- -- -- -- -- yen. For our younger people around me that it was a cartoon in the 96 weeks I. I'll -- just -- us. Jim Bacchus is -- to work was Gilligan's Island. I didn't protect. Even at that. In the big -- yeah. Want you want. But I don't know about it Bob. Violent rhetoric on Britain will be prepared to rockaholic at a ballpark not -- did not. It. I. Call on he got. Michael -- and you can't. You'll go to. It's. If hey guess what hey hey good. And and violent but it when he lines. It wasn't high it was on line drive it wasn't long it was six. It's like tour 97 out right now a Little League ball yeah. They're now there. It. -- actually at least start off first Danny said. Lying or right at an all. Put the ball to jump on it was hard. You don't want us on the ground my index. Is up. The speed is done. Bought my local hot dog walks and -- crank that data. I find it -- has been in the morning. And it cats -- -- yeah. It is how we driving everybody not. About world war bonds. You know -- -- Joseph -- the mob. You know throughout the greatest thing in the world. And not hundred that is open and it. And don't let. But it all. The output rise. -- Not quite but no one would really give them but I'd -- classic. And after the killings are Hilliard XP out for no more than eight years and years and. But I. Couldn't think about it. And does a good bit but I've. The global. Yeah. -- wouldn't know all the bad guys. That don't but I did at a base. Hardly it. But that's not. I've had it at that and she. Did bad. -- -- -- You all. That bad. -- -- -- but I didn't know Frank's mother was a life and life support I imagine that is going to be when the demand to really kick him for him you know some just -- to tape and what did you do that now know that was twenty. Tickets of the mad as -- -- -- -- Don't go back and great but an ethical and aren't these volatile region but. Albeit they're big Fella come down all were quite you know you've got to remember what you tell him to justice here he's right it's actually. Got -- -- -- you've got to wait till late when it. Before you start sticking -- to hire anybody OK could it not their -- I just want to apologize in my life. I would Markovic. Wolf. I could -- provides you know what the water holes with the applicable. Whether. I just quit who look back over the long. Hillary. -- Does that story. Nolan Ryan leaving me quitting tobacco it's it's -- last -- NASCAR loves all -- all last journalist all. Okay. -- it didn't help our you know. Flat part and blew up -- -- that -- you know I don't. Teams are running out of -- ball the defense is. Kind of catching up here a little bit did you see a pattern. And -- just try to explain to you. Know what I say. I'd see the patriots are murdered her and -- -- just tried to explain to constitution. You right now about what kind of apple -- Coming. The perfect platform to be he choke. -- get Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick. Take away -- Internet privileges. And -- you -- prepared and wait like crack pot. Could pick. I. And yeah of the crime. Because my head and analyze it hit off at credit bike but and has refused these. Any of the -- iPod M adult brand by. Apologizes. For the whole ball. Offensive comment about -- -- but. But I have a -- by the end. Well they didn't impact public mourning and -- who lauded as geography let them. No they didn't know that that is it and his related debt stands but -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yet. Had gone well not yet but called for the public. Didn't I didn't. I didn't know you just pulled out of the video -- -- all the -- beloved as I think of the buyers have Matt is Bob talked about. They both supported you have good drive. All. And that message is using an old -- -- know I had been in Russia produced north by the owners. -- I'm happy that right now I'm a big man -- a pocket and I think that's critically. Sick I. Acrobat I. Who I think at that point one I want to -- incredible yeah. -- out with a -- At convicted I don't think the government got caught up I'm -- Outlook in my -- and a camera brand particularly. Yeah I've got. An economic. It's not my problem I was with a real Kerry -- I. Up. When he was nominated for -- -- yeah. He won -- yeah attracted to. It starts with the. Isn't finalized by AT&T AT&T forgy -- It's not just rest of the bridging AT&T rethink possible. At current practice. And I've got quote Kevin Garnett got a little bit.

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