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Steve Buckley on Brandon Spikes homophobic tweet

Oct 11, 2012|

We check in with Steve Buckley from the Herald and get his take on Brandon Spikes and his questionable social media persona.

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I accurately a big chuckle out of our way and Michael Holley. I mentioned earlier that I did talk there buddy Steve Barkley about this is night. -- -- It is hard sometimes. -- If you are not one of the offended group to actually understand. Whether you. Whether it's of offensive to certain people so here's the the tweet from Brandon Spikes. I'm homophobic just like -- are -- the phobic. I have nothing against homosexuals or spiders but I'd still scream. If I found one in my bills so -- joins us live right now. You offended by that park. No bed and you know I try to keep these things in the case by case basis like for instance last year when. Both Kobe Bryant and joke no war. Use the hopeful the war but they've they weren't using it relating to gay people what they were doing was talking out. The way that we can use the playground and so you know what you look at a dumb thing to say move on. In a case like this you you can't say I'm homophobic and and they have nothing as homosexuals. And part two of this is that -- about gay people as I have learned last year and at -- above the multitude of failing to that keep people -- -- -- dealing with this particularly if the young and in sports. And it it's like I get -- all the time from people and if you're if you're 181920. Years old and you're dealing with this news and sports. Athletic what you are the year earlier today I had I had dinner back in the spring with a College Baseball player who was contemplating suicide. Because he was engaged in -- deal with the locker room. That's a fact and this kind of that hit those kind of people in their families really hard. That's adjusting their where we found quite a few of these tweets by him that. In some way. Brigham gay people give you want if you're single male you won't like that don't get mad when people think you're either gay or villain. And not that though a lot of them are offensive but he really. He writes about it often. For some reason he must think that that is gonna create some type of you know comedic line -- whatever I don't know he writes about at all. Well I I don't have a boat reservoir of his previous week so youthful. I'm -- -- that's. Ignited the open -- the opposition BI tweet I do so. As part of the job now with his first century in the at the bottom -- the once in awhile but. You know I I I try to read my own -- backwards and forwards and sideways before -- press -- because. You worry about how can be misconstrued. And it's -- it's a slippery slope and it you know it it's one good clean fun for the whole family when -- -- that way. But I again I keep going back to the particulate -- And it. Once you start off by saying I'm homophobic. Well that certainly raises my eyebrows I don't know what you guys. Guys and I'm ho hum homophobic just like on Iraq in the folder now a couple of textures are saying here that this is. Straight up rip job plagiarism special from an English comedian and that is that his own material that changed the way you look at it now. Well no because if you re -- what you ascribe to it that you sort of take take some property rights to it. If I've read tweets. I read something -- rattle and it was just both said. -- we covet the giants if the other debt that was kind of funny and -- -- we did it so that means that it it hit home here. I like I approve of it I want my people as Vietnam. There Rick rich waiting had to -- means hey look at this whether you agree with it or not they check this out this is this is provocative this is interest things that -- will lead to some discussion but. That's neither here nor there and and ask you this what do you think. The patriots should do of about this any thing suspension. Conversation -- what you need -- I'm not big on suspension that I got I got ripped a couple weeks to go Mike -- I I thought Major League Baseball handle yet support situation well. A lot of people wanted a much more severe suspensions. Because he had a gay slur written as -- black. And my attitude was I was satisfied with both Major League Baseball would obligate. Acted quickly and decisively they didn't wait around three days to see with the public clamor might be before they took the stand. They got right on that date all this is wrong -- of punishment. The fact that it wasn't thirty games where I would OK with that I just wanted that the decisive attitude by bitterly they probably didn't. I would hope that at some point the patriots take similar steps. It took this step away from that they'd just give you one -- example on the -- game on Sunday. And I went down in the stands Lindsay Berra Louisville hockey right of the opinion magazine very different mind. He's in the stands with a friend or boyfriend and without it see them got the black and up to the -- but I don't I've got a twenty year old gates cited level global block. So this guy's got the patriots in in my to believe that in Brandon -- is world it's okay but that that'd be -- -- keep -- -- on at all what -- -- -- -- -- So what should the patriots do should day. Publicly issue a public statement but are do you believe there are people in the gay community. That are are the navy sending letters are sending emails right now go to Bob -- for the patriots should they do it publicly for. Should they just pull this guy aside privately and say come you can't do this stuff enough is enough stop doing this -- in Monaco. What get a lot of big fan of public executions and is it going back to the F two part thing I didn't need a thirty game suspension what I needed for me personally. As a sports fan and as a gay man and everything else I just needed the right people that say this would not cool with that. And so what I need is for the patriot and -- know rob the crap isn't cool with that. And I know that Bill Belichick is cool as the I can -- the patriots who treated me in tactically on the last year and yeah. -- no better no word that is before the all it will wanted so I know where they are all that. -- war. With that history in mind they hip pocket would be in favor of that and I would think that they would make some kind of statement saying no this would not cool with. He's. An -- I would think look at his other tweets Bachmann and I would encourage you to do it. Just for some context. Because is a lot of stuff here. Is look at it and I think. He thinks he's just being funny it's it's a joke -- I think if this is his sense of humor I I really don't I don't believe if -- that that particular joked that he used. You know homophobic like Iraq and a phobic and it's not an original line anyway. I think he he thinks this stuff is just fine as is his sense of humor. And that's is that is that the be all end all one size fits all explanation of Iranian people facing days. I wouldn't say it's a one size fits it fits all explanation but in the context of I think you have to put it in context. Of everything else that he has tweeted. And this is a guy who likes to push the envelope he's an envelope pusher. He's a guy who loves one liners who loves to. It like like his hash tags are always pop boom I think he wants to get that reaction are you out of that. You don't apartheid and it -- its jaw dropping. I got our attention. But that but Michael's right I think that's what this is all about and the question is if you of the New England Patriots is this good for -- brand. We have him again -- a lot of the tweets about women because there are tons far more than gays openly that like. And now some of them are funny summer memories on all. They're the type jokes sometimes you can say amongst friends and I think if you do it the public form it's. It's a whole different doubled him -- gonna write about this at all. I guess I know that it if -- so to get up opponents would collect myself and -- my thoughts and he will go with that but again. And read the tweets before you right before I read almost like. You say that but. You know I I I would have you to talk to some of the families who have been affected. I don't know -- -- Steve I got nobody nobody know because you're you're you're trying to argue trying to paint me in a corner. What I'm saying to you is what we do radio I know but I'm not gonna let it happen. At what I'm saying is. Just just -- you're gonna write about this. I think you should it just for information and I think it's right around Brandon Spikes is right I'm defending him now. -- for all the information out there I think you'll. It probably will spark some more ideas some more thoughts and you once you read all of these tweets. It actually is there a difference if somebody is doing it. Exactly the way Michael described it to he's throwing one liners that he thinks he's doing a one man show on stage. As Chris Rock vs another person who was doing it in a vile hatred way. And that's a fascinating question and I would pay good hard earned money it's secret struck say he's a genius. And but did that that that that adult you work delivered by a guy who knows his audience. And if I don't know I think caveat emptor but -- -- -- know what I mean I did George Carlin 25 years ago was was was pushing the envelope. Not to be greeted today's comedians -- but if that if you're an adult you're paying money for this kind of I mean. Go look at -- till mid week there were there outrageous. -- and and I -- -- -- but again he's he's a comedian whose job that he is it that the push this stuff out there if you don't like his. -- -- she's just gonna keep his school because her brand that is Derek. Oh see that's the difference that I would have a Nobel Jerker or Bob Kraft were sitting -- -- that's exactly. What I would basically say Sampras this as the Irish government can do this is the sister brand. This is what she does Chris rock and do what this does is brings it retained his provocative he goes over the edge that's what he's supposed to do. -- football player. And you've got all different people who show up sixty pounds of them in the stands -- from different walks of life. We can't sit there being a fresh and different people within that that the crap that's what church the window and you're doing that. In trying to beat Chris Rock. And you're not -- -- off that's what I would do. And say mine enough you got to think about teenage got to think about us as a unit as a group 53 guys in coaching staff and medical staff and everything else trying to win a championship. I don't know how they deal with it I think that's the best way I disagree with -- I don't like the patriots necessarily. Have to make a statement I think they open it up even more so. But I do think. It will be evident military in what police she would Brandon Spikes of the tweets of an Oscar winner's check what they did -- -- tomorrow are trapped at a few hours so what's the status through a buck will be looking for that column. Are -- thanks -- -- -- -- Steve Barkley right here in the village.

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