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Have Patriot LB Brandon Spikes racy tweets crossed a line?

Oct 11, 2012|

We discuss a tweet made by Pats LB Brandon Spikes last night, and go back in his Tweeting history, which reveal a series of questionable comedy quotes that could be offensive to some people. Glenn and Michael discuss it and take your calls.

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I thought today we would. We would break down the managerial. Search here the -- -- I thought we would sit them if you all you're x.s and rose. It exactly what the C actually go to China did the patriots with the patriots it is the -- and I -- on the M newscast last night at 11 o'clock. Analysts say this and I don't think him speaking out of school here. Never good thing. When one of the top news stories are talking about one of our athletes here understand that's never a good dollars now. You hear it right at the top of the newscast because if it had to do with a great athletic feet. It might show up on the topic using you're gonna catch it at about eleven to one you know catching it. Problem last night they throw out the the -- Brandon -- I'm homophobic just like -- Iraq and -- Iraq -- phobic. I have nothing against homosexuals or spiders but it still scream if I found one in my path. First educate them -- Michael -- talking yesterday about Wes Welker. And whether Bill Belichick was going to sit. Wes Welker down now Wes Welker did not do anything wrong and football feel matter of fact he did everything right on the football field. What comes into question as a comment he made when the game was over. After the game in our post game. Comment it was kind of silly and I agree with you that was kind of loaded that was a message there on the other hand what the wink wink in the smiling whenever he was trying to make it funny whenever. And we were talking yesterday. You know start the game is he going to get suspended because it's happened before they sat him down for the first series of the -- comments he made in just a joke of an answer. Concerning the New York Jets and which. Every other reference he made it something to do -- -- that are you know but this is but this is this is a artists -- the contents. Of the three. But this dialogue between this is a pattern or for Brandon Spikes bingo -- ago. If Monday was a person. It would be a ginger. Wow. Wheeler and a talking about Monday's. He also says. That's why don't show up on a month yeah I look at people sometimes and think for real. That's the sperm that one. Another one. Some girl does call me staring that are twins -- gave her two thumbs up -- only deserve one but it's the weekend Norman could move that's it. In you can read a lot of -- a lot of by the way we cannot read for our one more yet. Imagine a world not only without sex over there where there is the constant threat that a stork will drop off it happened baby. -- -- -- -- -- -- bottom passionate. -- But the the text are becoming much ado about nothing you guys just making stuff dynamic and I think that I think about -- them. Nothing it has nothing earth. Upstairs -- the judge that's nothing to do with us. It is not on my radar as and as something that will offend me but. Brandon Spikes is a member of the New England Patriots. And you better believe it's on their radar you think that's made up your dream world of fantasy land. Tell me what else is going on that now it seems so obvious to me. The New England Patriots either tell him. What -- to -- We're just now just. Old. -- it's it's it's it's it's pretty obvious to me that he's making a lot of trouble for him and give you an example. So channel seven I believe is the station I was watching last night and what is the first thing they do they find out there Jermaine Cunningham is appearing somewhere in the mall whenever. They sent -- a crew. Not drink cunning and didn't -- in the game that warrants the special interview or an arm or chased him down at some mall with locked a bomb. But you know what they wanted to talk about his reaction to his teammates tweet which obviously is extremely insensitive. To a two two with a section of the I don't know what it's a known cancer well what is I don't know because. That that is -- and everybody. Every homosexual. Look at that -- be offended by I don't know that. If I can tell you that that I talked with the with -- And -- was offended it was apparent he was offended by and the way there have been times when I have thought some statement that is made. Would see. Our offensive and blocked and -- to mean not really that hasn't now. What's -- is doing let's face spikes is a terrific player he's not a very good year. And I know that there are a lot of a fan boys out here that are gonna rush to -- to. I don't think I'm doing it and Michael can speak from so I don't think he's doing either but he can speak for himself. I don't think we're trying to send me that you suspend him or that he never -- now he's a terrific player. But he's out of control right now we've already we already know about the video in college -- This kid's gonna get himself into serious trouble that's what's going to happen here because his words can be at times. Injuries he may not mean it that way I don't know the kids not want our I don't know it may not careful what he's got to make -- -- cause problems for his own team. Because people are now going to track down members his teammates to get comments about something he said. I'm gonna get to two weeks now assault one liners installed jokes for example. Have you ever looked at a person's -- and thought yeah you have someone in your basement I'm looking at a few right now so it amazed at the style of of tweets that he has a lot of protectors and already -- -- -- to me sounds like our friends on and on. Sure I mean some of most of them are you know you'll -- -- -- some -- lines in there but on this one. What he says. When he's got to understand. Georgia I understand he's not lefty by the -- just not telling a joke and -- and amongst four. That's not what I don't think he's just publishing this thing Arnold -- understand the nature of his -- and who was reading them and we and we plays were surprised. As it well at the patriots can be about. Media -- you know mainstream media social media I'm surprised they haven't stepped in and okay now. Can't do that they do it now. I have to I -- I think they know they have to. You know then they start getting the special interest groups calling them and applying pressure also works as it is if not -- -- If nobody is calling them asking them for a comment he can do whatever he wants. So as long as he's not saying I was -- -- room today and our game plan against Seattle is this files repeat does that they sent him now. -- he does something that will cause. 05 or six stations the columns generate newspaper column. It becomes -- topic on national TV then they would -- -- so before this go on and on he could talk about. Another tweet here how every all the good things in -- start would be beer bread and and the mentioned something -- start with the -- So far. That's not gonna cause that's gonna cause and be out yes -- -- known on a ballot. As a cross channel five to give -- -- job and able to store. -- -- -- -- he does love shop in bulk yes I guess so. But that does not get get the boss's attention and is not gonna get media attention this one will give media attention and how the patriots work usually. If this got to cause them to answer questions that have not been to a football. And it's gonna draw a crowd. For a day two days three days a week then. Shouted and listen if you disagree give us a call I can tell you right now nine out of there every ten techsters. Right now disagree with us now whether they have the balls to pick up the phone and actually engaged. In the conversation about it is a separate -- -- but -- What I don't understand what you're disagreeing about your disagreement the patriots -- going that's the report is the -- to do something about I can't speak for. I'll never be that personal -- everybody is offended by the that you talked about. -- is is confident he's out. Okay he's a homosexual. He is offended by he said but -- but I'm not gonna say everybody is like but every homosexual in the -- by the I'm not I'll never be in a position to do that about anybody an entire group of people say. This is offensive this is not offensive I speak for myself. Now I can tell you this. The patriots how they do business. They will absolutely. Take some action -- you disagree that. Let me give an example of one of the Texas if Chris rocks and residential areas but it's -- he's a patriot get a life losers. What you're right. Chris Rock is an entertainer and a comedian. He's representing. A relentless finishes exactly he's representing himself. So when he goes and it puts on a show whether it's on HBO whether it's live whether it's in a movie or whatever it's all on him. That's the point of trying to make. Is that this guy is a football player as a football player right now he represents the brand of the New England Patriots. That's what he represents. So here's what's gonna happen with him. The patriots are gonna get a backlash the patriots now we're gonna hear from special interest groups what it's much. Different you know you can't look at with Chris -- If Chris Rock. And and and we -- problem is stuff is outrageous. Characters that's you know hostile finally. Actually even read the outrageous stuff and I'm back and read. It read it there's no doubt this is the stuff that. You you would think normally. We -- about a sit down in the Boston out of president that they are not in a social me yeah of course we are. Of course -- and a social media they tweet up that draft picks. They -- out the schedule. They dates and picture on Twitter win -- signed his contract a couple of years ago of course they are aware of social media maybe they feel like. Since this has nothing to do with football we're not gonna talk to him about it. Or we're not gonna say anything to him about it until. He says something that will lead to some type of statement from us or we we have to address. But that's generally how they feel about -- telling you and -- and you guys know what you think I think that most people have. Seeing the patriots observe the patriots and up to note this. If they're not being asked about it its line. When they get when they get dragged to a situation and that's what they don't want to be in it's okay now some of the. That's Ewing used to get on right here much that is exactly. And you saw an example of that last night Jermaine Cunningham. Is chased down you know mobile. Give a comment which he smartly stayed away from. On his teammates. Tweet. That's that's how it works and that's where you screw up the team. And that's where you have to think about the rest of that that the team some sort of -- Chris Rock. That's that's what he does. Prince spikes is not needed as an entertainer to sit there come up with funny lines you know provocative lines. That's not what you about what tax everybody. Believes that really is no stone -- from the retiree from it can't print some of this stuff. But he offends. Now virtually every possible group you could think. But that's what he's doing he represents the New England Patriots and I agree. He is really played well he certainly he's been one of the reasons. The teams are having difficulty running the football against the New England Patriots OK so we love him as a player and boys coming out we love on the supplier. But this is something of the patriots don't take control of right now. This is gonna have problems where you're down it's gonna problems for those other players to all the players are gonna get off the -- answered the questions about it. We Schilling said this earlier in the season that's when you pissed off that's when you blow up the team that's thirteen starts having problems. Is what about. Something happening at a club -- but when guys have to answer to the media about something they have. You know that they didn't do that somebody else is doing whether it's Bobby -- the manager or another player that presents a major problem. For T yeah. I think this is something to them and -- let I'd love to have a conversation about it. And and not to get into. You know accusations and name calling -- whatever. So if you are on the Brandon Spikes I'd just wanna ask -- Where do you work. And could you could you get away with this where you work. If your boss was made today -- if you work for yourself against that -- you can do whatever you want but if you're working for somebody. In your boss sees the -- -- Did you get away with a -- boss lap with you would your boss -- keep it going no problem is still open and turning your projects on time. I don't. About let's do what would your boss let's don't let's go to the -- civic conversation about it they are public. This is out of his own personal private if you are tweeting you're doing it in in that respect. He's not he's a big time celebrity. By the -- some government coming up saying well you know it's dangerous -- not -- issue between the structure. They should be tweeting because what it's doing is it is. Its market as the any danger heard imminent a audio that we played -- we -- So. Most -- Self promotion but when you are doing damage. To the image of the company that you work for. And other players are being chased down a little mall to find out what they think about you tweeting. That may eventually become eight. Problem. It is an all about the team winning the that the ultimate goal for all fans and everybody here here's Georgia and New Hampshire. Hey. Guys George -- Outlook spectacularly well Oprah Show. Everything I learn you know learn about the First Amendment today. That it tomorrow or outlook for eighty. -- -- I don't think zero out of prison and more room where. And it looked up the -- There. And I just thought I did. Somebody tweeted that earlier and having a -- that about the spiders. They -- there like a critic that I can disagree I look back what you got to be careful you really Q. I work public sector. And on the upper management. And aren't they might always be it a lot tweet something derogatory against me. Then doing something that would spent a whole group of people there now -- partly. I think it -- like her or any idea why the but I eat a lot of people on that that's why he didn't care. Right -- did OK let me ask it this -- -- Bob Kraft you want -- England patriots. You're shown not only this tweet. But still a considerable number of tweets let's say yeah the last three or four weeks. Of tweets and a lot of them are really insensitive. To various. Ethnic the groups out there. -- Always tell you how are you gonna react to it that don't you think eventually it's gonna affect your company. Oh wait a minute -- -- We all know why don't we don't know the -- it well it -- -- -- -- -- -- But no Brandon Spikes and nobody should jokes error -- just there's. -- people that don't know. And they -- -- in all of opening. On the actual. You know Irish people. You know that is so it took out -- that your -- you're or you're representing you know -- really colonial. You gotta be careful about you know look at it the 48%. -- Yeah I think I don't think there are some people who just can't -- to themselves that don't understand. The boundaries don't understand where you crossed the line and way you lean on the line George don't get Georgette very well said and here's the thing this is -- -- you George. Just said that for free. And there are people who were paid. Throughout the NFL to say what you just -- for free to incoming rookies. In the NFL in the NBA I mean it I can tell Americans think of five or six organizations that off the top my head that it had this conversation. -- Rookies. And you know a rookie for kids rookies and free agent free 800. And this is what you should know this is what you shouldn't you know. Pay attention to these types of things and you just and later pretty and calculated pretty well. -- aren't getting money for you need to contact the national football like maybe can help out with the war -- NBA the body image right now -- have some issues down there. Are accurate about -- 61777. Nights and a 937. I read back to default calls Lotta people wanna talk about and hopefully some of you people are texting -- and you're coming up with some interesting points but very. Supportive of Brandon Spikes I think because -- supportive. Of the the the tweeting angles. He's at a different position and probably many of you so call us up where you work. Would you be as Michael said at the top of the show would jewel in your business be affected. If you add some tweets that you think like Brandon Spikes a pretty damn funny -- boss say about it. You know it's interesting a lot of a lot of organizations sports franchises I can't speak word. Banks. Law firms. -- what have you but I know a lot of sports franchises. As a matter of course and just due diligence. The they look at what are. -- look at FaceBook any kind of social media. That a potential employees -- picked reagents. Is -- -- look at it and fortunately most companies do that with everybody well -- there it goes well beyond and I was just given you. Story off here that I won't repeat it write it up and heartless and and unfortunately the patriots. Have difficulty. -- drafting wide receivers quarterbacks. In signing people who have social media issues and I mean think about Chad Ochocinco ever. Why would you ever. Portrait for him. Based on these -- the amount of BS. That he put out -- before coming to the patriots and Brandon Spikes had his issues before coming here now that's not a reason. Not to draft and although. The Kansas City Chiefs in Atlanta Falcons both had him all their boards I thought it was too much of a character issue. But drafting him was too much of a character thing they've seen the video. What -- did other concerns that over concerns about -- just didn't intimate look at Kansas City right now is is one of four so. You can come back and -- -- -- what you're choir boys are you what you're one of four -- winning games in Atlanta on the flip side is five -- -- but they look at both guys. In that draft class. And look at Brandon Spikes. He was -- -- -- and so Aaron Hernandez Aaron Hernandez we know what the issues were and apparently he's turned around and failed drug test and smoked a lot of marijuana. And -- know the falcons says specifically. He just had too much entourage around him and he does not not their guy now. When Tony and Tony Gonzales retires. Maybe after this year. They may regret not taking -- chance on Aaron Hernandez in the fourth round like the patriots did an impasse on one of the best tight ends in football. But all these organizations. Look at this stuff and it's reassert its information okay so the question I have is -- I've been talking about this about Brandon -- For some time we've joked a few times about all this spikes again. With some of his some of his Detroit's. And we know the history with the the video sex video. Publisher of patriots haven't sent down to this point -- It's the last three weeks we have in front of us right now. And it between his brains out -- question about it why haven't they said something to this point they monitor everything did you set. I was -- they're not monitoring this instinct is he resisting. And content to the digital side of the world as they got there -- -- -- -- got to improve their Andrea. Bills all over my face you know that. That I've got to focus that's what gets me I believe that they've got to get to now there's no question. This was one of the leads stories on the news at 11 o'clock last night. They're gonna get to me it's all over the -- the Internet the Internet is it's in The Herald today. I've got to believe that the patriots are gonna get torn right now it's like he you -- clean this this up. But why did they get to him to this point as you what I've read them from -- dongle or like god did you read and we follow did you read what spikes was what did. You don't say that about a lot of athletes here's a -- in Orleans and -- They looked up -- don't -- that that you get it felt fired up like a lot to say it so I try to keep that kind of briefed by. I wanna start arrogance and European guy. Just think Internet. This certificate he got from that government run class to go against two guys in the broadcast media as college education about the First Amendment it's laughable. And the kicker you can get it at all. You know I don't know -- -- -- the First Amendment protects your right to block near Boston say hey at you and then got a lot. I've -- but I've heard a lot of people have argued that First Amendment. Over the years for some reason people do not understand that they really don't and they bring it up all the time. When we're talking about sports where an athlete is ripping his own team and the team wants to take action against them people either saved -- -- through that. What are your lines there and there at the right of free speech in the first remember or the other one I love it's a free country. That's the other when we get all them. The iron freedom as a consequence for everything I buyer an employee perhaps and that brought the I want to. Both at our Brandon Spikes thing I don't know Brandon Spikes and I don't know the context of that quote I didn't hear the quote. Are not concerned that sound like he's trying to prove the point that he's not all Baltic. You know I don't -- -- did it get straight white guy who bought by Anwar diamond might tapped out by extreme to help. Yeah I registered well why autos are Amendola to continue what you see you know the context that's. Without reading all the the other tweets before the context is. This is he is a easy one liner kind of Tweeter on what we've seen he likes to make people lap he likes to say. Things that are that are provocative. Get your attention so that's the context he he. All of the streets are part in that style. OK so so what he's still young this being a knock -- really and and he's got -- you represent support and any rapper that separates point 47 what's that. Let's make it a little bit more factory didn't say it was top Grady even want to operate not worry that 12100 security when he's walking around town people recognize them -- they know keep. He played for the patriots so you represent the patriot. That's why the Brazil is on acceptable. Thought I'll give you one when he came out last year and Dennis Cahill talked about people coming in getting all -- -- you remember that right account and I went he had witnessed in control they are absolutely. In the water right -- at tiger and he was talked about 88 was talked to. Right after that if you know as Brady has not made that type of mistake even though I didn't think there was. A bizarre by -- stuff by Brandon Spikes is more. All sharks than any more minorities. Elaborate a cap -- point opera and that'll be quick. If you want it make it or living -- not representing anybody there if you get naked on sports that are yeah he's representing the patriots these guys got to realize. They're all worked out there what the message or what Brandon Spikes is saying is -- he used apart words and now. The select somebody who gets accused of the sexual part -- be exonerated. At the end of the day all anyone can remember he was associated with something sleazy and you represent a Opel and you now hurt the brand and that I drop the CE all the super bad damage to their branch. Go yet now you're -- but you know what's so interesting is that. Robert Kraft had to release a statement. -- not representing his own brand. Well enough. With a video. That got out. So there. That's what but that's exactly that's what -- -- I think the reason that we're getting so many people were texting and supporting Brandon Spikes is they think it's the way they -- amongst did not really have. Front -- right price is -- -- much but spikes is different in the company he works for what he represents. It's much different. An end and it's not like Chris Rock is as a text it was bringing opera Chris Rock is his own employer Chris Rock is out -- doing comedy. He's representing himself when he does so like that by the way he's. He's been forced to apologized numerous times for comments that he's made its people felt would fork over to Obama wrapped too far. But he's representing himself. As a comedian and this is what he does Brandon Spikes the football player. And he -- represented by a company the New England each other people think that this is -- immigrants are here right course. And this on the area and off the year. And anything in the east tweet that we haven't heard before. Some problems down very familiar some of them are. That a slight tweak of an old joke. Mail a lot of them they can't read of her before but area. Is it's -- in. Mark yes I tell you don't. And what well I don't wanna go park on the and I kind of in the minute on the let -- -- -- it like. Okay. I'm a life and professional barber in the city of Austin I have heard some stocks followed and they shot. I had a political and one ear and out yet there I reached. On mine and when I saw -- like an hour before you shell came on my -- -- on a crack at all. So would it be okay let me just say. Com I'm not at all old -- What it -- come and I'm not our initial and I'm gonna scream. As our amber and I can say I'm sorry I can't and the people not even the key -- Grand you know why couldn't you say I'm sorry I don't need anybody and you're not argued that the common at all I don't think he would making a bad -- I don't Wear my orientation on my sleep I get respect wherever Michael my point is he should not an -- that way but it didn't come out and it was a bad -- -- I agree with I agree with any later it came out and said that that's what make a month the people police it's it was a it was a joke I agree with you. When he anybody asked but you have to think. When you're a member of a team like that you have to think when you start doing stuff like. Exactly -- go out and were unfortunately. I want to uploaded into -- little -- I can't do that -- and bald dome highlight -- -- yeah. It's still you gotta think you know I'm a little piece teaching about and I want to apologize -- and might not be all up between the -- guys. -- cannot get out. What do you what do you or are just a step that I've seen your I've secured his job harder and job. I've never heard say -- -- have a little -- should. -- -- -- between the late you know -- some I am very hard not been good. You know again guys I didn't -- -- guys that want to apologize I don't think I don't think about all the time anybody yeah debates and -- and something out of line. You know that I didn't rapper in my mind it does not make it take you to -- and as far as I'm concerned even an add on behalf of the gate he got out on the net. Nobody does represent the patriot that's the problem he represents drastically. Right if you -- Brandon Spikes private citizen he worked for a tiny little company and nobody knew we was in his bosses didn't follow him. On Twitter -- can't get away all of -- Right that's why he's different than all these other people complaining right now and I try to support he has different. All these little Gaylord Perry -- you know -- glamour and all my I don't know what -- did not get uneven and highlighted. That that's my point. But step right got a good news for you Michael I don't have that problem you would talk about what we don't have that issue come up from. -- break ninety seconds right back yeah it's.

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