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Pete Carroll's coaching methods

Oct 11, 2012|

Mut and Merloni discuss the way Pete Carroll coaches and talk about some of the things he did while in New England.

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He -- the emotional. Well I mean ultimately -- -- -- -- I but he was -- -- do you know just to go to our team here into the wrong time you know he wasn't disciplined guy and he should be accompanied this week. You know me. Always go to atletico is currently on those guys on defense them anymore -- it's great -- is. You'd have to worry about him as much does what do and it and -- ticket and I didn't so many young guys to advance and only -- -- but I guarantee -- You know be afraid dollars and defense is what is news and asked them to go forming his uncle. Toward brown Deion Branch -- us. -- played for -- back in the day muck Lou 93 point seven WEEI he's been in across here's a little bit obviously to got a coach here. I went to USC. Rebuilt his career reputation after a tough front here in New England. And is now gone Seattle got a young team there is Mike Judd just talked about and gonna take a shot here what this defense this weekend. But it is a different Pete Carroll I would think in the won the guy who came through a year and a and I alluded to a Jeff house or in the Boston Herald it's not a lengthy story but this was a laugh out loud story today in The -- talking about past and present Pete Carroll. But 27 -- 211 record for Carroll during a stretcher 199719992. Playoff appearances. For awhile Jeff writes most of whatever Carol it would work. There was one day practice from the patriots are coming off a bad week and a worst loss an offensive coordinator Larry Keane -- -- Larry -- and I don't. Defense -- quarter Steve Sidwell got into a loud shouting match with each blaming the other because their respective unit didn't practice well enough. Give the other very good look the week before. The players who had no idea that Carroll set up the entire confrontation. Truly believed the candidates sit well we're going to come to blows right there on the field. That's when Carol swooped in and screamed to everybody on the bus. We're going bowling. And that's they did the bosses were stock. With -- And they Whipple -- That's half. In the National Football League you play professional sports. Telling -- story of during a practice during the season coach says on the boss -- the kegs let's go bowling like it -- There's other 2011 Red Sox. They like it bill. National Football League all right it's all about team building bowling beer result look -- together the guys again and the like one another and get together different setting a prominent he's pretty funny. Just go to managing technique. I'd -- like it. I just think it's sort of sums up. Carol as a coach that he was it was there was an immaturity there that he was taken advantage of in his players. Rookie came after Parcells too is the exact opposite maybe at that time that's that the ownership want it. I'm not sure it was the best for the team -- a Beagle from a guy that was a disciplinarian Parcells -- legendary. Disciplinary. To a guy that is Jeff writes the call California Pete. You know who would have his door -- the news out of their innocent he might have been the best fit for this team heard Troy Brown talking about going to be every body was young team but I mean Gary T. Lot of great coaches. And history of sports have done similar things. Our team building goes in bonding. Maybe not the exact same thing is that the different ideas. No question I think in the NFL during the regular season -- as -- led to believe that there was a worst week of practice and any loss and it looks like this happen. -- to -- in the regular season. Imagine hearing that now. You know at some team the National Football League. Bowling and kegs of beer -- he was going I could see as a team building. Even in the pre season even -- OK you staged a fight between your two coaches. The try to UT round around this thing. But during the regular year you know sports that are big story up pops up -- charmer Cleveland. Cleveland gold ball and with Bruce case after a -- lost the -- And the -- rise given extra day ticket Monday Tuesday Russell search in recent one of those days were golden I don't know going somewhere together as a team packets Ian. I don't have that big profit I think it's probably. Team building things like that bonding -- Pakistan so I'd probably to together it's a funny story. That's just the idea -- it just it sums up expecting money not narrow target and and Mike about it Tuesday they'll win is with this time and in new England -- -- the USC just. You just viewed him as that coach you you viewed him as a college rock rock go to the pep rally kind of guy. Right walked into someone's living room sell the hell lot of universities other hell body yourself. And get the recruits you know put together a program. Would that translate the professional level I don't think many people thought that it would and he showing that it can he can work the best estimate the right team. That's the by gimmick but Michael -- made some tough decisions early -- cut some guys late for practice on -- overweight gone. And now you could be the -- right guy but he you know was a player deep down used to but it reform we go let's go. Mean there's still some discipline. And -- that discipline comes respect. -- build relationships individually these guys he's actually made it work in the -- that many people thought including myself but the because it. You know we'll -- he's he's made it worked to the point where they won a playoff game that the whole field degrade their five and one in the post season. They do a terrific job in that building and they've got a major hole -- and we talked about yesterday Kerry Byrne came on today. A pointed out that the PU actually uses the they had this the spread. Spread of media at the the cold hard football facts their insider product. And they point out the Seahawks -- 36 and 67 straight up on the road since 204061. In three against the spread. And home of the same period of 6737. And home. And 56435. On the road no team shows a greater disparity performance depending on where they play. And that is a factor no matter how you'll look at of their battle the -- very good at home. By looking at the spreads in the spread of media the home field is absolutely factor Mike talked about how loud it was and I believe that'll be an issue. What's also going to be an issue here for the -- Seattle side of it is. -- you get the full complement of weapons back if you are having to defend them. Early in the week Wednesday practice Aaron Hernandez limited. Albert prayer NFL network is said for about two or three weeks now that the patriots have targeted this Seattle day the Seattle game. As the week for Hernandez to come back. And the huge for the patriots of offenses has worked pretty well here kite. That understatement without Hernandez. If he goes back against Seattle. And he gets this lineup and I don't know how much no huddle they're memorable run that building on an 850 plays have been no huddle. And the two games so far in Seattle it's very tough to run that environment. But he comes back and you got to prepare for a Welker the running game gronkowski now Hernandez back in and the trouble he's gonna present. That's the huge advantage for the pay reports the we'll find out later today to practice yesterday being limited early in the week. That's pretty good side is gonna come back. I listeners limit last week you limit this week communal. Wait and see what happens I think it's often shown that they can support appoint to modern and its. We call -- guests -- say it is bad week to bring an end -- Beckett fits right into what Seattle wants to do I don't think is ever bad thing. He's another weapon on this team he's personally do a lot of different things. I think it's a good thing beaten come back we'll await seeing. We know what they can do without a media sleeping you talk about the running game of Seattle got a Marshawn Lynch -- leads the league. With 229. Yards after contact. To what he gets -- he keeps going. On the other side at the patriots lead the league. I think it's point 96 rushing yards after contact. The when it got a knock him down and out running backs at least you know sort of say oh you've got -- -- a -- the idea that given their tackling issues this year. Well above wells missed pats secondary tackles -- -- gonna vote on the times that we seem wide receivers catch balls and not get tackled right away. And missed tackles more secondary completions. As far as running the football goes you know this line backing crew winning AT down. That's going to be one expecting out of that this line backing core and in the front four and a front seven a particular. Of -- put -- come up in Iran they don't allow yards after that first contact. Russia which lead in the leak. In yards after contact. He's beast and it but he is a beast how do you detect this team you would think that they would put the extra guy in the box. Nancy Russell so obvious audio that you -- out there wide receivers is. They're -- -- -- not worried about them at all bubble Marshawn Lynch cannot. And on third down they're gonna give him a lot of different looks -- -- gonna make Russell Wilson have to go through all his reads they're gonna look at every tape every film that he's been a part of every play's run they're gonna try to look to where he goes on third logs at -- in a lot of third and longs in this game I that's going to be the key for Seattle. If they can -- -- some big third and longs as if the patriots are going to load up that offensive front. And stop the run. 373 and 839. We talked to Mike about that wide receiver corps not very good Sidney Rice compete in a kind of gone through that syllables was in and out. -- other guys TL it it is not a good group so now Russell Wilson when not a good group on third and long. I would bet on the patriot defense winning a lot of those situations. And I'll be decay and they tackle making keep Marshawn Lynch. In a reasonable day. And get them off the field on third down. That Agassi the other strength vs strike you talk about the Marshawn Lynch strength against the patriots strength though the run after contact verses the tackling yards at the conduct of the defense. At the Patriots offense against Seattle's defense that's -- I think it's well makes the NFL following get too contrasting styles like this and you have that. -- Mike I don't Seattle's gonna win -- outlines wacky three and a half points at bottom would have been more for the patriots. So I don't know we go to all runners tomorrow if I'm going to be. Jumping up and down on you send it in -- finer style on on Seattle. I don't keep it competitive defensively. In -- score enough points to stay within three Knapp points. The Vegas wants to talk about the idea question I have and I do think it's a point Matt Flynn takes over as much as he does like Russell Wilson. At some point they're gonna say Matt Flynn did it in green bank. We can run a -- a certain way with Marshawn Lynch and -- once he's helped minority ago he takes over quarterback. 61777979837. The phone number 61777979. B 37 all your phone calls -- -- big show at 2 o'clock. And mentioned this earlier Nolan Ryan interest in comments about Josh Hamilton. But she heading into free agency ethnic.

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