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Mike Salk, ESPN Seattle, on the Patriots Seahawks

Oct 11, 2012|

Mike Salk joins Mut and Merloni and discusses Seattle's home field advantage and Pete Carroll.

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Final hour much -- on this Thursday Sports Radio WEEI couple things tell you about. Bottom on this hour -- here Nolan Ryan was some interesting things to say about. His free agent to -- Josh Hamilton. Nevada about 130 and tomorrow. Our football Fridays are huge as it is now BI idols back -- us on fantasy he'll be in the mix 1 o'clock -- -- -- out. We called good fantasy advice. With crappy holiday state dinner for the crappy fantasy advice. You can about a good fantasy advice -- has ever mean he's a professional on the best in the bids course -- he will join us but the 12 o'clock hour tomorrow about this. Peter King Mike -- -- our save our -- helps you wanna be. Peter King hit the national Mike -- on the patriots taking your phone calls in the 12 o'clock hour -- more it's good. That's a great just go to great football our moral -- Peter King Mike Reese Jones. -- joining us on the eighteenth the hotline right now is our guy from Seattle and ESPN seven Kenny is in Seattle does everything out there he's like salt would not Lou like Oreo. I get to talk here of surprise is not allowed back there and keep your votes Seattle's loud every venue. Well they did not -- before the game it they're they're they have to hold themselves not to make sure that the appear to wrote moved. To get ready for the big twelve man experience on Sunday you know why it's so loud here. The acoustics. Because stick to that building work or easy. Crazy loud and I do believe it and moved out here about four years ago now what are you gotta go to the games the art center allowed much air right. -- -- and the going to be allowed personally that makes sense. But I swear -- god it is happening in that building and just the way they design of these became a lever and with that just formal all of the noise back toward the field it is. While the houses game being portrayed and -- the cardinals came up here recently they respect game we heard a lot of that out of Arizona we got a great defense when ago new England and show what. How is this game being portrayed out there this week. Well I think there's a lot of that is well I mean if if anyone has the little brother syndrome about not getting respect that the northwest strike no one ever mentioned is the talk. No one ever mentioned Seattle sort of left off of everything and sometimes for good reason sometimes not. This is sort of the opportunity to show what this defense can do and I think they are one of the I don't know they're number one -- But I think there in the top five of defense in this league they need to take the ball away more they haven't done a great job of of forcing turnovers last week when they really needed to. When the offense had them down a little bit late. They came up with a big -- turn over they needed to beat Carolina in Carolina. Well again it's definitely viewed as an opportunity to beat a team that went the Super Bowl last year and show the rest of the country that this defense is legit. Let's stick with the defense for second because here as much is that the front seven has gotten pressure we also on Monday night game like depression they got an -- Rogers. A lot's been written about the secondary and I see the phrase best secondary in football. A lot with Seattle while the sun in your mild what they do you want a week to week basis and makes them such a good secondary there with the Seahawks. What it is is -- their -- it it three of the biggest. Secondary members you'll find anywhere in football Richard Sherman is over six to. Brandon Browner I think 63 in the camp chancellor. There there are their strong safety look like a middle linebacker defensive end points safety back there that you thorough and Earl Thomas is one of the fact that they shall find in the league he's not big but -- And they just look different you know it it. I don't know that they're the best secondary in the league I know that they're the biggest secondary in the league and I know -- -- they've really frustrate teams. Because they pushed them at the line of scrimmage and I actually think it looked similar. To what the patriots stayed in their heyday when Ty Law noticed there were pushing guys around at the line of scrimmage and then allowing those safety to sort of backed them up. This team can do that except instead of being you know five foot 116 foot one. They've got these gigantic dude out there that are really hard. To deal with when they're pressing -- -- coverage though. Look I don't know that they are the best but they're gonna be in the conversation because you just don't see anything else like it. Now the Seattle teams -- very good against the run and I think -- sometimes 45 weeks in that can be skewed because maybe haven't played good running teams and you know Green Bay offense we know what you guys did to them up there but -- -- team a balanced offense in particular so that fair to say the biggest testing can you think they can stop this running game that. That a surprising a lot of people knowing. Yeah you know you're right that you can always tell from the first few weeks of the season but you can look at this defense and what they've done for the last three years against the run. If Red Bryant plays and that may not be familiar name but he plays that. Elephant defensive end position and so he's not a pass rushing and -- they run stopping and when he plays nobody runs in the -- it -- -- happened. He is such a force at that position and a couple of other big dogs in the middle. -- Alan Branch of brain a -- game and they may not be household names. Like where -- you watch these guys play every week. He can't run up. And nobody had any success running autumn unless it's later in the game. When they're expecting to happen and they're into nickel dime coverage and then they're able to still find some some running yards and in in the draw are some then. You cannot run out the clock on this team we just can't that they pit stop but do well and that is not a joke. My yet explaining me the love fest I know you have for Russell Wilson helped me out. Help me out -- you know they help me out met -- healthy wisely quarterback and what are we doing. Plan not that good that's the first part of I you know the idea that Matt Flynn is some superstar quarterback and media has never made any sense so. If we talked about Pete Carroll later I promise I won't say something that'll blow your mind about -- terrible way to match I'll see -- -- These -- B Russell Wilson thing is. -- -- -- That live in the offseason and they want Pete Carroll says he's not my starter they want. Everybody assumed that you lying everybody assumed that it just keep being peed in saying that you need to compete but in course he's going to actually start mass level he could not. He's not -- starter we get to pay what the market said he was worse and we need a quarterback here and somebody to compete for that job but not -- star. And then you your little rumor about him that he's not the greatest prepare that he doesn't come in early doesn't stay away he would like to practice -- like to watch film he's not that guy. And all the sudden -- Russell Wilson who has every single quality you'd want the quarterback except that -- 510 and 58. That's the only thing he's missing is being 6016 foot two. And Carol just said well let's find out whether or not that's really up. It never was a factor for in the Wisconsin -- had a huge offensive line. And I swear man after watching him for five games here plus four pre season games he's not a perfect quarterback he's not -- league level right now nor should he be as a rookie. But his height has never appear to be a factor. Unlike salt ESPN's Seattle is joining us sticking with the offense per second whether it is Wilson whether his plan. Of these receivers good enough you're really make an impact in that passing game might. Are about let me stop you know it's not whether it will wonderfully it will be will. There's no quarterback controversy and -- is simply not -- for now it has for now no inkling whatsoever that he wants to make a change. Well wolf they both knew that happens at some point but barring injury I don't see it happening the receivers are not good enough -- now I mean the more you watch the game. Sidney Rice has been somewhat disappointing as a free agent acquisition last year I thought he'd be much better than he's been. Golden Tate looked like a bad pick for awhile as the number as the second round pick. And it never really young run good routes he just doesn't have a good sense for the offense. But he got seven back to make big plays a big time came up with a big touchdown last week to be Carolina and then short of that there's really nothing else out there and they brought in TL. They ended up let him -- as he dropped four bypasses and pre season but there's not a lot of weapons on the outside there really built more. To run the ball you know they -- they run -- Marshawn Lynch who with an excellent back in the -- what number two in the league as of today. They got -- a young rookie running back to back them up Robert -- that they can run the ball pretty well. One of things is pitcher's defense have been able to do is shut down like number one option threat Larry -- comes up period nothing Stevie Johnson. Nothing we look at the Seattle team that's one of the things. You look at defensively can throw on the patriots but their run defense we'd like to think. Is their strong point if they have one Marshawn Lynch one dimensional you expect the patriots just try to shut him down do you think he can have success against these this team -- we. Have a conversation a few minutes ago that there's no if that's the Bill Belichick does right you always try -- you said to shut down the thing you want to do the most well. What are you gonna commit 910 guy -- and a privilege to make sure you stop the run it wouldn't be the worst idea I mean Marshawn Lynch. He's a unique running back you know the way kind of get to -- out to beside him and everyone remembers the run that he had against the world in the playoffs the few years ago. He is sort of the heart and soul of this team and everything for them work off of the running game. You know they'd be perfectly happy to run run play action pass run run play action happened on the field. They've opened it up a little bit the last few weeks to give Wilson a little bit more rhythm. Tried to stretch the defense with a few long path that they actually hit on a 56 yarder last week but it was called back to the holding which has been a huge problem for the team this year. Yeah they're they're clearly gonna try to stop the run the question is whether I'm Wilson to make them pay for. -- -- said he thought was can be loud when he joined discuss the crowd I thought maybe Pete Carroll be. Behind you doing jumping Jackson and getting rejected Bob. Are right then he got a night. Well yeah. Okay. Have you enjoyed the Pete Carroll looks periods have Seattle enjoy the experience Mike. What are can I tell you something you're not gonna believe they'll get a Pete Carroll is more similar to Bill Belichick -- you -- I don't believe that our I know you're not gonna believe it because their personalities couldn't be more -- press conferences -- very similar to the other for the press conference at the turn that are a little bit different. But their philosophy is more similar than you would imagine I never leave me. I was on the air from Boston to date they hired Pete Carroll a that this will be an epic disaster there's no way this'll work there is no -- grown man. Will deal with his raw rock cheerleaders stop it'll never happen. I have so far been wrong. Because although I don't don't like that part of his personality and still not a guy that thinks that is never the way to motivate players I don't know how much the players really like it either. He's had this same idea that Belichick has which is that everyone else would and his big. I'm -- back and I really don't care what the rest of the league is doing I'm not going to play all of the leader copycat league everyone else has. Small receiver so I'm gonna get small receiver -- on the opposite. If everyone else have upon a small quarterback he could you know what I'm gonna build my defense my wish it would peak physical corners -- push you around. -- everyone else is going with a big franchise quarterback to throw the ball over the -- all over the place I'm gonna go with a completely different guy I'm gonna run the ball to score I'm going to. They -- play action and it just does it differently is exactly the same Belichick know. But it's the same sort of building from the defense -- defense of mastermind guy and we not a -- level without. But what but it it it surprised me over and over again how he's willing to take chances and do things and how often he reminds. Him now does that the Pete Carroll's story -- was to remind you about. There is comical story I. Yeah I'm not just the idea that this did. The raw rock -- may define his personality but I don't think it defines who uses a coach that makes an. I Casey talked about the England experience because that is been part of the story line here Mike is some of the things that he did including historian Harold that in and of balls in bowling trip and eggs. Money bus with his players that he -- learn from that he talked about learning from that. He you know we we -- we -- it more few years ago is not something that comes up every day here anymore and the guys -- in its third year but we talked about that stopped early and I think. I think is prevailing view was yes I was a lot younger than and it took me awhile to sort figure out what I wanted to be as a coach you went to USC was able tried things. And do them a little bit differently he's always gonna try to have on the -- players is always going to be a player's coach. But I think the difference is when he was in New England he really didn't have a lot of power right Bobby Grier was and -- -- to make in the personnel decisions whether Carroll -- -- made or not. And he didn't have the ability to get the plan in addition. To the ability to have fun and what he did once he got to Seattle. He brought in a couple of guys immediately cut TJ Houshmandzadeh convenience -- even though -- make a lot of money that's sent the message right there. That he brought in LenDale White treated like a fourth or fifth round pick forum. And ended up cutting him after he missed a meeting or two he brought in Mike Williams the next your own William Scott about he -- Mike Williams as well. -- actually have more of an ability to have an iron this year to go with the raw raw stuff that he does as well. And I think that's been a lot more effective Foreman also helps to bring in a couple of assistants who have different personalities right he brings in Tom Cable we remember the old Oakland coach accused of punching one of the fellow coaches. He brought in Ken Norton he brought in guys. Who had the exact opposite personality to really work tough guys to kind of -- balanced off. Who who he is to be in the rock rock idea. I'm Mike you know England guy Europe they're in Seattle right now who wins this game in Seattle win this game. They can't win that game I really do believe any time somebody comes into century link field that the Seahawks have a chance to win -- never played here which is a weird statistical oddity I guess of his career. Cassel played in the only game that they played in Seattle during that time. They can win I don't that I picked the Seahawks to win and I think that the Patriots offense will be stymied at times but I think that their defense we'll have more success. That have the last few years so. No I think that was one of those in between games of the patriots probably win by 45 point. It's probably not as high scoring these people of accustomed to seeing with patriot games of last few years. But outlook I don't know who wins for shore and I would say the patriots probably the better team but my guess is that we were to talk on Monday he'll say -- outlook also not -- Arts -- John Ferrell hotter legged Eric Wedge and Felix Hernandez. That's your guys content you want your guy yet wedgie out there I think you know that. Let's see how do you that well. With Ichiro that it -- -- -- and it provided they were done with him I don't think they're going to be don't wedge anytime soon they really like way Jasper -- Felix. Rumors out here they're negotiating an extension for. Highs Mike's not here with Brock and tried great show at Seattle 710 ESPN radio Mike great stuff as always we appreciate it would look this week. Our I'd go to the doctor Ayman -- -- joining us on the eighteenth the outlining eighteenth -- four GL TE was speeds up to ten times afternoon three G. It's AT&T rethink possible last -- are about our principles microphone out. Op which in the Bible it to the following question. Before the final question was asked in the interview I I pushed the talk back but what about me just talk with you what did I tell you at that time what do you only got a dollar. Dumb move by my pork but goes one dollar from the US the -- wage. There next question blocking out that look at that smile on the -- don't. Mike knows how I feel -- which you talked to Seattle people out there real -- -- -- ability if you wedge. Four hours a lawyer doctor I called that. I didn't didn't talk about a for the conversation I said I saw that look currency cannot go with a Seattle conversation without bringing up his favorite manager Nigel Williams dollar -- I gave away a lot of smiling you know I was gonna go it. Quick break we'll come back I just alluded to our region the entire story that Jeff how has today in the Boston Herald on Pete Carroll bowling alleys and kegs of beer. That's next.

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