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Sal Paolantonio, ESPN, on the Patriots offense and the NFL

Oct 11, 2012|

Sal Paolantonio joins the show to discuss the Patriots no huddle offense, Mark Sanchez, and the NFL.

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It's our -- not -- ID three point seven WEEI. Patriots head out to Seattle this week the league kicks off on Thursday. As is the a new tradition here 2012 with the titans and Steelers and joining us on the -- hotline. ESPN's Sal pal Tony it was absolutely everywhere medium and a big story. ESPN's got on the -- is there for patriots the Broncos this past weekend sound a little Oreo. Are terrific -- I don't. -- it would excellent and has been a lot of talk here locally saudis sought up close the patriots op tempo offense and how fast they ran that no huddle. And the conversation going for this -- where the league is headed Bill Walsh predicting eight years ago -- -- going to Chip Kelly org and his impact here. Are you -- that leave at 6510 years to now that a lot of teams will be trying to do with the patriots didn't speeded up no huddle and play as fast as you possibly can't. -- -- -- And as a lot of reasons why you're you're gonna see more and more teams evolved in this direction. We want is just a lot. At one defense and dark or. To try to counterpunch. The passing offense in the National Football League. If you can't talk to wide receivers in the guide and inaudible with the quarterback we gotta have speed rushers. When you have. Speed rushes on defense -- -- quarterback you know later in your defense now. Both -- -- gotta be in tip top shape he did not practicing that much anymore because of the new rule could be an -- -- CPA. They're not practicing not much in training camp as a result. Players are breaking down a little bit more when they're on the field more especially playing at high example so what do you do. -- speed up the offense. So they can't substitute. On defense. When you do that. You can take advantage of formation variation on your offense which is Josh McDaniels specialty. And then you can take advantage of mismatches. Which you can do what you're the offensive firepower. And the variety. Of firepower. That the patriot until they get really really in the second here to -- -- the Buffalo Bills. What Brady's mitigate. -- it was all right so incredible. What they call it. When they don't -- any hope it. Only -- -- koskie at walker and there are a little more Goliath feel good at those two players in your passing game. That's really a lethal combination. We looked you know I hope they'll match -- show. -- on Jaworski and now. Actually a first class education. For me because we looked at the buffalo game. And we looked at the Broncos game. I would those two teams buckle down and ordered nickel and dime packages. What -- Brady in the ball off the ball. He hit the ball. Two. To the other back. And they they want updating chokes CR. -- a solid it is a look at the stats threatened last year compared to this year and that it just has a different feel maybe it does appear knowing when you've seen and -- the patriots you know third in the league in rushing but it does seem like. On offense like Green -- east bordering a little bit teams are running out of football the defense is kind of catching up here a little bit did you see a pattern. In all -- that's what I say. I'd see the patriots -- -- -- as they destroy -- explain TO. Teams are a lot of nickel and dime packages to prevent the big passing. And you look at the Packers they're not equipped to run the ball. They don't have a good running game. Belichick and mcdaniels -- figured out. -- stare at him -- step just like they were when they incorporated a tight end offense. And that to play that would Hernandez in Gradkowski. They figured out all right well they're not going to be able that such a wide receivers over the middle. So let's get to block. I can't count in the interest. Who can catch the ball over the middle he can't talk show you got a guy like -- Accurate and has been extraordinarily quick release. Well. And they can score points out what it seems like they're going to -- -- nickel and our side he backs. Sixty that OK so -- hit the ball. Well and are currently able handed off the -- -- -- -- -- young -- to people approaching you on -- -- seat and couldn't to back to condemn the same. It's not I don't think -- of course you know people it is catching up with it I think our offense could have been slow. To figure out how the culture punch. What do defense is on going into their nickel and dime packages and I think the saints have struggled for that -- does go to the -- over the Packers two teams. That would -- be very good on offense. And struggled for different reasons that vary in ballots. Opulent -- bit as good as the -- -- that the giants. Eli Manning and Tom Brady when they get -- line of scrimmage they had more love to have options than any other quarterback and smarter not to recognize and react. LS follow up on the soft targets out pal Tony of ESPN LRG three -- the running a lot of the pistols that Shanahan -- acknowledged that yeah. Yeah you -- -- geno Smith at West Virginia. If these guys are drafted. Our team's gonna have to build their offense around them it's martyrdom -- bring an -- and new coordinators familiar at running their college offense. To take best advantage of this new. -- quarterback we're seeing the National Football League. You know the only problem with that is. You can't get your quarterback brains beat out. And that's what they did in Washington. Being exposed to too much too but it. And it is you know you're gonna see a lot more out there. But -- a player is bigger stronger faster. So it -- a major downsides to it. Tell how big of a told us are taking -- season goes on these Thursday night games what are -- hearing from some of these teams. The Thursday night games the poll that takes on some of these guys to come right back a few days later -- teams complaining about this format all yearlong. I haven't heard that much complaining about it honestly I really have that player bought into this you know they signed a ten year deal. There's billions of dollars on the table. And I think they realize this is what they bought into the Jakarta shorten players' lives that -- they have studied data look at it. Is it going to shorten lifespan or within a seeded. Players they get votes start losing some of their starters. The injury later in the year because they've been exposed. To quick turnaround. And it will actually. Amid the NFL will be Smart enough to figure out OK we've got to expand the rosters. Because we're playing Thursday night games Thursday -- games are not going away. The NFL network in a major investment for the NFL those games and not going away. Until the -- to figure out OK how you're impacting not only player longevity. But the teams within a year. And maybe they have to adjust a lot choose sides as a result. -- players respond in terms -- Roger Goodell did to re rack. The punishment with bounty gate and the lay down suspension now some of those -- like in the case -- Scott who cute Fujita. But basically re racking those a couple of days ago on curious what players are on the -- saying about Cadel -- and doing that. You know I think most players look at it from both sides. They don't like what they heard -- Gregg Williams. A lot of players around the league considered publicly that told meet privately. That what they heard coming out of the saints. And Gregg Williams will draw. And it needed to be punished. But other players still contend that there's too much power the commissioner's office but again. More strict in the NFL PA I covered the lock out wall to wall. Stem to stern. Every single day from sport if there. -- a party of opportunity ample opportunity. To try to take that much power the way that it could from fidelity didn't. It. -- or five games into the season now and only we just lose -- the groups most of us won't Diana we got a house there -- about that snuggle that. We're out five games into it now and a stop you always take some heat on Kansas City board about it coaches in -- of -- now five weeks into. Paul many years -- a question weeks. The. I had no Aaliyah and against -- it's. I would if you want to -- it would coaches and hot here I think they're pretty obvious. I think injection bill. I think that like Milwaukee. Is it is in serious trouble with that you'll owner I know we just hired them but they're much worse than anybody anticipated. I think it then these ball. In New York. At some will even though I know that emerged that the entire training -- the court. At some point they have been questioned whether or not -- can picture. Woody Johnson Rick -- that you respect relationship. Same goes with the GM Mike and -- about. It's Cheney is in the heat. Paying customers. People are basically voting with their feet right now having trouble filling MetLife stadium that protects. You've got to wonder whether or not Rex Ryan's going to be on -- hot. You covered the lock out beginning to and we also site Cortland -- lot of sports centers there live watch -- Tim Tebow worked out offense now. Is that move comic is Sanchez down Tebow -- your mind in the next couple weeks. It's not even the answer to the question. -- not even that question. Look at -- They averaged three point one yards a carry on -- now. They can't ground and pound any. They have the -- passing per now. In the league other than. Jacksonville. Which maybe that -- even a week. It can't get it -- on first down. You can't get it -- our first now. -- number one wide receiver not on the field and hit number one sided and not on the field. And you can't run the football. How in the world is more expansion and the problem. You put it it untenable second and third situation. Here's the news much -- more oxygen and not Tom Brady never got to beat Tom Brady he needs major help but look at Brady. -- -- -- -- You don't gronkowski. And Welker and those are running backs and the wide receiver that you don't just think they'll did you give -- bell -- I guarantee it isn't gonna win more oil companies currently -- You get no help putting people it is not the answer but the -- is infatuated. With Tebow. I don't know why. Could you -- admit there and it's not gonna really change very much what like Tebow yeah terrific young gentleman. -- -- -- -- Hard nosed football player extremely competitive. Loved being around and in Cortland every single day extremely accessible. You put him in there. Expansion about how did -- change things I don't think it does. All right so give us your thoughts on this game as we can for the Patriots offense vs defense up and yelled it at that. Home field advantage -- DC that plane out. It's pretty -- getting the home field advantage there by his dignity of the National Football League. You know radio Brady will have to get into the line of scrimmage. And we'll have to see whether or not this speed role model works. With that crowd noise and their barracks that. Seattle defense theory that they have passed blitzing linebackers. They like to use a lot of stinger blitzes. But here's what you got -- for. You got a guy who drew the line of scrimmage. And decipher the code. Faster than anybody faster than Peyton Manning. There was faster than Eli. Shall I think yeah I think they're gonna be fine this week and really -- Sal pal Tony of ESPN you seem as a report but also on the edge NFL matchup show. That -- at a couple different times on Sunday mornings with the. Yeah with lodging he's gone. Merrill Hodge does a great job on -- -- -- on Jaworski does a great job on that show and SL appreciate the time. -- -- itself on their -- thanks guys there at the end of the south eldest Tom currents there -- at the end of it itself joining us about this on the ATT hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Was speeds up to ten times faster three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible. You OK there Joba threw an -- second break speaking of the football National Football League -- AFC with your phone calls next.

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