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Meter Minute: A’s magic continues, Cardinals blowout Nats, and Nolan Ryan is ready to dismiss Josh Hamilton from Texas

Oct 11, 2012|

Meter talks about Coco Crisp’s walk-off hit to beat the Tigers, Bryce Harper’s struggles in the postseason, and Nolan Ryan thinks Josh Hamilton quit smokeless tobacco at the wrong time.

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Okay. Now is tens sterling on the QL -- Oakland a's radio network can. Koresh quite -- the guy yelling listen very closely it sounds like Howard Dean. -- that's a that's the element of the analysts rate policy. I think it's very bloggers and invest it by. And then we don't want to do is they didn't take back the White House. -- That was so I guess a week. I'm sure record at the numbers on the ratings -- by 10 o'clock but that's fifty million without 12:12 -- this morning. Twelfth of the it's more. -- to Philly crisper to valley lawyers -- with a game winning hit that is his fourth walk up and I was correct for walk outs while organizers 240 hitter. But he's clutch we set in Boston did we did you tell -- Coke -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's that he moved past that got to get a Ehrlich is the only get stronger as he goes on yes yes suggested as king captains -- and out. I just whereas -- starts just the Berlin re you know with a one point 23 yeah I Norris. Students are out of you know asked around in the in the seventh and eighth inning I think it was eight dollars and what is it a 108 pitches to start into the seventh the eighth and the retired. Five for the next six guys -- strikeouts no pitch slower than 98. Well after I -- laden right. That's it. -- -- -- It all the magic. Arm tally is just that you know I. I'm really not described the magic word. But legal argument you draw. More times than not. And what happened. -- Billy -- still tastes like in his office annoyed. Does not assaulted a smooth one because I watched like we saw money ball in his pickup truck and drive does away with some music in the background and yet Tom Petty fireball. But it's all for naught if they don't be Verlander you know yeah magical -- you told let go onto win everything. Does the movie company re released the film yet where you know what they re do it because this run would be much more press from the one that was featured in the in the movie where that in the middle and just labels -- They won twenty point -- trade -- analysts in the movie. It -- and -- they glorified. In regular season run and that's OK that was a great run. They won nothing in the post season and Tomei and the more we in this case that an unbelievable regular season and maybe maybe maybe. Post seasons well it's going to be to Denver. And it turned down John Henry is offer at the end of the film. Yes seeded. All right so the days when his -- you need to know is when the amount of worry about the nationally because against urges dreadful. I mean hello we should -- we should note this cardinals -- nationals nothing -- where to place Strasburg -- that on the where would you use straw. Well the argument would be you know he can't hit while he can -- Of the -- -- eight run is scored runs during the -- -- their gave -- one you lose it right on when -- sound became. -- vote down the street in a -- ago globe on balls and -- ago that that. It would be -- and it happened and he's not pitching into the news you ready for the first exhibition game in February. Bryce Harper. Oh for 51. For fifteen ministers. Old sixty sounds a little anxious yeah. Yeah. Technical ranges and things. Punishment -- -- Maybe you should ask B Anthony hitting fifth or. Yeah who's worse router Bryce Harper. Discuss -- as Bryce Harper put a bullet like a -- Bryce Harper as. A little left in the ten yeah dazzled. He is at a few more seasons in him. So today with the -- backs against the wall -- whom there it is -- against debt while national -- -- a lefty -- Of the Nat and the day's goal and Oracle's real close America's team going to be. Here's the -- tigers yankees we see in the I appreciate cardinals cardinals and champs. Of that bizarre that you look at the outline of how they do what you lines. And Sweden we rely on if not two of these little dollar underdog Cinderella -- Close or eighties -- will be missed. Whether it's yankees lose when the Yankees season comes to a close this year you know what that marks. And exactly halfway. Of the Iran. -- halfway point five years -- -- and five years ago. He passed the coast and Victor Conte has no choice December alerts are you know I'm always sorry 5 December 13 the most -- signed him to a 275. Million or doctor -- Ferrari did not have glory which Lan tournament check for one point two million. -- held -- You know. And only -- to got to the thousand pages. That the dossier nom I'm -- my thought and a minority like one of those it's a witch hunt -- Which -- can't tell you know throw pretty good are just jealous. The vanishing twins look to produce good label alone if it's. The -- and ethical and he did that. We'll get into that mobile really at to have Josh Hamilton all yeah I told you Josh Hamilton -- that the production last week was two years and twenty million and that's dropping like a year and six and a half what what we know for sure -- -- the Texas Rangers right replied that's not right that's pretty much done because Nolan Ryan. -- credited to your head of the curve on this and thought that this would be awful for Hammel then this would not be a good thing you should not quit during the season don't quick -- until now. Gonna ruin you. All the time but sniffing glue -- it and notoriety that from their plan. That from -- permanent Hitler. And hold them. That is all right time all right so Nolan one on the Texas -- -- Texas at Dallas radio station yesterday and I called out. Josh Hamilton for quitting tobacco. It is planning -- home according. Smokeless tobacco couldn't have been more you know we that you would like to that it. He was don't do that that he would've done it now -- and our way to do this offseason to do it and not so. The drastic effect that it had -- you know in the year that he was having. And to that one time when he did quit you know you would like. Then he'll take a different approach the map so. You know those issues. Our our. Are created that that that call. Unreal and hand and it's unfortunate that that that happened in the timing was such -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So makes everybody look bad does that mean it may obviously I don't think he shuts the door on text at all you kidding -- no impact public -- days I'll Machida. A bit but everyone pitches there we went -- and it's -- ten and ten of skull. A -- Hamilton had cryptically -- blamed his post all star break slop on a personal issue that involved -- being disobedient toward god yeah number that yes. So I guess. That that was this was this the this debate. It was chewing tobacco. As disobedient yeah yes when when when your brain chemistry heaters on the fulcrum of -- either going into the ravine or on the back on the road. And be -- with your brain chemistry. -- and it's -- right now it is the cocoa -- producers and tried to Lance Armstrong thing. -- -- -- football -- -- 8 o'clock hour and the 9 o'clock hour with Kerry Byrne cold hard football facts and Hugh Millen former patriot quarterback. Now Seattle com media star and analyst of Seattle Seahawks. Football that happens -- final five your phone calls next.

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