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Hugh Millen, former Pats QB and radio personality in Seattle, on Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and the Seahawks defense

Oct 11, 2012|

Hugh joins Dino and Gerry to discuss his time in New England during the 1991 and 1992 seasons and how Tom Brady has evolved into one of the best QB’s the NFL has ever seen. Hugh also talks about Peyton Manning’s arm strength getting back to where it needs to be and predicts that Seattle’s defense will hold the Pats a little over 20 points on Sunday.

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Welcome back it's Dennis and Callahan the spat probably needs no introduction around here former quarterback for the Los Angeles rams the Atlanta Falcons at Dallas Cowboys the Denver Broncos -- New Orleans Saints and of course. From 1991 to 1990 to -- -- New England Patriots is the pride of the University of Washington our friend Hugh Millen joins us on the AT&T hotline at Corning -- ardea. Doing great it's great to be -- -- -- -- -- -- since I've missed you guys look. What John -- if you -- that carried out. -- -- what do you miss about Boston beat the traffic. -- at the moment I went the other way I want to get out of 101000 and then commuted phosphorus would never really hit me hard. That works pretty well -- I -- -- recipe -- People but provincial nature of the people that you brought -- more likely to -- transplant so what have you -- You don't hit in broad singing god. You know you run out across guys that are in the mid twenties this course that when I was playing in my mid twenties in the end you know what guys had. The dead in their grandfather great example they were you know their rocks is that. That's sports community and they they can remember everything going back all through the decades and what have you just really grabs you know the proud people I think. Yeah if you don't hear you've been here thirty years you still looked at as a newcomer Alicia parents -- grandparents were born here than than your newbie. And let unless you start this tactic but the Marines. And then then then we -- Yeah are you you do good outside knew what I was made to feel I -- Our hometown guy there and do it and what they have great memories from. A lot of that Seattle. So he's saying -- not a lot of nostalgia for the old days with the old Donald. Kurt Warner days and in a Seattle. Are you kidding me. Here Fred channel history itself sport that we don't want a world championship in history this -- in 1970 ninth. And they're not even here I'll. So no let's tell you guys you don't even know what the good fortune that you are bad job all I gotta tell you what I think I'm gonna take a -- credit. For some of them give fortune you've met with the patriots because. As a football gods law much. Portal England fans have to endure what I gave them and we give them back in the circuit 91 in 92 they said these people had enough. And respectable -- magic dust on a middle school kid out Sam material and innovation that's gonna take a lot of bad bad bad. Which seven gross. That this figure is coming so. Eric. Your your brand of football with a patriots made us appreciate the Super -- that came -- I guess it wasn't that bad you you and you and Dick MacPherson for a few weeks at least for a couple months of people world and enjoying a little cute Dini magic. But you're right it's a whole different level how are they embracing the Pete Carroll Seahawks right now NCA antlers is a magnet for YouTube which got -- An exciting rookie quarterback a great defense of people fired up. It's a little bit of a mixed bag. This PRK. Okay and guess who's trying to win important made of the year. If he's got a body direct Jessica Rabbit. He's got to -- like -- it's still local. That's for some crazy reason she's taken her and her hair and she shaped the direction they don't call. It -- or else. She -- awards now. That and it is still going to be hot. Because of all the attributes split it into why. Why didn't start at deep that a majority are what's the very first you have game in 76. -- benefit out of this match -- -- I have never seen a defense like this. -- -- they're -- just to wrap the body and then Marcelo let's go to bed thinking it's an out of -- fourteen weeks. You led the NFL Russian they've got a running game Tom Cable Robert Reich -- he let them and sportsline hi before every and they decide to go work. There are rookie quarterback that looks like word for quad -- -- -- -- good I don't I don't I don't do that but play and that's of course they've been admitted so you get a lot of a lot of talk about -- around here about. The direction of the quarterback -- they have made. Every single move they made with the defense has been a Midas touch which -- know how to evaluate. Which takes me in my first question you and -- W -- currently works a football analyst for KJ RAM radio and KC PQ television in Seattle Washington back in your day and even well before your -- the old cliche about football was great defense -- always beat great offenses does that cliche hold true today based on the high powered offense. That Seattle's going to see the Brady brings in their on Sunday. The good quarterbacks in the team's go to war and in this century now you have the ravens in 2000 there were defense dominated team. If -- had Tampa Bay in 2002 but even though they have Reggie Johnson who threw for. That's pretty hard to argue the probe but the particularly in recent years the good guys that are already helped. You maintained through for the six most amount of yards in the history of pro football last year just got lost -- Brees and -- here it is it that you picked it. That Drew -- is and the Eli Manning's. The top I -- Peyton Manning in the Tom Brady said. He got to the overthrow of football in this state mandates that it and so I would say no I. The defense of course. Is this going to be fired up but look at the Packers in 2010 air largest dead. That million very a lot of holes in their defense in the air and so so I would -- You you don't have a complete team but if you can't full full form nowadays I don't see where that kept. And and and do you think Russell Wilson and throw the ball you mean I know the Seahawks are three and to -- that scored twenty points wants. He is not getting the job done he's an end to beat the patriots you're gonna have to score. 34 times you have to be in the high twenties is that possible. Well I'm not positive thing you have to be in the high twenties he had done it looked good throughout the year we we. We worship adulterer Tom Brady but I have two kids twelve and -- both quarterbacks on their -- change and we've got to Tom Brady found dead in and what have you they're the favorite quarterback can Tom Brady Jersey so so I'm. I know -- what the patriot offense stay as products. I think this defense sport. You know that they may hold them under point five or even twenty points what was she -- that place that whether it's. To your question about Russell Wilson and they offense. I -- the only adolescent change what that -- -- wasn't the guy he is. He's a blow to -- -- -- works is horrid it's anybody could imagine in that in terms of some silly guys here at 5:45 in the morning. Any eighties watching tape for twelve hours days so anything you really are paid the Bill Belichick repeat myself but -- tape. -- we'll -- all have studied. How to attack that particular defense. On every single. Play and that is -- anywhere it's made the fire started -- like for a all the flash startup activity. As so this guys studio she's got zapped a big dog for a guy his size brits. What is probably the trouble is where in the populist was back on -- many cannot seat. He -- -- -- issues like general COLT quarterback being in quite some time in terms of his pocket presence he sees ghosts -- When there's nobody. Pressuring him he starts still try to -- the pocket. The end sir that's going to be the that the task for -- what is to shut down it is I sidelines and be ready for him to try and make plays on -- on the -- We talked to Pete Carroll yesterday and he didn't sound all that confident in his quarterback a -- talk and we look and that QB controversy. Do you think cute and Matt Flynn should be the star. Well I do I think you -- -- I think it would make sense I don't think you would have shocked the world therapy can abroad to wrestle residents says look he's -- third round draft -- Let's put in my eyes for you read and learn the game. Any record Matt Flynn being spent forty years that top gun school. Which is the green bay Packers and of course she had successful man aspect BC don't. And so. Eat eat these two guys who they are you know are the stars see Eddie deep -- the top actually let's. The program what he'd started two games for the Packers to me he would have been a more logical choice and then you come back to Russell Wilson maybe years from now. Well actually are very very well what Wilson. They laid out a competition the other great and then there's so many camp and -- almost certain -- total champions competition. Above all others he says they we've got a quarterback competition what what's he laid there was ruled down. Russell -- and in in some people might seize the job because through three games he was playing -- historic -- with his quarterback rating and yards per attempt and third down conversions at all. It had that in many ways since then he's turned into a pocket because all of those numbers that work. Record setting up for several 119 passer rating if he can read out for a year. Mobile through best in history and Portugal are not a -- on these other statistics but since then he is really plummeted. It's so -- you've got a quarterback controversy in many people's eyes because there's that -- tour of how this team would look. If you are just getting average quarterback like in the bleak in many people's minds. That Matt Flynn can give you that -- -- -- would. Marcellus and what they're doing the running game and what they're Dora the defense in the debt sort. Specialist Leon Washington one of the better return guys it was a complete football team if you just -- average -- of the passing. We're talking with Hugh -- former -- the patriot quarterback -- a ten year veteran the National Football -- -- -- -- say though that Russell Wilson's weapons are not exactly. On par with the embarrassment of riches that Tom Brady has at his disposal. Well I think Brady's -- embarrassment of riches in the middle infield. Yet I think -- talk us through the years. I've always just marveled at what he's been able to do because summit that's our government will agree with obviously a tight ends and and Wes Welker what have you -- in army Deion Branch is. You know -- an instrument of people have said that the given -- and through through through the years. They haven't exactly. And you don't first team all pro caliber guys to -- but yes. -- -- that's your question. Very very result from the receivers -- point out here that's pretty raw ice therefore make sure he's playing it like -- -- remember in 2000 and I needed at that. That really. Breakout year with Brett Favre. He is playing close to that well Melanie given the opportunity to display include data on the other side and and -- Doug Collins had a hard time getting more from the slot that he nothing special from the president and Zach Miller yet they have. They don't have the best weapons they don't. The Green Bay Packers weapons. I'll play any of CLU bridges is on the. All right let's -- -- to the other side of the ball if you the Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator hue. What do you do to try to take away something what do you take away from Tom Brady and how do you do it. Well I think there's three things -- the pictures -- could that present they've got this new -- running game. Com and then if you wanna break the passing game down and ended two facets. Very. Of the wide receivers to -- is directed toward -- receivers and then then the inside receivers the tight -- -- yeah I think. I don't think that there. It's going to be a harder road against the Seahawks a look at the numbers I think it's going to be hard and I think it's going to be important role against Seattle's. Quarterbacks. In fact last week. Camden and they decided to just stay off the ball went to Steve Smith spoke game all out on the perimeter and slow corners or just plain and and -- that -- too high level you've got a six foot three rich shortly to -- it. That there really used these. -- a garbage -- -- the pro -- if not higher and then brands are made to pull -- really have four guys in the secondary were played in the water last year. But here's where the pitchers that eventually brought inside to the tie against its Wes Welker. You're getting -- as she fought as a nickel back out there on the field he was what's let. Pretty decent started orbit the -- -- 2007 but he's slowed down. The patriots have a big advantage. -- -- Italians and anti slot receivers in the middle of field and so -- -- all defensively. I think we just do what we do step in the run I feel good we're gonna stop the -- -- I feel good we're just stopped the outside receivers with our quarters press step topic that they can be like my guys outside. Where I'm really worried about is what is gonna happen in the middle infield with all that play action all that really. You know adept. And scheming in Brady's brilliance in terms of recognition anticipation accuracy he's getting it really got out of -- field I think he's going to be successful. We know what Brady does or what Peyton Manning does when they get pressured they step up in the pocket they step into the throw that make you pay if you don't get to him. What happens when they pressure Russell Wilson what does he do. Well what I've seen an -- -- a term I use you know in the military member of the movie they had -- -- a second top gun reference. Miller saying bad bogey intersection right well we know what that means that means that Britney got an enemy by Heidi it's 6 o'clock in the end -- -- a clock -- Talk orchestrated -- straight behind he would. And quarterbacks use that same car -- Where they talk about a foot work you know they open that percentage of first sort of 7 o'clock this net. Well what I thought. Debbie -- thirty escape is what I see from Russell Wilson took what happens is when teams press through the middle of the pocket. Would say that they're the guards in the setup for the -- -- they get pushed back. Russell Wilson's face which -- -- and it doesn't matter whether or not the defense there is actually getting into the quarterback. If you're just pushing that. Middle of the line backhand -- -- sources say the place an adequate starting out -- that. The saints are with Drew Brees and and that of course Drew Brees stands six feet tall. They the majority Evans and -- mixed the two best guards perhaps in football and they -- well organizational commitment. To keep in the middle of their pockets solid -- back to the C -- When it's not just middle of the line gets pushed back in the Russell -- station and particularly this guy's. When this sort that out whoever Arab states if you can give up underneath the apps. The gorgeous. The Seahawks what happens then is now. Russell Wilson's own wind and shoulder pad level -- above his right side well. And now you've tripled. -- use our they amount to which you have to have. Broken down his vision in diminishes vision and so this response. Is the replay actually does that forced thirty risque. There's certainly gives ground to his right any tries to beat to -- the reps that he be it right and a quarterback. He now wants to get out on the edge and find something you have to make a new play a lot of things. And so we're teams have been successful as well as they've created that situation. In he world. Reflexively just. You know escape and that that direction the analogy I'm making is this picture here -- like Java or. In the pocket and now that he he has global pressure to remember that spin move he used to do route to his left. There aren't does his regrets after -- the players -- -- to the -- with the -- that was used his reflex when he -- pressure inside world. For Wilson it's the opposite he -- ghost was right so. So the -- for teams has been to make sure that you kept on the sidelines of the fact. Last week was set on that target -- the one -- El -- worsening head. Good good. That Pampers say the lineup in a free man -- before the step -- -- they mistook for Seattle because he's gonna have satellites. And sort of security through Saturday session are crossing in got a test done out of that but -- I think teams are better served to try and cut down on the sidelines by pressure in the middle of the pocket and then making sure that whoever is. -- on the left side of the Patriots defense. That there are aware that that's the direction he wants to forty. He wants to give ground I promise you you'll see that on Sunday at some -- -- BP won't make that move and if you're not. Are prepared for the rest and and he's gonna get our pocket and try to create in Newport. Are you -- final question for me is this game in your estimation when he played in the teams or the twenties. Who. -- -- -- -- you're right about that -- -- -- -- -- you know -- eighteen is low twenties. I -- I think shoots you have these detectives did in that stadium. Then -- Packers are playing at the world -- disappointed now but jets have been killed abroad say it's going to be in the twelfth and also the patriots are good it did. Over -- the lesson to forty try. I if you you're of the and one of the best quarterback. Analysts of ever heard I know your sons adore Tom Brady. Do you look at Brady has the best ever at a plan that position. Well thanks for the nice words. I would certainly have always -- Joseph Montana. Brought -- I even so this -- are hurt last year bit. Did Tom Brady is the very first guy that has made me as -- there's times where wake up in the morning in and I think you know. It's not so much take the -- opposite. In handed over. To Tom Brady so. I think I think -- get Brady and we were you don't have to kids crying. When the Super Bowl was lost last year at Grady Little did he gets 13. Then he's gonna you gotta match. Montana of course on the simple bears and his statistics are -- blue -- Montana's away and I think you can comfortably call that I right now I think it's a dead heat -- -- did he. Why don't the boys have the Hugh Millen fan had on the -- fit it fit in with full -- hair. Good -- -- could turn into a pump get all sorts. I think we're -- vacuum overwhelmed it's. I think -- it's just. A marvel to watch implode you know there's little things like for example. I've never seen a quarterback that's sort of that's why can't. -- greater acumen when I was with the patriots they have a very. I -- a security guard they would meet she -- That this front gate in and play every game I'd -- yen and and he'd say he say in our members do. Look west and -- all right that's it I've just done that yet none -- gotta gotta I -- guest. And in Tom Brady he actually listens to that just because I've never seen. A guy that's got Droid three yard pass in the flat to little tiny Wes Welker and normally maybe got to step advantage of don't forget that it takes secure if you're a little behind in that. Then the -- sort of the house in the end he routinely you know down after down you made a career. Are making throws like that L of course people's -- Obama really does everything -- You could ever ask the guy that even processes like that having played the position. I just actually Mark -- and the one thing that makes me do it makes me cringe because ethnic group. This season particularly servers that there are times season ticket holders that actually get to watch him and had to let me twenty years ago it's very. It wasn't do you approve of 3000 yards in what thirteen games. That. Well defined and -- before. The ninety team. They've got one of fifteen. It's hard game that they had lost quite. Point four points or more than in the NFL network and all them that the night's worst team in the history is full fallen and I. In my if there was some elected to -- -- a project with that team and it was my decision content. And I totally. The people are actually not let the fans. I I still remember -- how well we were. We were embraced that there's been -- I stepped. Created to respect his former knowing the patriot quarterback Hugh Millen the Friday the University of Washington new great catch up -- thanks for the information looking for this game on Sunday. Guys thanks so much let me again that god everybody all my friends that third. And the good people Batman -- cannot -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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