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Kerry Byrne, Cold Hard Football Facts, on Pats-Seahawks, Seattle’s defense, and AFC East QB’s

Oct 11, 2012|

Kerry joins D&C to preview the Pats-Seahawks and how Seattle’s defense could be a true test to the Pats offense. Kerry also shares his thoughts on the AFC East and the QB’s involved in the division, where no one has come close to Tom Brady’s level since he entered the NFL in 2000.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan. Hugh -- from Seattle join us on the 9 o'clock hour but now we break this down statistically the number one statistical defense in the National Football League and of course would be. Pete Carroll's Seattle Seahawks vs the number one statistically offense in the National Football League and doing the patriots to help us do that from cold hard football facts are for -- -- -- Gary how -- I'm doing very well -- -- -- great at doing very well but you much time and on this number one defense vs number one offense project this week Gary. Back at that we got we got quite quite a quick break down this week quote our football back inside where we do ought to expand. You know witness to that campaign. -- and competing -- -- but I think that I picked up pretty. Pretty remark with a -- perhaps most interesting game that we did not get the patriots fans or and -- obviously the -- talked -- You know kind of -- they got -- with -- you know number one in the NFL when there is some points per game against. The 1970s style stone age football -- -- The average Seattle in this unit at seventeen to fourteen we haven't you know this stuff like that is what people would get all era of the 1970s. 24 point pregame Hewitt in the effort into this year so it's a different style football they're playing but other -- -- guys and I think this. Story that we know instinctively that we put that number is behind it. The twelfth man phenomenon in Seattle is truly a very real intangible. Effect. That this Seattle architect of the best -- in -- look at that big disparity that the worst team and football on the road. Since 2000. They get 3767. On the road in 6730. In the exact opposite. I'll hit it it it you know. There -- -- people when he presented all 36% on the road by the -- and spread we try to develop what we call for the PDF. Forty to 61 against the spread on the road -- the important reasons for it at home since 2000 so. That is of real tangible that that is. There there there is merit to that that you know pick and I think the better team overall. We have to take that into account that that this is clearly to a different -- -- the questions. If he had a look good team that we can't -- -- on the world. Were they at bat in the played well at -- and I think it is really -- -- step -- and find out what they are where they can't more than it is for the -- -- do they not also find themselves in second place in most false start by opponents in that building. Yeah I think you know I don't know that I brought up my head but it make that -- -- -- a lot of weight and obviously. It -- -- tangible impact you know I think. You know what would look at that look like just get it into the gate and we talk what does a lot -- -- doctor what what about a quarter. And -- obviously that that the huge advantage for the patriots I don't think I don't think Tom Brady is intimidated by the environment I mean this is the guy's gonna end up. You know Pittsburgh for a conference title game and in a while rockets and -- -- The best defense in football and for those teams apart I don't expect that here that he has departed into that. Pretty stout defense. In a lot of ways but you know I don't think I don't think competed you know vehicle Dan Simon thought nor should they be I mean they're the best offense in football and it what really interesting guy -- here -- the balance we -- balanced all the time winning in the NFL at all ball balanced. And offensively at least the -- The most palpable by the way number one in rushing attempt. Number 100 I -- want recognition no team has run the ball for the patriots this year. Number one rushing attempts per game you know assumption that a priority they're averaging almost forty attempts per game on the ground which we haven't seen -- on time and number one with ten rushing touchdown. This Fiat by the way to rushing touchdowns all year with a good Marshawn Lynch. And that that may be good running game but the ticket and clearly superior running what. What you're saying if somebody told you a year ago or told you after the Super Bowl before the pre season started before the two days started. But the New England Patriots would be the team that Russia's attempts the most rushes in the National Football League you know 45 weeks. With Tom Brady as your quarterback you look at them like they were from Mars. You know I didn't relative to -- morning -- it and I that it is a sitting member of intently as you know I just got to go through our gave analysis morning. And eloquent wait -- minute -- it is opposite to use -- -- that are running and I read that I look at is who is Seattle known as the team that run the ball more than eight. And it happened in with a rookie quarterback and good right back at except his team. -- -- any good defense if you want to run the ball I kind of you know speed of the game as they say that the clock ran down. Is that they've got to get a run the ball more than what -- want to wait a minute they look to run the ball more than. Etiquette and football I think that's that good for them I think they -- -- to want to talk radio and I understand that you know it. Is -- -- five looked at the the birth now we get our regular throw it up but I think dedication that arm achieved. All the while running in recent years I think the way they run the ball is. Is it you know quite impressive guys two of the best rushing performances in franchise history in recent weeks and by the way it's pretty interesting don't look the patriots great at rushing performance -- -- that that -- is that I think it's certain that. You know back -- you know they have been coming in John candidate so. Are -- nobody quite -- patiently but to get out of running in recent years I think -- got to be very happy with the -- I I don't even know were talking to us is -- burn the guy who thinks like it is running doesn't matter it's all about passing and suddenly. Suddenly Kerry Byrne is telling -- it's about balance. -- -- -- -- -- -- about you have to try to run the sport the market good -- it comes -- to give up the ball well the patriots. You don't turn it off as a passer rating -- real quarterback rating. It it hit a couple of have to run the ball averaging four point three -- protecting not. They're not lighting up people on the ground as much as we picked out of a couple good games are but they're really not much better than average per attempt. But we can't fly and that balance does help the bigger issue is accused of anybody's defense that they -- up a little from the week. I'll have to -- the ball one of the worst you know passes right now in five weeks. Better world of -- long term. -- -- I don't know if you crunched these numbers and if you haven't then I'm just asking you what your impression is back in the day back when the steel curtain. Was intact in Pittsburgh back on the Chicago Bears ran that defense out there. The the the accepted cliche and it was accepted because it was true great defense has always beat great offenses now -- the change -- offensive approaches have changed. You think that's still hold true in the National Football League. You know -- with epic true advocate the push candidate football at the world full of political shape and starting at. At -- school here you know we -- World -- established arrived even when championship. It -- it turned that into great team but usually a little bit better on defense and offensively but. It -- to win championships if that's the big concern for the patriots died there of right ought to for the world. But in franchise history. All that is a huge concern naval you know devoted all the draft resources but right now in 96 the -- -- tabulating the port number I know we -- order that nauseam. All but that they are right now he's been the worst. Happy that the franchise history and that big concern that they can't stop Russell Wilson. There's -- -- -- you know I was gonna press that they can't get -- With that -- -- these people put a lot of yard touchdown on the board last week. And it could -- fortunate enough to have a great offense but one of these days you know those statistical weekly now I don't think -- the week that it snapped. But I do have concerns still about -- that you can do what he. It would generally don't mean what you know rookie of the month in September. This team has the president should they -- -- -- health -- ball a lot like the candid here. We cut we got so used to seeing -- team played war pass defense the standard you're not very -- anymore -- that we don't have high spirited. For this New England defense. Can't they play poor pass defense and win like they did last year. You know I think Google circumspect arguing you know you've got to hunt and let elliptical orbit put it. Could stop Mario Manningham goes -- Eli -- from another game winning touchdown drive in the global. I think it never you know they they can you know theoretically -- -- but no team has chilling note he never has. When he heard about it they went to the Super Bowl question that when AFC championship game of the aunts and and and historically bad pass defense you said right now they have a really bad pass defense you know they beat -- beat Denver by ten they're probably gonna beat Seattle. In Seattle. Mean they have -- they have a quarterback who overcomes. Since deficiencies in the regular season. You know what -- don't -- it impossible to put up that eight years ago and you know it spent that same issue over Albert Groundhog Day. In New England net debt sooner or later that that defense field to make a stop in and I don't think this is the week that happen but if you're. You know if you're -- match job. It was in business -- a critical situation in the NC title. You know recent history tell -- those good offices of all the way to outscored the patriot but what they -- -- it was couldn't stop against the ravens in the eighth seed and you know god -- -- I would say what is the lucky lucky couple watched plays -- because of sitting at home watching this bubble. -- that a plane and it it I just think these things it's the same thing over nobody thought. So that they should not trying to be negative it is an impressive team that we can begin the year will win 1213 games probably develop more twelve and thirteen but. I hit you don't see we -- hope -- is at and I'm balancing the quality run the ball. As committed as they are to run the ball is great that often if they got beaten up first team that orchestrated it probably the book -- appointment would have season's. We can print it that I don't want to think it's gonna do it for the fort yeah probably. But what that would get really bad that even that it is worried about their championship process. We're talking to Kerry Byrne cold hard football facts dot com check them out it is a is a font of information and I'm looking picture quality -- power rankings. Through week number five. No surprise -- the top but a little bit at the bottom -- Cleveland isn't even close to be -- in last place I suppose Houston is. Who we think they are. But the Cleveland Browns you have them ranked 28. Tennessee. Last on your power quality ranking. The big debate interesting storyline with equality but aren't guys. The bottom eight teams are all in the AFC. We are looking at an epic you know albeit he's headed -- that we've been going on for a few years -- one. What for the last five Super -- and we -- eight. Up right now we are looking at 88 polarized. AFC between yet -- like Houston and Baltimore and -- that are clearly. The elite team but the conference but. It's a lot of it'll that the audit shall in the and that -- that conference you know the -- but yet the bill the browns -- -- -- the jeans that -- in the bottom eight teams. And I quality set already got that they do. You don't print book -- from the fact that you know patriotism. Baltimore and it just kind of -- -- -- -- -- to beat up on that beat up and look at what how they got to do what they. They think it'll happen to -- guys because that did that -- him -- -- It's scary right now both sides of the ball. Chicago would even would you know what -- -- the mine and and then you know volatile Belichick outlet that detectives escort. I mean that's -- that it is a -- -- appointment that the Seattle -- right now and the spirit that -- -- -- teams over the in the NC. You know -- in the you talk about first thing you said and I couldn't agree more it's all about the quarterback. There's no other quarterback in the in the AFC east it's just and and Chris gas -- compliments. Agree poignant than there has not been a good quarterback and AFC. East it's in like. The whole time bradys -- here he's been the best quarterback the second best -- -- who like Brett Favre when he was with the jets. And heading to an antenna -- your second best quarterback in this division in the Brady era that some remarkable. My opponent and why -- I don't think we quite appreciate we get so used to all all the victories at patriot. What possible or at the best record in the division every year since 2000 -- to be what twelve seasons as it is if it happens again yeah which we will. I don't get accused ever has the best foot in the division more than two years and world. I think it is still at it at like 67 times public that is going to have been times I mean we're talking historic. Just is that unprecedented. String of victories in the Arkansas although it is it what was -- seventeen years and they weren't they within a dynastic period. But they don't they if they would get in the division the patriots -- Milosevic twice over the last ability as a tiebreaker -- it out into the they lost in the tiebreaker it. 1008. And I think about it the Houston has just as easy -- time if not easier yeah it almost seems like. We should just go ahead to that January 20 it gently to him and put these that we don't know where but these two teams are gonna play the gonna play the regular season. -- that guy he's been he's been repeatedly at C title game and he's been brought -- that -- with a simple all right -- locked -- felt pretty confident about those that at all levels. He -- Kerry -- check Yemen is very talent staff that cold hard football facts dot com and then once they get their -- it is the insider situation that they can deal. Like you know it would invite people were actually operate got an inside one week free trial he didn't order the ball -- -- -- -- elicited one out. -- sign up to get one free week of the all are aren't really subject to look at all our all our -- games god insider analysis spread peace here at least the database. All of -- portable all that's been done that it could be inside of vitamin maybe get one week free trial and it kicked the tires on it until information. Terry bird always a pleasure enjoy the weekend we'll talk to down the road tournament every bird cold hard football facts dot com joining us some AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE still to come. More your phone calls made a pro sport slash -- you -- and at. 905 -- pro as he's looked in -- -- -- hurts in the east Lincoln Maine and yeah bug Maine as the number instructor. Awful however studio. And this year and he's sending me videos. And the -- right yes. Probably says that the guys -- -- dignity and I don't he has added I liked it that she's hard core. He is hard court proceedings -- and I don't ever you know and sleepy little. Resort. Since that's one of many of he's not jealous and -- Hooker and oh. Points to break him. Right -- there -- that -- Bush is involved it's. 61 with the right around us are on the on. Your right.

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