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Rob Bradford gives his take on the Red Sox future

Oct 10, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder are joined by Rob Bradford who gives his thoughts on the future of the Red Sox, whether Joe Mauer coming here is realistic and who is the leading candidate for the manager.

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Back back back -- -- pat pat pat pat. On the planet Mikey -- Writers here and Bradford has made a rare appearance the sugar bear always good to see it right there as it may just call me. No -- -- feels good to be called out -- it done and it's a friendly nickname is that it had and robs a friendly guys and says it's not like you know -- and hand packer head we thought well why are you more to do that but that could look at it perfectly there. It differently -- worked that's a pretty big joke because it that I tell you what let me just yeah. It takes me about 4045 minutes together and here. And I just enjoy myself listen you guys so much I mean I I I I do argue I do I do he lied and and when you can reference -- zappa. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Press Democrat that if I don't know if you -- tell hasn't played a -- for you not tell about Kim Kardashian definitely -- and I don't hold different camp arms so to speak. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it that way I owe it to all sort of what I -- so netbook that so quick. -- lets -- compare Diana's car 123 hitter -- and 23 million dollars a year who catches. Okay -- -- halftime compare that to a left fielder look at 307 hitter. -- doesn't play. Extorting no I don't think you should pay eight point three million dollars for anybody in the stage of de -- I agree. I mean I agree other players who are worth that more than others Mike you mentioned Mike Trout before yeah yeah -- of course he's not a BP already through. You know you have. You try to get these guys is -- portables possible. And he could ever allegory is the best example. I mean worse contract ever signed by a player and I I understand they didn't like nine days into his his Major League career. But he made -- a half million dollars last. What are what we talked about it might -- OK you've built the type season he had was a twenty million dollar a year agency. What do you think Evan Longoria. Eighteen. And even they are inaccurate and it's still yeah in the numbers don't make any sense but anyway my point is is that. EU you do what you can to get the guys -- the best rate but you don't ago. The rate that you have to pay -- and you know there's always going to be a team that does it I understand reason I say in my hours an exception I would make an exception from is because of all the academy -- let's face to -- half the time is he that he did last year but before that he -- two thirds of the -- more deals like that trend is gonna continue. It's okay so -- the idea that a great player he's a good player Eric Gordon. How many guys at 323 career at a major leagues right now he keep him from power is a good player as John said he had injury problem. And if you go to Mike. 23 million dollars and I you don't know the numbers side -- but why can yankees have 520 million dollar players in Red Sox have not and how that how's that working out for them. What's in Gaza will know what's it what's gonna happen when they have to give -- a 189 million before 2014. They're going to be screw that A-Rod contract as they kill us -- them but that does nothing to what we're talking you know why -- -- it. Because Brian Cashman has done a really good job of filling in the wrestler Ross okay but Portland Maine's -- Ryan clarity goes deep Bob Papa. Rhoda and at one another memorials that are for an ivy leagues and I -- bright catalyst for side. I mean I've listened to this lineup okay. Ellsbury leads off yet adroit about second -- -- hits third. Middle Brooks fourth in my going lefty -- I evaluate your -- you would -- -- Hilton waited so when I was driving like silent -- let's take it one step at a time here. This is just as if you get -- -- Our best third acquittal Brooks his fourth top three hits it's so rare in devoting our -- not a good solid granite you care you care it's -- in that lineup yet it's not random if you listen this year is a -- yes -- no trade clause. These Toy -- -- million over the next six season -- can be freed until after the 2018. Season you know what though he might have the comeback of the advertising the eastern countries like Israel war has been repeated he's basically the guy the foundation for that entire organization. Maybe that -- that cities and I have on waivers environment and they put him on waivers. His foot until I try to all right -- I don't -- is attributed to tell them that you know about -- -- -- ethical and nobody brought me on waivers I think that isn't the image of the Carl Crawford contrary -- I was an altar boy there are they reminiscent of the church he -- I don't want -- -- it. An image to the proper contract I W I I told you. I was so close to take in the night quilts -- the -- quell -- -- -- -- -- addressing the united it is we have a lot of phone calls on field but yeah. Q if you know this is rob preference known isn't baseball insiders and mr. knowledgeable baseball -- -- -- most of it came after the seventies which is analogous I got it off my jacket and that Jackie used to keep heat on the back through jacket -- -- I don't you you'd probably guess who leads the majors active leader in complete games you primary against that but beyond that. Love you before five names you think -- in the top ten of complete games career in a major leagues that would seasoned Major League Baseball it. It now who number currently planning yes her active that's what that's what that means. The live music you said -- you and you know the first out is please yes actually he's third with. 35 politically and did you say Halladay to start the list now -- -- I'm filling up the wrestle a story okay CC sabathia third on the active list with 35. What's the point what's the I don't know I'm gonna make apple -- that Cliff Lee is on that list -- cliff -- case. He's got 26. Complete games big war. -- Well Bob Gibson had 21 seasons corporate error when it works. -- -- who what's the what's good is 33 years all this where Billy calls. In Canada and Natalie and I can be -- it Alex is still scarred from that affairs Jamie -- OK he's got a list. He's tied for fourth Cris Carter had 33 division while he's forty years -- All is not really active in the pocket and you get what do you get -- you know I really don't that is that these guys this these days now admitted the high price of pitching yeah and the way they're they're Molly coddled like a -- and -- B&Bs. They can't complete their own games out there ever. I want you guys have five complete games a year. Not all this is I guess I guess where you we -- too is that you don't. The pitchers are overvalued. And bring this back yes and I agree I wouldn't sign a free agent pitcher to more than three year deal. If I could help. Mean even you Taco -- Felix Hernandez and it went top aide as the guy you have to give obviously one of the best pitchers in basically 26 yeah but what you have to keep in mind is that. At that disappoint his career where he's thrown as many pitches -- -- sabathia is CC sabathia was in a free agent year -- -- -- two more years so by the time he gets to his free agency Pretoria. And have thrown through extra seasons the pitches and sees it this is why don't you advice is as it buyer beware because no matter old. Who you're talking about when it comes to pitchers if you sign a pitcher to a five to 6 December out on -- agreement. It it's got to come back the body. I agree because they are and they're so touching go you never know what you get these guys while wanna Tennessee's I think that. The -- the era of the one hour show or Nolan Ryan and Tom -- tempered it's over. -- I happen again -- -- -- because there could do so I don't I don't I give you -- give you news flash zipper is up with saying the exact same thing he says that before he retired ceremony -- Zelaya go after it. -- call zipper. The zip OK it was. It was zip. And then his first they believe begin with a car and then picked up from there is the EPA's budget art Xena ambiguity piracy the -- you know rely little about. Now there's that was like you know computers pronounces neighbor spell -- these abuses sees the marks of chance yeah I can't you just don't know why they came -- -- equipment I doubt wild man then a bill and -- is on the phone hi bill. You wanted him bill. I wanted to talk -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You'd get the feeling that they've put on waivers so that they'd buy up -- any interest in our guests. OK so let's say I'm the Red Sox management IC I have interest in -- that would you go from there. What will they just be happy to unload its familiar -- sites claim on. If the Red Sox somehow made a move a maneuver to get him went one way or the other if they claimed to have. And then you targetable mare yeah yeah of course the -- I mean it would have to get back then they have 48 hours to basically decide whether or not the of the -- back to nine. And then or try to work that -- rated yet I am and but it happens. Doesn't think his bizarre as every every August we go through this I don't SNL video it and and for the first RBR Austria for the first time. It actually was newsworthy because. There was a strategy behind the hole AG Gonzales and Josh Beckett -- -- it was important that those guys cleared waivers just. They were convinced -- unions alls what's gonna clear away. But most the time is this government that's always at a function of the number that's that's why you you know well in the other part rob would I mean it's that also have to I don't know how much Minnesota would be in this contradict it. But you have to give up prospects to order or something and Robert for Joba why. Are we talking about I'd find it does -- as a cold he's on day equal doesn't -- talk about that's okay we'll talk about an adult I realized I was a pass up if -- I missed you know the thing was with Bobby downtime when he was hit. It it is interviews what can't miss you know on Wednesday that two -- I had to own and find out what. He was gonna say that day I that's the only thing with him. He was with opposite that was bullet that was the only point of him being there. Anything and that probably it was I don't I can't really disagree and I feel worse for -- Johnson and I have for any minutes -- made 2.5 million dollars more than -- per year. Last seen driving. Talk about the pats that how old they have they have progressed in the first five weeks and getting better as adults. It it says that's what Belichick always says it would progressing and I like what I see so far. Yeah beats me and I told IR model and say they're gonna score seventy points and one football game this year he's timely defense defense at all world belongs. That's the Cunningham these guys you know -- Wilfork who got to fall below our security does the shoot -- to a not a deterrent India. In those -- and if I'm will rating turtle I get a fumble like get a -- run -- some veteran tackle me what he's done right idea buffalo game again. Just anything that he's athletic for his size and -- just equipment that's normal guys -- guys like guest register a tackle Vince Wilfork didn't you know that would be fun ways of doing right now that awful game yeah well the defense you know -- if you can keep recording from being erratic. You know you. I'd look I'd like this UB when he was it when we first saw of course. -- would be a nice little bonus for him to revert back to -- it. Those guys I mean he's right there and he's not looking back -- yeah I don't know one that's ever gonna turn around fan but. Obviously that seems to be the big issue and. You know well he probably -- that don't look backward and are valuable it's ideal Wes Welker take your hair Mikey. None of the -- or else like Wes Welker the whole club -- -- trade off field you have all your hair. I do want. Yeah unfortunately not fortunate I know what I gotta say doctor -- that's just mean now doctor Leonard who's the best but Wes Welker and Tom. The which is on the sides and that he got thick hair the back. They take me just move a little bit up there we don't have and it grows it's like heaven it's transmitter chip then a video of a big patch in the back now on the fifth yet at this assay data showed they take a little bits at a time artist guy I don't know how it works. You've heard this explanation before -- I am I wanted to say also. That they can do -- concerned that the kicker because anytime Gostkowski now is. Goes to kicks open. You can't be sure he's gonna -- Could be worse you could have Billy Cundiff and your team I don't is gone now is that it. But when it comes to concern that wanna mind yet in how well he missed in -- -- in a -- their what was 142 and it was what's seven. -- for the game I wouldn't worry about him. I mean it that was his one chance. There really can have a -- teary moment against Arizona right and it. Well you know that's funny and a a year I talk about scored seven points in the game they had to due to a -- came right. No defensive touchdowns and they missed two field goals so you tell me they couldn't score seven inning game. Right oh I Love Boat the offense -- this way that the pages have a better chance of scoring semi game the -- to have having getting too much power. I agree with -- -- hurt so bad so that's I would -- Steve or would you -- I bring you up and -- -- doubt but you know what oh what what would you do if they if they got -- we you'd have to go in your column on WPI dot com and write something about how unbelievably. But like Mikey and I'm like -- -- -- the nonprofit. -- I can predict the future and my hours a good move and if they did -- -- of. Like rated. There was a lot of people want to know what capital why. That's a good question I wanted to know what happened to we couldn't play a role he disappeared is not a lot of guys you just disappear for over for over -- year is -- gators with pocket hands there you go -- but listen I really don't get to the -- he's -- -- -- Georgia he's from being boring with a am pleased to actually go to Cuba next week on missions trip and I don't know why. With a church at all our religions and other religious there's gonna bring back to shortstop for the Red Sox an interview well -- he does is all still have that hyperbaric chamber. You you know what this seems like yesterday we talked about the hyperbaric chamber body it would mark the hyperbaric chamber though. That's that's the misconception is that. There was more it was he did all this different stuff he had like these these these new medallions all over the place these in the -- radiation things. He had this machine that was meeting sanctioned in this country -- it was. You buy Russian cosmonauts but what it sounds like he's -- got the baseball version of Michael Jackson's hyperbaric chambers at the end of the chimp named Bob bubbles or whatever it. It doesn't work though you listen to a talk about it you wanna go run you wanna go buy this thing they speaker Michael Jackson you know Michael Jackson always loved about 28 Urals. -- -- -- Have a Chris and a cargo ahead Chris. He got you have to -- are based on I agree. On one. On acute that. I mean you didn't go back you want to complete game probably complete game and Cy Young pros -- 149. Has some great like that. And there was someone in nineteen sixties saying -- eat public these current pitchers Hugh Hewitt Cy Young bid. Well hold on whoever let's hold on let's get let's just look at more recently the -- was go back to the seventies okay. What about -- I don't know B 68 was when the mound or lowered the year of the pitcher but in his seventies amount was same height is now. Let's talk about Louis -- OK okay he he completed 38% of his starts a 187. Went away when I -- -- checklist we finish. 187. Complete games Roy Halladay at the age of 35. At 66. Okay that right there will tell you the difference in the era and the and the what's -- the -- we don't think there was is now. But all you've got a much bigger don't we work that are according. That's even -- and by the way. Yet when the DH came along that's even more of an excuse to have a complete game isn't it. Hang not to let me -- The guys who you extended at the plate -- -- cute today are so much bigger than they were back side. You can be average mile per hour of -- operatic career and you compare somebody like holiday OK it's not even. Global -- let's throw Bob Gibson and the mix lightly instead of Louis let's put Bob Gibson and now what's your argument. Okay ready -- get it. Pocket and how many doubt he wrote you know in -- nine -- lineup the freeway already got a guitar and I -- lineup nine. And -- guys probably guys that bought YouTube wrote to a nine man lineup yet. -- -- keystroke to it -- nine manulife have you throw all of them that's the -- had a baseball when you're -- -- -- you know mature or are in a -- in the last war. And wrote it and -- again. I -- I looked around 9596. Miles an hour and nine man line up to seven minute. Second -- and not making any sense at all. A bit. So the -- -- now the guys that Bob Gibson threw two in the National League. Guys like Willy star jewel Hank Aaron Willie Mays they're weren't good enough because they're not what his biggest guys that I run. Which -- about that it. 789. Okayed -- nowadays everybody the best 678 -- -- they're all their calls the roll hall of famers. And then what we are a whole lot bigger than there were backed paper what's -- bigger. Doesn't mean squat and -- the Frank Howard. We're out of seven that I wanna -- wanna. What is your point and he's -- he's talking about the steroid made you know Chris when he. Chris when you pitch a complete game Crist -- -- Bernanke didn't write my great. It's been really irritating talking to you can I give you some numbers -- -- -- of actually support your poll -- premise here whatever it might be. And that. Be good citizens and since 1980 to premise since 1980 net or 1980 it was 856. Complete games in Major League Baseball you can -- there -- this year coming 128. It's is paid to it just so sucks. Artistic guided it for the things -- really irritates me most and by the way that witnesses. Before the DH you really had a good shot -- coming out of the game if you're not a close game -- behind by Iran about how well your pitching. Now a quality start what set four runs in six innings or three hits three runs in six innings right. That's quality start three runs excellent that's a four point 50 earned run average that's not good. Equality as mediocre -- call -- amnesty in any book. Would've ever thought by the -- just inside Miguel Gonzales would be pitching for a soda -- former -- -- as -- who did win a game in the minors the other year we pitching. And division series playoff game against the Yankees -- Yankee Stadium or -- -- one upping his game is about -- the third Jeter's at the plate man on third you know not that we should play the over under a little game -- not -- us as a much does that does and that's copyright that's a good show off the pay him five dollars what do you think the chances -- this runner scoring a league that stat over runners in runners in scoring position two -- -- the plate. Right now I would give you guys each five bucks if that is -- drives in his -- all right okay you guys each have to give me five bucks to be doesn't. On -- 55 dollars in the ability. To take a break you're right he's out I'm properties. -- It's. I should cut out. Thousands of labor and Julianna. Show that David lolly gag admittedly I don't know how socked it to the yeah.

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