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What will the Red Sox 2013 lineup look like

Oct 10, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder talk about what the possible Red Sox offseason transactions could be and whether they'll focus more on pitching or offense with their signings.

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While the usually punctual rob Bradford not here yet what happened to -- it was supposed to come in. A patio as he's -- right now may be got stuck in traffic that happens sometimes I get a text from that -- has a vicious cold. Ohno now a great Isaac coming here world him -- Ronald Philly Mabel make it and maybe if he's got that Bruce called navy you know -- -- -- at all. Out allowances are real monkey -- just go on without John that's right well managed and a as a solo shows what do I know you do. 617779. And that doesn't even speak to your love life. Happened at. 6177797937. Keith and probably it's you who our next. Yes. The to some -- here personal certain -- problem there -- purity OK it is. You know gentry is tempered -- by covering and and has manager so our. -- -- -- -- LA just resigned from the Rockies and do -- to let go by the Rockies but what what about Jim Tracy deal yet that's announced that it is it is. I mean owners are looking parameter to fail. Always propel them as the Concord group. You know what that's the real planets a crappy play out I don't think the red sex wanna fail anymore. Well now as far as. As far as general Margaret murder of brilliant and you have the money you know they've developed and but are bringing him. -- Mike Napoli you can use these. New and that's the first -- catching tandem I think that's a great idea. In fact that's the best idea I've heard yet. And it or you. You know Ortiz if you don't Burton -- -- is an -- Now you know that well it's -- agent and the point of take a little left fielder -- over. Well you know you don't you can't count on under. -- it was not going to be injured -- -- -- But that's why the Napoli thing is a good is a good hook to this. Another reason being nepalese -- right handed power hitter Mauer hit slept. You got a guy hits for average guy guy hits for power now there was a big drop off in this year's numbers for Napoli and maybe news. We average Jim -- averaged one years of -- but I that it is very good in the clutch he absolutely crushes a Red Sox. Good so it's addition by subtraction you just you don't have to face some anymore that's a that's applause by itself. A but I think Napoli first base. And to and Bauer maybe they've rotate around and there they they share the catching duties. And you've got now you got both guys can swing the bat a little bit from the catcher position matter who's behind the plate for yet you're gonna get more pop for your money. In the Saltalamacchia thing look I like Saltalamacchia and he's a good -- I think he tries hard he's made improvements. He's got a big long swing strikes out on he has the longest swing. I've ever seen and if it's not like low and inside over the plate. It's almost like he he's not gonna do much would that pitch. He he's just strikeouts 237. Case for catcher you know who will only get so 130 games. A lot of case man and is a ban on base percentage so. As much as I like -- I I think there are better solutions to make the recession better team than salty. And keep that I appreciate the call. On Napoli these you know that the reserve would have to give up a couple of their better prospects. In order to get Joe -- depending. On how much the twins in the in the salary. I'm -- I'm sure they would have to give up as much it's still up to give up something if they're gonna pay the entire 4823. Million dollars if they're gonna say so you're afraid they might not have to give up too much at all 23 million dollars a season over six more years I believe yes. Which is which is all slightly more than Gonzales was it was gonna get. Her first baseman not even his natural position down the line and saying you know maybe 3330 forum that doesn't have the power. -- get a car you're next on the planet Mikey show hi Rick. Like John how are you reasoning. As -- -- -- all the Celtics they allege the lineup they're perpetually looking for backup point guard no big deal law -- tell. What are I've talked about it this -- to keep each week. -- -- -- -- That works way better than that even -- into the past you know we are really could be card he doesn't play there. Multi junction. So I really like Sully and a -- together and I like that and dock with the get the doc open market off the bat into the seventeen footer and I think that's pretty obvious it that way there heading but when you know what can look. Back then there. Where -- on your phone -- cut now but I gotta say this I think the Celtics have substantially more depth automatically going to this year than last year and is -- a lot. The older players got frustrated on as they come after he's got a lot of older guys and you know -- give those guys a blow. Let them get their breath back and still have your you know your AT ready come out there with a fresh legs. That the key Mikey the last five years -- that second or -- with -- first that the the first -- -- -- this -- which points in the second quarter we you'd bet that the second -- with the bad up here in the game are you -- stretch the we only have three -- right now actually. I'm right in you know we are pretty young roster not second team could probably. When more game than Sacramento some level low ET now I'm not sure about that our second team you are in -- yeah well. You don't -- really scaled down their expectations -- -- to do -- those gigantic real topic that -- The -- something has to deal -- guys and into rotation with each other and all of them and -- movable parts of dispose of this five and have -- there -- you know five -- three -- I think if you get everybody. Audio -- -- depth and 1010 guys all working together and you're gonna have a much better chance to get it done. I that would make Paul Pierce you know -- his legs will be resting -- we'll get more. Rested his -- we -- about by the quake ailment have a lot of injury problems last year. The slowed him down at ankle at the end member of that I do remember well Schiller the yes I I think though that two one thing is would this team and you you look at. The depth on this team on the definitely they've that they tried to address that I do like the move Courtney Lee I -- -- they've made data acquisition. But 66 games Rick what's wrong -- that. Well but it opening guys -- with -- delicate topic it is they they traded on the old guy who doesn't want to do well. Another reality you know we should the -- he was that about 75% of the baskets were assisted. -- -- You'd like the only knock on fully taken up by itself so he's very limited. If you can get a Courtney -- played an all around you know run it up and down the adjacent -- -- can -- the big shot in -- and that it Bradley in LA it's healthy Upton. Three in the past the kind of in the lead in the starting. -- get healthy. Imperious -- looking at him in already and just look at him in camp boy looks and he looks in terrific I think it -- They get a lot and it's down tonight and that's what you mean exactly absent and that's you know more and it would really -- Guess in the -- -- the biggest key to -- waiting all day it is Jared soldiers the real deal and I think you know I don't know that some things he. Now it is a secret don't have any they don't have a physical presence and they need a guy that when LeBron in in the weekly tricks into LA. Is gonna stick it until you out if you don't -- -- literally could it be talking about it on the pick and rolling to a big body like -- and take angle the way. Make those guys get out of a little -- don't really into the basket. You gotta have guys that can who can absorb the free the the fouls without losing them in the lineup you know but that's that's another thing that really played into the the Celtics as it was -- you know LeBron I'll come running through there. And that somebody had three fouls buddies you know the first fighter the second quarter and it's gonna take sellinger awhile to get used to the defense in the NBA and is up -- is way ahead of his defense right now which is right. The KG and in in the Adrian and not in Rondo wondered why do you do that 12 team. All right -- at the box so muck it up in standards whenever it got great Apollo -- stop anybody anyway to stop on by pushing what spot. If a baguette to RB to score a ticket -- ever. You can score on so you. I don't know seven -- pretty -- Rick well a lot more talk about the celtics' job soon and thanks are for check in. Certainly word -- what two weeks away -- October 30 they opened up -- October 30 so like. At today's what the eleventh. Wow two and a half weeks to basket parishioners can't wait I mean me to Tim in Roxbury go to. There -- a little more accurate. Absolutely I had agreement can look to comment that you made about -- No 23 million I don't think it guy is work to wanted to -- -- -- or now now I'm. -- definitely which are going to happen if each you have to pay anybody need a picture if you go out to be able to get equity. -- to -- and disconnect between you and I are starting to. You know here's a problem with that -- and I -- great pitching this -- Agassi's not. But when you talk about a guy grows every five days pictures of course generally fragile they they get injured not Felix put in general pitchers have issues a pop up and to me or 43 million dollars on a pitcher. What doesn't play everyday. Is out of line as well as greatest Felix is and there are others this. I think Baylor one guy this year you say was worth -- this year that B Miguel Cabrera. Yeah while it might Trout who's a rookie and Elvis well I haven't again 23 million it's a big big number the fact that there. Week. Also crucial luggage or tomorrow to about maybe could potentially treat it and make it more -- You know who have an African. You know the best pitcher in the game is playing right now in this game that were watch -- like Molina buster pose a -- of Bosnia to easily -- one of background and a right. And it did okay Cabrera where he went back. Second best pitcher might have played earlier on and Yadier Molina got a year now again is that aside from -- is it that you can do better than Joe Mauer. Right eyed creature Joseph Murray is -- great which he scored an average range that definitely country and therefore can forecasters predict. It has been long enough so that we know it's not a fluke you know -- overpay for guys had wanted to Goodyear's it was -- android's or whatever. No this guy's been a he is he at 319 his lifetime averages 323. So he's right there where he belongs as far as what he's doing with the bat. They diplomat we record our players -- they would give her culinary. None of soured on some of that. Race you know the numbers the number just on -- and a horrible situation. But and -- that's the first move I'd make of course I know. Well I agree I completely I think. Our agreement Mexico 61777979837. 6177797937. For the planet Mikey show. And oh -- rob Bradford is common enemies come and eight to ten I got it. There we go an update on slight miscommunication that's our you know it's Bradford is sugar bear every time got a collectible. Like -- of course in Quetta where the murder was just as we like our -- in Concord, New Hampshire Mike. I don't excite. Two quick points I wanna make. One. I'd rather not -- a sign anyone that we think is reds are. Killer on the beach and it will be signed them greater access -- Crawford drew I don't know I know. Big chill out. You know they -- in on the. In India but my one group which is that you know we're looking at orchard from power but right on why not take the money. And opera that. Jacoby in that you -- 1280. Play it. That's in my coming out of that eventually end and but here's the problem with Jacobi -- I said this the other that I really really think this is -- them again this is not a knock on the guy. He's only had one year where he looked like he was one of those kind of players that you wanna pay forever. And aside from that and when he this year. I SE he had 300 plate appearances this year. What do you four home runs well it's a big year for him because I don't think anyone really right now can define what he has is he is he the end VP guy errors see. Now what we so you know previous seasons or somewhere in between these between it's almost like Brady Anderson when he had that and without the rights or may be Winwood house. But all of a sudden Brady Anderson became this guy you know is -- old to beat someone to be dealt with. In the middle of the of the Orioles. This is a thing with -- with Jacoby were I don't I don't know that I believe. What I saw in 2011 from him yet. I'd like to see one more year of that before -- commit huge money that I agree you've got to find out this season about him -- it -- fabulous. Unless had to deal item beside -- -- are. All right daycare.

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