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Mikey continues the campaign for Joe Mauer

Oct 10, 2012|

Mikey is fully on the bring Mauer to Boston bandwagon, does his argument hold water or is his fanhood clouding his judgment.

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Look at it again. All of them is a weird clock on my screen -- it tells me that it's exactly 61442. -- -- Give you the accurate time even the seconds if you need it it's on my call screener now -- get off the other callers or who they're going to be tonight. Eight we you know we're getting together here again tonight for an and other. Complete planet Mikey program happy to be here with. 6177797937. Is Tara our telephone number and -- typically speaking. We're gonna talk about whatever you wanna talk about tonight -- will say this. One and -- say it then sugar bear. Rob Bradford who's gonna join us -- he has -- well. We're gonna speculate on some some month things going forward for the Red Sox eight and course he -- you know insider right John. He has -- soccer -- side -- -- he stopped by 7 o'clock -- really -- Bradford will be in here. Tend to hang with us for -- At 7 o'clock on -- it to -- and text I had no idea that he was stopped -- -- he's adamant about it yesterday wanna come. Show Cullinan temporary there's a good guy you always is you're gonna have and that's -- and so we'll have him in you know the -- is about him as he could to even talk about Wes Welker. And I tactic and still to understand that I'm trying very hard trying to figure out what this Wes Welker do you lose one why it's not just. And automatic. You you're not alone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I guess I'm happy is the rightward. Playing hard ball. With him again I understand it and -- made made a good point today that maybe. Visited their franchise and again next like I've brought that up with the united and I saw the time this little longer term deal thing with him but to me it's almost like it's. I look at that guy as the quintessential. Tough guy receiver not you know not one of these fragile injury prone guys and not at all ought to be part of his value. Is that not only does he perform and is productive. And -- and all that stuff good hands you know he makes he runs the right routes of the one of the best of the game so so. What's the problem here again I don't see well I should that be could be a problem that while the contract being as we're about that after the -- okay but -- -- look at what they gave Ochocinco oysters or let's use a couple frames -- right Lola but they're given Welker this year. Right no -- no player on the team won't be one year nine element that Brady. I've Brady now well he's he's right up there. Our one year. I and a half million right yeah what's not and a half million what's Brady make in Reno do you know I don't know. It's got to be more than the I can't get less than Welker. Well Brady's one -- being in the game that you're in the Arctic but you know well -- I think the franchise tag next year will be. So more over eleven million for receiver for for him yet easily so yes. OK I was Google that much -- you know. The idea here is so. Bottom line disguise is that you no matter what you do we got to make sure he stays in the hopes. To divert people's and one of the government is. -- You know court. You know there are. You kidding me. Why not have all the guys you can possibly have out there and make it make it that much easier on on Brady make it. Cute today and and and also planning for injuries is also part I don't assess a little sidebar story that we talk about 12 in the meantime. I'm still -- I was think about this a greatly blessed to as I was reading an article. About. The ten most the ten highest earners in all of baseball and they didn't just include the salaries that. John this article had also the endorsement money and all the other side my side and make. And I was look at the list of the ten top earners in baseball and surely. Write their plane Tuesday. -- -- our. We talked about last night. Well and you're laughing why not I I just I mean I like get over our player writing brethren to validate this line if I always going to be on my sadness you think so yeah. -- find out now. I'm gonna spend the two hours they try to convince Brett for the -- hours ago the only one of the guys that's off I'd like I like -- my hours catcher registering that that sellers to steepening of other needs okay Hillary Clinton -- -- and I was getting at these high paid guys -- is now you wanna compete with the Yankees right -- -- the Boston Red Sox and if you're if you're if -- If you're anything -- you'll wanna be right there with a New York Yankees right. That it does medium spent just like they do because of that list of the top five top ten -- people in all of baseball. Five of them are on the New York yankees' roster right now I don't. Can -- to leave it to you name while CC sabathia yes Alex Rodriguez. And let's -- around a warning here a march this year yes. So that's three and Mariano Rivera you don't know. And three. Roger captain while Jeter yet -- you've yet to report -- end. Ichiro. Yes Ichiro seventy million dollars everybody makes -- and it's like seven million dollars a year in additional doors aren't are almost from the Japanese. Hampshire too because he's not -- commercials in English and doing the view. I haven't it's have been witnessed and so is now clearly hear what you got here is a trend that's been going -- now since 197400 by the way. Where by the New York Yankees have. Of the top ten guys in baseball if I'm so. If the Red Sox are gonna say well because of all we've been through we're not going to be record while there and compete in the big salary -- for -- for the best players. Then you know you might well write off -- Mauer right now because he has that 22 or something about 22 million dollars a year. He's got that as you mentioned last night six years left. But what I'm gonna say to you is that that -- getting my hour. Makes a statement of sorts that keeps the interest of these Red Sox fans who were used to -- salaried guys on the team who don't wanna hear about. Off for five years worth of rebuilding for five years worth of not being competitive -- try to wait for things app. This guy is. A guided -- right now. And solve and I read -- -- so report card on the Red Sox in The Herald writer and I agree completely. With his stated that Lavar and way is a work in progress logic ever -- agree -- you can't. Tackle the problem of of you know going after the Yankees in the American League east. To win the division. If you're gonna have a catcher -- a work in progress and the the other catcher who's got a 288. So you if you wanna -- percentage you wanna trade for guys that can -- once in awhile they'll play first base DH he's making twenty -- -- million dollars a year he's I don't know why -- once in a wild -- 100 games out of him he's not he's -- hundred game -- -- and I I just don't think so -- -- what are you basing that -- I'm basing that on injury and going forward here. He's easily have one year where he was injured. I Egypt and in this this pastor well I like him as a play OP gets in -- well on base percentage guy gets on base he it's a -- strike out. But again I I mean that's that time has still not even slightly condensed QB because it's the money you're you're pretending it's your money. Well what you know they do have a budget believer and and and and guess what they got a big big fat gaping hole -- that budget -- would you rather fill that in win and in coming years a you know top of the rotation pitcher. Word or -- -- -- about both. Why not both -- -- why can't they afford both now of the freed up twenty million dollars a year times do you ever really depart what is it about Joe -- that you decided not to use his head and shoulders he's not gonna have a man crush on him believe me in my you know -- been over by now. In that leg injury where they couldn't figure out what was going on within an -- outlook and appear. OK so he's damaged goods and yeah I think the guy hit -- played. Played well dispense these street aren't saying. It -- -- 47 games. Now I think he'd do it. So I'm among that thing I want the Red Sox to hear me I don't know that we we're -- for four hours last night overhead here for couple hours worth of it -- -- I -- get there you know -- to agree with me that Joe -- is the right move for this Red Sox team to put a guy in the middle lineup. And to solve your catching problems for the next six years. Now we thought to be a catcher for the next six -- well for he will be -- us thirty -- between -- had to return I -- okay let's not what does not emotion -- -- -- you can't catch anymore because you're thirty tomorrow now that's -- I'm okay well and good so that's we've gotten in any event. That's the move I would make and that and that's one of the moves are making their their certain media clearly be others. But it they got this money the freeagent. I think news is is not good this year there's -- -- out there right we've talked about that. So you gotta make. Trade. Because you know -- the the it was already committed to not necessarily. Assuming that Joseph -- and leave the rest of his life between uniforms and grabbed best catcher in the league I think it's good I'm so six months out of -- -- 97. 937. To ignore them a phone call tonight while the wall gonna let you get you say -- and everything and anything you want to no matter where you're calling from. You can of course reaches from the number just -- you can Texas at 85850. You can follow me on Twitter at Mike yet -- was WEEI. Or at John. On Twitter I've thought I've cracked the 8000 mark would Twitter problem. Unbelievable now I need less than 92000 to get the church that I talked about for so long radio -- so it's it's also thorough work in progress just like right in the barn where. So your suggestions on things going for the Red Sox are also wanna throw this -- -- -- -- on the big show briefly make it got a torrent. Chart of course I think it was probably chuckling in -- chortling. At me up predicting 66 wins this year Celtics. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd -- you know as a whole different matter. 66 -- isn't that many. It's not that many what do bent in pretty good that's I think is what 85% at winning eight have an 800 persuading percentage. You think the east has improved. -- I think that the the Celtics are going to be better this year and we just Iowa because I think greens gonna make comeback like. One of seasonal farm limited he's an expected to get a -- and they get a nice bit of three point -- complement to what I did to to to fill the void of -- -- one. Completely down and now we're in Miami -- uniform they got her dad's. Two guys that ensured victory yet but it's a personal you know with rail and I like him personally right I don't like professionally him anymore period because he's on the Miami Heat or the course. -- second most capable team. And the history of the NBA lakers this year might just unseat them by the -- is now that they have Dwight Howard. Add that to Colby and the mama. Boy am already hate them -- all star Emmerich they've ever played one game -- -- it CEO that works out chemistry was between Colby and Dwight Howard is out they have fist fights in the middle of games in recent loss. Six -- 77797937. Our first caller of the night is David West Springfield, Massachusetts David yes. I am like I REI you don't. That a Ratner. Probably now what is it Telus or some. Sort throughout -- and revealed. There are now. Three to his -- athlete Wes Welker you know. Well you know. Every ball don't -- like Russell Wilson of the CIT's. Corporate. OK I you know I look. There's two different subjects there you really talk -- David you know you know that I was joking with -- On the wolf and I can't say -- get an all or part of it debate at all sure. Well first one -- -- I want to put it in game right at -- yeah. Well yeah the two to one game. And you are a lot this government's got a role and you have. He's got to feel like a pilot trapped in a Disney. -- Allen announced that it all the so what about the Coco -- I was -- an incredible hasn't invested via the Internet he just got there at. He just got there on time each just through his head in his gloved hand over the fence snagged that ball came back down there are dozens of really really remarkably athletic catch and -- about it -- -- You know we used to know that -- -- was -- and now feel that he played here of course the Red Sox never lived up to expectations here than Ellsbury came along and that was the end of Coco Crisp and good -- anywhere good defense Blair alerted that. A defensive gaffe earlier on in the series and made up for last night and a great. What your credit he's had a solid season though. Yeah and our I don't -- And auditors say they did jump ship it looked -- it kept that there are procedural. Now. I know what that is that's just stupidity is with well I'll take a static -- -- -- Agassi the J. D. Drew thing you know maybe in the last ten years race that certainly the top three bad day you can -- Bradford about Bradford had an article on J. D. Drew today he did. -- today today what do you -- budget you know today the Curtis at about a two years ago we don't do that we'll talk to rob about the I actually read it I read all of -- articles is is this the same Mike on the -- that call last night might. Like CIA go -- you back that's why I'm I work it was also very liberal or are -- amount of political start. Cool man and remodel we can drive I hate the -- right. I have friends who don't takers well I totally see. What's going to put your audio. It's underwater is drowning -- like I was worried about parties Democrat either. There's no kicks on the trigger right focus they drop that and auto and almost killed it so that I would commuters walk through full every says that felt like I'm on the war. It's like talk -- you know in doesn't sound very good but anyway go ahead Mike. Well talk a lot of IR I want agree or you Ramallah -- order a lot of interest other lush body. Good thing was outdated idea commercial as far as the guys in the club in my time this city go distracted by. He's definitely you know all wolf in -- -- become support she's not going to be -- regulatory articles and I on the Iraq. Off I think it was because they -- why that's potentially get out Josh Hamilton just put out a body down like that -- Then it's just more. -- -- Don't panic but it is something going on tonight. Already -- to get real theory I have one on players who drink now we all know that if you drink too much or too often it can cause alcoholism you. Something real evident hang upon my appointment of the respect as he's just making weird noises. Eat it can really be a problem for a lot of people. You know a lot of drinking in the susceptibility to alcoholism Norman has had more problems. Yet drugs and and other things right but when I say right now it is maybe controversial things. I have the feeling that. For most athletes. Who have grown up being ball players come through the system of you know learn the ropes and all all the while Patrick and lots of beer and whatever. That maybe. The they're better when they drink. I don't think you wanna have Josh Hamilton's are treated it well I mean look at Mickey Mantle now we all -- he had issues and lead to liver problems and -- led to led to his death. You know and enters his mind when he starts drinking judge Hamilton what we're we're here is the blowers everything else like him and maybe. When when Mickey Mantle drank it was a hard stuff it was after the game stuff was like you know when he he obviously a hall of fame guy with 530 a much better what has been. Well I don't know but. If you we noticed what happened to the Red Sox this year it took the parent to be -- chickened out the club they were even worse than they were last September. Babe Ruth drank a lot didn't -- It was pretty darn good. I just I earliest. Have a -- to find somebody gives some scientific go back up to this in itself for some people maybe it's better if they drink I don't know. I'd never been amazing pace -- but I have had a few drinks in my life. And I am just beginning to think -- -- -- -- -- paranoid right now I think Hamilton's one -- what do you think he's gonna wanna -- for money for a program here and didn't start drinking till late here and it's mid twenties or some early I don't know the exact you guys about dad later that tested. It all started one night did everything in and out of practice.

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