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Wednesday, October 10th Whiner Line

Oct 10, 2012|

Something smells funny... oh, it's Mikey!

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox didn't. This is discretionary box. -- -- And now those weren't your time. Ms. bond and get a basket and nobody has even try hard and now we went -- long gone by ourselves with the -- exchanged. When when the ball on the ground ball with a quarterback tailback these days they haven't done nothing but just don't -- let alone the WEEI. Whiner line. Label like that you can't win you don't have a chance to diet 7793535. But it was mostly -- stuff just right. If you don't understand an -- you can't play for us because we're just lose and now we'll just get a basket enough. Mean it -- as -- guys don't work that telling me guys it's. A -- that just wants to throw them out there a regular basis. He wants to -- the rewards that people -- it's a freak of our country right they stopped themselves right allegedly they really just wanted to. Music that's lame it's late it pretty cool but yeah it's like you can't use it doesn't have the impact. It's I think it. Thinks it does I think what he thinks is it's one of these that I thought crosses -- line. But I'm I have the same result people's thinking its network when it really -- Got started right. Actually checked my or something different about it and trying to figure what does that their products I don't know is it management -- -- cynical and you know that aware Cologne now -- apologies to regard yourself as something that is the lowest and the smell like mosque. Like. I know. We have David Summers and other nasty he wrote that he built. Up its. Jack I slaughter against -- it. There is you do -- -- -- familiar it. I this i.'s most analysts cigarettes -- -- -- as -- problems is that cigarettes. There is actually parents. Are tired of the white is married crossed out. I. Marijuana I don't cross -- them. -- -- Mikey do have -- right now you can well it's not me -- -- -- him before made it how. I was meter it's yeah not completely -- -- lives at home. -- -- -- -- The other loves women. Listen deficit depending I don't know he looks I already. I don't -- a couple of semi but -- Boston whatever else -- at least -- people and I just want to see if you don't let anybody who's got the second he incidents -- informed that SEC. Rock go to them that's. All the violently. And I -- was powered by AT&T WEEI live it's available to derive fun to -- -- do you Blackberry device. -- you why AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was -- but don't tell. Times faster than three GM you've got to find a way get weasel. You -- -- for tonight four hours this entry to meet future Bigelow -- -- the and it -- got to find -- -- -- this week. You know it probably as it has this is one economy and if you don't I don't know last. Panama balls I had this is this what I well that's what it is and we get a little higher. Yeah that's what it is models it's small -- mobile -- I have it's hard you get spread it relates I I have. Is this normal one terabyte Jamaican NFL and we expect. These are -- smelled like Jamaican -- yes yeah it should OK in my really good match -- just a coincidence that a good job now. -- and did you bar right now Jackson might be a good self conscious of what they. I'm in it that's good. -- Angela still yeah pizza Yemen like I get the ball. -- over on W. On Albert grandpa was a little girl running up and down and I had a three point 7 AM -- this kind of -- the test. -- -- And I hope. That he had that game once -- flat -- good. Yeah yeah I thought. I'm proud yeah. Yeah no. I think panic. -- I realized I was in the other via Xbox media was mean to track this. Now while you referenced account was as I repeat this time. Two -- an issue or you're against efforts could be I gotta get units of Frank's account yeah I'm not sure it's on the menu. But they brought like the bronze stars on the ground the big gigantic thing with a huge bomb on a sizzling play like different fronts Flintstones thing tumbling -- You play bingo they're here. And that's Tina Tina I. -- -- right -- -- I. I'm off tomorrow is it like digital tablet doesn't. Implicated -- the last Thursday. Some of the spotlight especially when I wrote a book on FaceBook and -- when -- you -- -- this city was arguments are you prepared for Saturday. And ladies track you down -- -- His relatives. You know I don't think the ladies. We're and I can't. OJ did something there just how -- you insure the state. They go read in the paper they do. The army or work. They nailed -- exactly what. I think -- I got all the -- -- walking back to opt out and box out. Did message as saliva that I wasn't the only home we all we old Bobby your resentment but yours and I love Bobby and my body. Like my god he's great can even though for years we -- people convinced that we hated each other would you gather to solidly result that anyone's -- Astros signed a napkin or anything but music you know somebody into. What was your leisure department. GG a moment and Reggie did look who allowed his voice of brick and I. I. All we don't know human like I really like -- in the thick -- -- gonna -- plummeted teaching or whatever you probably you know he's pretty happy right now. Day ago but I don't -- it -- to back cellphone. Treatment of legal matter little to do something about it because that update -- on public health. I had long time ago I'll say it again. And then I did not know alleged you know I don't they have silver remember that and I but it cannot be Goldman I did not know they'll. I'm just saying next time your at a hotel in some guy. At the continental breakfast and that there audit cell phone and had handled with a big old. Don't -- -- billboard -- number one pick they'll all traces of fecal matter. Amazing that look at Jim cut he's got to Bob Costas -- to a puppet show. Think these events -- until he's a great you know Jim -- -- -- -- great kitty -- ago only get a check myself to be seventy Michael check yourself. I always well what if I don't I don't that's because you're gonna say -- forget it I'll read the other book store and self -- equipment causes as he dropped out of toilet I downloaded the crap after that he that he pulled it out of there and used. We'll all get. Did that happen and you know we've got to Obama could not but I want that ball out of the bag yeah I went and got. You know what could happen and I don't. And like that while I was talking about this earlier that like we're watching these baseball he's sure there are a lot of people in the metro Boston area watching it watching these games down to that now they might watch this yankees summit. Just -- people know a lot of people -- Wow talk about that and hope I don't. One of them says he regrets not yet not having a pilot JJ watt. I'm really excited -- would be also think that it's important to have an extra ball back with running in the back field and yet. If actually it's spread offense and I can't and it -- -- I have. I wish I had. -- -- -- -- And I. Yeah. I get into you know whether there. Yes I think I'd -- -- Cool and we didn't do people. And then what is his version on recycled constipated. What are I think. All of this guy calling I think he's one of those six. Hey glad Michael hey look at -- right now. I did like the crack. Bob. Obama -- and blow all the positive and bin Laden might have been played -- Box of the -- want no we can't build. You really been good big punch and Billy had. While Canada -- and again somebody. -- which Douglas longer. Michael -- or -- Adams and pay my dogs -- very sick for a I found out that there's there's animal remains in a lot of dog food hit again they just take just generic animal relying -- went to the Angeles bribery don't know what. Yeah okay go to frank staked out an -- corporate partner dock tomorrow -- -- normal. They -- -- make our opening big and all the you know the work we do believe. -- -- You have to -- hidden -- here is simply here's the difference were on the radio were regulation where Macias. So we can't use those words on the now for our satellite radio. The language -- Austin thank -- -- satellite radio would be absolutely I'll sleep be physically and because the -- freak show because the jokes he tells us off the year. They could never make it all the air does not only would the FCC shut them down with Libyan writer would be embarrassed by them look at your would be unbelievably cute delinquent or it's not just us either -- what was your high right now. -- yeah. -- -- Asian act on the radio. Somebody called me the other one -- command terrorists -- -- he's. -- about a minute before I went out it now. Well now we will -- work pitching coach do yeah. It's an advantage but it got about being down like Robert Goulet and even admitted and I can't -- like that no. Oh man where I have had nothing better -- do -- -- blasted good they have created. The government in contact show. -- -- -- -- -- -- She said I've got a fever and the only prescription is more sauce. 1 of the morning when outlawed Thad Allen on the little pig at the bottom debt but both his girlfriend pregnant. The bank card act Berrian had a that that -- however bad dumb -- -- -- -- view that the board. And it was this apparently expanding horizons here just -- those kids should just be together. You know he's jealous of -- she's jealous of ham when he's got going on back and forth. This guy had gross. Together. I think -- could -- -- haven't heard one thing got popular -- Trusted to 35 yeah I heard you say you miss -- terrorism already. It. -- Going to -- Very -- everything you have said. -- And I met. Bill mom the book written in the block -- All the players have gone home the error filled with school uniforms which has been warm with such -- Millions of people are out of the world everywhere. And on top of this stack of disposable thing. That poppy but I prefer wild -- Cisco lost a total whole -- All of that the Pope would bring glory both with negative have -- they have -- days and one vehicle if you doubt this is that. And they'll -- -- has not been a particular hitter it was it is -- custom created with. And when I finally met them delivered his faith starting in new managerial that they have a 25 boys with her one last time. And -- made their way through the dirt grime. Leaving his purity and tap on the -- not that that was my doing so and yeah. Nice day. Hallmark hall of fame who. Little Sugar Ray years ago in the. Are ready. To -- this. It -- this week. Mean -- change. Now so new. Needs this shot. 07. -- -- -- -- -- -- This car. Moon. Austria to jump tournaments out of hell I can. What do about it but my rant about -- product neck and how to -- on the W. My. Based on dumb ass and I. Admit it. Straight -- and I can't help -- I've done. You know code my the true and you done. I. Thought I had about a bit. -- -- -- around. Why. Are Brandon not and. Chart -- about it. Sorry -- didn't go over film the throughout a pleasure made him special all right a lot of our by AT&T. AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster than three G. AT&T rethink possible.

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