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Will Bill Belichick discipline Wes Welker for his off-the-cuff comedy quotes?

Oct 10, 2012|

We discuss Wes Welker's "shot" at Bill Belichick after last Sunday's win, and how given Bill's track record with these issues, how Wes may actually get disciplined for this.

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Yeah it's it's time nicest ticket in bill's face every once in awhile. Well Welker was was targeted fifteen times yesterday had thirteen catches the day he said in an interview after the game that is good to stick it to bill. He said it was a joke I'm wondering if you heard the joke and if you thought it was funny how. While. In the west played really well yesterday and -- things turn out the way it is. -- conversations that I have was between him once you know against the future as a comedian. If something -- Well well does he does see does he try to show that discipline does he try to show. All 53 guys on the team that that no we do not do apparently that's not patriot way and as he finally sitting Wes Welker down. To open up the game is that a factor -- game at the going to be a factor in the game but it certainly would be a factor amongst the 53 guys. Sends a message to them. I'm just trying to think of for a how many times. A Bill Parcells Bill Belichick team. -- guys who talked about them publicly. And even if you know ever writes it's just a little joke joke guys use winking and smiling it was a malicious how many times. I retired I thought I -- price is that number one answer right -- and think of no it can't. While they were here no because Terry Glenn. It was bill who talked about. Terry Glenn and then Terry Glenn had to respond to it and she's a good -- Just yeah hit it doesn't it usually doesn't happen -- -- it happens that those guys I know Parcells philosophy was. Or you can you can talk back you can yell at me. In in in practice or games if you know what you're talking right. But -- don't know if you can if you coming and you yell at me to talk about -- watch out. But I think they're fine with that little back and forth. Away from the cameras. The different but right people involved Chilean daddy doing it during an interview I'm just trying to. And maybe you guys can you know appeared longtime giants and you can think of an episode that them isn't it. Happen too often were guys to come out there -- parts -- -- talking about Belichick yet. Take that bill. It doesn't happen. -- in the other -- today you couldn't be that Toronto. Has said no to the Boston Red Sox about John Farrell war. Looking for far too much in return because the Red Sox apparently gonna start interviewing other guys and the start doing that on Friday. Dexter text him in the eighteen TE attacks like just give us for a week a worker compensation later that always work. Let's go to the phone calls at six -- 7779. Sarah and 37 that's a brand new phone number. 7797937. JB -- agent. Wait until -- -- you are doing a good. Just wanted to make a quick comment about the go Welker comment saying not a usual welcome -- and partly because of what he just saw you know just east the only widely the courage -- -- Who were shot like -- here and there everybody on the team obviously is. He's structure -- what they -- a third spirit backlash that -- you know the coach -- us. But you know what. Everybody even like Canadian Arctic they're very -- at what they say in their radio. They've got to April. -- get away with -- here in -- you'll never see a player like McCorvey -- Hernandez or even -- out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I shot is right so how does the coach react to them because. Agree with you take your. The discipline -- but I do critical and I think it is very likely. That it will happen. You know and I. You don't you don't -- up. You might not -- of the first series or whatever. And bill and bill may play -- when when it's brought up in the post game press conference why it was a walk around. Are you heard John and -- don't know what to do whatever they're dead ordinary dinner right. That we -- could hit the -- on -- -- play out honestly I take maybe. A couple series maybe would you like -- player personnel package like that. I don't RJR remember to do certain things against this year analysts holds about -- is remember one where another player. Called out bill while he was in that that guy was playing here a lot of guys column on after you leave and I -- -- there's -- they're too controlling non. But do you remember way and I think the last game of the natural grass at at Gillette Stadium they lost that yet it was a sloppy game and 1716. Mangini came and yes. And Richard Seymour said after the game we were out coached. Well coached why up and it and put the follow up are never ask him the next day what you said yesterday that Europe coaches that was a big deal. And don't don't players say don't coaches say that players can play well coached regulate what can I say we were outplayed and out coach where we out coached. There that there are any repercussions at that time but over the word -- how under would I think I remembered put into our back pocket. It didn't -- I -- interviewed by an -- makes that now a. Now no idea where I do remember it a bit and see how how he deals bill will make. He will he will not get into not mention it but it it'll be -- will all be watching at at 415 for 25 and his game. -- -- -- -- You know he will give us a call back later we'll give your phone number here because we need that we need to come out what went to Facebook's art. What you're. I don't know is after all of us were reluctant to see that hole for a hotline he just wanted to way to interact with the fans to raise rates until that. Here's -- in May not match. -- -- -- Failed the golden apple -- oh what a common thing up idol and not built a report saying at all and resent being with. You know but the whole he'll joke that that was another coach I think bill that it'll or disrespectful. You know I I think what you know comment about a book consult local steel you -- -- the he won't do anything because. And Africa -- ways. You know what we're the common herbal you know whatever -- -- and -- you know we're terrific all that was the joke where would trek that bill I don't think there. -- an adult you're treated seeing -- -- -- you know what disrespectful comment or another coach. I met you may be right and that's one of those things it's it's it's a great question. There will never know the real answer to it because let's say the patriots get the ball first and come up with three tight end. You ask bill after the game have you seen you would have seen what Seattle's -- some some teams here you see did you see the Green Bay game. See I got after Aaron Rodgers yeah we have to make sure we protect the quarterback that was packet we felt like worked at that time. You know I have a lot of respect for -- on and on and on the I don't know. So here's the question I have fear though will -- know. And well the other 52 guys on the team now yes. I that the that's what I think and that's a that's all bill cares about he doesn't care about rectifying with the public and care about that he wants to make sure he sets a precedent so everybody. In that locker room knows. We can't we can't. -- sway people -- her acting as if he's never done anything even this season's built -- he hasn't done anything. More outrageous. Than this then possibly -- when I don't we just don't know -- we I don't we don't know we've all seen it he's done something more outrage is already. Then than sitting Wes Welker down for a series. That's putting Julian cattlemen and over went poker that's as more outrageous yeah. And -- must work for series who. Thinks -- an element. Is even on the same level. In this same conversation. As Wes Welker minister and close -- -- you now we got a lot -- what are truth and know that. And that's and that go to door that wants to be going back to what you said about Wes Welker goofing on another coach -- beyond the coach it was the wife. -- included. In and doing -- that whole situation was the video that was -- numerous videos on YouTube that dealt with his wife. And I think that's something Tbilisi extremely sensitive to that you don't bring in family members you know -- -- -- you know -- kids and and I think that probably. Pissed them off on this which -- the end we. An old saying that was that was overplayed in the it was a once in -- -- the the Rex Ryan. Now -- he's caught where if a stripper. Wasn't his wife and -- -- -- is caught with his mistress. Any end and this whole tape is out here like Sharif like there was another guy -- pulled -- there was another guy involved in the video. Who was playing -- -- feet remember that. All play. That's the question of the day able Wes Welker be on the sidelines are out there. On offense from the offense gets their first possession I think the one thing we all know is that you probably will be targeted quite a bit. And he'll probably make quite a few catches during the course of the game this as well back to the phone calls we go here's out of -- lol hi Adam. They get -- on -- I just wanna say I don't think -- can beat that ought to get this kind of like. Funny comment toward you know all the sport for you should talk about you know the icing about the in the contract dispute -- It. But what I don't want -- -- that you brought up nobody in the interview room mentioned Belichick he's there. With with dialogue toward brown Felger they're asked him questions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good it's time and I suspected in bill's face at once along. -- work remotely mention that. Don't ever listen you've been around long enough -- you know the patriot all of the patriots -- It's not about me I'm glad you know it would help the team win today on next week he could be. Ground you know it could be -- everybody contributes and -- dorm -- apartment glad we got the win and that's what matters Adam was -- a -- do you think it was a Dick. I think the word I don't dig deep Yelp don't beat -- -- Holding piquant Belichick attribute trot resembled a. -- -- -- I like her lawyer Fritz Robert I field no question was the -- it clearly was done any comical. Fashion so if it wasn't like screw him. But on the other hand. Well bill doesn't like is he doesn't like any of that stuff to be outside. The locker if this -- their ball -- -- ball busting bill inside the locker room. I don't think it's an issue. The fact that it's out there right now probably presents a problem in edit the concerned about Welker doing. He's concerned about if Welker does it and the other players -- are -- -- it. The players might if there and if faced in the same situation might go out deal. That's why you get somebody of those players down there. That won't give you. An answer to an obvious question because they fear of the backlash they're going to get when they show -- the locker room the next. Both Kevin -- excuse when he an obvious questions talk about Tom Brady in he didn't give an answer he's retired letting -- answer I have no idea still must honor I don't get it Tom Brady says some nice things about him a Smart team and always prepared in -- -- of the big play and not such a. Rushing score I don't know. -- a -- show asking the question is Wes Welker. Little slap on terrorists come on Sunday based on his comments. On cam guest on a Sunday or urged his bill just ignored. And move on I'm sure he ignores any of an insurer talked about on the question may be whether. -- slot to Welker and really make a difference I mean you can talk about well why would you want Welker out. For your first series well he was up for the first series of a few few games so for this season not the last couple weeks. But before that he certainly was as Michael port and then pointed out that the Julian element. And the any -- more playing time -- -- settlement did not practice today. Hernandez is more likely to come back and he will -- always some playing time. From from west is no question about that. Why or what what is an -- well it'll be a lot more went settlement comes back because when element was plain. -- was playing more in the outside they were even using if you remember and Anderson that's why we're told they use Hernandez in the slot. And in this in the situation as we we've seen they've used him everywhere it used him in the backfield is all over the. Brain RBC I think I mean Wes Welker. Is. I think he's capable of doing damage in the slot everybody knows that if you put them outside. I think he is okay he's not he's not the best outside receiver. But look lost doctored me so let's say he's exceptional he's the best in the league in the slot there's no doubt in my mind he's the best. And and second place is not even close. On second place closer to. -- second places close with crew. But if you put Welker outside the numbers better answer to all great in love with it. Above average if you above average outside receiver Wes Welker. Mom. -- that let you string above average average of outside I'll struck out which face a slot receiver exception. Except dynamics operatives and I think above average. Reported that the keys and overall. Very good receiver there's no. -- they got to see a drop off and I think we've heard a lot of whispers on Foxboro over the lot before the last couple weeks. That what they liked about settlement was with. More of a running game. Right now -- Orman offers them better down home field. Blocker as a receiver. I'm not sure you could say that over the last two weeks with a fit -- one of -- yards rushing in each of the last two weeks and Welker certainly doesn't look like he's washed out there. You know. Block doesn't seem to look lost and all. Yet the way they used Deion Branch last week he came up with -- one big catch right huge get in the game and a couple good block gasoline -- getting occupied some guys may be an air like a victim a block out clearly carried away put. But he did well I think at this stage of their careers if you look at Deion Branch outside receiver. Wes Welker outside receiver. It's about the same as actually -- right now as an outside receiver. And I would say -- right now it is average. He's better in India so he's got somebody disappears. I should chucked in Framingham what's jock. They Ayatollah and good thanks for taking my call. All right I've got a couple of statements and I'm gonna hang up -- -- see -- react. And Willis with the statements because we like to carry on conversations -- gay people like to do -- you know the long monologue on agility -- if you're just call and talk to blue -- -- -- -- -- now. Okay if if ballot check that -- saying as far as like benching. Well got what he -- a vote in your face. In a bigot hypocrite. And a ticket sure. Then that -- that -- or not. Because all we have to do was look back when the NFL said to them you can't build the other teams. My. The other teams -- on the on the. Feel that the culture -- to be eligible right by the -- And he continued to do it anyway. So you talk double B and add an arrogant SOB. That's what I feel he is. -- Obama can argue the point because bill was arrogant about that through. Mammal to mammal and I think that's really what the commissioner. Came down hard on him because of that more so than. What he did because. -- -- could get it to the whole situation again but it's more of placement of where the cameras work that it was actually filming the the coordinators down there. But -- -- this situation where you're the coach and you don't want your players going out. And with the media we all well they operate the media there's a -- there's a certain way they're supposed to be gave every -- come on our show and all these other shows I. If a guy is violating that. That you don't want to have that because if you if one guy can do it. Then the other players especially the younger players are gonna feel they have the liberty did do it as well. But you'll see it. Some yeah some coaches aren't that -- that's right the bill operates is only one -- he's gonna set up or was not. That's at camp all but it's been successful form. Well I got a little credit for that night I was the second point that was that was basically -- can. We don't get enough good spy -- That that we brought. It back. Notes are heard it's back -- it's -- step back. That well it's one of those things. It's one of those things that will all. It's probably not that way I would say it's a big topic in New England but nationally it's. Probably not gonna go away until they win you guys have heard enough I'm not telling anything new. You've heard enough from. When the -- of friends of -- who are war. Or maybe friends are kind of friends of -- were giants and Steelers fans. Eagles and all the country wow what do you dance inspired ones rebels in -- So that's what I have to do I don't know went to a total -- fallen into this I'm not I'm not trying to bring it up but it is one of those things that. Until they win again and -- the goof balls in the middle of the country which has looked at the patriots. All that stuff doesn't matter -- But that good or for that for that to guys. After when -- able to goof balls not looking at the facts of course this comedy any hot if it's all about it gives you an advantage. To win games. Granted they did not win the Super Bowl. In 07 and Elliott David Tyree made the greatest catch in Super Bowl history okay. They did not win the Super Bowl this past the year oh yeah Wes Welker dropped the ball -- just drop it drop in the and Super Bowl history. But how many games they actually win look at the number of games including. That week after and the week after and the week after for eighteen consecutive weeks after. The chance came in those. You can't make an argument ever read you. The argument that's right. It's still execute our team who simply don't fallen into this trap don't you -- -- -- -- into the I'm not decadence and no I'm not taking there it's one of those things. You just have to say you cannot argue with the fact argue with the cranky Yankee right if this irrational forget it somewhere. -- -- he thought -- I'll just keep on coming back how many game against Israelis as they wanted to please go back and I mean -- you can't. So we sizzle bush by can actually is a little book cuffed him spike it just it makes no sense the book. Is mindless it is it is the -- rhetoric is that I've seen. Excerpt excerpts. It's a cut and paste from other interviews and other stuff that guys wrote the problem is it's a cut and paste. -- wrote we use columns that were written. But other writers so it's just a conglomerate of everything that that happen. Com and don't. My object why rat don't go out doing -- -- stock split let's talk blitz over he's. It is something that's sort of temporary so that makes. -- and I got to go to avoid that I get a good -- -- -- mr. there's a problem today at Eagles practice. Because Michael Vick was asked a question apparently from -- point. Of the Philadelphia Inquirer it is going like is that -- if filly does is this is vital question one. Michael Vick was asked. Whether he owns a -- -- -- is not allowed to right. He is now. Oh we can't probation ended in he's -- cute but he's not yet he's allowed haven't. But obviously he does not want to give you the answer your district we talk about football. Today you know we're looking -- next opponent and -- worried about. There. And apparently they fall that in nobody could get in -- what goes on in my personal life is not to be talked about what's most important right now. The Philadelphia Eagles and getting the win on site at here's why he got into trouble. Where people think he has -- Because he tweeted out -- Of him being the good -- Working with his daughter. On their homework -- was only one problem there's a dog at a background know even worse between. Him and his daughter was he blocks of milk bone dog biscuits. On the table outlets. What -- -- biscuit what I -- what I admire how -- -- -- that Obama. So what reason would he have -- -- -- -- -- -- so especially the -- continues to get these guys into more and more eyes fines allowed have a dog I would have been allowed the bill. But he apparently won't answer in the affirmative did you want answered in the affirmative because rate. Did you know all of those animal activist groups -- sell a doctor Michael. -- Maybe Mikey Adams gets sick of his little puts it so. -- Michael. But still batting cage and does not love animals -- a lot of reptiles and. You love it and no assurance that utopia and Mosul whatever you do whatever animal they're with us it's OK. -- brits out. You know for a horse and I think there is so -- there and we're dealing with the audio. She -- the problem every week people -- personal life. Still lives -- oh. But he can't -- come out and admit. He has the ball well but he to milk bone dog biscuits and I answered. Like she -- out parties and daughter. Loves. It. -- teach her how to take care -- -- accurately accurately okay what do you think you're there you really think what do you think animal activist groups who have. Start picketing down there in Philadelphia. -- -- that. A by the house. Feel the dog. That dog a couple -- to actually eat milk and -- I lost about and he won. I -- society. Relieved like so it is and it looks like now sixty cat it's really it's accurate it's. They live in cities like chicken -- to put them on the on the on the -- it is you know chicken flavor. Like 6777. I'd -- and a 937 that's our phone number here at a big -- to focus in ninety seconds.

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