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Is Pete Carroll overmatched as an NFL Head Coach?

Oct 10, 2012|

We talk about the Pete Carroll style of coaching, and how it seems perfect for college kids, but we don't understand how highly paid professional athletes don't tune his 'rah rah' nonsense out.

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What statement. What -- statement about hang in India and yeah yeah. Just hangs it up there that you know common practice well that's a fantastic illustration and somebody just gonna jump up and make plays and that's what -- did -- a -- Okay. Okay. Okay. -- looked -- that there's so many cool things about his game you know if you go back to -- first up is all about. But they didn't they give us that that play against -- Republicans rushed the passer like -- I've never seen eight sacks and one half hour. I -- real pity because you're. It was a great guy not greatest coach here -- And some of that wasn't his fault Bob agree it was a shopping for the groceries and maybe into the greatest optional from the grocery civil give. Peek out of Ramallah camera but it wasn't a great coach here. -- -- -- -- Each one of those guys that doesn't swear. But really wants to. If you are using the word fourteen. Every other sentence. It pretty cool do you really want us where you are right you want players to know I'm cool. I can drop an F bomb just regular guys do all the time. But then of course she gets some principles you've got some jump -- a moral character in -- you truly believe. You go that you want -- -- -- Just go to -- it. That's some goofy -- -- think. Because you don't wanna go there and you don't want that type of language to be part of the of your conversation. You don't -- -- can. I either side of it in this decided it can't it detracts from the good times in the form. All okay that Americans -- give you power. You've been at this a little longer than half a little spies -- scars a couple of months ago. Is Pete Carroll not the nicest guy nice guy and nicest guy on a kicker of all the patriots coach nicest -- He's probably the nicest patriots coach. Break your head coach they've -- I'd -- to go to were African bar with a right now have a -- gonna write you about your old -- one kid right. Clay for Pete Carroll when he was coaching well then then things got a little crazy USC. Now -- nicest guy and it may -- may be too nice. And I truly believe all the enthusiasm he throws into it he believes in Brooklyn to the players -- that desperate to all the pleasures that it does literal there. Right because the players said there's no its fist pump and it just it's not humanly possible. So I think players specially pros highly paid progeny in college pushed you recycling these kids their only differ year to. Sebring the next group and -- Unbelievable. Such a preacher or put an approach. Older lines. Well you know we used the substitute teacher analogy a lot when the replacement refs were here -- -- in the same thing. Applies to -- when he was with the patriot. Those guys were so happy. When -- Parcells left. And happy Caroline in the beginning remember now he start off -- three you know foreign oh. Excuse me in nineteen I think 97 external morneau great offense look. And he's treating them like man. See you later Parcells by the way it was a team that was coming off of -- -- -- -- -- right Kosovo could do ourselves has gone you get your feelings are attached to read. And they got Pete Carroll -- -- -- -- -- We get the substitute teacher full time and it's great we can do whatever we want that wins and losses. And one out there when it happened that's right. In all caved in and they found themselves needing that structure missing that discipline and actually times in some cases. Talking to there former coaches. What I coaches was my last coaching job. This -- coaching job. When they were with the jets. Parcells and Belichick and Mangini and in Romeo Crennel Al would reject -- there were times conversations that were had between patriots players. In their old coach it's artist -- -- -- ask this -- so what does being a nice -- and we're -- regular -- -- It's enough for him and his Big Apple to. Apology enough there it really does -- have discipline the -- so different we you know we talked about baseball we talked about it. Managers. And people want a lot of people wanted to disciplinary and such wanted a disciplinarian. As the manager this past year. It's not like foot. It is so different guaranteed contract players look at it differently longer -- You're playing every single day it's not practiced during the course of the week. Where the media aren't invited not around other than before and after practice. You're practicing amongst yourself -- you -- game on Sunday traveling nobody's and you're traveling party with you outside of your -- your group. He's -- different so different and I don't get away with a baseball it is. I think you'll need it in foot it is part of the requirement. Of having a good. Football team -- structure. And have somebody who's gonna set -- disciplined got -- I haven't got a Abbott and you know it brings it back come come full circle through this weekend discipline. With Wes Welker will it happen. I don't think it's an outrageous thought. Personal I don't think -- should be disciplined fort I don't think it's outrageous. To suggest that could have -- out. About had to bet it's likely yeah Crocker and I it's it's just fix it and I have repaid until we're -- He was Belichick was laughing. At the question. Now he gave you the stock answer you know but then he was laughing -- week when you folded up. About the comedian stuff he was actually laughing. Doesn't make a difference. It would not surprise. Not surprised. Yet Africa. I think he has. He's very conscious of how this will play in the room now. If a lot of guys if he feels like. A lot of players will look at Wes Welker -- -- Welker got away with -- got away with something and then their rule -- earned. Be disrespectful or take their lounge act to the media. -- well he will elect -- he feels like it is and we don't know how he feels about how woody woody truly think so Wes -- comment but if you think it's if he thinks. It's just a silly comment. That Welker made on TV. Welker will be in there -- no problem to what you heard the joke and if you don't it's funny. I was alone. Well. You know I think -- played really well yesterday and you know have if things turn out -- way -- -- Any conversations that I have less week between analyst. The -- it was a last didn't do that by the way. With deep hole for speech didn't do that that -- -- if he. -- -- Tony Dungy good example of a guy who yes. Rudy -- authorities had to really escape but I can do but yes but he had discipline. That was a very organized to barge in and Tony Dungy was very good at being able to ride that fine line. You really yeah I think he probably. Got a little edge to them. Values and extreme just unfailingly. Nice guy when he was with that brings with the area vikings the coordinator. -- going to head coach. -- excrement Tampa. He's he's out OK we can't go any further review. Jon Gruden comes in toughened Obama takes over and so I think he added a little. Edged through -- -- Arnold guys who would. Who start up a team meeting and this is in several people have told the story. About Tony Dungy at the beginning team meeting they pay attention. Listen to the to the sound of my voice right now I'm not gonna raise it. Not raise my voice. Above this level so you've got to pay attention I expect -- be a professional on some teams are ready for that. And some teams can handle at that team following Jim Mora and the craziness so while that you know oh ops. It is more it was not the right personality political team and -- Yeah I think if you look at it wasn't her personality for the Buccaneers team not wanted disgraceful. Performance if you look at -- replacement Jim Caldwell nice guy. It didn't have that strength factor that dungy had an ever present time I didn't -- what he'd done it worked for dungy that was news there is rest.

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