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How will the Patriots compensate for a tough Seattle defense?

Oct 10, 2012|

The Patriots offense will not only face a tough crowd in Seattle, but a tough defense as well, in fact, one of the better defenses in the league this year. How will they keep the no-huddle going and be successful in the Northwest? We discuss.

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-- Thought why not now. This adjusting to the -- is yeah we take the New England tailgate show you'll see you tomorrow night on on Comcast and give us an opportunity. Spent some quality time trying to figure out he says Seahawks -- about. Offensively very very good effect and hold the vision. Very very. Good and and it's a division that two years ago it was two years ago Seattle wins with a seven and 79 record that -- And other all over 500 did the only division over 500 -- a fourteen -- doing on defense 49ers obviously this seahawk team. You've got your range team to see them a couple of weeks over enough in London and errors and seen them play defense pretty deep and go. -- here with with the Seattle team. And that look at teams that they have played to this point. Now that the patriots be a little bit different in this now when they played Green Bay and let's face it they got a gift to should've lost -- -- in the ended up -- -- game. Yeah -- rules there but we were Helena month after the I don't -- McGreevey has had a problem with every war. Protecting your quarterback no matter right. Aaron Rodgers has been under fire for every one of these games. Dallas Tony Romo has been under fire for every one of these games so you're talking about a couple of offensive -- good teams. A couple of offensive line today -- come to protect and quarterback seems story with Saint Louis they have a problem defense. Rams have been good Joseph Fisher's doing a nice job of -- offensively Bradford is running for his life for right now OK so. -- it appear that good. Clemens has a good player this rookie Bruce Irvin with some issues in colleges turned out to be at two brought ashore player through through five games here. Is it that there is that good is that when they play at home it's so loud there. That there were able to cheat off that line has been exposed to elements on the on Monday. Or is that that they haven't been playing teams that really have done a good job this year protecting and taking care. It's it's intriguing for that reason because I think Seattle is now are they as -- as it -- against Green Bay defensively. Is that every. On every snap it was like. This is waiting for the next guy and if urban doesn't get it you know Clemens got to get somebody is gonna get the -- every time it seemed like it was it was unbelievable -- -- now. But they are a good defensive team. And it got Pete Carroll. Directly at that facility called directly -- -- and -- -- -- easily -- director. And this guy can -- you know as deep as good defense and I'm making you may -- Doesn't cut out to be head coach here and Oakland got to be head coach year. And it remains to be seen we're gonna head coach he's going to be out there in the Pacific northwest but that me and nosed defense and he's proven it at all levels college -- dangerous right now I'll -- alluded to I know you are. Oh yeah I got that going on and in the patriots who have heard the story before. Whether it was. The Super Bowl warrants after you buddy Warren Sapp and that you know. Julius Peppers which you bring and a friend would you bring you don't condone what -- for Ferraro would now I would need or are -- maybe loaded with them while. It's open in there and endlessly. The patriots have heard about great pass rosters before and they don't. -- there there MVP they're silent MVP. Off the field in BP's aren't -- He's figured they do they figure out what it team its millennium really great ability to diagnose this that the number one thing we've got to deal with. And they deal with it sometimes to deal with it with their profit of -- exclusively other times back involved titans are involved. So look at yeah donors strength in the patriots and their strength. I think at Seattle's a pretty good on Sunday but I don't think the patriots and. Overwhelmed with the that I agree with you Michael and and certainly affected my trying to take anything away from the defense. Odd though in that division there may be four teams right now that are above 500 public face of the the king and -- division of the 49ers -- to -- your head shoulders about the of the three teams and I think these three teams. And -- yes OK I don't know they'll they'll come back to earth all three of these teams who compact -- -- -- earth I believe. -- I thought okay. -- -- -- -- Good got to find a aren't gonna find got to find the GT. That the mayor -- GT after the after the gift to win against the Packers but look at it this way and I and I thought it would be a closer game last week -- we got. But I and I would say this week that. If you look at the defense that obviously is the strength of a Seattle so we're probably not gonna get a 353121. Game. Probably going to be played more like when he won seventeen point 114 somewhere around those. That those numbers. The one thing I can't tell you. Is that the strength. Of Seattle's offense. Is their running game and by the way abortion a much has been great to this point they rely it and what is the strength to the Patriots defense right now is stopping the so once you put the ball in the Russell Wilson's hands and I know we got some nice things but he. It's a small guy east as a mid grade as a pin. You know consistent the -- of people out there that say and you know maybe -- one's gonna get his. He shot here is he gets it gets healthier because he certainly could rule double better. Then Russell Wilson now. The weakness of the patriots right now as the defensive secondary the weakness of Seattle is their passing game in the office but you know I kind of plays to the patriots. Why should but I'm telling you this was -- gonna do at least six or seven times and again. -- evade their coordinator. Probably already has written. On a game plan when he comes in those little little game -- that game plan carts. Take a shot take shots. It'll take six or seven shots down the field from the middle of the field why not but that's what Russell Wilson can do now. You wanna ask him to sit back can be a patient quarterback in the view on any fourteen or fifteen play drive will be -- a lot of -- on a lot of timing patterns in. He's threading the needle best that we use. You ask him throw downfield big -- to get tore down -- field -- and I think Seattle gets done and why wouldn't you if you look at what the patriots have done they've given up tons of big plays already five games into the year. They've given up more big plays then they've they've allowed in championship seasons for the entire year so if you're looking at them on film. -- -- be silly and just just keep pounding your head against. Richard Seymour and Kyle Love and all these guys in and Cunningham and spikes in mail. -- -- It -- -- and it'll be fascinating and see how this hurry up offense. Works with dot type of route out there and some of the communication she shouldn't have a news -- -- -- even bigger question. We've talked to Bill Belichick about the news. We heard Wes Welker take the shot. In the post game show on Comcast as I should we heard bill's reaction to it I got the feeling and you followed up the court Connecticut feeling that. Bill laughed a little bit I can tell you that he chuckle we laughed. At the in the back and forth but is it possible. It's possible. The billed as the same thing. That he did in that playoff game where he actually. Sat out Wes Welker at the start of the game. The title. And I suspected in bills faced him once while. I -- think that I just I don't think he's got to do what Michael what I ticket I think it's possible course when it broke. It was was targeted fifteen times yesterday had thirteen catches and -- he said an interview after the game that is good to stick it to bill. He said it was a joke I'm wondering if you heard the joke and if you thought it was funny how. Can -- Well. In the -- played really well this season. That it thinks turnout the way it is. And conversations that was. Once you -- the future as a comedian. If something for the -- -- laughed about it there was no laughing about the the -- references. To Rex Ryan. Because I think. It involved -- his wife. And still didn't feel that was a good place to go to private life. That's this policy -- you don't -- family spouse that's -- in in this case and do things that happen. But in this case it was clearly directed that bill now -- now -- right now was a ball busting our president right. Was there Brooke let's sorry no -- about it no -- Was there ball busting going on behind closed doors of this or do you think. Bill made some. In west will receive money. Yeah it's it's time nicest -- in bill's face every once in awhile. Out. If the problem with the ball busting going on locker room. -- -- -- -- I don't think it was happening all season long between Welker in Belichick that you -- items -- tremendous comes back Billiton decision don't want. I want everybody to know you can't go while they're publicly. You can ball bust behind closed doors and we give each other cartel you can give me a hard time behind closed doors would you want to publicly on TV and to do it. That's crossing the line because we keep everything wrecked it in house he's he should -- our philosophy I noticed so that's the case. And Hernandez. Was back in his game and bill feels confident that applicants at west down for a little bit disease that yeah. If if if if one of those I mean if it's one of those situations of bats. If he feels that strongly about it I heard -- were talking about this earlier and it was right on. Of course it's the patriots. With all respect parents and at times it's -- Aronson that they'll listen to everything they read everything. There is nothing big hits by. The patriots media relations staff and beyond their media relations -- is really the whole organization -- -- opening some force apps get out. Who gave an interview with home town paper. And I think my high school paper had a higher circulation in his hometown paper they found. Out punished them. Others doubt so humiliated. Them a whole staff working on this thing man I don't feel like he was gonna lose their jobs they took from some paycheck retort it's rejected taught -- was done was to order -- play and try to scare him. That put the -- back together again and he was fine but don't talk the message was don't talk to the media. Could Kingsbury. Sixth round pick a while ago he said something to do well health club I don't know hole. -- they responded to it. Bear in Spain the Arab world they will respond. Lamented imagine what -- what -- the patriots. Personnel calling up the elks club to the transcript. Starts each. What are we are the priorities. Keynote speaker. -- promoter with some things about our organization but in all seriousness -- they do. They take this stuff seriously the players know most players know they know just not worth. It's not worth it to. Say anything colorful anything insightful. Anything that will lead to a. -- knock knock the next morning. Come see me out yet I thought well I've got to throw that out the and I -- -- the question is there were a lot of people that were yes. When Welker. Was forced to sit at the start of -- -- in this regular season game earlier in the season. Will you be pissed if Wes Welker is analyzed by the coach and asked his stay on the sidelines.

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