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Week 6 fantasy football waiver wire podcast

Oct 10, 2012|

Welcome to Week 6. Pete Davidson, Chief Fantasy Football Writer from Rotobahn.com talks with Jim Hackett to look at which players you should look at picking up, both through free agency and the waiver wire. The guys focus a bit on running backs who are still viable fantasy options, despite suffering serious injuries last year.

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-- -- We've your hosts Jim Matthews -- Peter Davidson from little -- go. He's everything you need to know about fantasy football the fantasy football broadcast on WUPI dot com. Welcome to the week. Six addition of the WTI fantasy football podcast on Jim Hackett joins as always. By our fantasy football expert Pete Davidson is the chief fantasy football writer -- Audubon dot com. That's the fast track to fantasy football domination I don't date. Are you doing great big guy wrapping up a big week five heading into week six a lot of big time names up there a lot to talk about. Off the top I'm looking at running backs and then one of the things that. Strikes me is that there's some people live the people can pick up. And have a common thread. Alex green is one on the Packers Rashard Mendenhall and the Steelers. One of those two men haven't come and the. The opener waiver wire -- ACL that's right -- they're not the only ones right I mean. Gosh. At the ACLU could be. You know used to -- the dreaded injury of all injuries. Rear ending. Yeah I mean I don't look like I. Actually I know you know this guy remember Bernard King Clancy I do phenomenal knicks forward -- You know -- the one thing we had a root for in your back Benson -- you know -- -- we just kept. Bludgeoned but it felt secure after year. But you know it's if you call the -- it was really the first major. Sport athlete. Cavity CL and and get it fixed and come back and play and -- he was never the same. Regard king you know after the CLE. It edgy situation what a great happy that I was -- he learned to play facing the loop instead it was back -- the -- -- the accidentally made all star game with the bullets. But he was never the same. He's not doing what these guys and football doing now right right. He broke ground because he had the open knee surgery with all that nasty stuff going on it's not not that the way to do it today which is much cleaner. You know what -- did was sort of similar I took frank today and a yeah sure they'll frank Taylor was one of the first guys bloody shouldering came back -- -- and you certainly can -- reinvent himself right. You know he came in nobody if you would call fraternities to try to close to a hundred mile an hour sort of the -- the first lefty whoever they really did that. He came back with a soft -- and Joker it was a darn good picture. And these guys in football today but they're coming back in doing. What they're doing before. Thank you thank you for bringing me back before -- brought up another until popular public but the you know that's the way to handle it used to work you know beat somebody's got to make it back but the they clearly had to reinvent. Themselves. But what we're seeing with these guys to be -- now is. You -- start which Jerry writes if you call up we came back. If you've been. From an ACL. And then it just just blew everybody's mind. You know it's what the first here to do it and and and as you mentioned to me earlier. Welker came back from -- we've seen this it's not like we should be shocked. We're seeing guys coming back now. You know well inside a year at a running back position. And these guys are excuse that you know the -- whatever they're hit the ground running up and really -- it's really amazing I mean Peterson. I -- from some reports he completed June unbelievable. It really it really is unbelievable that an end and it helped -- bring that I could that it brings us right and Alex green. And you know I know you know that's but it downstream the guy that we just really went gaga over. Last year. Yeah all that -- -- -- permits -- to backtracked you know a few years ago. Rural -- really pitched its wagons on to James Starks who was the fourth guy on the depth chart going into the 2010 season in any carried the ball in the super ball that was a big win. For wrote a bond and in -- in your new vision on that but then within months. Alex Alex Greene emerges in the off season who's this guy and again ahead of the ahead of the trend in any areas he's gonna be maybe carrying low for the Packers. But it's -- I think I think. You know and obviously when you Derosa to get a lot of emails from people you know that they generally fall into two categories you know. Compliments and you know people very upset about some production to meet the prior week and perhaps. In other you know we don't -- -- -- to Armenia as I can ever be right all the time in the NFL now all the bizarre things that happened a week to week. So you know that you -- all the different comments but. You know. Well we took the starch -- They you know if he'd -- really what happened starts of the hamstring injury. In the year ended up going in the published earlier in the year and that's what we came out with the -- sick and I got a hold onto the -- Dude this could well why are you talking about this guy I've never heard of them might develop pup list. And he went to university of buffalo to which isn't. The majors -- a college football program. Right -- we were talking about before Ryan Grant either -- If you're confident. Right now that would and we came up with a big meet James Starks article it a little was right after the -- created the injury. And you know I got a bunch of you know talk about people we care about kind of email right. And you know you need it had been turned out -- didn't get him involved very quickly but trivia the deceit and they did bring them up the puppy started it carries. And like you said they got into the playoffs and it is a major player up. On the way to their title and then we started getting emails like how hectic has been the case. He's a participant in the tenor of the emails change rather quickly now do we take up next year. And we confuse people attended and -- to use me yes we do what James sparks. But I'm getting -- what did you guys and as well we like starts it's not that we think he's the dog. But after looking at having really getting a look at him in NFL action we didn't think he was enough of a finisher EU and we didn't think he got vertical and you know we but he did we we thought she danced a little to build a little bit too much for a guy who was capable efficient runs you. And you know in in Green -- is a real Smart team. -- that we sort of look at them a lot of time with the it would look at the patriots we assume they're gonna do the right thing right. And so we really thought that you know -- you know the -- was vulnerable. It has turned otherwise yeah now. Well you know one thing that we do it wrote a lot of my my primary -- the guy who coached college football back in the seventies he knows his stuff. And we go through these players. You know slowly and methodically. And we don't cross out guys from small school starts I mean obviously. Once people -- it starts and they know we're we dig deep when you look at it to you when you look at running backs from buffalo. So faced huge again yeah it's so. -- -- guy who played Hawaii in a wide open offense he was generally regarded you know the guy -- Have a long way to go to be and that's held back because -- put a wide open system to hundred no huddle. But what we saw on film was a big. Powerful back the low center of gravity you who spent a lot of time -- past pro group got out and you know caught the ball we really liked the way he gets vertical. That would that would actually vertical in north south jerk you know he -- it could appeal to doesn't doesn't waste a lot of motion -- got a good pad level. He can really build a lot -- we've got a lot of he's -- -- -- So you know we we really -- all live. I agree last year basically saying you know this this is going to be the guy -- And unfortunately. You know it is as cheap as you know -- he got worked into the office he got the ACL. And you know that's that's the way the cookie crumbles so sure we we were we were fairly well convinced that he was on his way to becoming -- future back in Green Bay and that's. Now during the off season. They bring in Benson. So we knew we had to tone down our our our screens stop a little bit. But the way we see it if this kid is a 100%. He's gonna make if he could end up being. Maybe not the only back in Green Bay but but maybe maybe the most valuable ones and I think he does have a chance over the next maybe eight weeks. To make Benson a guy you don't -- And maybe that will be did the spark Green Day news because they've been one of those teams kind of like new law once it's been a little bit stuck in the mud unable to get it going. And as you said he's a guy that you've had your eye on and in his someone that's you know back pretty quickly from that ACL injury. Yeah I mean what it once they brought in -- we we had the sort of total we were we were gonna portion this year you know and I mention that you before. But the thing about out screeners and this happened to the common thing with a lot of rookies. For 2011. These guys were drafted but they never got to go to an. He's got a couple weeks you know they did you know. They're you know good. Green Bay's a complicated scene there's a lot to learn they don't just throw guys did you know -- you that you need to know how to protect. Rogers and there's a lot of things you need to do before they're gonna really explosion. And you know he was still in that situation coming into this year so now he then again we didn't get off season because green was rehabbing. And so he would you know get Dorsey to -- -- -- the incident and bring in Benson. It's you know it's probably not gonna happen right away. But out of bed without you to get a shot and you know if you don't lock I would sit here and I mean you know -- at -- trader -- running back and right. But this is the guy you want alone if you kept an and I mean in any format. If you got a roster spot. You that you want this kind of -- if you win and always -- class flights sculpture you know hopefully people listen to us yesterday. But you know this is the kid because -- the system that he came from the because of the way they want to playing greenback you. He can be very successful. The one difference between last year and this year -- there is no longer the high powered wide open. You know you know just steamroller -- in the -- the last couple years they're struggling. So you know for agreeing to have the value that we projected last year Green Bay needs to fix itself. Yeah they need to get right they need to get right -- get rates soon because there -- a competitive. You division a competitive conference it's going to be harder and harder as the season rolls on how to stocks figure into their plans. Good question that I I really don't think Starks. We always do that too much but that's just my personal opinion speaking right. But you know he's had all kinds of injury issues he had a -- college he had you know it hasn't really seemed to -- hold up to the and it's also force can -- -- things. You know he could be a factor -- I don't wanna rule out but my money is this pretty squarely on the street. Okay good so I talk about another running back that might still be out there on some waiver wires he you know made a big splash recently. Another guy coming off an ACL Rashard Mendenhall on Steelers. You have -- all I mean look we put him on the waiver wire this week's simply because when we did our homework he was still available and so -- yeah. So you know sometimes you put -- got the waiver wire even though it's blatantly obvious just to send a message like hey. It just -- surged nearly picture is taken. Gonna -- doubt there's you know you got a sellout. Good advice that's gonna bust in Tennessee be -- that was Europe. You know board whether your work or your home at night and you look at the -- -- you surprised that -- Right and sometimes depending on -- you search free agents. You know you may or may not. See him you know -- -- -- and all the guys don't play board games if you sit there and click if you sort by fifty points he's not going to be near the top right. So we just sort of picture people -- -- make sure -- there. You know he became clear that he's a little bit of an you know -- a little bit of a committee at this point but if he continues to show burst which he did the other day. He might be able shut down that committee. In just think. Speaking of committees is a a couple of teams out there that. Have a couple moving parts one at one as the giants and David Wilson showed himself this week -- lot of hype about him coming into the season. In people's draft crap now that the season is progressing the giants have shown a trend. You know to get hot late. Might he be got to keep your eye on the. David Wilson the guy I would I would get in every single format no matter how small if you have a bench spot to play -- I would add David Wilson. You know unless. You know out maybe you know I think he's right there without screening in men and -- Wilson. It's like the other two what Wilson about -- just freezing bat upside yeah because you know at this point. Yeah that you know hundred Brad looks like mental ability he dinged up now and I mean you know as much as this group it's people -- in limited action and he really did look good -- He he is journeyman. You know guys don't bounce around multiple problems. Because they're phenomenal they are what they are bright eyes sought -- I'm not I'm not December down but you know we're talking about a kid and David Wilson who. You don't just it is -- And he runs with power you and any any gut you know he's got an alpha personality and he wants to make the big play you can see it. And that's and I think that is a little bit to do with his ball security issues but you know sometimes she. So intent on making the -- -- you know he's not concerned enough about ball security but I -- it it. You've got to think that Coughlin sent that message when he benched. Right any cop on a lot like -- -- right -- gonna make their message heard and it's going to. Stay heard until it got sort of in their -- -- we could we could easily get sidetracked mr. talk about Steven Ridley right now yeah let's stay focused on Wilson as a guy. That has huge upside just just because of that offense in his. Varied skill sets he can do it all yeah he's he's got good hips could ANC can. This is the guy who can do a lot of different things on the football field. And he's playing behind a running back. Who breaks -- -- to -- stores to opt out of a fair amount -- try to keep -- football player. But he breaks he's got all kinds pins and screws in his feet and you know I don't -- the guy an upset giants fans are anything but you know. -- -- he's a guy is always playing on borrowed time EU and if he. Pops and -- those bones which you know. 5050 tickets for the next month. If that happens to running backs anyway let alone at their fragile -- it. It's right in the that the -- already got all kinds of put back together piece of cake -- Wilson if he gets in there and Bradshaw -- out. He conceivably could start posting. You know starters numbers to -- High end -- between numbers you can -- one numbers for all we know so this year the guys just you know stored energy to could explode. So. Accompanied obviously been in this all year if you don't graduate should absolutely -- well. Yet many reminds me of a couple of years ago and the Steelers went out and drafted Rashard Mendenhall Willie Parker was there he is having success but. The small guy. Dealing with some injuries and and we were talking off line and and you are saying that it's -- demand and on it's gonna happen sooner -- later in their did so well -- -- credit that way. Was in fact anymore but to sit out the bottom line yeah that's right -- did you know if you have a new burst. They can't they shouldn't -- fast -- put -- -- yet it is it's it's that kind of situation. But but quite honestly I mean. In the giants system Wilson has more upside than men at all that. In this -- system in the I think. Now I would declared David Wilson make it to the end of the year any email we have a hundred carries at the end of the year he might not have done anything because some Al. Brad should dance through the raindrops right it's absolutely possible. But we need to when you play fantasy football you wanted to know who those guys are those guys who have been massive upside could come out of nowhere and just keep -- -- yeah. And Wilson one of those -- -- literally. All of a sudden sort of like CJ Spiller yes we're just like -- where did -- come -- that -- -- -- one of those -- -- -- -- but -- -- Absolutely at the -- That's Smart and another another team that has. What I think is a great back and history -- could have shown to be one of the greatest backs had his health work from his Frank Gore -- Cisco. Which is into another handcuffs. Kendall Hunter and talk a little bit about that tax field. You know gore his propensity to injury in how important it is to navy have Kendall Hunter on your focus on your radar screen -- whether you own -- or not. Right well I mean and -- are tricky thing because it means different things to different people depending on the kind of lead to play. But -- -- big -- with Dick rosters. You need to -- -- your important players. You know it's just you know if you buy an expensive car you gotta get the collision -- he's an -- the way it is armed. And so yet gore is a guy that just based on his injury history. If you can protecting you wanna protect them and as it turns out. You really do have a viable guided to add in the owners got. And sometimes we'll talk about a disguise the handcuffs for that guy. But that doesn't mean you necessarily -- roster that got right because you know -- the other guys jag. We can't appeal to different content you know so Brigham. It it but in this case hunters a guy -- potentially electric. You don't -- wrote with excellent balance he's got good vision he did in their system now. Harbaugh clearly has a lot of hate that it could always make sure to get him involved every week you know it's not at all but it touches it's very consistent role he's got. And you know I I think a lot of people. Had this idea that Brandon Jacobs. Would maybe be that guy. If score went down but you know I I think Brandon Jacobs is a role player. You -- a great deal if she was healthy -- at the start of the season. And you we are where we are now heading into week six you still think would be 200 known chip. I didn't because you'd better get a better running back but plain and simple and -- Jim Harbaugh like that we've seen with mosques. Yeah I can just give the guys snaps because he's got a name -- -- -- -- it must not play about football and that's Iranians but you know you learn everything -- DiFrancesco. And those of the team that went you know. I'm letting -- get into the jets. To give teams that win let's suck but teams that don't win like the jets at night I joke with Donna it's. But. That's good advice and and hunter yeah we're here in the bye weeks and in week six is a bye week where we're starting to ramp up astounding to see more teams on the buy. Hunt or -- in my big guy that you can play at that flexed position or if you really light. Pop a man and -- get to us counsel have activity any might break -- -- Yet what hunters had good weeks the last two weeks but you -- part of that is because frisk has been and blow -- yeah. You know they were the only dominated the jets and and -- got some good action at the end of the game and then the same thing happened last week. So you don't. Is that could happen this week. The giants. Yeah that's that's good that's a good match up every year on those to me. Right now -- hunter. Can't have a good game but I I I don't think you're looking at big guaranteed touch is that you were the last two weeks I mean we actually had -- there. As a play in the big -- the last two weeks -- that we. I don't think it out of the district is geniuses I think these -- were you know. They were there to see before they happen. And the niners a Smart they're gonna protect their asset they know the gore gets entered. An asset when I get some run. You just hit I think maybe the key point the court. As much as -- you know. Say that a guy you need to back up to the -- need to protect -- they're using and so little. That it probably does need to be an injury you would score he's not they're not getting in the crease he workload cities have in the past so I don't think Gore's gonna Wear down. They're using -- But but but to your point. If gore gets hurt I think two -- a guy who's who legal right out of the box you know be -- Deborah -- no degrees of Tennessee or as a would be wise to. Get him with their leagues have them on the waiver wire speaking of injuries and a transition to another back field. As any backfield and more ravaged and then the Arizona Cardinals. Oh gosh bomb yet the cardinals that this is an as a very difficult situation again until I know a lot of people. You know they don't pick it up Powell didn't pick -- -- -- large Stephens-Howling it's. I think it's very country that -- feel that the boy as he did it means that the -- -- started as they head to -- You know guys which feature back skilled and knew what to do anything right. Because -- can block. So is it less how old. Or one the other backs in the next coming and I don't think they are yeah you know these are going to be flexible options and deeply spit it. You know in less. Realistic really get to wind in their sales. You know these and arcade game changing players who supported adding -- -- -- -- but the other -- -- Who of the two. His team to help you little bit more catching balls on the back field. Did you develop could -- yeah. Yeah I you know I really think -- and I understand people are going after Powell and -- -- -- I think if you if you offered me the Q I would as well. But. How links is more explosive used. So I'd you know this is one of those things were it's -- you know. Let's what is sort of see how it shakes out but for either one of these guys to have real sustainable. Value. The cardinals will have to start sustaining drives. And justice are getting -- yeah I mean -- have been involved and so ugly just football games. They really that patriots fans know all too well pick up and then Thursday night game was of debacle. Yeah and I I think the -- deserves some credit for for winning so these games and I think it's sacred you know is it speaks to their coach. I think thirteen that's that's definitely doing it right. They've just. You know but they're they're really struggling with the quality. Talent of their offensive line and they've been struggling the most important position that they did I think make it. A bad move critical thing. EU. Cup so he could have to love elaborate on the don't know it but didn't they gave up a lot of booty -- and they gave a big contract -- and she's -- you know it's sort of like Matt Cassel. -- I just think you really have to be careful when you're taking the system quarterbacks right. You know look at what happened -- if you remember the dolphins -- -- treated for AJ Feeley do militant to a number two picks terrible. You know for a guy who came out it would have decent for a couple weeks. I think that's that's what they're Indy Reid's system does -- he's you know they coach quarterbacks probably as well as anybody in the NFL and they bring up these jags. And they look good yeah you can their offense -- cattle. Yeah and coaches are so desperate to get that quarterback they overpay and that that certainly is the case in Arizona. Is Skelton going to reemerge -- -- -- the job. You know I their clubs I think in potential cup gives the jobless I think it's his job. You know and an annulment can top of the poem. It's it's just that. You know they moved heaven and -- fear that this guy yeah you know I think they were just you know. But he had a lot to do with the vacuum left by Warner's departure. And you know when you have Larry FitzGerald I think there's this compelling. Rational need. To get him a quarterback sure. But you can't get so caught up that it did you get a local. Quarterback yup and exits in the sense. Yeah so that's you know a little bit different what they did verses what Kansas City didn't capsule because in that case is obviously all the people listen to this probably know. You know pioli had. But it could be inside look. The castle right. Which quite frankly makes the move all that more confusing it's completely because. You know how you look at Matt Cassel and see -- starting NFL quarterback is is beyond me EU I just it's just not there. And he's had a -- awhile now is is it thirty year there. Yet really happening -- and obviously -- got knocked out last week and it was pretty disturbing to hear a lot of cases since you did seem like they were cheering injury which this. That's pretty low -- You know I mean I don't even think you would you wouldn't need to cheer Tony -- and other interest so I think it's a sixth if it. Well back then I'm as jury of my own -- and in the area and that's probably -- that that's probably the fans were doing it but. Yet we don't like to see exactly sure it was her time. The Brett you know if if you would take it up for a performance -- that I would cheer. Yeah enough assuredly get -- about valid. They'll point there and speaking of quarterbacks that you can you can share there a couple out there are humble one guy is some. Someone had a rough start but if you look at his last few games start to come alive a little bit -- we know on the browns. Well -- -- that the guy you know I know you know that we like and then and then you know anybody -- -- bond for the whole year. Yeah we and the guy we really like palm which we wrecked and had its sale. And at this point I have to say that he killed one of the one of the guys we missed on. Then what we anticipated we really thought there was going to be the growth -- For -- But you know we spoke about in the first two weeks or you know anybody's -- and -- like but it sure but but. We go to guy for those who don't know you know you -- a 28 years old. She you know you in the yankees' minor league system -- the picture for -- -- -- and you know I river that the populist government is -- by the government but at this country club good to be patient at the configuration of recent you know some you do the. Third starter on the Red Sox and -- viera. All that's ports our -- Who put it. When when it comes to sling the football mr. Kandel has he's got some chops we think that the anybody outside we. You know he's he's a big big strong kid and that there a couple of plays this year that. -- -- sort of stood out to me to do it on two separate occasions I've seen him get hit. Lol I seem to hit you know you know constantly coming into his midsection and he's completed passes yeah. You don't don't feel 3040 yards downfield this kid got an arm. Any -- how strong he's tough he's strong and for a guy who you know we came out the first week and get hit a lot of rookies would have. They -- lost their fundamental CU you know expecting his receivers or drop the ball all over the place and he just. Stuck with that. And that you're starting to see innocent -- -- and yet I mean. We this guy. Who I think is gonna make it I really do he made it has some value this year -- the guy. You know during the bye we've seen on a good match -- you control amendments. To actually -- start especially -- with Dick Gordon looks like you might become. -- may make a comparison. You know the bye weeks are upon us and you know. You can't be strong everywhere in Tennessee football when you draft so invariably they'll be people that out some holes at quarterback. You might have your your top quarterback on the buy you might have your second quarterback hurt. Sweden is made the roster revolt over who in your position and in Europe that. What impact their questions. A couple guys beat Sanchez and boy got to be absolutely over extension it's. I think he's right in that group with Eddie hill in. You know guys like that I don't know what I would put it up there with guys like you know. Just -- or aware or as we got it off -- put up there with guys like pondered Palmer EU because I think they're a little bit more of a sustainable situation out there are going to be a little unpredictable. I think the thing with weakness not so much who we don't eleven with right now. I think it's state. He he has the potential to find consistency and the guy that you do have confidence. In say a month from you if you follow me -- madame I mean right now like you know. In Russia really that top spot you really wanted to play in -- yeah exactly you know but but he's just he's a big kid with a strong -- proven to be pretty Smart. You know he's certainly playing better football than a lot of other guys taken in the draft you know. -- its weapons. Yeah yeah I mean. These. That the weapons to the -- yet because -- -- he -- -- and remember last week against the giants put pretty good football league without massacre why not at least some great player but he's. A guided trust -- he's without Travis Benjamin and Greg Little -- catch pat yeah. So you know keep doing it with you know largely secondary options. So I I give a lot of credit -- not playing like a rookie. And and right now he's one of the better. And you know -- Japanese he'd obviously better fit the situation then Russell Wilson and Russell Wilson and I would I would probably play him all things equal oversee him Bradford. So yeah I mean he's he's definitely stay out of much that level of players. Am not that's good to know let's get through Tennessee Arsenault whom maybe targets in depth on their bench. Speaking this. I'm sort it and they've been in the end for you know to your question on. You know you'll see -- in our our our lineup rankings every week when when we as that matchup that we think you can exploit. It will tell people that on a weekly basis I just check growing -- breaking the real problem. Yep it's it's -- device. And dumb you're speaking of some of the the weapons that he has is a couple wide receivers. That you highlighted one is on the browns' Josh Gordon. The rookie to talk a little bit about what you see in him. OK Gordon is absolutely. 100%. And NFL talent is no doubt about it he's got almost everything you look for. But he's a guy who had to play awful the last couple leaders for very entries. He's a guy who had. You know that the typical off field character stuff. Issues -- focused dedication gotta gotta gotta. But he's also a guy where if somebody can screw it head on right. He's got huge long -- -- high ceiling and we saw last week against the giants when he caught two balls they both went for six. One -- -- -- for those who didn't see it. He -- -- -- linebackers linebackers that chance right. Police still don't restored at the route right now still caught the ball he still scored the touchdown -- you know you can't take it away from. I think he's the guy you want your team in deep leagues since I mean did you guy you want throughout their start next week probably. But he's a guy that if you can stash him and he starts to find that level consistency EU he could be your third receiver at some point it's it's possible. Interest and yeah yeah it's it's I don't -- -- -- -- in keeper in dynasty leagues yeah. All that he's tiger that he's a guy you want I think. He's a good target. In that's an offense that looks like it's it's starting to come together largely because they've got a little bit better quarterback play itself. Good person to keep your eye on. It's ironic isn't it because Cleveland is in huge. You know in transition and flocked to we need to know the coach could be next year we don't know you know that the Hogan -- -- you know possibly get all broken up. So it's it's. Couldn't have very interest in team going forward is if they keep playing well maybe maybe a lot of these guys will stay who don't. And the interest indicated it would -- absolutely. Also with. -- with that said in a lot of moving parts on a transition to a team that. Is on the buy this week that it gets in the injuries and with that. Tim might be some receivers fantasy owners can take a -- on the waiver -- and sneak by because -- -- playing this week. And also the injuries could have a major impact on the quarterback drew -- the bears' situation. The bears yeah tricky I. I was a big fan Nelson Jeffrey Wright and he looks like he's out for a sex with apparel component EU. So I really think that could take a little bit of their upside and Christina of their sales. At least in the short term. Just because I really think he was a guy. That was pulling some quality coverage away from Marshall EU EU is a big guy Scott Cutler clearly trusts him because he's throwing to -- even when he got coverage. Not covered but it went fairly well culture. Distinct you know any -- even the guy that was getting a lot of throws to him down near the end zone and Indians don't. So -- you know not only did we like this kid. But they liked they were using him he was playing I think about 70% of the snaps over the last couple weeks. It's a shame if you -- guy -- just personally the guy had a couple perfectly into. You know I had it in my lineup last week yeah one week thank god he did score before he got hurt us -- suspect you know -- Obama. Absolutely so yeah it's. You know right now I think the bears are a team that's gonna. I mean they've got -- defense. You know obviously they may be able to squeak through but I do think this hurts. You know the high end element of their offense I think Cutler gets downgraded for the next month or so. The Tennessee got -- Tennessee or as I wanna. Look to move if they've got someone an illegal -- week at quarterback. -- and so up and down I don't know much about your value Cutler had a EU. Keep it might be the opposite he might be in a week to a player -- just -- for practically nothing. And then you don't you can be a nice solid match play down the stretch if you don't have a solid quarterback situation here. That would be by my take note they speak they have to be a little ugly in Chicago over the next couple weeks. Am moving forward Jeffrey out. For significant chunk of time mom who is there that can maybe fill the holes that -- donors. That's the problem. You know I mean. You know of the Brandon Marshall may not be heavily affected by this he may turn it on you -- been dealing with double teams his whole life. And I -- a guy like Dez Bryant he can handle it for the most part. So I think you know. I would be ready to get robredo Marshal or to me like that's. I just don't really see many other people and our roster you know with Johnny knocked out with that awful injury was back which. We may ruin his career. You know -- now. Being found and Parker. And I just. Lester I think he's going to be disable that -- we used to have done any week he can return a punt and score -- long touchdown to put -- point in support. Bloody -- -- the goose -- he can absolutely music so I think he's going to be. I mean wouldn't it and I'm more inclined to put Hester in my line up with Jeffrey out yes -- that might light up now. And the makes that makes perfect sense of your fantasy owner. You know the good thing is that deep was in this podcast in lost their bears fans are during the player personnel for the bears do in the player personnel for the wrong rosters right and there are people out there like Josh Gordon and some others that. Might be on waiver wires people that you can target through the bye week so what I was gonna talk about. His Jeremy curly on the jets showing a little bit of something and have meant no offense it's really sputtering there but. There's a little bit of light in our sense of hope in that player and he might be able to help Tennessee rosters. Yeah I -- clearly the guy I really like today you know and it and I think he's he's been -- -- so afraid to -- a guy who's forced me to redefine. My take on -- a little bit over the over the course this year because he's doing something you didn't do before he's making plays. Outside the actions of an outside receiver he was the slot after the jets Leicester which is the little guy. But he's shown the ability to play outside and make plays down the sidelines. And and that really changes the way you look at him because that's where the openings on the jets now. In other authorities so these other screw up your guys they have made -- -- lot of improperly constructed entirely outside and he has shown that he does have the capability. And you know and it was suspending. You got it get it right now the jets offense. You know it's apparently basically use it for from a fantasy perspective. Well I guess -- both -- -- You know chat show and I mean like it's the the first underscores just got a profit hurt. You know you keep sheets he jogged off the field heard a couple times the other night you know hole and so. So it died I don't have a lot of potential and he does have some talent but most likely he wouldn't be around the rest of the year based on history you the rookie this -- Steven Hill. I think -- really good player long term if they can get him to concentrating catch more balls -- drops. You know but it -- he has to show us a little bit more before we buy into for this year -- upsides -- right now that you. Dustin Keller we -- -- -- is coming back so there's just such a huge. Much interest -- back Q yeah on the jets. And then remember the jets stopped -- their backs. And they don't run very well this is someone's gonna catch some balls and do something that. That's the thing you look at it currently because you got a target vacuum and the team it's going to be probably playing from behind the firm time. Is Jeremy could really sexy no but he's a guy especially for the bye weeks who can help you most formats and it's. Let's face it right now the guys just keep getting it done. -- -- -- Yeah that's an interesting point and and and people who -- are in offenses like that where there are there are targets to be had. Are good people to me for fantasy owners to take a peek at one. That stood out to me on the Ramsey given the injury to Danny Amendola is Chris given -- showed us a little something and and I think he's been out -- waiver wires. Yet given a different is available almost everywhere he's -- guy -- like -- got good speed he's he's pretty tough kid be considered good kids you know worker. You know -- he's got something he needs to do we keep daughter you've got a big time route runner. So you know -- I wouldn't I wouldn't bet money on him being a bust -- player this year but in a big league we've got some space. Yeah I I I I would I would add it just think kids timlin in the matchup is right he's got that big play potential yet you know so yeah you -- guy we're building in big leagues. They need to got to watch I think everywhere. The pickle a couple of games that wanted to take a -- -- as we move forward into the into the weekend's games. Well one of which you talked about the jets a little bit they've been interesting match of this week against the colts and you know classic coming off a huge win. Against cream day they're they're playing with passion and emotion. -- for chuck the -- -- that I I in football I think that means a lot other sports not so much. -- adjusting offense to a fantasy perspective on the cold side and and that's and that's a game that. Might be worth a watch. Yeah I mean you know they're they're they're coming into the -- house and you know who knows how loud it's really going to be EU. But I was surprised it did did they did make some -- Monday night. Yeah and you're gonna -- did you pull credit I think they're gonna get dusted. On Monday night they actually played -- decent football game you. And then since it is actually better than this statistics for a change didn't. How much. Support -- but that a little. It but yet it's going to be uninteresting game because. For rookie quarterbacks. Rex Ryan is challenge. With the jets do a lot of disguising. You know the dual thing you know. They show -- the tornado activity -- -- you know they'll jump up and -- they do mix it up very well. And you know. I know everybody wants to talk about -- being gone the jets are dead. They still have some tower defense your Cromartie is still a guy who can make plays Torre to get a good game he made it a sweet interception on Monday night. And you know that the Tyler Wilson the guy who's got some talent he may be able to step up Landry it's a cute guy who's really helped the jets. On the back here and so you know they're not they're not helpless and defense that they might be able to create some confusion reluctant I think. That's gonna give -- a good -- -- I think it's 5050. Today -- Tennessee defense a look at the Jack. Yes it would amount to absolutely do think the match of the -- this week. Yeah but I think there an average player I think they might I think at the end of the week it might be a couple days. Interest and so you know they continued like running out to get to play. They're just it's just shows you how. How. Vulnerable Tennessee for Balkan because you know you look at that the colts coming -- a great win -- had a huge game I mean you really big game in terms of NFL production but Tennessee football production -- Wayne had a monster game -- Claim is playing unbelievably just phenomenal for. Yeah he -- are really helping the nuts okay. And they're they're moving the ball rounds and again a week to week -- can change so -- or -- a would be wise to. You know look at the matchups. You know personal experience I found a defense on the -- while last week. The Carolina Panthers and they they dropped almost twenty points on my opponent so there out there. Yeah I ate diets so we're successful -- defense which is is looking very strong not a -- position the differences are playing. Really really good for. They really are an -- -- brings us to. Another game one a look at which -- the patriots going out to Seattle to two. Put the Seahawks -- got the number one offensive football against the number one defense in football should be some cat and mouse in that game and some Tennessee. Things to analyze from a player perspective a defense perspective. All over the field now want. Yeah I mean you're gonna see some things you know really to put the tests to. If on the patriot -- -- Brett -- -- is that -- these you know. That'll still joke from you know we're happy days in the seventies I do but there's some some kids bullying -- at -- -- that. And sadistic you know mr. Cunningham -- just walk away. And in you know which is awarded to do. They that they always but it does that that is what the situation is equality is the kind of bully situation and Richardson's ability of the cowboys -- -- a Catholic I I think. Seattle because it seemed -- -- you could use and did you know I've been. I think the page is probably in the game but I think the biggest thing about pitchers -- -- quarterback at this game healthy EU it I don't wanna see it well. I don't care but. If our patriot fan I do it if you guys get up three touchdowns. In the fourth quarter I want quarterback of the game. Well they sacked they sacked Tom Rogers eight times on in like ten plays on Monday Night Football -- expect now. They hit your quarterback you quarterback a lot so you know I I'm not trying to -- Duma and done done done a break here but the other as the game -- I think. It wouldn't shock -- telecheck. Does everything he needs to do to win. But doesn't try to go out there like the World -- -- president of the game to win and get out. To this -- Brenda bowling game and Steven Ridley game. Well that's sort of the magic question right I mean that's gonna depend on game conditions you I think absolutely if you guys get up. Yes you can see a lot of those guys. And maybe it's going to be like what we said the couple weeks ago with the bills what we saw the bills had pass rush. You know they had they're with their hundred billion dollar guy who really hasn't shown up yet. But you know the build the kind of in the chase that you could just -- Yeah I'll catch issue so you know I think what we set about maybe the patriots trying to run the bullets off a little bit yet you might see that'll literally. And maybe you know this is a big week for Steven Ridley. Yeah he's come into coming up on the ground in this case yet coming coming off a couple fumbles and an emerging young running back Brandon -- secondary look and don't hear yeah. And what it always has a role enemies he did did 77. Rushes for 47 yards it's a pretty good -- yards per carry. Absolutely and I read a couple of articles you know from different -- you outlets as you know saying coach stick with Ridley he'll be fine. And I I don't disagree. But if Steven Ridley fumbles in the game -- I don't know I I think you could be looking at a four -- back field. Yet his reason that means is reason for concern you know -- it just makes me think you know speaking of the patriots and come fox retired yesterday in a Kevin -- Was in the abyss of the patriots early in his career because of the ball on the ground up. -- out of -- yet exactly at that does a Monday night game up and down. After that Mikey fumbled against either the jets and Green Day in and that was yet. And I just stopped fumbling -- guess what he became he -- -- so people who own relief. Or it's getting offers for Ridley I think that's an area to. Keep your eye on in terms of concern as -- got some looks pretty ball secure. Share in the -- with them right now. There's no I looked up Imus publicly guy I like dedicated guys deluxe oh yeah policy and do well. But she can't keep fumbling now with -- there not with what had always looking to get a couple of -- is not what bold and running so hard you. He needs to do need to play as well -- been playing but he needs to not not put it on the ground and you know. You could go back to fox you know -- took a coaching staffs do. Build build build build -- don't worry about you get -- next kind of sit -- and you know I mean you know Coughlin said the Tiki Barber with the -- cup you know. Back in the day would -- do better -- the -- you know. You keep fumbling Madonna and and barber and so that is some of the best years of his career he learned how to carry it high and tight duel that. You know for the little things you need to do. You know -- they got to be the same thing and you know this San Diego mean Ryan -- is their whole team. And they've been really I mean they've been punishing him lakers you know bad yeah absolute last couple weeks and quite frankly the way they've gone about it is pretty. Little morality agent Smith. So I think it is very general manager of football that alienates his -- players any more than that close to his -- -- and -- How many of your superstars fuel that has paid the price. I think Vincent Jackson that I mean it obviously they've missed this guy who. -- they really need to learn how to. You know treat their players a little better. But I do agree that they had to send a message to -- matches. And you know hopefully you receive it as -- -- he's got the potential because that's back in football steps but the telegraph. It reminds you a line from anchorman about San Diego that we will not say set off line. -- Wants to answer it. Hey real real quick so I wanted to before we close it out I wanted to touch on AM a player that everyone is really familiar with but. It is really is an interesting story moving ahead a sticky heat who have huge tennis implications. That is position is Peyton Manning and we can we talk a little bit about him I mean heat for patriots fans watching that game on Sunday. There was a moment. Our series of moments in the fourth quarter we got those those feelings -- to come back instead lead his team on the field but yeah I did I just and he used to be the other way -- -- -- -- stomach don't look for Brett -- I used to never feel that way about -- -- Somewhere around -- 2000. Part of that -- -- That's still on my list I apologize but you know we've been had -- it's the last 72 hours a -- have been just madness with a mic and changed the site. You know like it did come -- -- -- be on Thursday when I get the last step. From last week loved. I saw some of the pitcher came but I I didn't see I didn't see all the parts were Manning was playing well it's. Yeah I looked like them is it that ties his old self the you know especially at some night -- 08. You know on when he was is really in charge -- in command -- last quarter you know as a 31 to seven deficit name pats won 3121. So. Do that he had the -- and I know what happened that I I saw a good portion that I came I didn't see the partly got. Smoking pot yeah but I watched every other step that he's played all year inconvenienced. What to if you throw the ball with the kind of velocity used to know. He really isn't. But everything else is there for the accuracy is there. That -- would -- process and the game I mean this guy sees the field better than anybody. Maybe ever yeah. And it's. You don't even know I'm not really a fan of Peyton Manning -- -- for the watch you watching any but he played the game at that level mentally as well. Let's say it's the same for patriots into much Brady and Packers fans who watch Rodgers it's it's just a different experience and has -- at. Give him a shout out because the way he's playing he certainly deserves it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But getting -- -- -- keeps sending you to another level you can't keep its -- I went to Denver. And basically has. You know brought his thing with that he's poured himself into a different -- Any still the same guy. It really is impressive it really is. And he's making an impact on some people who. But they -- in terms of Tennessee football who haven't you know really maybe should be making an impact ticket that tight end like chill Dreessen and he is becoming a real red zone threat. Is -- in many people here's something really hasn't come with Brett Favre. They're really good at fighting the guys to trust on their own team yeah you know if you remember favre's first -- Minnesota. It was like well you know pardons a rookie Bobble -- block -- it. The first practice Ford came into -- over grab targeted that you spend time with me yeah and she figured out to second. This is the guy yet that I need to get up the -- really has that same ability. If you remember Austin Collie nobody trusting god and do anything -- here. But eventually go god I can trust this guy look at these routes with the pants that you think Hollywood the superstar -- been worked out. -- -- -- -- similar kind of player he's very trustworthy he's got good hands. It's open. Yeah I think you can keep catching touchdowns he's you know a nice little guy if you're just desperate for a week it tight and you can throw treason in there absolutely. And less -- a touch on is it to be in that vein -- you're famous footballer and you're looking for specific people there is a tool. That wrote a bond dot com that can help you the search -- and wants uncle bit above that -- Yeah I -- we wouldn't you throw out there we didn't do last week because we just did. I'd -- -- actual Babineaux ran out of time. And you know I don't like rushing things -- -- and a backup post things that are. An awfully big picture. But yet when when we post our full rankings increase season. Or in our weekly lineup rankings that we could write a pranks are actually good example when you're when you go to our site in -- looking for that one player. -- secure secure search field on our site or in the searchable site in the upper right but the source search field right above the rankings themselves. And you know sometimes we've got. You know we've we've ranked as many as 400 players and our rankings you know we're we can be a little exhausted yeah so you're looking for particular player -- you don't -- scroll through 400. Our search function -- create loads. If you will that holes -- hole ranking sheet loads when you load the page that you don't have to you do not have to re load the page to search. It happens immediately. So I just type and go wrong for instance tactics typing -- -- before you get to decay. Gronkowski were just so -- right after the top of the list. That's a great teachers save you time and that's what it's -- that's all that's have put basketball's all about trust the owners. The older we get the busy weekend and I think -- That's policy -- you help me out here -- -- But you're you're absolutely right I mean we we call ourselves the fact tractor of the domination and that's really what we're striving to become. I think we've we want to be able to make people incredibly Smart. What becomes offensive football. It is a little time as possible because I mean I do you and I have gone through this you know over the course of our life you know every year your job it's a little bit more burdensome. You know every year your life gets a little more in -- -- it could just didn't help -- -- kids isn't you know I mean everybody's got a PC -- How -- -- -- football team well you know we wanna be a silver bullet and that's really you know what we're trying to do and you know. Our our site is not designed to keep you there for two hours it's designs you can get in and out and get the information that can help you win. -- and absolutely well said. And I think with with that will close it out that's a wrap on the week's exhibition of the WEEI fantasy football podcast available on WEEI dot com. Featuring a weekly conversation without Tennessee football expert you just heard -- Pete Davidson is the chief Tennessee football writer for Radovan dot com. -- to sign off -- weekly position rankings and by some potential waiver wire pickups each week make sure you visit roto bond dot com that's wrote a bond. RO TOD. A each and dot com. And check out WEEI dot com every Friday deceit -- starts he sits in every Tuesday for the weekly waiver wire. To this week's games -- is always great to chat with you will do it over again next Wednesday I appreciate it thank good luck. Thanks.

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