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Buster Olney, ESPN, on the Red Sox managerial search

Oct 10, 2012|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Lou to weigh the pros and cons of the various candidates for Red Sox manager, and who he thinks would be the best fit for the recently vacated position. Buster also touches on the ALDS and NLDS.

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WEE double talk to Tommy current final hour of the show. Gave his stake. On this patriots and Seahawks game. It would get your phone calls throughout his -- 6177797. Nine -- 37 it's our brand new phone number 6177797937. Whitner earnest. The Red Sox start their managerial search. We'll talk about this more later Robin is awfully quiet it's not going on right now it's awfully quiet right now. Which could mean a couple different things and again I know what it means we'll talk about later but I am a little bit. Surprise Moore has not leak now might lead you to -- this Red Sox managerial search is -- get a ball David Ortiz and a much of offseason issues. But talk about terms the playoffs today. We are loaded up with -- four games it's gonna start at 1 o'clock this afternoon. Where -- and -- cardinals and Nash naps on the MLB network. Continues this afternoon. At. Wanna make sure had its next game right. For all three. -- giants and reds to -- the National League early. And an American League late one won the series tied their Orioles at yankees 737 -- be on TBS and late night tonight. -- Q1 tiger trying to close that thing out 937. On TNT simply wants now is the reason why the rest the league hates the Red Sox and yankees come playoff time they don't get the the dispute they play at 7738. Or abilities played at noon about ratings for the cutesy right field shadows coming he can't it. Meanwhile the Yankees it's not make the playoffs 730 starts Davey Johnson to bring up a caution darts did not want a 4 o'clock game that one no podiums are -- -- or pocket and not you can hit. You can't see the shadows using LT cutesy. Miserable. -- joining us on the AT&T hotline is our rugged front Basra only ESPN he joins us every single week the talk baseball nice call on Francona knock on Cleveland Boston and a. And -- Do you guys do weird place to be working with someone and at that situation come up if you don't though. The timing right. You know huge ego and asked in the question and and have about two hours after W gathered in -- cemetery at Yankee Stadium and. That might still what do you think you know he didn't get to work out -- yeah I think it went down and I immediately thought you guys. You know he basically I'm sure you've talked about this he is a personal relationship with cricket today the general manager with a president -- pyro. He feels really good about that. And going forward. That's something that I think he's gonna joy and let's face it because it is now in much turmoil there was a botnet probably. -- helped -- his decision to go to Cleveland and have some stability. I did report this year to -- he does have an out clause in his contract. In case. And I don't know specifically you know who would have to get fired it is put that. At pour it into effect but I'm assuming it's a nanny for sure would aspired. That he would be allowed to walk away from the contract people around baseball are absolutely. Stunned that he took this job because it these she's with the rotation. You know the question of the viability baseball Cleveland going forward in there. There. You know short term prospects and they think it probably would have been better jobs out there in other places but here's the thing. You know Terry I think really want to work with people that he knows he gets along well my guess is that he would be. -- throated their you bust -- you. You also wrote yesterday in the maybe the reason why we haven't heard from Bobby Valentine as it may be at -- hush money or something's in the contract you believe that that's the case. Yes and I -- -- them officials who say that you know that that standard operating procedure with the Red Sox is standard operating procedure without the team's. And I can tell you there's some time limit on -- I can't tell you there's. You know I think additional and financial then it was put into it when hey I told him he wasn't gonna be retained. And they agreed on something but I believe that and I don't know it to be the case. That that probably was a factor here again it's not a usual not just. You involving Bobby. I you know body pretty well you work at the -- covered on. Do you think he can you hear that he's thinking go a year without something popping up with his name attached to it about his time here with the red socks buster. I don't know it's a fair question. I mean you know down the stretch when it looked like he was going to be fired. He wondered if and I'm sure that he you know at that point probably was aware that language of not being critical. Indian analysts say the regular season they still had the -- that the other coaches as saying that he was undermined. -- in confirming he was undermined he didn't actually have his work himself. So I don't know and -- you know he got a lot of relationships -- to reporters. And I think also. I mean let's face it in this day and age you could probably do a lot of damage of that being as they named source and Stewart. Viewers start drugged up against the wall. Buster Bobby was fired on Thursday it's now Wednesday we haven't heard much governor of any -- it's an awful quiet here in the speculation is. Is this is that the Red Sox are quietly trying to talk to Toronto get this thing kind -- as soon as possible hearing anything there. I I wouldn't all be surprised it is in the last 24 hours they've been talking with Toronto. But I think he expectation and what did over the weekend that he would be all be hot and and heavy and -- that they'd be working on things I really think that this has come and play tonight. You know a couple of instances specific instances involved -- W officials involved I mean literally the last two the first weekend after the end of the regular season. They're doing family stuff. -- they're being normal human being. And they were working a baseball for a couple of days and that. That's not a usual on the sport either illusion now want to -- in and there's a bit of an excel but I think when they got back after the holiday and he -- think a lot of the people ball went back to work -- I would -- -- all be surprised. If we here's something here in the next 2440 dollars. Because let's face it it's it's it's pretty clear situation to -- really deluge on felt. If they don't want to lose him -- someone that they wanna try to build around going for the gonna say no it they have even lukewarm feelings about him. Then they should aggressively move to make something happen because they know he's probably gonna walk away beginning next year any. Why -- say the next couple days we could hear something 2448 hours the Ozzie Guillen think took like two days -- back and look at that trade. He got to deal went to Florida compensation done. When you say here's something buster will it be that they're talking all can make five and at some sort of compromise. Quickly enough to get in John -- here in time for the end of the week. It all depends on why the -- czar Paul -- in new runs the blue jays he is -- bottleneck in this whole thing. He was the one who essentially stepped in and did stop John from going to Boston last fall. And you know weakened there's been a lot of speculation about John's relationship the blue jays had a ridiculous that him. It all depends on whether or not Paul beast -- will allow a blue Jay employee to go to -- division rival. And whether or not he sees as important John Ferrell as it's part of that the blue -- future. And if he's OK with Jon leaving I think it's one of those things that can get done very quickly. If APM didn't cause any fights and he -- cause and try to convince John and I am I to direct that to be prepared to move on. I do know that they are and I have been in the process of preparing for the candidates as well. Yet that that's the next question it's a column can you sit here and hold out we know -- Terry Francona is in Cleveland. Houston's open up Colorado is now open and Miami might hope opened up election some was down their Houston now Porter but. Those other jobs that are opening up. And you start thinking OK we used only rakes and John Farrell and all of a sudden. He doesn't come here now you're stuck with the crew that may -- not crazy about. Now and I that's why I think that they really will resolve it and I think if you're the red -- position on the situation. If you get put back in the blue didn't say -- now we really don't want ago. And they try to play poker in the trying to negotiate and trying to get better player than they could be the retouched to move on. And I think because they think there's motivation on the blue jays side if they don't want John -- if they don't really view him as part of the future. Wouldn't you just wanna get that overweight. And get your new manager in there with a -- -- -- -- Sandy Alomar junior or somebody else. Because I think through this whole process to become fairly apparent to John Ferrell probably not gonna -- -- the manager pat 2013 no matter what happens. And you might look at something in return. And I can't imagine dead. You know that that the blue jays and the Red Sox can't find some middle ground at the blue jays say okay we're ready to talk now I -- -- And out world and look back on the view that the negotiation which only lasted about. It seemed like about 45 years. But the -- about drugs -- -- -- -- Brad Ausmus is that I know played against them but I know it plays action to cape -- and down their few times but. People ask you know what about this guy I -- I like him he's a good guy you know and I'm wondering what you know him as far as. Maybe making that next jumped to be a manager in the league. I don't well I covered him when he first broke into the big leagues for the San Diego Padres in 9394 work. I he's one of those people who you know when he was. It is first and second year in the big leagues I think I mentioned -- with that point you know someday you could be in Major League manager he's incredibly bright. I don't know because there was history where he accepted a scholarship that not a scholarship is they don't give them ready. Work at a thing where you get accepted into darkness he's gonna go play baseball there he drafted by the Yankees to blame right around -- 45. Until bread smartly part -- -- -- Both sides where he decide you know what I'm gonna go play pro baseball. He got a college paid for I think he finished in less time -- required. To get his degree I think even the big government major wanna say. And still. It was -- communications major and yet exactly I'm gonna help. Yeah and I'm telling you what he -- in that we've been talking about the sort of the new model of managers be understated Robin Ventura Mike Metheny. That Brad I mean Brad. -- one of those personalities where are. You could have you don't play on the field total chaos. You know that he made throwing punches at each other in the -- -- -- will be the guy whose voice tone never changes never rises heartbeat probably stated 65. He's always been really good dealing with the media he never overreact. And and I think you know he certainly knows pitching -- to me that's one of the big questions that any manager is dealing with a pitching staff running the bullpen. He's gonna have a leg up on those saying -- -- -- an excellent candidate for the question for the red Dutch insurer is. Do you wanna have a first time manager. You know breaking in in Boston and I think the fact Brad native new Englander he knows. The intensity the velocity of of the passion of a baseball fans that -- -- huge thing. And and I don't they hired him I wouldn't surprise me it cannot fail doesn't take the job is that he would be an excellent candidate. And as a follow up the senior he he wants to manage Brad office wants to manage in the big leagues buster. I had a conversation with a about the last year and that there are just a handful of jobs that he be changed it and night. In this way that it didn't press Terry Francona. Well I work with a you know Brad I I didn't press him on where I wanted to go but I have no doubt. That the red -- to be one of those jobs because of these New England roots. Buster last one for me out a call Friday night the infield fly by Sam Holbrook obviously can you -- by the letter of the law I can not like the call August series big picture of the going to be any changes. Adding that extra umpire people talking about guys not used to being down that left field line right field line. Anything big picture rule wise cannot of that call on Friday. No I don't think they're talking with -- baseball officials. You know this standing behind Holbrooke is standing behind the call do you wonder once we get past the emotion of it. If a natural. It is very small adjustment in that particular rules should take place and that is. Land in the infield flies called -- call by the umpires -- infield especially because those guys in the left field in right field line. Are not accustomed to that gap and sure you guys saw this that this statistic that. And it over the last. In the last three years that the ball that fell last Friday night was 228. Feet from home plate. That was fifty feet further than any other ball that fell. In the last three years and infield -- called and I. Really believe because the infield umpires didn't call and -- fly and that play. That you know Holbrooke is he's not used to being down the line. Simply lost his bearings which I I you know with these human being united. I I've birdied it terrific umpire and you're good things about it from players are here here you really solid guy I just wonder PGA sort of last lost track where it was in the. -- you know that's can be instantly adding to distance from home plate because this day and -- you see all these team shift as much as they do -- And you got a second baseman playing in shallow right field so it was a fly ball to right field that a second baseman is catching. An infield fly you know -- To be pretty -- the other goal Bubba that there will start looking into that -- more of distance from home play ball. I would agree review. You know the ones I mean the rule was put in place you guys know. Superman. -- -- from intentionally dropped the ball and creating a double play there's no chance that that would have happened on that plane last Friday night. In a lot of times. You know depending in how the infielders. And he wondered that they have that much -- it didn't matter if they tried it just can't happen. A four games today -- a great playoff Friday's -- only of ESPN always tremendous insightful -- his column when he side joins us in Boston look for a talking it throughout what appears to be a very very busy offseason. The Boston guys are already up buster only joining us on the eighteenth the hot line AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible. Connie -- join us in the back half of our number four to about 120 -- so we come back quick final thought on the Red Sox their managerial search that's next.

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