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Wyc Grousbeck, Celtics owner, on the upcoming Celtics season

Oct 10, 2012|

Wyc Grousbeck joins Mut and Lou in studio to share his thoughts on spending time with the Celtics in Europe during the offseason . He also talks about the exciting prospects this new team offers the franchise, how the new youth will enhance the bench, and which teams he thinks will put up a fight in the Eastern Conference.

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And -- reduce number. Anymore so. Not trying to communicate to. Just announced through is not you know polish film less and the widow. Who says whether -- -- Kevin Garnett. Player on the Celtics played with ray has lost his phone number of not -- 93 point seven WEEI. As a CEO. And co owner with prospect -- number he joins us here in studio did you delete -- number KG style audio folic. Well his numbers number twenty as far as I'm concerned and I think it's deleted what -- do opening every bit out of Miami right on their or their -- and get their -- right to call -- everybody get in the ring but range and there. -- joy that I could pick it rejoice that makes it and their goal there and the rings that's a tough one right well I think. Well you know I think because those of us involved with the team we ought to be there to support our guys with some energy. You know and let them -- will Wear our rings from 08 and will realize that they're getting old and we need metal. It's eight an amazing thing is this Celtics team is getting a lot of bugs here and for the second time. Yeah I think in the Celtics tenure you guys have made a trip last nine danger over Italy hurts gal joke about telecast the only window -- a lot of going job. But the trip itself it seems like gave very positive thing that's never an NBA's salary anymore that's why he's got Smart -- that backed up -- what did you think of the trip how did it help this team -- for this year. Fantastic trip first of all is tumble I'd never been for and I went over there with the team and it was an amazing city who felt later in the thirteen hundreds. You know a lot of the time and it will or or older from some of the buildings -- from the 30600. Over the so it was amazing. And I like the way the team was reacting although we lost the game there were some good -- even that came with Rondo with Jeff Green with Jason Terry. Looking good as soldier and then it came together maligned with a much better performance of the team and another great city. As great trip yeah I don't vote like in baseball you up if early audio attendee road trip that's just good for the team or houses new faces even though the core. It's for the most part still the same the still new faces everybody sort of -- -- away from at all and they just they hang out right morning noon and night every. That's right and -- has always want to take them away moved -- up to Vermont we've done a couple of times in Newport, Rhode Island when he was a player Pat Riley took them down South Carolina so. We like going away with the guys. We keep tell conduct not South Carolina we try to stay in the market you know have some -- -- But but we love gone overseas with these guys and worked out in 07 we end up winning in a weight obviously. Pope Pope gives him what. In terms of in the interaction you saw from the team there are a lot of new guys on the scene and I'm curious do you feel like this team has come together. Quickly it was in pre season. -- pretty good I mean it all comes at a basketball skills and I think what the veterans see in these kids challenger Melo is cut potential -- Joseph. Christmas. Smith that these guys -- play. And so that that's where it starts you don't just come together -- guys. You know not gonna maybe help your team. But KG ran the rookie hazing he ran the unfinished were each rookie had to come up and stand up and seeing his favorite. You know song and some of them that Melo picked the girl from pin him a Brazilian classic from like the if -- don't doesn't know I mean it well enough to. He's hysterical I mean he's hysterical and Garnett was the emcee of the whole thing and I was really you know it's bonding experience. -- -- -- new faces here's a question what days is our second new faced Jeff Green very impressive a -- just those first couple of games and it. -- Celtics fans don't know what to expect from him right you look and -- -- great athlete he can score. But the minutes live opportunity -- kind of in the flow this what he would be seen from him here and a short time. I'm amazed I'm amazed and I remember him from his spring with -- us before the injury. And how much we. -- wanted from him you know his big part of that trade. A difficult trade to make and in having chip's future rights was really important to us and I hope he can. I'm just glad he's alive honestly he Wilcox had. -- and tourism surgery and we're just glad they're here we like him but I'm amazed that they're out on the court they're fully cleared. And and electricity. We're talking to across record studio have a -- auction -- to support. A causes near -- -- heart wanna tell you about. Obviously John Ron as a -- we're always gonna talk about here. And in the game in Milan again it's pre season basketball its overseas but I thought I saw as a fan maybe I'm trying to see things aren't there. I deftly worked on a jump shot he was seven for seven to start that game was hitting an open open shot after open shot. The you saw him work on quick in the offseason again trying to create that jumper to make himself and harder guy to guard in this league. Yeah I think with Rashad I think every year he's come back more and more focused and dedicated. He managed in the second year to take -- to a championship will be part of that. But now he really wants to be a leader and be an MVP candidate I think and and and get a -- and he's talking in the press about how we think since that championship game he's trying to do his part and he's shooting as much as I've ever seen before. Games before and after practice from what I've seen he has worked on -- but I think he's worked on it every year honestly I don't. Disparage anything he's done I just think he's really dialed in history really want to bad. -- -- -- -- should be you know dealing with the medium and talk a -- book cover this team they'd they do sense a different version on Rondo and how he's talking to them communicating to them. That part of being a leader park just in just maturing as a kid. He seems to be he really is a leader of this team right now he's kind of taken it by the -- he organized them going out to UCLA to work out with -- KG who were out there for an extra week. As usual will bring the team do you once we brought him thirteen guys out to LA and they organize and all the asked us for a plane and we said we can't keep -- plane. It's a salary cap violations. You know best of luck and so they flew out commercial on their own and and bust their butts to get out there and Rondo organized all things to really you paid a pretty good. I. I want to play mind now it's okay we have nice plane going over to Europe though -- -- that we fuel stops in Iceland at midnight period it was. Here in -- Iceland's bug him but we don't really have a choice in there anyway it's with you know we made it. You know one of the exciting things -- -- you think yourself if you think the core right and it's going to be KG Paul and Rondo boat. We're talking -- before acumen has asking about the depth of this team a look at the second unit you know Bradley comes back -- and it's. It's it's just as good as a lot of other team's. Depth when you come out of that short season and now you get into it Rick fold. Schedule here how important is that I -- Jeff -- a particular affliction pulp. -- yeah you know and we can put Jeff and Paul on the court Paul complete to a Jeff complete free and really go big. But Courtney Lee and Jason Terry. They look good they look like the meshing and they look like that's happening. Soldiers stepping up -- Wilcox is out. Listen I I like these guys but I like it if you don't like your team in September October -- not to like him ever I mean this is the honeymoon period of a team you put the roster together in July. And amply -- the game yet but I everybody everybody including the team likes this team the guys believe this can be a special team and that's that's where it starts as you know. Your basketball junkie CIBC of Paul a lot of -- conference this year whip I'm curious. -- the teams now the bulls are being considered eighteen -- competition Miami obviously. This conference this year they appearance on the competition you face for a playoff spot in the east. Well this division. Everybody got better looks like in the division -- you know you've got to look at the -- -- got a look at the nets with their signings and Joseph Johnson everybody and you cut Bynum now is in Philly so. The Atlantic we won it five years road just as anybody forgot we went five electricians in a row. But six isn't going to be a -- we gotta go get. While the knicks right now I think half from collecting pension right now at the oldest team in BA history. I think it will be -- signed receipt so you know agreements and a -- Pollard to me -- can help young adult here -- cell and here's a guy you know a lot of people looked at in the draft because draft of size risk undersized witness he fit -- Doctors necessarily told rookies out there but you mentioned that he has been pretty impressive or undersized guy. I think he can do. Yeah he's got a lot of skill he's cut for work he goes and gets the ball obviously rebounding has been the Baltimore's we've not been a good rebounding team part of that is our scheme we wanna get out and defend on the break we don't want easy baskets against us so we we go and leave and defend as opposed to. As opposed to our rebounding offensively but soldier as a nose for the ball I like the kid it's it's early but we have high hopes. The U rich young to all you have -- -- rookies on this team and as as part of -- rookies in any sport we talked off the year about documentary SP and broke last week that to that showed you athletes wick that. Had come in and its successes and it had flamed out at -- bankrupt or lost money bought into tomato farms have bought into. You know plastic covering furniture to save a during a flood. The Celtics to the MBA they look at that is that suddenly try to do to educate their rookies. Right we have a rookie transition program you can be in the league if you don't attend this for five day camp up in. I think it's New York State. They do that in September so they leave. Our facility in September to go in and David Stern everybody puts him through it is your finances and personal. Advice on personal life from personal skills and -- -- your friends and you know what's important you and take care of people I think a lot of the financial issues. Come down to generosity people are sharing money income markers and examples -- he probably had some other. Decisions and things you didn't do right guaranteeing apartment buildings I understand things like that but. You need to ask anybody about him when he was sort of paying the bills for thirty people who needed it and so. That's generosity is not a bad guy but he ran out of money and so how do you how do you balance that we tried hard with our players to give them. The access they wanted to great people who can advise them. -- -- -- specifics -- talk to players that as a player come to the team for advice and say look financially your best wise here's why I'm thinking about his position I'm in a have -- to give a guy and -- along the way. I talked to somebody had dinner in stumble young guy and I said did you see the documentary. You see how -- signed personally for the loan for the apartment buildings that wasn't in the document return in yet but. In the -- at rates to a -- investment restaurant I don't need -- I'm personally as well let me start. Nurture you should mr. -- -- Historically so -- I don't restaurant. He's our investment six Obama does that in Iceland and I think one of them made some money I don't know. You've got a great event coming up and you are the chairman of the mass site near board and is part of that. I guess I wanna say this right it's the sensation. Coming up as a gallon we -- -- -- as you know with hearing and vision and smelling and touching tasting I mean we sort of do all of that with wheat we help kids with facial paralysis we developed -- surgery for that means what's not just. Nine year. But anyway were really proud of what happens over -- and -- thanks. There is a gala coming up B sensation gala it's gonna be Tuesday October -- beat the Boston convention center and exhibition center. -- tickets are available Joey MacIntyre New Kids On The -- is going to be barrels a -- as part of that -- his son is is profoundly deaf and and Joey and his wife cared deeply about the men -- enemies. Article but Bianca -- cars is obscene and yeah well just have to mention Yucca she's gonna bring all star power thing. Which people can still people -- to get tickets you get tickets -- sign here dot org slash gala we'd appreciate if you come it's going to be regrets sweet honey in the rock singing which agreed a cappella gospel group just. Adding to an incredible. Later on the whole thing and it's going to be great night thanks to the mass site -- website and as part of that we've got to auction item today with -- Kieran studio -- a south. For the mass pioneer curing kids fund. It is for tickets for Lohse tickets between the baskets for opening night that's -- November 2 I think it's Milwaukee. You know it's appeared that fearsome Milwaukee Bucks. Opening night is can be great and it's these are we call these senators six this these are this seats these are were registered essentially were -- used to set I mean that you know right in the in the center six there's of those that that's that these -- These are four Lohse tickets for that game opening night against the powerful books teams with points out and includes a parking pass in the players -- -- that -- -- -- Palmer gave -- Bentley and Switzerland -- has justice the absolute crap boxes you have to park it next one of I don't why I drive my -- to F 150 pickup at the time and and that's not a crap box where you know and now I'm like I'm not I says yeah like I got my -- and -- a lot of guys 1000 bucks and have -- the alleged -- not only get -- -- and the parking pass but how about this is a team autograph all -- from this year steam which they gray item we're gonna start the bidding at 500 dollars all the benefit mass IE year. Curing kids' fun and a -- number only 617. 9311850. In the big number 617. 9311850. For the tickets the parking pass in the autograph ball bidding starts at 500 dollars a great item and -- thanks for coming on the Basque. Ball appreciate them and I think these tickets go for probably three or 400 that night and I -- I'll -- team ball is probably you know thousand dollar ball Slovakia. We'd like to give a nice tarnished the mass and we appreciate your your guys help and -- just generally does most charitable station. Around really appreciate everything that. Will BA handshake. Array on opening night down in Miami respond by hug -- medalist mine number he might not the public doesn't recognize me so it's fine. You don't raise the champion here always will be and you know about him down there for half the money going to our arch rival. Me off at all. Obviously it doesn't bug you want a quick joining the studio with thank you so much did you guys thank you I'll get a 92 break come back and talk deal with Butler and ID 370.

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