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Mut and Lou on the upcoming game against Seattle

Oct 10, 2012|

Mut and Lou discuss the home field advantage CenturyLink field offers the Seahawks, as well as the defensive weapons available to stop Marshawn Lynch and who to utilize against the Seattle secondary.

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Something about Pete Carroll. When he hops all with John Jerry well like Pete. He was here. Had to endure great job at this patriots team. Went up double up the back steps honest we're brown said the other day. But all of a sudden lovable Pete Carroll. Got a good defense in Seattle got a good defense he might tweet out northern lights all the other crap. He's got a legit defense out on the West Coast to west one like you don't like. Nine out of wanted him here coaching your team back in the day and it was struggle. How do you not like peek -- I guys -- the Jack all the time and it's it's kind of joking after games like every hi we have not like the guy. Was it hate it that's too much problems I don't know I've got a good product well. Okay. -- residents I don't want coaching my team. Is is what I shell figured yeah I'm not sure I want him coaching my football team because there is a rot rot of people about the bush is -- What he's got put together a while Matt Patricia and that -- beard out. You what you call off that happens off the field me in my back to a failed president the -- Mary call. Pick up the officials back to work you sit there in the midst of all of that no offense. Cable like kind of a clown on the field right I mean this. I don't think that was handled well by anybody except for Mike McCarthy about the players and the poorly doubles sides I thought McCarthy was a peek at. -- back crap fast Mary. But carols on their talking at least that shoulders and getting -- back in -- academic team back on the field and at eleven they might have here we can expect to -- up is ultimately about. It just was how to control you know I looked down. And I see his defense that is second in points first in yards -- I'll. Be an interesting test for the patriots out -- no matter who's coaching them. No actually he's not the volley indices right next -- the official right and came back from replace the -- what would happen if they reversed it. Interception based generate near the arms go up but he's written off the field. Apathy said don't want further review I got -- -- -- it. Okay. Yeah -- upon further review. Are rolling on the field is overturned LO over the reaction event. It's just slammed him down and down it's been the ref who don't want of these hands on the on the knees -- back -- -- -- can show you in the people -- when -- in the stubble cast webcam. Hands on the knees bend over big side. We show one that came off call they would go on into missile but he has put in his defense together yeah he really has an original defense in and out at the cross those. Because I have a lot of people talking about it next -- they keep talking about myself this -- -- -- you know victory in two team. You know we still have lost a couple of games the differences. Is that hole. There they are legit team at home and making get off the ball and all I mean they it's it's a distinct advantage for that team and their defense they get after it. So what it's estimated this is strength vs strength. That we talk so much about the patriots running game that has gone absolutely bizarre lately. -- mean if there in the leak any NFL the New England Patriots. Our third in the league and a 165 yards per game on the ground. Is that you go up against Seattle who was third in the league against the run. Right -- everything. That you're seeing right now is going to be -- person straighten even on the other side of the football correct I mean because he's not talking about. This the weakness of the New England Patriots is their secondary like -- think that district as their running game I think we'll find out this week. Ray Rice went for a hundred other running backs they went up against OPEC Spiller was healthy at the Jackson was healthy well played by Gary Johnson 70% or so -- -- do so again. You get strength for strength there right and I kind of agree passing game you know a Peyton Manning like -- -- the stickers and you let up its Marshawn Lynch who's third in the league in rushing. Verses eight patriots run defense that we think is their best part of their defense. Is that it's it's just a game at the going to be a tight game. I just who already looking at -- wonders though if it's like in my -- I think it'll be a competitive game because you have strength vs strength because the Seattle team offensively. What you're gonna be -- Pete Carroll joked about it today. We're having trouble scored points I mean it have a quarterback in Russell Wilson -- love coming out but he has some problems so escort is going to be an issue but the fast at home. Overall what this defense -- look at the group they -- And -- it was at home and it was minutes to -- Mary but what to Aaron Rodgers -- -- first half. Right there -- this Seattle team on the patriots schedule and look at -- okay what's. Okay that's now a different game is they create so much pressure Pete Carroll might be afraid to say a bad thing about anybody does that's a positive guy he's not afraid of -- Mean they send after the quarterback you go back and -- watch any of that game. Against Carolina last week you know tip to deal -- they -- new slow him down for -- three and a half quarters came at like one. Little blip there remain a couple of drives downfield but they got after harassed him all day. Aaron Rodgers in the game were all talking about the harassment -- core rate create. And it's a defense that was not it's not like this defense is -- we'd be good for half a decade. In 2010. The Seahawks were 25 than football offensively points allowed 27 -- yards. They jumped up the seventh and ninth respect -- least of top ten point two yards last year started to make that transition. And this year they've just been outrageous in second in points first in yards out -- overall. Let's turn out pretty quickly here defensively right and it's. Down this list. Immediacy it is there a guy and they were like oh JJ watt hurting him. -- Patrick Willis know what he does -- the field it's because they're hidden out there in the northwest at about Starbucks everything else in Seattle but. -- have a no name defense right when you look at him you wouldn't say this group is a top to defense national book. Always extra breaks it up this -- Compete Caroline Harbaugh build a defense. Our defense group -- and he. You know the Seattle defense -- -- it's not like San -- the biggest low overnight was its -- becoming -- and how bushels up it's different -- the most dominant defense and football -- Patrick -- and start to build around -- years -- -- -- great draft -- for them -- -- they built around -- -- made sense there. So they built over the course of years to create great defense you know maybe takes to a three years. Maybe we're in year one. -- maybe what this page's defense can can be mean maybe I don't know I mean -- they are younger you've got some guys to build Lego line backing core that can be together for awhile. The other guy Chandler Jones -- Celtics going to work -- eleven it looks like this team there's no one year wonders recently right now -- -- -- on okay well. Under card in my peak on Anderson my Peco brought these guys in for one year. So defensively may be seeing year one -- outrageous some good points -- but thanks thanks Randy but. It has the you have to look at it and say OK well. It's hopefully this is the starter so the -- knowing that because you -- that you're actually seeing it across the league and -- that -- -- -- an FC west. I don't think anybody give that any that division any credit I actually begin a year I'd like Seattle at that they would make the playoffs. But other way Arizona's defense has come on Saint Louis all of a sudden you -- Seattle on the playoff game of it looks like a walk. -- -- they're pretty good team but I think Russell Wilson of surprised. Shocked. There wasn't Matt Flynn now that he's played great. OP talking notable -- you know banged up and everything but with. I was shocked the Gloucester and get that everybody offseason but stock while Matt Flynn was gonna end up and how to -- nearly an -- I have no idea what he joined Philbin in Miami immediately make -- team a contender he went to Seattle it's a perfect right. Perfect. Mean they got good defense when he got a quarterback that quarterback and -- the etiquette it's like now Russell Wilson the starter. You know -- -- -- also hurt mean there's an injury they're from affluent we had to fight through some things old Wilson beat him out now -- banged up demise. I suspect that if if not this week it's up what the next couple weeks Matt Flynn will take over on the other part look at you pick and through Seattle team. Double quarterback but when you look at the wide receivers I've used this patriot team went there were brought wide receivers where. -- you looked around and -- these the guys to -- yes approach it. And rice there on don't have a lot of skill guys it in the Golden -- Golden Tate and home merging. As the guy who made that -- does that register years removed Libyan absolute stud. In Minnesota -- has -- shown any hasn't -- somebody I was portal that was ever sudden Minnesota was he stuck in Minnesota I mean here has not been a study subtle and it's created sites. A chicken and -- here you know what if you go to -- must good Oakland is bad and Oakland is -- Quebec camp on the football. -- to me when a wide receivers a lot of success. When wide receiver speaker or anyone wide receivers a lot of success there won't placing go somewhere and -- an injury missed a lot last year maybe not the same player anymore. He's pretty damn good in Minnesota. Golden Tate I I don't know I mean the I don't know bought him Baldwin who -- to me -- don't have the great weapons made a Marshawn Lynch. That's what they have gold on right absolute peace and he's got 508 yards in five games it was average over a hundred currently. This offense as full -- like 14136. Total yards. Holy arts. He's their -- It also -- we think that this patriots have a good run defense right and then and maybe they'll be able to even put more people in the box to stop Marshawn Lynch and challenge Russell Wilson which what you think that they would do. But it will be that of their strength vs what you think offensively the patriots have the strength. That's what it's throwing running game. Well and really overall strength vs -- you asked the question what they did you know how quickly they turn things around its interest in how they built. Some of the Seattle team and vs what the patriots have done in your thoughts on Seattle because they target and ball up makes a great point. They're three and it was a record. But they're talked about a little bit bigger than -- their aid that they're 425. In one particular puzzle getting its that's via. Which it's which is one of the bigger advantages in football huge difference maker and we'll talk about that as well you with 6177797. 937. Are from new phone number 61777979837. Text that's on the eight UT -- on 85850. Up to turn around so quickly interest in decisions and Seattle talk about the next. What what if it turns into attract me what are the terms and -- that would Brady Ken Ken Russell Wilson can your offense. -- that down. Not exactly when the rates it -- we if we can put that you guys and caught in the -- regional and let that what as far as the score a -- fortunate we have -- unfortunately -- you can keep it down. And we have to do it in a lot of ways we -- -- -- special teams. And to really Smart on defense and in take your muscle alone we do that and it u.'s chancellor Merkel and the QB. Pete Carroll earlier today with Dennis and Callahan era in 93 point seven WEEI can check out the interview in its entirety on demand. At WE DI a dot com what's that static and that that maybe the stat of the day they have 14100 yards of offense this year 14136. Yards of total office 1436. And how much -- Marshall would have on the ground 508. So that might be at the start of it right when you're running backs go over thirty or offense on the ground in this state -- to the National Football League that might be an issue. Defense for Seattle has not been an issue up and down points scoring. Let's get 59 yards receiving to -- are. -- idol and we got above -- near 67. Are you a character on I've had over the notes Smith 56767. Out of 436. Percentage is that that they large chunk. The Seattle offense they can check out his -- bull run on YouTube it's one of the great runs and in the history of the National Football League quite frankly. The offense an issue in the rely on. One guy creepy right now but the defense. Sixteenths -- and I prefer. Quarterback rating of 724. Defensively that's that the football -- a lot of weapons eleven plays excuse me of twenty yards or more at best in football. And it it terms of interceptions they weighed down in the -- and the Olympics in history. And they create a ton of pressure and they do so Greg Bedard talks about it today in his story preview in Seattle with what he called one of the better secondaries in all football. And this patriots team with talked about the second or how it's built like the players they drafted the swings and misses. The with Jonathan Wilhite of the world here and gone Tyrone Wheatley here and gone -- Butler here and gone good draft currency spent. Our players who did not pan out. Or they have swan and they have knocked out of the park with the secondary that again Greg Bedard called one of the best in football. I Wii Sports called it arguably the best secondary football's well so a lot of credit here. Richard Sherman fifth round pick a year ago he plays one quarterback spot. Brandon Browner the other quarterback. On drafted was in Denver but no final six went back to Calgary. Signed by Seattle a couple of years ago global alternate last year. Undrafted guy. Earl Thomas first round pick two years ago -- he's panned out but the other state became chancellor people give credit to. Fifth round pick two years ago here secondary that people wanna call the best in football they can cover. And they can it. Fifth round pick fifth round pick first round pick freeagent picked up -- the scrappy Canadian football. But that's the -- you want to talk about how to build a secondary how you go from 25 two years ago at a second against points. Holy crap that's an attempt -- -- switch. And it's not like they spent 41 round picks to get these guys to -- undrafted first round pick. Judged under the GM which took over 2010 deserves a lot of credit this rebuild in Seattle. Yes on campus and that's what you're looking for a meal when you agree draft the -- the look at the patriots three draft Gallic -- to draft the garlic according -- and it bolsters sort of chug along here you know and strong and we talk about him hard hit nearly seeing some lapses and inconsistent play him some bad angles according forget about we don't know that story. But ago can you find the guy you know out of nowhere you know you brought in guys had a ball in the early morning of draft and all these other guys at that haven't panned out. In an NFL mean you're talking about just you know five defensive backs on the field the -- draft a couple guys he just pull one out of nowhere. And I didn't put a pretty good unit together and that's what they've done up in Seattle. And they've got some peace spoil a minute at this at all secondary. You know in football. It would get quarterbacks are six to -- brown -- 64. Sherman Richard Sherman 63. Give chancellor chancellor of the 663 -- general Thomas only five and he's an absolute beast he's covering tight ends. They got some big physical defensive backs who and giving your faith who gonna press coverage dreaded do exactly what. Green wanna do -- knowing the patriots right try to get these wide receivers out of the rhythm here Wes Welker. That's the other thing a guy like west these guys are so -- big. There's also watching -- Antonio Cromartie can run with the tall wide receivers like Randy Moss covered him but how does he against the -- walker a quick Wes Welker. That's going to be the advantage I think for the live pictures is that the quick guys I don't know of -- company's gonna be back but Wes Welker. Some big dudes out there is you know the big game from him. You're gonna have also in terms in this defense you mentioned some big guys -- that defensive secondary Chris Clements who's a beast up front undrafted guy. Is back up Bruce server and they just took analysts are so why he take Bruce servant he's been a stud backing him up -- -- three linebackers rookies this year. We talk about how you rebuild so quickly. I gotta give -- a lot of -- talked about the size of these guys and and the pressure they'll create. On this team you -- -- -- every week. Talk about getting pressure on opposing wide receivers this Seattle team will do it right with the size of these guys you expected your Brandon Lloyd. I can expect if you are DI expected to one of the tight ends. You get jammed off the line and you get jammed by defense at two years ago when he -- football points a lot. The second today. And I give them a lot of credit for the way -- quickly they've rebuilt. And the fear that defense this weekend the patriots powerful offense against the Seattle defense. 6177797. 937. Major brand new phone number -- in New Hampshire he kicks off here muck Lou 937 I debt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I can listen to get up but I usually take is that it never called in and -- I just Catholic I truly appreciate that the Michael. Thank you so much that's very kind of out of. Mr. Carol you know which it says like this I think he's a punk. I think he's gonna get a hit it to home this weekend. By the patriot let me let me just pack it up but the little. And -- Green Bay game. -- much dip on the field -- high school cheerleader. Celebrating. One of the most questionable call -- you the NFL he was dealt a rapid chairman and split up. I was admitted gum that the he chews that gum up the the whole game is no intent there ought to look soccer I would add up what you extremely lucky that they get out of that and they actually should people would be out of the grain valley. Press and I can think that what he did it was unprofessional. Just look at -- And he's lucky to have won that game they actually marry well with each went through this point that make any bad remarks. Know you were outstanding Ted I'm not kidding but I just simply is connected it. Like he won the national mobile. Attempt at a club that -- then that that he's at the that you -- these dancing bear NFL coach is what he has I agree with the. Look you don't win the Super Bowl and a coach with what I don't dollar check. -- -- -- -- You know what marketing -- tonight we haven't killed potato -- and we that we were just have a locked up would have -- but I am in time. And -- -- you're gonna get a little -- Many great nicely. This coming Sunday pitching and I. In the little Steve -- gonna be 21. I'll they go Ted's first called the show strong when you game and outstanding used to do that on the shall we don't you about outstanding but on universal. It is like Pete Carroll at a bank that a big -- a bit Pete Carroll then noted that. And for first call tent like -- -- -- I do bracelet which department of faithful. Does that yeah I mean as everybody rubs the wrong way right people just don't like people Ted always does like Pete Carroll does it picks on the field. He's a cheerleader case what you and that's when things go vote this guy was built for called football. Right -- -- given -- speech. Speak at the pep rallies on Friday nights you know whatever whenever I read the guys doing that USC wherever it is. Well he's brought it to the NFL and he's got a young team a young defense in the that's just -- the very good defense it's a very good but that's just that's just him that's is that he's not gonna change. So he just doesn't like them but Pete -- is always going to be a bit because Illinois head the rest of -- out careers on to coach that's always going to be. Q Stevens up in -- talking about the Seattle secondary today -- state. -- -- A column. That debris coming at hatred and I don't I'm gonna -- -- here. I think. How's he gonna be a lot to you this week namely that it can't can't -- -- I am. I -- get him out of my production because you'll get every little legal way to go out -- You know you're back at eight early corner you know the matchup nightmare but yeah. -- is exactly the other guy they want it. I am I I agree with you lose that Welker got a huge eight if you go out against these guys usually have router -- -- The -- -- -- because Brady and portable at all and you know what I've aren't Welker caught up against the dispute it three quarterback. -- double put the rightly I think altered and. What I look at chancellor Steve Earl Thomas has been the -- the state it's a pretty much. Going after these tight ends chancellor assist the force and a -- he's just that he's like another linebacker huge victories enormous. But but but. Seattle going into the game but you got -- point but look I against the taller guy. Know you can -- single covered there -- that we don't need any help -- I'd feel like that it at the got a bit and caught out. It ain't what deputy independent it in the -- where you've got a guy like -- or out of him in the red zone. I think that was shot down right there. -- that meant that different you know chance and a red zone like he concede that. But just waited until it Thomas have been covering a tight -- out you know so Palin had a pretty good game against him but. That's just a way to go Stephens an interesting of a during the eight of their many teams like Seattle they have two different guys and Thomas or chancellor who may -- you might feel comfortable. Locking up of gronkowski you know that did Earl Thomas is not as big as chancellor is but he's faster. Any might be able to stay with him I thank you Seattle the versatility -- to mix up what they do and throw to different looks at gronkowski on Sunday. I think that the practically at eight by the hatred purely because I think if and it does come back. That's going to be the guy that point to and that we -- -- it -- -- it. We eat -- that would seem. Like. We will call that. You've got to get where I I don't I don't think it's going to be good. Here at the compact. Steve right now -- timing. And I disagree I don't think there's ever such a thing as a bad week for -- and welcome back now. I mean I echo -- and is coming back feeds -- -- Seattle's game plan I mean it's just another weapon the try to deal with. I wanna back up their -- healthy enough not at all with sort of in working Abiola a decoy like it was last week -- really close out imagine he's out there practicing last begin the week. He didn't play that I mean you would think that he's a week closer to play so indicate he's up -- it's gonna help out. Don't ever see a scenario where -- bad matchup for Hernandez it sets up right to a TO does he wanna hubbub -- -- -- -- possible Ott is a good. Let's do this we'll talk to Joseph Anthony and Derek and all your phone calls on our brand new phone number 6177797. 937. We start patriots and Seattle and I'll say this often as the patriots fan but I end the case. About one aspect of the Seattle Seahawks we'll talk about that next.

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