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Brad Bates: I’m not in favor of firing coaches during the season

Oct 10, 2012|

Newly named Boston College Athletic Director Brad Bates called into D&C to discuss taking over the athletic department at BC. Brad discusses when he hopes to start, what’s his timetable for making a decision on football coach Frank Spaziani, and what his goals are to improve the athletic department. Brad also speaks about the challenges he’ll face taking over at BC, what will be his approach to rebuild the athletics programs, and if the high academic standards at BC will hurt recruiting top athletes.

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At a second one thing we know for sure about me to -- What's the one that well we don't number thinks it's the doesn't eat or go the bathroom that's true. Indeed as you want to does Boston College but luckily for basketball football tennis and that the -- for meter is he never ever ever. Passes up an opportunity to feather his own nest. Larry Lucchino calls it doesn't -- big -- to address announcer well guess what -- ethnic another chance is here for you know out joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy. LTE is the new athletic director at Boston College Brad Bates a Michigan man good morning -- John Jerry and you'll get the -- to probably wash your car and cut your grass by the weekend. Element it's great to be and that doesn't further their own now. Well meters and meter meter as a Ph.D. -- the -- -- I tell you wish there were like seventeen different guesses as to who was going to be. The new Boston College athletic director and many of those came yesterday from so called inside sources and not very many mentioned your name public cloak and dagger went on to get she went to Boston and get to this job without -- very few people -- it was going to be you. You know I think it says a lot about very institution and its ability to. Contain information and it's also a reflection of a lot of people that can be trusted in a -- like that particularly scrutinized there's these parts of Antarctica. I when do you start and when Brad do you consider making a change in the football. Coaching front I mean that that -- a mess right now is that some real concern right away are we went to the off season. Well in terms of third inning. My idea president David part of Miami university and -- of -- while I -- -- them and establish a specific timeline. I am it's been very good to me. -- great relationship there. And I don't want. -- -- is probably their place and manner solid foundation going forward the same time I wanna get your corporate possible vote. Let me say that it's because I'm not officially -- the peanut gallery here. And so I'm already immersing myself and in a lot of primary issues and trying to learn as much respect and Bob Boston College. In terms of football. It's really it's something that's an ongoing assessment of like it would be in terms of -- sport you're gonna evaluate a body of work over the course of the season. And then you're gonna sit down with the coach -- have -- communication throughout the season but you're gonna sit out in the year make decision that's in the best interest of the program. About theoretically do you -- -- one of those who think -- can't change coach and football least during the season you have to do would have the season is just too much. Turmoil too much turmoil involving you have to went to the years overdue in the off season. You know -- I don't know that I -- -- felt some pain never. At the same time I think it's very sold them -- in those situations work out well with the dispute -- the program. When you have a shift in leadership. Midstream I think that it creates even greater disarray there may be in the media promotional spot that. You'd see a positive blip but in the long term budget is they're very acute situations worse -- network productively for the program for the student. We're -- with Brad -- the new athletic director at Boston college -- you can define this is there a management style you would hang your hat on -- because we know -- was over the years. What is your management style. I trying to throw much -- with people lot smarter and more talented than -- so it looked good under that. To lobby and they gonna make more money than you -- that won't work if if if. Because at no -- management style I want and take -- -- the perspective but I -- people that have diverse set of experiences and skills. That's what we're learning or you bring a team of talented diverse set those experiences and opinion and perspective together. And to create a hybrid what they've seen and -- voice will -- that. Collective effort far -- individual are. For doing this but I'm the one to introduce usage on meet a route to get him a lot between element Jon Meterparel Salem Brad Bates -- bad economy to grow. May tell you what router mr. Mac yet here the year of big east course it is sucking up personally what do you think about to go to Dana. A salute the new guy what's got to applaud them back -- us having sex with a mr. Bates. Mean I was fond of saying the Boston College alumni like to be Stanford Harvard five days a week in Alabama on Saturdays. How do you expect to. Compensate for the latter deal with that that outlook on DC alumni and stands apart is that something to be difficult for you. Well it is. It's yours if I understand your question correctly -- what the statement says is that if you compromise your academic pure athletic they're -- The improved competitive performance. And I really don't believe that's true I think the -- that was smaller term prospect who can recruit. But the flat out say that. You have to be let -- tell it to be a better athlete. I just absolutely do not believe. Do the coaches abroad because they're a much more challenging job because their smaller pool -- to recruit absolutely but why would you compromise. One of the great aspects that you have to look at things it's you against the other school and so. Hitler and it might trigger a question correctly that -- my perspective. That has our name because maybe you think he can't win and -- have to win first and foremost Brad. Well you're absolutely have to land but again I think -- a lot of -- that's an excuse but. Coach is definitely have a small pool they can identify that are gonna succeed academically at institutional why would you ever bring someone to an institution and exploit them for their athletic abilities. I'm particularly if they're not gonna be able to. Graduate from the institution. And while I realize that that his place nationally it's certain places. -- to me that is one of the real crimes have been a regular book. Is that what what was a likened Miami a blog did you. A tough fight with the admissions department is one of those kind of places or is it. Like. Ohio State where in other one of their players tweeted the of the day. That he doesn't think they should ever have to go to class at the -- there to play football. Yeah I mean if if we're gonna evolve to a professional models work that are quick to their other we really don't belong in higher education -- about the -- very few countries in the world combined purse or what are. Our educational system. And if we're gonna completely dismissed the educational component Richard moved to more European model. And this strip club program -- -- -- or. Feeding into the professional world because they're combined them what are our educational system we absolutely should have. At least some semblance of integrity and heard it. Our Brad final question this will go a long way to determining your long term success here in New England who's your favorite all time Michigan. Athlete. Well. I I'm a little bias that answer my father would football player at the universe is national day. And play played with Ron Kramer and you know it really -- -- -- you can -- to -- -- my heart my father that -- real -- and that. I played was a great player. Anthony Carter -- we've done one angler. -- -- -- Might -- I -- report contributor to time where we -- just. Tremendous leader tremendous -- Of course playing Pro Bowl the following article -- I don't use something I learned from them. They did Dina was trying to get to say not -- -- well and epic that's epic failure to think about president. -- -- -- Wells might in my teammates would never forgive me if I didn't say them but that we'll come right up there is one real I'm -- And certainly it -- curt threw out. Yeah I was so good Lloyd -- let them play half the games. He alternated and certain n.'s Drew Henson. Yeah alone I was very fortunate this united direct our ball more cars my position coach during my time there and it's really get exposed. Tremendous future. It's a new Affleck. Athletic director at Boston College Brad Bates welcome to Boston we'll talk to down the road good luck in your new position. Don't -- really appreciate the time look forward to -- -- -- -- -- nazism. Look forward to it mr. Bennett's sister updates us to call master. Do you join us on the AT&T line. Do you think. -- it is. Evaluating the football -- course now as we speak particularly as untenable to replace the whole staff in mid season it is too but do you have any doubt that he has someone in mind now does that every athletic director it's it's liquid GM takes over -- and -- your mind. He's not a -- like every waking -- like him who would be best but that doesn't have a guy in mind. And obviously -- names Agassi get this guy at Miami's -- army coach public and that kept at it sounds -- -- you couldn't even. Having it in the answer probably is the you know not one guy right others have four guys -- Smart young innovative. Forty year old. Coordinator somewhere or head coach somewhere. And he sent that guy if he gets a chance he's going to be sure thing is gonna it's not -- -- many times they're always directors have a list in their -- Rainy days from the time she -- -- without the the Specter. There's lots of his assistants -- out there that wannabe had coaches yet Charlie Weis worked out well. Besides -- he's still -- jets go to court and it is not a -- I mean hell Tom Coughlin worked. -- just kept him right at our fourth and final -- Dennis Kelly and we will say goodbye and were friends at NASA invites you to join -- over on the FM -- 93 point seven because. Pete Carroll and go to the Seahawks joined us Callahan next.

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