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Pete Carroll: The Patriots no-huddle is difficult to game plan against

Oct 10, 2012|

Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll joined Dino & Gerry to discuss the Week 6 matchup against the Patriots and how his defense will try and slow down the Pats offense. Pete chats about how much of a challenge the Patriots will be, what are the biggest problems of the no-huddle, and how the 12th man Seattle crowd will affect the Patriots play calling. He also touches on how big a factor has Bruce Irvin been to his defense, can his defense slow down the Patriots, if he holds any grudges against the Patriots, and does he do his own tweeting.

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Welcome back it's Dennis and Callahan midweek preparation for the patriots and Seahawks joining us on the AT&T hotline to go to the patriots current -- go to the Seattle Seahawks. Pete Carroll good morning -- get it done up in Seattle archer. There are a worker -- your partner. Yeah just trying to get my pay out took to my mind outlook you get caught up in this. Sunday will look at -- Seahawks defense that ranked number one in the league after five games. Against the patriots and the number one ranked offense something's gotta give Pete -- gonna play out. Well you never know you also that he can't figure that -- it's it just doesn't go away but we know that words were play and you know one of the great. Quarterbacks in the in the game and he can do so many things. There laughter torrid pace with what to do offensively and country without insulin mr. right now trestle down. You know got a great group you know on defense that the -- -- And they're all that's in the week. Is -- children really was excited about having ended June it'll Ratner another option running game and that's a real pretty well last week. But this is a whole different thing and we had very respectful to -- It's going to be -- it to coach announces that. Sort of forget the fact that you have a league leading best average check in on on defense you guys aren't even allowed touchdowns for crying out loud are you -- it straight up and conventionally -- or there -- some exotics involved here. Well there's a little bit everything but but basically it's -- young guys to sit being strongly about real fast and that the plan together and say it's a pretty new group this is that. We have one would start last year. But really this is in the last two years it's a brand new group you know so. We're just -- going the other sister really thought about that in. It can't be pretty darn good you know there -- obviously does not -- to be okay so yes it would be consistent. And where to put pressure on people. Won't be as you know I -- they a look at the patriots they've run for 500 as the last two weeks which is a little strange for. And Belichick and Brady team you have to give up 66 yards a game on the ground and everybody says. I don't know what they're gonna do what the Seahawks are gonna do if you go to the nickel and dime they're gonna run the ball. Do you do it do you have any answers I do you have a plan here to Phyllis and -- Let. Us all they do it you know out of -- color -- -- you guys that -- figured out we're really this is. Early part of the week that -- -- and -- was Josh. They aren't -- transmit transition you know Auburn game and you know visit template to it the it not seen before in -- in their console to play it might be you'll go to Clinton or whatever Coke. And cake carrier six. That was and that was really fast and the governor now they had. Article vote with them last week. But the you know that they can -- they've got all the weapons systems and so this is very difficult to count it's really exciting -- route structures out -- -- it's a -- fuel operation that quickly and maybe while they're there will be -- -- and street which. In Mexico border -- loan officers to work your editor. And the architecture. -- and. How much of a factor is your crown them and you get them jacked up by CR on Twitter trying to get a room and fired up every week. Can the patriots do in Seattle what they did in New England. Isn't against Denver the other day as far as. Call the plays at the line and running that that fast hurry up offense. Well it is a question they care you know when there now. They're they're -- I don't know what they're gonna do but -- they can do whatever they want it's it's not a hard. Knowing and it's all minorities because -- together and do what's called a -- up single one question. I have to ask what -- factor but. Our place is a really good it's is -- crowd as -- hope for. And they look they -- support that we are smarter -- to -- It will make you part of you know and stuff and and those guys as hard as you can get but with 62 prominent area agriculture and swearing -- and a so global and we can make it hard and it does so guys declared over -- level home opener. Is. Eight -- of all the problems that this hurry up presents to an opposing coach into an opposing team. Fatigue. Inability to substitute and doubt about where they should lineup which one is that what you what is the biggest problem in your mind. Well there's no one thing is this really aren't as this -- liquor control and properly and so. As a -- do we get a chance as Tutu and now what can you caught up in England. And -- show and all that and slow walk over here of their control. Because we have every right to do what they do so which -- set to play it would fit in again. Had a chance to play your system optional or rotten and the college and you can't go faster or goes into it's it's it is a problem you know it is art. But. They can't just as tired as we hear you know and so it indeed has similar terms we have so. We just -- operating here partial and be the level head about it should do okay. You know Peter round here a lot of talk about Chandler Jones the rookie defensive end and everybody is high dynamic thinks he's going to be a great pro at some point. I'm sure Bill Belichick and and and everybody young on this and the coaching staff to look at it -- rookie defensive end Bruce Irvin -- about this kid. Well he's he's been rather than we had hoped that you know to get started here you know. And I've known this for a long time -- -- as a freshman college recruit them and also a news story in the background I didn't have distinct. Issues and concerns of the people have been in terrestrial route to draft. -- -- wanted to put forces -- seen outside. It's exactly the same position player right now. -- by having problems with this thing in what we what we find as it is it's Bruce is a tremendous -- He's worked just as hard for anybody in the that are harder than anybody in the program except for Russell and at least. In. On pointless in his -- time his habits his practice effort. In between him and he's a fantastic athletes so you know should -- -- -- -- such an in you know it seems like they just weren't sure what do. We were we -- term relief to that we were back -- number. What's happened is we who really -- asking us what it was -- force -- real athletic he's like a deep sense of course that's. The tour of the City Council he's a community or Quebec. With he's just weren -- he waste a lot of Russians try to do this are trying to do that -- Sigurdardottir. You know take it to its way to the plate -- and sometimes it's sometimes does. But that's just a matter time he's going to be real big factor -- a target for -- tax. Yet to set subsequent reports of the collection -- He's he's he's he's really an exciting player himself as a. Urban -- front created -- a nightmare for Aaron Rodgers on the -- night game of the second eight or nine times are you -- but just the front courier or you bring in more people to get that done. Now developed and everything you know there are so -- -- -- just regular record back to. Clearly -- the record of actually you know you have to change that you have to do over -- and it's too easy quality distress that there are currently just a -- pressure -- military so. That that's never changed and so we do a better than whatever what do we think it takes in air -- Standard Register and then there's this game and we've got such and one. Kind of one factor one. Totally different -- the respect -- -- candidate football you know the pages are essentially just switch gears. This is a little bit like his intelligently you go from such drastically different attacks and yet we will switch gears pretty expressed are staffed with a -- that the these -- not to get to actually -- What what if it turns into attract me -- -- returns and or shoot I would Brady Ken Ken Russell Wilson can your offense. -- -- -- -- -- Exactly when the rates -- -- we if we can put that you guys in the caught in the block regional and let that good as far as the score a -- fortunate we have scored unfortunately -- you can keep it down. And we have to do in a lot of ways -- the year ago special teams. And to really Smart on defense in taker opal well we do that and it is that your children grow new QB. He's an exciting yet you can do a lot of articles and and on and that would just try to not load them up and try to carry on Yahoo!. In particular outside of where he he's comfortable. He's many things here and he was altered that we will try and completed the political -- this as we learn to change the world you know there. It has -- flow to the -- Garrity interviewed on ESP I guess it was about a week ago and you were discussing which -- -- just sick disgusting Wilson vs -- you said it's not a it's not a decision obviously it's not healthy where is he on the health chart. Well it is not exactly American is the source of our league east. Ready -- -- yet ready to go. But he has never had a chance to practice a full you know full scale -- he's taken all the reps he had an elbow that was just sort scum and -- the third week of precision. And so we just started character -- Trojan or restriction that we in -- chance to -- that. Without exactly the same talent Russell immerses the start or shall wrestling every -- so. And it -- -- there's uncertainty now how much he can handle. Just because you just -- a little bit but he complex. He's he's done great in practice we had chances to beat Clinton -- tackle weak. Print servers -- he doesn't its service teams that's. You know in control also. They did ask the question is when he wouldn't have to play fulltime based control weeklong toward the weekend is over does it doesn't flare up so -- -- -- -- Still played didn't dress for every -- military to two quarterbacks who accountable and illegally here so that's that's the situation we're so fortunate as -- -- -- the player. They're built opus. Ahead as you're running back Marshawn Lynch should've professional stride here like I guess he's one of the tougher back to bring down on the National Football League. I think he's really an important deliberate right now he had a great season last year I had a great offseason ingratiate be -- at least they're both -- asking. You know he has no real workhorse guys great attitude works. -- he -- a reliever came to. Part of what he brings -- -- and so is fortunate to have any Clinton and in short our usual -- really -- -- all of -- on the cheeks and orderly or bust out change direction hunters dot. It is understood and -- position fortunately the -- -- that there are driven with that is used in the restaurant. -- million Jews who don't want to -- AP were just look at -- your schedule and it's not easy man to come back from Carolina against the patriots in the San Francisco after three days off and isn't is the human body is that is that fair to ask these guys to play a game like that had the San Francisco. In a three days after taken unknowingly at home I know you don't wanna use that as an excuse. That's pretty tough on the body isn't. Well everybody -- do so there's no excuses -- but is very difficult for sure. You know when you recap remember I can remember how hard it was. Whilst playing unique mentality that you played that he -- he takes such a beating. And if you play it which were trying to play Wii console art doesn't get its sister so much so. You just dispute find the cycle and get back on Thursday and and you get in you do get the big week which is great in -- They've been the response solo to the bridge generally -- because they need. But it has its part schedule -- to live with the -- spiritual. Do you look at Brady and saying and I mean you look at Aaron Rodgers blueprints and we can do that show your guys and say he did the Rogers. How you can do with the Brady can get to. Well wishers he's here actually expects -- always authority to order certainly. We. Just got to happen here. It was a -- -- fired stadium than at all of built on children of the I've just a totally different in and they you know they can do so many different things. And we would usher in what took them to Ottawa players as we -- If you consider withdrawing game. -- don't have a Chester Russian minorities in -- a -- there so we have a chance would burn it's going to be it would be a tremendous. Consequently it is. Pete final question for me is there any more significance to you personally in this game other than one of the best is coming to your house and your plan is -- defense is anybody -- in the National Football League based on your previous relationship with this organization. -- property -- are actually in international art that. Looked -- I had in the special on the left it was great challenge. And I believe it will leave it but. I'm I'm pretty much Nationalists -- you know bill liability years yes. But but I do you know I'm competitive and social ago. It was -- -- more right so. The that spot but it certainly has an effect on the couple crash coming out -- you guys. In Nazi I have great respect for what bill. Just witness in this coaching opportunities and the all time historic. Men in and I appreciate and respect again that's our response -- is -- in coach can see all game you know. So did at the universal some something and have but potential supplement test you got like it is my wish they still like it but he didn't so slow but it is not affect what's in this. Last question -- do your own tweeting we wonder in this to do your own tweeting and do you think this song. Like life in the northern town well would that get the team psyched up with him and shared that would you guys before the game out. Well let's secretary. So my -- she's she's here local supper here. Should grow something try to argue that occasion so it is there's a lot of reason why that music of that quake -- -- to transpire club. And I'm going to dictate state nor do. That's you know when we falling on Twitter that's you don't have somebody doing that for you. I guess I can work my bracket I go to get an obstacle -- this should we are wearing. And I have some. Our big -- and they keep joke that -- heart on the sidelines. -- 200 Warner OK got to -- up and take care speaker Dennis and cal -- AT&T hotline. Together that's that's pretty funny.

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