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Greg Bedard: One word means everything in the no-huddle

Oct 10, 2012|

The Globe’s NFL writer Greg Bedard discusses his recent piece breaking down the Patriots no-huddle offense and how the Seahawks defense will try and slow down the Patriots offense. Greg touches on what surprised him the most in doing the research on the Patriots one word hurry up offense, how he was able to be so detailed without giving away the Patriots secrets, and how many other QB’s in the NFL can run the type of no-huddle the Patriots run.

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Welcome my friends it's Wednesday. Our number 3-D NC Pete Carroll joins us about an hour from now joining us on the AT&T hotline I believe Gerry Callahan tells me I -- an apology have been referring to Greg Bedard. As the Boston Globe's beat writer covering the New England Patriots -- important fact if you read him yesterday and -- today. Clearly he's more than a beat writer I guess Greg I knew the apology you'll be called would you prefer. A thought also -- or football columnist what would you prefer Greg. I get my official title and -- -- -- and me and the youngest are. Our beat writers does a great job and actually you know her doing her job -- you do. Some other things to branch out and and be more than analysts so yeah at that technically on the NFL. An FL -- balls all say they just -- matter what your title is I think you may be the hardest working guy covering this football team based on that 5000 word missive yesterday that tells us how B hurry up works and then today's follow up the says. How it can hurt the knowing patriot I -- last week. How much time you spent on the film breakdown he's at eight to ten hours I can imagine it had to be more on that piece we read yesterday. Yet John that was something that I had sort of been pecking away at four com. For a few months reunited really did it -- on my radar. But sometime early in the off season and -- just it was one of those things were it just it was in passing somebody. Said something about a one word off and Wright was like I was like what. What what are you talking about and you know sometimes people clam up other people wanna talk about it would be you know over the course of a few months is especially recently. I was able to do use some more stuff on -- so it was actually. Ready to run. I'd written it last week. Finally set down and in Britain and it was set to go Sunday. By. You know one of those things just didn't it could get the paper and it really wasn't it didn't it wasn't really apparently couldn't run any time. -- old boy once the no huddle did what it did on Sunday were life. Natural and -- the boom mics yet and yet the boom -- capture him. A lot of the words Brady uses what in your research and and you get to talk the Brady and Belichick about this although not Chip Kelly. What did you learn Greg you're pretty grizzled veteran what took you by surprise in research in this one word offense. I I think it was that. You know and I know -- the college team and it got more simplistic we have. A lot of food the way they were doing things in the -- I thought the whole Cam Newton thing kind of opened up my eyes to. It is it is going back it will -- Jon Gruden. And as QB can't special work. You gruden called out what schools often play called -- -- -- historian and I you know covering the Packers. I hit. Been a part of you know that the abuse and listened to players talk about it stuff like that so I knew about it Manuel was very complicated. But then the Cam Newton thing where he said you know like 36. Is applies. Com. That started to you know open -- my eyes and then you know I've just been just one word play coping with me says that mean I'm like. What one word means everything and -- like you know this is being done on the college level and and then you just think about. That he could be done on the NFL level I just to -- -- -- -- a lot that stopped the patriots do. I think it's a testament to bill -- check in and you know the job security and he has a lot of these guys have meaning either. You know the wildcat was one out of there had to go for broke the ballot more fat but these things are really. Horror. Revolutionary in the NFL I think really comes from coaches that have job security because other guys are afraid to try news things but. How to -- testament to build part Bill Belichick. His is job security and also just you know house Marty used bullets and other people. To be out of the games but that was most. -- Tom Brady made a point that it is a lot of memorization and obviously that is the case to what I find amazing Greg -- you can answer this for me is that how one word. Can dictate all the things that every one of the other ten players not named Tom Brady needs to -- as an example. Saying Obama. Tells them what the play years. What the formation is what the blocking scheme is with the protection scheme is what routes are by the wide receiver in any adjustments they have to make at six different things have probably left one or two out. How is -- Emma in the first quarter not picked up by. Somebody on the defense and damage in the second quarter is a different play or the same play. They are here bam and say wow that's what they -- he just called them again. And again. Yeah well I I don't know the exact mechanisms and I tried to stay away from them because I think that's when. You know I don't wanna give way too many of the patriots secret that this is more like you're taking something that a little bit of an insight kind of you know working around it to give people an idea right broad picture of how it works. I think that. Wolf one thing I think these guys that are around. The other defense employers worry about the -- play calls -- this is going on getting -- mean what are the Broncos couldn't even get lined up right Sunday. But I think also. You know the patriots do you have a lot of there are a lot of Dominique all mixed and they might say you know. This word means that this quarter net and doesn't mean matter Brady might use. Used to. Two words to cancel something now. I think I think -- The most impressive thing about the offenses that you know how much -- controls and how much he can do I mean he can just. He could change you could say you know -- and that about one of their real call that is made that up but as an example. I mean to have one similar to it but. You know -- He can call. Him a lap in the QB -- you know one of those little holes would -- calmly pulls over. A lot from right to left guard. And they run the ball but Brady can say two words or some like that and all the all the sudden it can be shotgun yeah. Upgrade. The Brandon Lloyd I mean it's there's so much built -- -- offense. That you know it's just impressive when. When you pick up these tidbits in the -- watched the games. Like Sunday's game with Brady. Just so impressed with what he's able to do how much drive as well. Greg is the no huddle the way they run it at the speed at which they run it and the way the plays are called as difficult as it would seem or it's it's something that they practice so long and and and memorized so well that is it becomes second nature at a certain point it seems difficult to me. I think it was met while I I talked to Ed -- the ravens tight end after the sun in nineteen. Down manner because like he was at Oregon and he was wood Chip Kelly. And calm he you know on my -- -- -- from him. About like you know actually if it was easier than that you thank you and I think that. That's the thing you'd pick about this one word meaning everything how these guys do and how we're gonna wrap it and practiced. But when you actually do it in Chip Kelly points the patriots was. Don't don't put a limit on what. -- think he's got to -- pushed the limit. And I think that I think that the patriots now. The -- that goes on. That have a budget Smart guys on offense and making get this in from what I also on the stand. We didn't see this slot and if we certainly -- tipped off in training camp that they were doing that -- in the run no huddle and things like capital wasn't. Anything outrageous but I heard that once the practices closed the media and the public. I'd heard that the prices have completely ripped up and is now organ like but. They're going much faster and I and I think you you in the point in the store and another important story was. You to do this and again you have to -- -- at a high pace in practice girl does not gonna work so I think they're doing. How many guys Greg how many quarterbacks in the NFL can do this and do what Brady Dennis. A bigger question. I know that you know the Packers are pretty fast no huddle that's one that's could be faster -- can do it too. Com. I don't think you like and do it. May be there may be paid netted him a little more time. And then -- when you would you say that probably be it right there. Which is. Bombing I mean yeah and I did there's no question do you -- to see high school games college games everybody's doing in the -- us. The NFL. I think that people you know people. -- from -- people like -- -- would be given way to pictures secrets -- law book. You an extensive. Merrimack doesn't mean they're down the road this is it high school -- I mean it's. It's just this is news to the NFL but if anybody thinks mrs. You know new to football people. You know their state and I mean mrs. This is the wave of the future as soon as -- -- help people stop -- thinking how self important they are just to get a lot of drug problem with -- game. Want to get out their own way. You know they can be pretty innovative. We said yesterday in five years ten years Greg. People look at the huddles like it's a drop kick against what is that in there when they all gathered together I mean that's an exaggeration but. This is every team's gonna do -- huddle up when you try to kill the clock and that'll be it. Yeah I mentioned the Bill Walsh Tom looked in the story about about Bill Walsh. Mention this. In his book and -- -- -- with some of the things that you talked about big bowler huddle when the -- stop the single one more probable. -- substitutions warned of the game when the whistle blow and go immediately took a line of scrimmage. As they approached Quebec or COPEL formation and the play or the audible. The ball be put play immediately I mean to stop the bill Walters talking about. 1520 years ago and now by extension Paul Brown so yeah I. Football is moving air but do do we want to go there we. Heard nick say yes they'll -- bodies and -- Do we really want you. Well we you know what the games will be too long but the games are great I mean there and it's a better product now. At every level and pop Warner and high school and college it's a better more fun if you sit on Saturday as you know have any rooting interest just watch college game. The city it's much more fun than it used to be it's much more exciting is more scoring is more passing this fewer huddles this fewer. You know off tackle runs and that's a good thing. Hey Greg I know one quarterback. I think who can't do this and that B Russell Wilson and CDC. The the Seahawks get in the end zone twice. Three times on Sunday. Not -- well. I also said -- about -- -- I said. I don't know how. The cardinals are going to be able to move the ball enough to keep up with the patriots then you know what do they do they came in here in one because. The patriots played. So there at the patriot well it is against the cardinals in the duel but outside of that. No I don't think that they can score with the patriots I think Seahawks have -- the team. Especially defensively and I think it's gonna give the patriots problems but I can't -- Seattle -- do not. Offensively. Over the course of the game two to win this thing but you know who knows. How much you can quantify this but to what extent is -- no huddle and Brady's ability to call the plays and get it done and communicate effectively. Are compromised by being in Seattle where they everybody claims it's allowed a stadium in the in the world. And yeah it is pretty loud. Our insurer. I'm sure I'm sure can be corroborated going to be compromised a little bit man might not do is much. I also been there might not do much. Because. Of some of the issues that we saw late in Sunday's game at the no huddle really wore out the offense that was part of the reason why didn't score for the final nineteen minutes. It's it's authentic as we we talked to Brady on Monday and listen Tom everybody knows what we think. Is the benefit of the no huddle the defense can't substitute their kind of second guessing themselves. And they get tired and you Wear them down why do we just accepted as as fact that the defense gets tired and your offense doesn't. They seem a little bit put off by that -- the because we practiced it this way we are used to it we are in shape but -- follow up today to yesterday's piece is that the no huddle Wallach and help you can also pick away at the end. Yeah I thought that the I especially the offensive lineman -- wrong. Also because you don't doubt that. Block so much -- in all the things -- these do a that they really tired I'm bleak in the team and I thought that's why you saw. Logan come out of a team I thought that's why you saw Ballmer amount of the game but that was mark on the patriot -- the substitute like that because. And I think also something we need to watches. As the patriot -- no huddle offense a lot and practice is. I think we've seen and I think armed. You're gonna see more. Practice injuries and I think we've seen that how many guys have we seen all the sudden appear on the in her eyes were like you know wrong can and Logan had a -- Whatever they terminated. Term injury. You know I think it does take the poll sorting the patriots might. He -- you go on what to do. How much to do it so I think that's something that they're dealing. Our final question for me Greg besides the obvious big picture matchup that would be Seattle's best defense in the National Football League statistically pursue the pitcher's best offense statistically in the National Football League what's the game within the game on Sunday -- Seattle. -- I think can. I think it's going to be on I think it's going to be on the outside I think it would be calm Seattle's. The quarterbacks and also the second their safety Tom I think both groups are excellent and this is the type group that. If you can go press -- the man against the patriots. And you're talented enough that gives them a lot of problems. And they don't like that -- Seattle one of those teams that ten. Get physical with the patriots coming outside and groups some of their timing. But then again -- you -- the -- now have the running game so I think this is more about true test of how good this morning game is because I don't think the bills the bills especially in the terrible run. Defense last year and Mark Anderson and Mario Williams and not gonna help. In the and that area very much and then the Broncos are also very soft in the middle. And we saw the pictures take advantage of that I think that the -- to -- game in the middle and -- got -- dynamic of the patriot really want to signed as a free agent left and then. You Clemens on the other side. -- blanch. In any big marine Jason Jones and serve and I mean that this is a great front in its it's a very good secondary that's the very. I can't wait to see the patriots in this environment. Operate their offense is. I love to see measuring stick with them and and this is one and they usually passed with flying colors will be on the watch you. How would you be shocked if Wes Welker did not start many said he was joke and but he was joking when he talked about Rex Ryan's feet two and that custom to start a cost in the first series. Are you expecting them and everything to be back to normal he's in the starting lineup and it's thirteen catches this week. I he would expect. Everything to be normal but I would not be shocked if there's some sort of repercussion ramifications. From map and it sort of penalty by. You know my thing would happen on this thing that happened I would be shocked by. You know I think that I think that it put bell chicken on top spot I mean to the we don't hear a lot of economic joking with -- Czech government I don't really hear -- year bull work kind of mean gospel would spell check in public. And also I mean I think it's going to be a test of you know where are they in relationship -- the people think that what what was all happy story about went out what went on early on in this season. Pumped they're fooled themselves but the -- we don't know is have bill in the west gotten to a place that they. Has this. Had been early season brought them closer. And now west feels good about. OK about. Saying what he said. I think that's that's something that we don't know and and -- CM summit. Is Greg Bedard the very hardworking NFL writer for the Boston Globe great stuff this week Greg could talk and -- docket next Wednesday. Greg -- joining us on AT&T -- AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up the ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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