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Dan Wetzel: Sandusky was calculated in what he did in court during his sentencing

Oct 10, 2012|

Yahoo! Sports Columnist Dan Wetzel called into D&C to discuss the sentencing of Jerry Sandusky and was the most disgusting part of the sentencing. He talks about if Sandusky enjoyed his time in the courtroom during his sentencing hearing, what was Sandusky’s purpose for his comments before the sentencing went was announced, and why he released an audio statement the day before his sentencing. He also mentions how the victims reacted to the sentencing, why wasn’t the sentence longer, and if the victims will make their names know and do media.

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If you have been following us following the send husky trial then you know we've been following Dan Wetzel. On Yahoo! Sports he joined us a number of times and he joins us on the AT&T hotline right now. Gotta gotta tell you gone to great work during the course of the Strobl I think you may have saved the best for last. With your final cannot tie all up in one nasty look and box and ball with your -- and thus can delivers one final hateful punting response to those victims and I'm wondering Dan. Was your take away in terms of your emotion after watching what he said. And what he did and how he conducted himself yesterday in the sentencing hearing. Was it in it incredulous we had nauseated re horrified re surprised what was your take away. I guess I won't. Com. You know why it's gonna sound wrong but I was almost. In threat but he stuck to his character hmm it was totally ridiculous at the end. As he was the rest the arm above all -- sense but I'll. He just words you know he'd he'd wanted to use this -- that this chant the -- without anybody being hailed it. You know we didn't -- is it take the stand at this trial he didn't. It -- it -- he interviewed Bob caught on nothing else ought to know what else. And -- yeah he's been -- -- -- -- side of the story out. And this -- its shares standout and give a speech in his defense. Yet it really want in a speech at the that you released the bank Monday night that it app that they don't. That you know look if they are troubled background they can't be trusted. These were kids you -- -- back in the day. And that yesterday. Because on this. You know he starts trying to act like I eat a martyr -- yeah. And nobody can bother me they can't get to me -- to remember all these moments I was. Kid at Warwick Kidd said. And those exact same moments that but he beat them victims of either being abuse. -- it it it's it's it's seems to me that he victimize them one last time I mean you make the point he stood and spoke for fifty minutes. He was the final voice at the hearing. There was no acknowledgment of crimes no apologies no signs that he cared was contrite he flaunted his depravity in open court in your exactly right the creep -- moment had to be. When he's talking about costs and kids in the air and water balloon -- fights and how much funny had with them. And those -- people sitting in that room who were victims by name or read this morning that courtroom are not being victimized again by what this animal did yesterday. Yeah I mean it's like a reminder that you completely imprisoned -- remember. You know it was a good time for me. It worked for me and you know if I mean it was just Davis there was some bully you it would probably vote septic exactly. Who Jerry sandusky has -- what you would itself. He went when they talk about the growing the kids in the year that was repeatedly mentioned in the trial by all of these guys -- Abbott -- -- -- -- He's troubled kids and show all he would get him in the poor. And he would. You -- start playing without any with the world and in the air and they would talk about out and would -- anyways it was gross and all the stops and it was the first step and how he would groom them to be a -- You know that you -- Up. He was -- so. It was not an accident. And -- in this elder member of the thousands of kids that threw in the air I mean again it was just. It would if you'd be discussed -- except it was almost like -- they go out that's exactly what I thought he would try to do. That's why you did such a brilliant job on this Wetzel because you -- -- the picture we we couldn't be there you were there you paint the picture of this guy as you say re living. The glory days I got a serious question for you do you think and I know you don't know for -- show you think he was aroused yesterday when he did this. Quite simply don't know. Ha look I don't want to know. Was he sweating smiling with smirking was he glowing it was a joy was he enjoying this. I don't know how he -- smirking at what what the what part of the hearing -- as the sentencing hearing in the thick films. In any case are allowed compensate this is what happened to -- -- Said that disband or whatever in the matter what the crime it. And good guys -- and now they're saying you know. Somewhere right Adam some couldn't look at you know you ruin my life I've been I've been in counseling while we think we need this that there encapsulate a smirk that looks -- laid out. -- stare right back GAAP. During that part of the hearing you know I don't know he enjoyed yesterday out that you enjoyed it. But. Do we could say every nasty thing we want a bottom and -- pretty -- a try but no one has ever said he was -- highly intelligent. Very very calculating these are great defensive coordinator. He would call what would gain play he knew what he was doing yesterday. I don't think -- like it I mean look. Weaker and squabble and and definitely haggard. -- I think he was there -- our president was not gonna let anybody. Yet. An edge on and he does not like anybody walk out of there they are yeah. Gary beaten up from broken down he cried a little bit when he talked about his wife standing by him about anything else that's what that was real. It may have band or it was yes he needs those people keeps. Or what we we know we've made the point yesterday that I of the whole. My opinion of his -- had more respect for -- that. That he had god he didn't have premarital said oh yeah and that. And hate when we mention. Images that we already have enough didn't need that one -- I like I can't expect to live without. When he mentioned in his statement that in prison he met -- ran into a second mile alarm. Was that is creepy and persons is sound that when it as it is as when I read it that oh good one in my second mile guys is here. I don't think he says that yesterday he said -- that in his release hate and you gotta gotta get this release this thing it's what happened. The other player the talked yesterday. But on Monday they have a pretrial. Like a pre sentencing hearing -- all of by his attorney. You cannot attack this is not the time to. Attack -- go to try to retry the case all you can do a great and the things stand up for a judges say look I've made a mistake or. I'm actually a good man are obvious that you could say that. But look I raised two kids and I went to church and whatever you try to do to get leniency he can't start going this -- testimony was also that. The judge will stop the so he's told he cannot attack the victims -- Within like four hours this -- PRD may need. Is released on the local radio so he gets is a -- out on the fact that yeah. Anyway. Then he goes in here today he gives -- on Tuesday and acts like. While that you know impose on this you can't really can't get me an album martyr bit. Column is very very calculating. Calculating guy is that as -- art. We're talking -- Dan Wetzel from Yahoo! Sports and if you haven't read his piece on Yahoo! Sports it is it is must reading. But I will say this stand your most well written two paragraphs. Happen to be your most. Powerful two paragraphs. And up absolutely are the two most sickening paragraphs in your entire piece. This was -- husky bathing them in his narcissism some. Reminding everyone and his victims in particular. The when he leans back on that prison bed no matter how thin mattress uncomfortable conditions or inedible the lunch no one can stop him from re living. It all. He one of them to know they will remain his for ever. That part of touchdown Jerry clad in red remains safe and secure well written but chilling Wetzel. Well I guess thank you but it's. Sort of usability gap in I just. Again he does not. This was a really calculated in and it was prepared remarks and nothing was wasted any was very defiant and -- continue to be delusional and you know this is this is Yemeni when you watched and throughout the trial it was like. There were times -- destroy like you how can you. I don't Ohio let's say you're worried that you could sit there without almost any emotion and let somebody say these things about you. So yeah it's agree that any compassion for the that the victim go. Get up there go look I didn't view this guys I feel bad -- like what that way or something like. What what do you think the victims felt about the or maybe you know this about this thirty year -- to me it's knots. There's a reason they have a Max penalty a Max sentence it's for people like send ASCII. He should have gotten that two or 300 years not thirty years if I were a victim I'd be disappointed. Well I think they were playing by the prosecution that there's counts as as light and the judge. Made of long point about saying. That it's wrong to use. Sentences as vengeance. And I'm not gonna just take a 68 Euro -- That he said thousands upon decade because it's irrelevant. Think he's gonna die at present. The thirty years you know outlook parts supply they make it 58 and lived in 98. Spot as they offset even. You're dark spiritual women don't look into -- attorney said look you're always getting out the way it all works in Pennsylvania -- -- -- doesn't really mean. The minimum. Sought -- now but the judge basically said. You know. Jared Quayle and basically said you know that -- sent in disposed to be you know. Right and you don't you don't use it as immature or vengeful hateful now -- immature somewhat immature -- want vengeful hateful I wouldn't I wouldn't paper 300 years yup but again like need to judge on the sports writer. So I was probably 888 proper sentence but yet seem well. But I know the judge wants to appear waffle I know we think to like 400 years is some sort of abstracted to -- your head around but did this not represented in taking a pass. On symbolically. Pointing out the depths of depravity of this particular man over these numbers of years I mean that that. Some sometimes symbolism and and perception can be called upon. To send a message that that thirty is not acceptable and what you've done does not acceptable and we know he's gonna die in prison he knows he's gonna die in prison but I'm just talking about the way it appears by -- thirty years to fifteen years worth of this garbage. I would I would agree with you on that believe they are thought tournament golf for 42 -- -- scarce. Right it's irrelevant like adopting never asked for leniency yesterday actually made a point of saying we're not asking for leniency because it was stupid that -- Our principles anyway right I can't get any. -- as I agree with you on that I think period something to say because everybody walks around and take on all Manchin got up 400 years. And it's up for the discussion and yell hey maybe if there are some I don't -- -- -- What I didn't I didn't hear one other thing here yesterday I don't know legally well that's true what you want some would say and that's. If you put too much and it could hurt on appeal to -- your vengeful but maybe there was some. On -- like. I like I like -- you know I think three under the sound of 300 years would have been a kick in the nuts to this guy. And that's what what will we need we all needed to -- do you. Did you think the next it will these victims will we see them on TV -- become. You know famous and equally equally. A lot Obama has a book coming out. The first is that from one is about eighteen. Year old with a smaller and that that focus coming out and it'll be on ABC promoting the book. What about Matt send us. Mats and -- will we see an ordinary. Today wasn't there yesterday. Your guy Yemen although -- saying hey judge you know he's supported by five of six children. The bill are you would think that out and Liberia today. I that your most of these guys did not want publicity now what city somewhere else but there were others that want no part of it and believe me I try to talk all on. At different times and doubt I think you're just gonna have a lot of them they're gonna settle lawsuits. And move on what their lives. We'll definitely did a brilliant job from eight is the on this culminating with a piece that I'm telling people you must be compelled to read on Yahoo! Sports Jerry sandusky delivered one final painful haunting response to his victims. Great job from beginning to end and we appreciate your input your conversation the pocket on the road. Thank god brought me out Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LT EL sports slashes next.

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